Orbit Online Booking Tool

Orbit Online Booking Tool
Orbit Online Booking Tool
User Guide 2016
Login at: www.orbit.co.nz
Click on ‘LOGIN’ at the top right of the www.orbit.co.nz site to display username & password fields.
Enter your username and password, then click on LOGIN again.
*Orbit recommend that you don’t tick ‘Remember Me’ If you are on Internet Explorer or Firefox.
*The drop down box always defaults to ‘Booking’.
*Your Procurement Team have Reporting & Information access.
Orbit Training
Travel Arranger ScreenUpdating Online Traveller Profile Information:
& Information required to use Orbit APP:
To update Traveller Profile Preferences, click on the travellers name before selecting traveller to arrange a trip.
I.e. before clicking on
You can enter the following information into the online passenger profile: Mobile Number, Email, Date of Birth, Passport
Details (for Tasman trips), Window or Aisle seat request, Special Meal request (N/A domestic, & only when a Tasman carrier
offers this as part of their in-flight service), Frequent Flyer Number, Hotel, Car loyalty numbers.
*Please note for travellers to use the Orbit APP – the following information must be in the Orbit Online Traveller Profile:
-Traveller email address
-Traveller mobile phone
-Traveller Date of Birth
Click SAVE, Click CLOSE. Once changes are saved, this information remains in the online traveller profile regardless of who
books their travel through the Online Booking Tool. *See next 2 slides for further instructions.
*The Orbit APP is available for download.
To download in the APP Store: Search ‘Orbit’ and the APP will display.
To download in the Google Play/Android APP store: Search ‘Orbit Travel’ and the APP will display.
Tip: take a note of your APP registration password, in case you need to unlock your APP (Orbit do not hold these
Traveller Profile Maintenance fields & Passport fields
Example of Traveller Profile maintenance screen:
Enter Traveller Mobile Phone number, so that airline can contact
passenger in the event of a disrupt/schedule change.
Phone Number Format must be as follows to flow into the Airline
Reservation: Examples: +64-21-1234567 or +64-3-1234567
There must be ‘+’ at the beginning and ‘-’ in-between country code and area
code only.
1. Select which Passport is to be used 1, 2 or both
2. Enter Citizen name exactly as shown in passport, in this format:
Surname/Firstname middlename middlename Title
3. Enter Passport Number.
4. Use drop down box to enter dates, and enter year XXXX
* See over page to enter Frequent Flyer numbers and preferences
Orbit Training
Seat preference, Meal preference, Frequent Flyer details, Hotel, Car
loyalty programmes
-Select seat preference, (optional),
-Select meal preference (optional),
-Enter Frequent Flyer details- click on magnifying glass to
search airline code, enter number in adjacent field.
Do the same to enter any hotel loyalty programme details
or car loyalty programme details.
Once information is entered, click SAVE, click
You will be returned to the Arranger screen.
Orbit Training
Travel Arranger Screen
1. Once logged in you will be transferred to the Travel Arranger Screen below.
2. Search for Traveller, then click on icon beside Traveller like this one:
3. Click on Arrange Trip.
Flight Search
4. Check the ‘From’ location, and the ‘To’ location by using drop down arrows.
5. Enter Outbound and Inbound dates by clicking on the calendar icon.
6. Option to change time window if required.
7. Click on Search.
Orbit Training
Ticket Credits
If a ticket credit is available for this traveller’s booking – you will see a hyperlink
like the example in the red box below:
Ticket Credits continued…
To view the ticket credit information, click on the hyperlink, and a box like the one below
will open showing ticket credit information:
Click CLOSE, to return to flight availability & selection screen. To use a Ticket Credit, you will
be asked for method of payment on your final confirmation screen via a drop down box – 9
see next page for example:
Ticket Credits continued-example of drop down
box at confirmation screen…
*Continue with selecting flights and building trip itinerary until you
get to the final screen (like the one above).
What is the best seat for you?
Just a quick visit?
Seat is for you
Taking some luggage?
Seat + bag is for you
Might need to change
the time of your flight
on the day of travel?
Better take flexitime
Are you looking for
complete flexibility? Better
take flexiplus
Search Results - Outbound
8. Sort by Departure Time, Arrival Time, Provider, or Duration by clicking on the drop down arrows.
9. Select Outbound flight by clicking on desired available fare.
10. The Inbound flight (return flight) options will then show.
TIP: View Fare Rules by clicking on the hyperlinks ‘Seat Only’, ‘Seat’+ Bag, ‘SemiFlexi’, ‘Flexi’
TIP: Email page: 1) select outbound flight, 2) click on ’view all results’, 3) click on ‘email this page’.
Orbit Training
Search Results - Inbound
11. Sort by Departure Time, Arrival Time, Provider, or Duration by clicking on the drop down arrows.
12. Select Inbound flight by clicking on desired available fare.
Note: *The W represents a Web Based Airline.
*To book a web-based airfare you must enter numbers 0000 in the Security Code field on the final booking page.
*To view JetStar checked baggage & fare rules click on the fare hyperlink:
Orbit Training
Air NZ Domestic Baggage
To view baggage allowances, please click on the hyperlink in the flight search results screen, like the
example below:
Air NZ Carry on Baggage – One bag 7kg + one other small personal item (e.g. laptop bag, duty free or handbag which must
be able to fit under the seat in front of you)
Notes: - Air New Zealand are enforcing the linear dimensions more strictly now- see allowances below:
-As a safety precaution, all cabin baggage must be able to fit in the overhead lockers or under the seat in front of you. Each
item should therefore not exceed total linear dimensions (length + width + height) of 118cm (46.5").
-Business Class, Premium Economy & connecting Business Class customers, Air New Zealand Elite, Gold and Star Alliance Gold customers are
permitted to carry two pieces weighing a maximum combined total of 14kgs (30lbs), with one of those items weighing up to 10kgs
To help Air NZ staff recognise your higher cabin baggage allowance, please use your Status name bag tag on your heavier cabin baggage item
To utilise the Air NZ/Otago free of charge Excess Baggage allowance, request via your Consultant (in the ‘Notes to Agent Field’ in the Orbit
Online Confirmation Screen). Please note this request must be received by Orbit with a minimum of 5 business days notice prior to departure to
allow Air NZ adequate time for the necessary documentation to be produced). To access the free excess baggage, requests must be made via
Orbit (not Air NZ). *Free excess baggage for Otago, is permitted only on Air NZ flights operated by Air NZ aircraft.
Orbit Training
JetStar Domestic Baggage Rules:
To view JetStar baggage guidelines click on the Orbit Online fare Hyperlink, or see the website link to JetStar
baggage guidelines below:
JetStar Baggage Guidelines:
For baggage inclusive airfares (Starter Plus/Semi-Flexi , Starter Max/Flexi), select your checked-in baggage
allowance from the drop down box in Orbit Online Booking Tool:
If you don’t select your checked-in baggage from the drop-down box, JetStar will assume you have elected not to utilise your
checked-baggage allowance option.
*The above-mentioned does not replace JetStar’s fare rules, terms or conditions, of which may be subject to change at Airline discretion
Orbit Training
Mini Itinerary shows selection
13. Click Continue, or to change your selection – enter details in ‘Modify Search fields’ and click on ‘Search’
Orbit Training
Seat Selection Request – Air NZ Domestic Fares
-Orbit Online, & Offline bookings via OrbitThe new Air NZ domestic fare structure seat request will only allow HVC travellers (Koru, Gold, Elite) to request a seat prior to
The Seat Selection function in Orbit Online has been turned off while Orbit & Air NZ work on an updated Seat Selection solution
for the booking tool. If you require a particular seat – please contact your Orbit Consultant. *Please note there may be an
additional charge for this.
If your traveller has already loaded their window or aisle seat preference in their Orbit Online Booking Tool Profile, this request will
automatically flow through to the Airline reservation.
Orbit Corporate Travel
Finalise Trip, or add hotel
14. Seat Selection is currently turned off – Orbit will update you when this functionality has
been updated.
15. If no accommodation and no rental car are required, tick terms & conditions boxes.
Click Finalise Trip. (Or; to add accommodation, see next page)
*if booking JetStar, you will be prompted to enter a security code, enter: 0000 (numeric)
Orbit Training
Search Accommodation
16. To search accommodation options - click on ‘Add Hotel’.
Orbit Training
Search Fields
*Destination and dates automatically pre populate into hotel search fields
17. Click on ‘Search’ to continue.
Orbit Training
Search Results
*Search results will display available accommodation options.
Orbit Training
Expanding Search Results
18. To further expand search results, including ‘out of policy’
hotels, click on ‘Other Alternatives’ at the bottom of the
Orbit Training
Select Hotel
19. Click on Select Hotel.
Orbit Training
Hotel Rate Type Guide:
Hotel cancellation policy: ‘Deposit’
Full deposit is not refundable even if the booking is cancelled or modified.
Hotel cancellation policy: ‘Hold’
No cancellation charge applies if the booking is cancelled before the date shown
Hotel cancellation policy: ‘Guarantee’
No cancellation charge applies prior to the date & time shown. Please note that
hotels still may have a one night charge in place upon cancellation.
TIP: click on the ‘Conditions’ hyperlink to view hotel rate rules.
Book Hotel
20. Click on Book, to select room type & room rate.
Orbit Training
Finalise Trip – or, continue & add Rental Car
*Selected Hotel is now added to the Travellers itinerary.
21. To add a car, click on the ‘ADD CAR’ icon at the top of the screen.
*If you don’t require a rental car, finalise the booking request by ticking the terms & conditions
boxes, then click FINALISE TRIP
Orbit Training
Rental Car Search
Orbit Training
Rental Car Search Fields
*search criteria flows through from the original search details you entered at the beginning/air search…
22. To change search criteria, click on drop down boxes.
23. Otherwise click on Search to continue.
*Please note that that car companies are generally closed from 2am – 6am, depending on the airport.
*Most city depots close at 5pm or earlier, - the car needs to be picked up or dropped off before closing time. To request a later
time, please enter in the Notes to Agent field (final confirmation screen) and Orbit will put a request through to the car company.
To change the drop off/ pick-up times, use the drop down boxes under ‘Date and Time’
Orbit Training
Rental Car Insurance
‘Rental Vehicle Insurance’
‘In all instances where a vehicle is hired outside New Zealand, it is essential
the traveller purchases comprehensive vehicle insurance from the vehicle
hirer. As not all hire contracts are structured the same, the employee must ask
the hire company to confirm that the insurance cover includes vehicle
damage, third party, and public liability cover.
It is often possible to pay an increased premium in order to reduce the excess
applying to rental vehicle insurance. The University has insurance to cover
such excesses up to $5,000 (NZ dollars), so there is no advantage in paying
extra to secure an excess below this amount.
University procedures advise that there is no need to purchase rental vehicle
insurance in New Zealand as the University's Motor Vehicle Policy provides
comprehensive cover.
Orbit Training
Search Results, Selecting Vehicle
24. Select required vehicle option, or you can expand selection by clicking on Other Alternatives,
at bottom of screen.
25. To select vehicle, Click ADD TO TRIP PLAN.
Orbit Training
Ground Transport-Taxis, Shuttles
Click on More Services to pre book a taxi or shuttle:
The following icon will appear. Click on the icon to add Ground Transportation requirements.
A screen like the one below will display:
-Select segment you require Ground Transport booked for.
-Select cab or shuttle or other.
-Complete remaining fields (number of passengers, drop off address, Traveller Contact Number, and any additional
-Once you have finished adding Ground Transport Requirements, click on ‘Confirm’:
*Alternatively you can enter your taxi or shuttle request in the Agent Notes section in the final confirmation screen.
To Finalise Selections
26. To finalise Flights, Hotel & Car selections, tick terms & conditions boxes, then click FINALISE
Orbit Training
Confirm Booking
27. Enter your approval codes. (e.g. mandatory GL or PL number, and optional Purchase Order Number)-see next slide for format
28. If you haven’t used the Ground Transport option, you can still request a Shuttle or Taxi by entering your requirements in the Note
to Agent fields. *Agent intervention attracts the Consultant Assistance Transaction Fee.
29. FINAL STEP: To confirm your booking – click CONFIRM. Your booking is now made.
*You will receive an email confirming your booking has been made.
*A PDF Itinerary will be emailed to the Travel Arranger once the flights have been E-ticketed.
Note: the Frequent Flyer fields only
display for the Guest Traveller
*For named travellers, frequent
flyer number can be entered and
saved into their Orbit Online Profile
by clicking on their name hyperlink
at the beginning of the booking
process. Once saved into their
named profile, the frequent flyer
then flows into all bookings.
-If booking a JetStar checked
baggage fare, please select
your checked bag requirements
from the drop-down box
-Enter Security code 0000
Orbit Training
Cost Codes Format Examples:
GL Code Format: GL10XXC01335100
PL Code Format: PL10161505PBP335100
* A GL or PL Number is mandatory.
*For Orbit Online Bookings a Purchase Order Number is optional, and is free text (no set format for Orbit Online).
*For Offline Bookings (through an Orbit Consultant) the new PO Number format is: 10-AA-12345 and is mandatory.
i.e. Numeric, Numeric, Alpha, Alpha, Numeric, Numeric, Numeric, Numeric, Numeric.
Confirmation, Ticketing Timeframes, Itinerary
Once booking has been confirmed in Orbit Online, you will receive an email detailing booking
information and airfare ticketing timeframes.
Once airfare has been e-ticketed, a PDF Itinerary including e-tickets will be emailed to you.
If you have any questions, please contact your Consultant Megan Caughey:
[email protected]
DDI: 03 467 7457
Orbit Training
To view planned & past trips in your Orbit Online Calendar:
Adding accommodation or rental car, ground transport to existing booking:
Click on ‘view/search trips’ under the ‘Arranger’ menu tab to display planned or past trips under your login:
To add accommodation, rental car, ground transport, or modify trip, click on Magnifying Glass icon to open itinerary.
If airfare has already been ticketed, for airfare changes, contact your consultant to arrange (fare rules apply).
Message as below will display in Orbit Online, as well as receiving a trip confirmation email.
Orbit Training
Trouble Shooting
Should you be having any difficulties using the Orbit Online Booking Tool:
Please clear the cache on your PC:
This will not affect a users favourites or browser history.
In your internet browser toolbar, select Tools,
Delete Browsing History and tick
Temporary Internet files, click on DELETE.
If you are on Internet Explorer or Firefox, do not tick ‘remember me’
when logging in (this may effect your login access).
MAC Users: If a white box appears in flight
search/results screen, click on
CLEAR SELECTION & continue from there.
If clearing Temporary Internet files doesn’t improve performance, please
see the next page for instructions on how to send a copy of your Session ID to Orbit.
Alternatively please contact:
Katrina Russell E: [email protected]
Megan Caughey E: [email protected]
Rene’ Bakker E: [email protected]
If you are still experiencing issues - please check which Internet browser you are using & contact your IT Support Desk:
The following browsers provide the best performance:
*Internet Explorer version 8 to 9,
*Mozilla Firefox version 3.x or higher,
*Google Chrome.
Booking Tool not working?
Click on the Session ID hyperlink at the bottom of your screen,
send a screen copy of the Session Information page to Orbit
E: [email protected] or [email protected]
Booking Tool not working?
Click on the Session ID hyperlink at the bottom of your screen,
send a screen copy of the Session Information page to Orbit
E: [email protected] or [email protected]
Email Flight Search Results Guide:
-Select Outbound flight.
Email Flight Search Results Guide, continued…
Email Flight Search Results Guide, continued…
-Enter recipient email address
-Enter any covering notes you wish to accompany
the email
-Click ‘CONTINUE’ to send email, or click ‘CLOSE’
to cancel email
Email Flight Search Results Guide, continued…
-Recipient receives email with attachment
-Click on attachment, this will open the copied internet
page (flight options). Note: this is a screen copy & not a live
internet page
Trip Templates - Guide:
-To set up & save a Trip Template, once you have selected the flights, a
‘Trip Template’ box will appear on the left side of the screen.
Trip Templates – Guide, continued…
-Enter the name of your Trip Template, and click SAVE.
Trip Templates – Guide, continued…
-Message confirms template saved
Using Trip Templates – Guide:
-Trip template will now show in the first ARRANGER screen when you log
-Click on the
to use this template to book a trip
-Selected Trip Template will appear in ‘My Selection’ box.
-Search/select traveller or guest
Using Trip Templates – Guide, continued…
-Click on ‘ARRANGE TRIP’
-Update dates, times as required, click
Using Trip Templates – Guide:
-Use the filter matrix for sorting search results
-Select flight
Using Trip Templates – Guide:
-Flight selection shows.
-Tick boxes, and FINALISE TRIP
Multi Destination – Guide:
-Select Multi Destination
-To add destinations, click on +
For help using Orbit Online or Orbit Online Bookings, contact:
Megan Caughey – Orbit Online, Domestic & Trans-Tasman Consultant
E: [email protected]
DDI: (3) 467 7457
For new Logins, Training, or disabling Logins, contact:
Katrina Russell – Business Development Manager
E: [email protected]
DDI: (3) 471 5464
Or; Phone the Orbit Dunedin Office (3) 471 9456
For Urgent assistance while travelling and outside of business hours, please call Orbit
Dunedin and our After Hours Consultants will assist you. If your request is not urgent, the
After Hours Team will forward the enquiry back to the Orbit office to respond during
business hours.
Ph. within NZ: 0800-322-747 or (3) 471 9456
Ph. from Overseas: +64 3 471 9456
Orbit Communication options
Out of Orbit – keep up to date with changes in the travel industry.
Orbit Alerts – Stop press keeps you informed of any urgent
updates that may affect your travel such as national emergencies
or global disasters.
Orbit Holidays – Offers a range of leisure deals and promotions.
Download at Apple Store: search for ‘Orbit’
Download at Android/Google Play store: search for ‘Orbit Corporate’
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