Installation Guide (HP Photosmart 7830/7850)

Installation Guide (HP Photosmart 7830/7850)
Installation Guide (HP Photosmart 7830/7850)
HP Photomaster 7830/7850 can be used with the printer driver for HP Deskjet 5600, which is
pre-installed in the analyzers such as E4991A, E5052A, E5061A/62A and E5070B/71B. The
installation procedure of the driver is as follows.
1. Turn on the printer and the analyzer.
2. Connect the printer to the analyzer with the USB cable.
3. "Found New Hardware Wizard" appears. Click "Next".
4. Select "Display a list of the known devices..". Click "Next".
5. Select "Printers" and Click "Next".
6. Select "Hewlett-Packard" and "hp deskjet 5600 series". Click "Next".
7. Ignore "Update Driver Warning" and Click "Yes".
8. Click "Next".
9. Click "Finish". (Ignore the error message)
10. After a few seconds, the new window of "Found New Hardware Wizard" appears. Follow
the procedure of 3 to 9.
11. The printer driver has been successfully installed. Click "Finish".
Note: When executing printing while the LED of the printer turns on and off, you may
encounter the error in printing. In this case, wait until the LED turns on, for the printer to
get ready for the next action. (It takes about one minute.)
(ex.) The error message on the ENA (E5070B/71B)
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