ProCharge Nautic remote control instructions

ProCharge Nautic remote control instructions
Helm Control & Remote Display
Owner’s Manual and Installation Guide
Thank you from all of us at Professional Mariner, LLC and congratulations on the
purchase of your ProNautic Helm Control & Remote Display. The ProNautic C3
battery charger is the latest in advanced on-board marine battery chargers. With
the addition of the ProNautic Helm Control & Remote Display you will be able to
monitor and remotely control your charger.
This product is designed to be used aboard a cruiser, sail, yacht or commercial
vessel where the remote will not be exposed to water. Recommended installation
is in a navigation station or dry flying bridge.
Recommended Tools for Installation
3/8” (9.5mm) bit is recommended when drilling the through hole for the 8
pin connector
1/8” (6.3mm) bit is recommended to drill the hole for #6 screws or bolts.
Jig saw or similar cutting device
Mounting Hardware required: 2 self tapping #6 screws, or 2 machine
screw #6
Mounting hardware not included
Mount the remote where it will not be exposed to water – water damage is not
covered by warranty. NOTE: The remote is designed for surface mounting only.
a. Disconnect power to the ProNautic Charger
b. Locate the ProNautic Remote in an appropriate dry location.
c. Using the template in this manual on page 2, mark the location of the two
mounting screws and the square plug cut out.
d. Drill the two mounting screw locations using a 1/8” (6.3mm) drill.
e. Drill a hole for the square plug as shown on the template using a 3/8”
(9.5mm) drill.
f. Use your jig saw to finish squaring off the plug hole. Use care when
cutting, do not over cut.
g. Feed the 8 pin wire through the bulkhead and connect to the ProNautic
h. Secure the Helm Control from the back. NOTE: ProNautic Remote can
only accept ½” screw length (using longer screws may cause the screw to
pierce through the front of your remote.) This damage is not covered
under warranty.
i. Connect the 8 pin wire to charger –see picture
j. Apply power to charger. NOTE: When AC power is applied to charger
ProNautic remote will automatically power on; the backlight always
defaults to off.
Dimensions and Template for Mounting
Template for Mounting
Setup and Operation
Power and Start Up:
a. To turn the unit on press Power once.
b. “ProMariner LLC 1-800-824-0524” will display for 5 seconds.
c. “Select pwr level” displays next, counts down from 20 seconds and
defaults to ON. Please note that during the count down the charger is in
soft start mode and is not supplying DC power.
d. ProNautic charger model will display for 5 seconds; also displayed is the
rotary selector switch setting. Example: Display “POS 2” indicates rotary
switch position 2. For information on rotary switch settings please see
your ProNautic Owner’s manual.
e. Charger mode will display: Fast Charge, Absorption, or Float
f. Status of charger, voltage and amperage will display.
Button Operation
a. Power:
1. Press Power charger switches to standby mode.
2. Press Power charger powers on.
b. Alarm:
1. Press Alarm to turn audible alarm OFF.
2. Press Alarm to turn audible alarm ON.
3. Press the Enter button, the alarm will perform as selected.
c. Function:
Function button will allow you to scroll through the various options. Press the
Select button to start the desired function. Press the button to scroll through all
functions available. Press once for each step.
Function Menus Include:
I. Power Level
1. Press the Select button, the display will scroll through “80 Percent”,
“60 Percent”, “40 Percent”, and then back to “100 Percent” with
each press of the button.
2. Press the Enter button, the displayed power level will be activated
II. Back Light/ Illuminating the remote
1. Press the Select button, changes OFF to ON.
2. Press the Select button, changes ON to OFF.
3. Press the Enter button, the backlight will perform as selected.
III. Scrolling
The scrolling feature allows the ProNautic Remote to automatically
scroll through the menu functions. In scroll mode, the display will
change every 4 seconds.
1. Press the Select button, changes OFF to ON.
2. Press the Select button, changes ON to OFF.
3. Press the Enter button, the scroll function will perform as selected.
IV. Force to Float
NOTE: The force to float mode should only be used under specific
circumstances, when using two ProNautic Charger’s connected to one
remote. The force to float mode is not necessary for standard operation.
1. Press the Select button, changes OFF to ON.
2. Press the Select button, changes ON to OFF.
3. Press the Enter button, the force to float will perform as selected.
V. Audible Alarm
The alarm turns on if a fault is detected.
Alarms include:
Low battery voltage- alarm sounds when battery voltage drops
below 12.5 volts DC or 25.0 volts DC for a 24 volt configuration.
High battery voltage- Contact ProMariner Technical Support
Charger over temperature- Contact ProMariner Technical Support
Battery over temperature- Contact ProMariner Technical Support
1. Press the Select button, changes alarm ON to OFF.
2. Press the Select button, changes alarm OFF to ON.
3. Press the Enter button, the audible alarm will perform as selected.
VI. Standby Mode
The standby mode is not necessary for standard operation; it shuts the
charger off. Your remote will still display while in standby however the
charger will not be producing current. This may cause the ProNautic
Remote to display a low battery voltage alarm.
d. Select
To manually toggle through available charger information press Select button
once for each readout.
“Select” Menus Include:
1- Absorption status with voltage and amperage
2- Output power displayed as a percentage
3- Charger temperature
4- Transformer temperature
5- Battery temperature
6- Charger run time
7- Total charger run time
8- Software version
9- ProMariner contact info
10- Charger Name
11- Absorption time to go
12- Status screen or main menu
Customer Service & Warranty
We are committed to customer satisfaction and value your business. If at any time during the
warranty period you experience a problem with your new ProNautic Remote, simply email
[email protected] call us at 1-800-824-0524 or you can visit our website at: for frequently asked questions & technical support.
Or the warranty card included in this manual can be completed and sent to ProMariner by mail.
ProNautic Helm Control & Remote Display
Each ProNautic Remote is guaranteed against defects in material and workmanship to the
original consumer in normal use for 5 years from the date of purchase. Professional Mariner, LLC
will at its discretion repair or replace free of charge any defects in material or workmanship. The
following conditions apply:
• Warranty is calculated from manufacture date if not registered within two weeks of sale.
• Warranty void if unauthorized repairs attempted.
• Water damage is not covered by warranty.
• Customer is responsible for returning the product to Professional Mariner, LLC. Inbound
shipping costs must be prepaid.
• This warranty does not cover blemishes due to normal wear and tear or
damages caused by accidents, abuse, alterations or misuse.
• Cosmetic repairs can be done at owner's request and expense.
Purchase or other acceptance of the product shall be on the condition and agreement that
DAMAGES OF ANY KIND. (Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or
consequential damages, so the above limitations may not apply to you.) This warranty is made in
lieu of all other obligations or liabilities on the part of Professional Mariner. Professional Mariner
neither assumes nor authorizes any person for any obligation or liability in connection with the
sale of this product. To make a claim under warranty, go to and click on the
support tab and follow the instructions making sure to identify the product and the problem. If you
can not use our online warranty claim registration, please feel free to call Professional Mariner at
the toll free number listed below. Professional Mariner will make its best effort to repair or replace
the product, if found defective within the terms of the warranty, within 30 days after return of the
product to the company. Professional Mariner will ship the repaired or replaced product back to
the purchaser.
This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights, which vary from
state to state.
This warranty is in lieu of all others expressed or implied.
Factory Service Center & Technical Support
Professional Mariner, LLC
200 International Drive, STE 195
Portsmouth, NH 03801
Tel: 1-800-824-0524
Professional Mariner, LLC
Tel: (603) 433-4440 / Fax: (603) 433-4442
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