Catalogue 2013 - Sitech Systems

Catalogue 2013 - Sitech Systems
New: Sitech Systems Touchscreens
Sitech Systems has done it again…and jumped one step ahead of the rest
of the market with the new Sitech Systems Touchscreens:
The Sitech Systems Touchscreen
allows users to connect devices
such as laptops, PCs, Apple TV and
more and then use them just like
you would an interactive
whiteboard… just like a large iPad.
The advantages of a Sitech Interactive LED touchscreen over traditional Interactive Whiteboard and
projector set ups are:
• Higher Definition (True HD)
• Brighter
• No shadow
• No replacement lamps
• Less energy usage
• Lower installation cost
• More aesthetically pleasing
• Low noise levels (silent operation)
Up to 10 users can touch and control
whatever application or software* you are
displaying on the screen at once. Users can
use their fingers, stylus or even standard
whiteboard markers if they wish.
*must support multi user
Sitech Systems Touchscreens use the latest Samsung commercial LED panels along with camera touch
technology, 4mm toughened non-glare glass and an anodised aluminium frame.
The use of LED vs LCD means that screens are thinner, lighter, use less energy and most important – are
lower cost to manufacture.
Pricing excludes GST and freight - Sitech Systems NZ terms and conditions apply. Visit for current pricing,
online quotes and to place an order. Email [email protected]
Literacy / Language / Numeracy
Pages 4-8
Gizmos and Gadgets
Heaps of affordable gizmos and gadgets to
develop literacy and language in and outside
the classroom.
NEW extended range of robots and Greerton
Village School’s robot learning journey. Plus
NEW ZEALAND resources for your bots!
4 -5
Listening Post Solutions
Upgrade your Listening Centre today –
solutions for every budget.
Student Response Systems
New Flow software and apps available for
Other Interactive Solutions
Team up your tablet/ipad or our Mobi with any
of these display devices
Teaching Station
Our number one seller – now making inroads
into secondary and tertiary. Learn how Omanu
School uses it enhance collaboration.
Science and Inquiry
Pages 9-11
Science Trolley
Add science to your Modern Learning
Environment with the Sitech Science Trolley.
Open students’ eyes to a whole new world of
insects, plants and cells… The Digital Blue
Microscope is back and better! Plus the
Easiscope and Talking Magnifier.
Sports and Events
Page 19
Take a look at our array of product to support the
Arts in your school.
Specials - Video and Still Cameras
Page 24
View anything on the big screen, interact with
it and capture either stills or videos to share
later. Learn more from Golden Sands School.
TV Studio / Radio Station
“It just fits into every strand of our strategic
planning”. Learn more about set up and use.
Includes the AVerCaster streaming solution.
Read about our tailored solutions for five
different schools
Page 23
Cross Curricular
Pages 12 -18
Portable Sound Solutions
Sitech Systems solutions for outdoor education
and events.
Sound / Data / Lighting Installations
Pages 20-22
Data Logging
Record data accurately and instantaneously.
Develop students’ scientific enquiry and higher
order thinking skills through data analysis.
Other Science Tools
Solar Kits, Weather Stations, Metal Detectors
even Vein Viewers.
BYOD Solutions
Amazing deals on tablets plus software solutions,
accessories and trolleys. Including new ipad
storage and charging solutions.
Check out our current camera specials and sign
up to get our end of line deals.
14-15 Sitech Systems Touch
Sitech’s new range of touch solutions: touch
table, touch panels and touch trolleys.
Products Suitable for:
See inside for the latest
products, teachers resources,
case studies and much more.
Early Childhood
Special Needs
Easi-Speak Sound Recorder/MP3 Player
Record voices, sounds or music with this child
friendly MP3 Recorder. Attractively designed
as a microphone, children can speak freely
without being attached to a PC. With up to
four hours record time, Easi-Speak lets you
record and playback remotely, download to a
computer, or play back with a USB compatible
radio and cassette player.
Easi-Speak Pro
To appeal to children aged 9 upwards and taking onboard
feedback from teachers and advisors we have developed
the sleek and stylish Easi-Speak Pro. Easi-Speak includes an
LCD screen with a fully integrated menu system, showing
the track number playing, battery life, memory status and
recording format, and dual headphone sockets .
Recordable Pegs (set of 6 pegs)
Sound Recorder/MP3 Player
(for older students)
To type the macro either use the direct MKLED, LED backlit $76.50
access keys or add the macro with the
designated macro key together with
the vowel key. 2 Models avaliable backlit model: MKLED
These Easi-Speaks are fully rechargeable
through the docking station which
means they can now be charged from
the mains rather than your computer no need for numerous PCs and messy
trailing wires to USB hubs. Set of six.
Sound Shuffle is used for creating stories, sequencing
and sound effects. Simply enter multiple recordings up
to 4 minutes total time, and these will play back in
random for you to piece together your original pattern.
Photo Album A5 - 5mins
Talking Photo Album A5 - 5 Mins
• Record a voice message on each page with built in mic
• Re-record each page as many times as you want
• Built in speaker
• Up to 5 min recording per page
• 20 pages that hold 5x7” image
Easy to use, magnetic, bright and fun
disk shaped device that allows
teachers and students to record short
voice or musical messages or sound
effects, which can then be played back
at any time with the touch of a button.
10 sec - yellow tin
Sound Shuffle
Simply press the button and record a 10 second
message. As the peg can clip to a variety of
surfaces, or attach magnetically, it lends itself to Story Sequencer
all kinds of learning opportunities (see case
Create talking stories, class
studies).Set includes 6 recordable pegs in 6
timetables or questions and
bright colours with replaceable batteries.
answer games on this
recordable bar. Simple to use ECE SEN P
$73.00 slot in up to six images or words
Kids Keyboard
and then record a
• Lower case characters are easily recognizable by young children
• Coloured keys assist children in finding letters, numbers and functions corresponding 10 second
message per slot, press to play.
• Big keys that are easy to identify and use
• Keyboard is Mac or PC Compatible
Talking Tins
• USB Connection to computer
Maori Keyboard
High-sensitivity monaural microphones give
you high-quality sound recording. You enjoy
clear, crisp and natural stereo recording. MP3
compresses the data to enable long-time
recording such as a group work,
presentations and lectures. The USB plug
makes it easy to share and copy data directly
from your computer.
For further models go to>
Audio/Sound> Classroom sound/recording
Rainbow Easi-Speak
Talk Tracker
40 sec- red tin
Simple to use, this great resource
can be placed one on each corner
within a group of children in order
to record their conversations.
Talking Photo Album A3 - 10sec
ECE Simply insert drawings or
SEN photographs into the
plastic wallets and record
up to a 10 second message
on every page to support
the image or text.
Pricing excludes GST and freight - Sitech Systems NZ terms and conditions apply. Visit for current pricing,
online quotes and to place an order. Email [email protected]
Talking Tins
Louise Strickland a teacher at Irongate School has found that for children who find it difficult to recall their ideas when writing, the
talking tins are a great help, especially for those children needing a lot of one to one attention. She has the children discuss their
ideas with herself or a teacher aide and then the children record their first idea. They then formulate their writing by playing back
their recording as many times as necessary. When they have finished one or two short sentences, they read it back into the talking
tin so that they can check that what they have written makes sense and includes their original idea. They then record their next idea
and repeat the process. The children like to use the talking tins as they can only have one message recorded so there is no time
wasted while they search for the appropriate recording.
Easi-Speak Sound Recorder & Easi-Speak Pro
Tessa Beaver from Peterhead School in Hawke’s Bay wouldn’t be without an Easi-Speak recorder in her classroom. She uses this
piece of technology for practising fluency. The children record themselves reading and then play it back to hear how they sound. She
has found them especially useful before and after the AVAILLL and Fast ForWord reading programmes. Supporting assessment for
the children, their parents and herself. As the MP3 files don’t take up much room, she makes sure her children regularly update their
sound files so that they can hear their progress. This has been particularly useful during parent conferences. Assessments are made
throughout the curriculum using these.
Using photographs taken from the school production, sequencing them and then re-telling the story
into the Easi-speak Pro was one activity that was used in Teresa Gargiulo’s room. Limiting the children
to 10 photographs enabled the older children to think beyond what the photos visually provided.
Meshing the technology of an ipad and an Easi-speak has provided the children with the motivation to
bring their fluency to their reading. An online reading activity where the children read along with the
story allows them to hear whether or not they have speed, accuracy and proper expression.
Story Sequencer
Recordable Pegs
Junior teacher at Sherendon and Districts
School, Jenny Pyatt, uses her recordable pegs
on a ‘Writing Wall of Fame’. A writer of the
day is chosen who then records their story
onto either one or two pegs, depending on
the length. The pegs are then clipped onto the
written story. Children come and push the
silver buttons on the pegs to hear the story as
well as reading it.
A3 and A5 Talking Photo Albums
The junior syndicate in Sherendon School makes
great use of both of their Talking Photo Albums.
The children love them so much that they had to
have two so that they could keep up with
demand. Teacher, Jenny, rotates them so that
the children always have something new to look
at and read. The parents too, love to sit in the
alcove and hear the stories their children have
Talk Tracker
Students at an Intermediate School in Palmerston North use their
Talk Tracker in a variety of different ways. Their main use for it is
during their Literacy Circle time. They use it to record themselves
reading aloud then play it back at the end and decide on a point of
improvement to work on next. Because the Talk Tracker has 4
microphones one each corner, quality of recording is much better
and the recording device does not need to be passed around. The
Talk Tracker is great during the student led discussions where
children discuss the main ideas of the story and the messages that
they got from the book. As the files can be easily downloaded the
teacher is able to use these files as assessment.
New Entrant children in Marion Croad’s class use it to
follow simple instructions and routines for the morning.
So the teacher is not repeating herself over and over
again with the same instructions and the children can
feel comfortable knowing that they haven’t forgotten
anything. Marion also uses the story sequencer as part of
her ‘First Chance’ programme when the children are
learning to write high frequency words. They press the
recording to hear the word, then they write the word
and turn the card over to check that they have written it
Sound Shuffle
A Fielding teacher has been using the Sound Shuffle as a
way to increase the fitness of her students. On a weekly
basis, she records instructions on physical exercises and
divides the class into teams. The children race to push
the sound shuffle. The first there relays the message to
the rest of the team who then completes the activity.
The second team pushes again and so on until the teams
return to the first message they began with. She has also
used this as a relay where one student completes the
task and then the next student takes their turn until their
whole team has completed a task. She now has
increased the number of sound shuffles in her class to
three as she uses them so often.
For more information and case studies
for these products go to
Pricing excludes GST and freight - Sitech Systems NZ terms and conditions apply. Visit for current pricing,
online quotes and to place an order. Email [email protected]
Award winning programmable floor robot. The Bee-Bot’s simple and
child friendly layout is a perfect tool for teaching sequencing,
estimation, problem-solving, directional language as well as
programming to children in Early Childhood Centres upwards.
Using the same controls and movement capabilities as BeeBot, watch it push, scoop and transport resources from
place to place.
Bee-Bot Maps
BeeBot’s Old Favourites
Whether used on a
•Robust and small design
pretend building site,
•Memory of up to 40 steps
ECE snakes and ladders
•No confusing degrees to program
mat, board game or
•Sounds and flashing eyes confirm your
moving through
different locations
•Fantastic cross-curricular resources
there is great fun to
•Supplied with a USB lead the beebot can either be charged from your be had!
computer or a USB mains adapter
NEW BeeBot’s Big NZ / Aoteroa Adventure
Designed by Sitech Systems NZ, let your BeeBot explore New Zealand
or Aoteroa (Te Reo version available). Map mat comes with flash
cards, activities and teacher notes. New Zealand Native Animals mat
due for release shortly. Watch a video about the new mats at
NZ Bee-Bot Starter Pack
Teacher Notes
NZ or Aotearoa Map
2 BeeBots
Flash cards
Create your own mats and overlay with the clear square
mat. Add numbers and letters to introduce co-ordinates to
the Treasure Hunt Mat. Figure out time as students race
around the Race Track Mat. Tell stories on the Busy Street
Mat. Learn and practice new words on the Alphabet Mat
and start counting on your Snake’s and Ladders Mat.
Bee-Bot Old Favourites Starter Kit
6x BeeBots
Busy Street Mat
Transparent Mat
Race Track Mat
Treasure Island Mat
Snake and Ladders Mat
Alphabet Mat
Bee-Bot App- FREE
The new Bee-Bot App makes use of Bee-Bot's keypad functionality and
enables children to improve their skills in directional language and
programming through sequences of forwards, backwards, left and
right 90 degree turns. Download the app from our BeeBot product
page at Childhood Education> BeeBot
Program the Pro-Bot to:
• Draw a shape (degrees and distance)
• Reverse and turn 90 degrees when it makes contact
• Respond to your voice
• Navigate a student-created obstacle course
Individual mat pricing available on website
The Pro-Bot includes an LCD screen
to allow the students to start LOGO
Moway - Programmable Robot
Using simple intuitive software students can develop a range of applications for the Moway from simple
to complex. Students can program it to follow a line, avoid obstacles, play games such as statues, or
defend a territory. Charges via USB.
Basic Kit consists of:
To see a Moway demonstration video,
• 1 Moway Robot
go to
• Instructions and software cd
• User Guide
Pricing excludes GST and freight - Sitech Systems NZ terms and conditions apply. Visit for current pricing,
online quotes and to place an order. Email [email protected]
Tami Creative
If you want to learn more about robots, then Tami-Creative is an ideal choice. Suitable for Primary and
above, Tami-Creative allows you to build your own, more complicated robots, limited only by your
imagination. If you are looking to improve your logic skills then creating a robot using a robot control
algorithm couldn’t be simpler or more fun.
Tami Creative product features:
Main components:
• Easy to assemble
• Various frames for complicated robot building
• PC based robot control program
• Safe and Eco-friendly Materials
• Programmable robot controller
• Infrared sensors, touch sensors and LED modules
• Rivets and plastic frames
• Download capability from a PC
Create these robots - Racing Robot, Bike Robot, Hippopotamus Robot, Service Robot, Drawing Robot, Elevator Robot, Grab Robot,
Sports Car!
Robotami Classic - Begin
The Robotami Classic allows you to understand the basics of robot building and lets you build up to 12 different robots. An
important part of building a robot is the incorporation of sensors which help to translate physical world attributes into values that
the computer on a robot can use. The Robotami Classic uses a touch sensor, infrared sensor and a CdS sensor which measures light
• Understanding basic robot building and programming
• Understanding sensors such as CdS sensors, touch sensors and
infrared sensors
Greerton Village School (GVS) – A Learning Journey Through Robotics
A group of year 6 boys were given the task of taking the BeeBot and Probot and learning how to use them and create educational
tasks for other classes across the school. They quickly got to grips with them with help from their ICT facilitator
(, using resources on the Sitech Systems NZ website ( )
and resources on the internet. They then trained all the teachers at GVS and ran workshops for five other schools too. Sandy
Bornholdt the ICT facilitator says of the integration into the curriculum,
“The ownership over the learning process and engagement shown by students are just two of the
many benefits of using robots to explore concepts within the curriculum. The students are almost
magically drawn into learning through the practical / hands on process of problem solving or trial
and error, which in turn encourages them to rework their ideas and persevere to get not just a result,
but the best result possible. In finding solutions, students are encouraged to collaborate with each
other, to think both logically and creatively as well as use the specific language, symbols and texts
within many of the different learning areas.”
At the ICT Cluster Conference "Kids Rewired" students were encouraged to share their learning with
adults. One of the guests reported back,
“I could not believe how passionate the students were about what they were doing and said that
she was completely knocked back by the degree of understanding the students had of measurement
and geometry (angles) concepts in mathematics.”
BeeBot task for the VIP guests at
the conference
Obstacle course
for the probot at
the Kids Rewired
Pricing excludes GST and freight - Sitech Systems NZ terms and conditions apply. Visit for current pricing,
on-line quotes and to place an order. Email [email protected]
Listening Station solutions for every budget
1) Do It Yourself with an MP3 Player / iPod Touch / Tablet
If you have access to an MP3 player, a headphone splitter and mini headphones you can essentially construct a listening station.
2) Using a computer with a USB port - the Infrared Wireless Headset Kit
Plug in a “dongle” and wirelessly transmit audio via infrared to each headset. Students can move away from the computer (and each
other!) to sit in bean bags or lie on the floor so long as the headsets are within line of sight of the “dongle”. The kit requires no
software installation and will transmit the audio of whatever is playing on the computer, be it audio books or You Tube videos.
3) Differentiated Listening Activities
It is easy for classrooms with numerous tablets / MP3 players to set up differentiated listening activities. But for those who aren’t so
fortunate Easi-Ears is the answer. Easi-Ears enables teachers to drag audio files onto one or more of six wireless headset units using
software on their computer. The headsets are all different colours so that each student can identify their headset and can control
their own audio, repeating, pausing and moving to the next track using the controls on the side of the headset. A remote control
unit enables a teacher to intervene as required, cut in and broadcast announcements and instructions. And best of all for the littlies,
the headset will start to play as soon as you put it on and pause for up to 20 minutes if they are removed. And students can go
anywhere so nature trails and treasure hunts become an option, with students creating their own content. The world literally is your
For full article visit
1 Califone Headphone Junction Box
The key to listening centers is the jack box, the
distribution point to the headphones. Califone
gives more attention to this stereo jack box with
silver-plated contact points for a solid
connection and moisture resistance, individual
volume controls and rugged ABS plastic housing
for durability.
Sitech Budget Headphones
• Low Cost
•Stereo only
•3.5mm plug with 6.3mm adapter
•Strong metal headband
2 Wireless IR Headphone Set with Batteries and Charger Cordless Headphones with Stand
$326.00 Headphone System with Stand with 6, 8 or 10
Listen to your favourite CD through these wireless
headphones. Simply plug the transmitter into the
headphone socket of any CD/Radio/Cassette
Recorder. No wires to get tangled!
Wireless learning not only helps boost student self-esteem and independence,
but creates more flexible classroom environments for individuals or smaller
groups of differentiated learners. This 4-person Infrared Headphone set is
designed for use with classroom based computer programs (Mac and
Windows compatible) and is ideal for reading and language development.
3 Easi-Ears - Digital Audio System
Set of 6
Set of 8
Set of 10
Do you want to easily differentiate listening activities for your students?
Imagine being able to have different students or groups of students listening to different stories, and
not just stories – any audio content be it rhymes, poems, non-fiction text, instructions, creative
music to inspire story writing, model making or painting pictures, or for outdoor treasure hunts and
nature trails. *Note the software is PC Only but the devices can be connected to a Mac and MP3 files
dragged into the folders that represent each device.
• The kit includes 6 wireless headphones, easy to use software, a remote control unit and docking station for recharging.
Pricing excludes GST and freight - Sitech Systems NZ terms and conditions apply. Visit for current pricing,
online quotes and to place an order. Email [email protected]
Science & Inquiry: Science Trolley
Science Trolley
The Sitech Systems NZ Science
• Build excitement and passion for science
• Let children discover the world around them
• Bring science into the 21st century
Four examples of science trolleys in action
"We need to improve the way we teach science to our young
children to help them succeed in an economy increasingly based
on knowledge and innovation," ERO chief review officer Dr
Graham Stoop.
Less than a third of schools have effective science programmes for
Year 5 to 8 students, according to the Education Review Office.
Sitech Systems NZ wants to help: we have designed a trolley to
provide all the equipment, funding application templates to help
you win funding and a training programme to support teachers.
Te Akau Ki Papamoa School
On Fridays all the students at Te Akau Ki Papamoa Primary School opt in to study a specialism. Some do construction with the
Principal, some do languages with teachers who are bi-lingual and others do science with the Deputy Principal Sharron who has a
passion for science. The science trolley has enabled the students from Year 2 up to undertake investigations that would genuinely be
conducted in a real science laboratory.
St Jospeh’s School, Waitara
The whole school curriculum is science-based with literacy and numeracy embedded into the investigations. The science trolley
stays in a classroom for a term and then moves on. The first term that they used the trolley they investigated pollution in nearby
wetlands and analysed the potential causes, making recommendations on how to proceed.
Kiwicare Pre-school, Auckland
Omaramutu School, Opotiki
The science trolley is not only for primary but for early
childhood too. This organisation has three science trolleys that
they use in different centres. Neil Harbers at Kiwicare Avondale
who runs a programme for 4.5 – 6 year olds says “What a
wonderful way for children to use microscopes and real lab
equipment. The trolley layout is user friendly and children
understand the microscopes and devices immediately.”
The science trolley is shared between all the classrooms. It has
been used in heaps of different ways – and they have only had it
for a term. One student talked about how they had looked at
things that they had found in the environment and used it as a
stimulus for art work. They were just undertaking an investigation
into growing beans and were looking forward to using the video
recording and time lapse features on the visualiser.
Professional Development
The professional development programme that is
run by Breathe Technology to accompany the
science trolley has supported them in their
successful integration.
Resources are also available on
the Sitech Systems NZ website at>Professional Development> Science Trolley
Pricing excludes GST and freight - Sitech Systems NZ terms and conditions apply. Visit for current pricing,
online quotes and to place an order. Email [email protected]
Science & Inquiry: Microscopes
Digital Blue Microscope
Explore the microscopic world up to 200x magnification with the QX7
Digital Computer Microscope. Powerful software allows you to view,
measure, capture, edit and animate samples, then create slide‐shows
and videos. The microscope is removable from the sturdy base allowing
for free form examination of any object.
Easi-Scope Wireless Microscope $185.00
The ordinary becomes extraordinary with this wireless
Easi-Scope digital magnifier. Magnifying up to 43x, its
easy to explore small things on a big scale. With its easy
to hold design and wireless range of 10m, children can
use this resource inside and out. A fully independent device that is recharged via USB.
The QX7 has an improved base, camera, optics and
more! Ideal for Education, Home and Laboratory Use!
Digital Blue QX7 features:
• 1280x1024 (SXGA) image resolution
• 10x, 60x and 200x magnification
• Super bright white LED light source
• Powered by USB port
With the Digital Blue QX7 children can:
• Study parts of their bodies
Easi-Scope USB
Easi-Scope is a hand held digital microscope. This simple
plug and play device attaches to your computer via USB
and includes its own LED lighting system. Simply hold the
Easi-Scope over the object, focus by turning the top, then
take videos or still images using the single control button
at up to x43 magnification (using a 17inch monitor)
• Investigate fingerprints. Rub fingers in chalk dust then take a strip of
clear sticky tape across the fingertip. Mount this strip sticky side down
onto a small piece of black paper. View under the microscope.
• Use the Microscope to take photos of a tooth; then put it in coke, over
several hours, monitoring results.
• Make a short movie, or time-lapse movie, of a sugar cube dissolving.
Export the movie into a presentation package (powerpoint or keynote or
your IWB software).
• Use the images taken to create a ‘Pop Art’ piece of artwork
• Make comparisons e.g. pond water and tap water
Talking Magnifier
Pack of 6
These recordable magnifiers are perfect for getting
children focusing on their observations without the
pressures of writing! A magnifier that will not only
magnify but children can also record their
observations for a maximum of 30 seconds with one press
of a button.
• Writeable, wipeable insert on
the front
• 2x and a 4x magnification on
• Lanyard for easy transportation
• 6 x brightly coloured magnifiers
• Takes 2 x AAA batteries
For more microscope activities visit (included)
Pricing excludes GST and freight - Sitech Systems NZ terms and conditions apply. Visit for current pricing,
online quotes and to place an order. Email [email protected]
Science & Inquiry: Data Logging
ULog Sensors
New sensors
which plug
directly into
your computer
Introducing a really easy and low cost way to do sensing and datalogging in the lab or classroom. ULog
sensors plug directly into your standard computer which becomes the datalogger - data can also be
transferred to spreadsheets, word processors, email etc instantly. uLog is easy and fast for teachers and
students alike and all sensors are supplied with software.
Easy, Affordable Datalogging
PLUG AND GO USB cable built in which plugs into your computer and works no batteries required as it is powered from the computer!
USE MANY SENSORS TOGETHER The built in multicolour LED automatically
shows the sensor channel.
EASY Push button allows you to start logging from the sensor without
touching the keyboard or mouse.
CLIP TOGETHER Sensors lock together for easy storage and use.
NEAT Built in cable storage - keeps them tidy and easy to store.
VERSATILE Unique design allows uLog sensors to be free standing, hand held,
or clipped to a ring stand.
AFFORDABLE The uLog system also makes great financial sense as no
separate datalogger is required, just your regular computer which can be
used for lots of other things and makes data transfer and report writing
instant. Datalogging software is supplied with every sensor and is
compatible with Windows, Mac OS X and Linux computers
For a full list of sensors, contact us at
Log IT Black Box Datalogger
LogIT Black Box is a real time USB datalogger which is easy to use, low cost and powerful with 3 sensor
inputs for measuring and recording from a range of over 50 sensors. Unique live oscilloscope feature
also lets you see and capture fast events such as Sound Waves on your computer screen!
Science & Inquiry: Other
Get busy exploring with this super new
set of rechargable metal detectors in 4
bright colours. These innovative
detectors are simple to use; sweep them
over objects and areas and hear the
beep as they detect the metal.
Vein Viewer
Add some 'WOW' into your next science
lesson with the brand new Vein Viewer!!
It can cleverly tell the difference
between your arteries and your veins.
Haemoglobin carries oxygen molecules
around the body and using this with
near infra-red light the Vein Viewer
projects an image of the veins straight
onto the whiteboard.
Deluxe Solar Kit
Student's can do a series of do-ityourself experiments to acquire the
basic knowledge of solar energy with
this kit. They will learn how to make an
electrical circuit; make a solar circuit;
how to increase voltage and current;
and how to use solar power to
produce energy for a radio; calculator;
battery charger; a cassette player and
Weather Station
La Crosse 915MHz Professional Weather
Station for Indoor/Outdoor Temp/Hydro
/Wind and Rain.
For more Weather Stations go to>Science and Robotics
> weather stations
Pricing excludes GST and freight - Sitech Systems NZ terms and conditions apply. Visit for current pricing, 11
online quotes and to place an order. Email [email protected]
Cross Curricula: Visualiser
Two things to think about when choosing a visualiser
Firstly consider how good an image you require. The more detailed the image the higher the
number of mega pixels needed. Zoom will also impact on the quality of the image. There is
mechanical zoom where you bend the gooseneck so that the head is physically closer to the object
– cheap and cheerful! Digital zoom resamples the image to make it appear larger and results in
degradation of quality but is often less expensive than optical zoom. There is no degradation in the
quality of image with optical zoom but there will be a cost attached to this and you need to balance
your need for detail versus your budget.
Secondly, consider how important it is it for you to capture good quality video footage. If this is key, then you need onboard
recording so that the quality of the image is not degraded by using a USB connection and software on the computer.
Total Zoom
Onboard Recording
Onboard Annotation
W30 (Wireless Model)
via software
via software
F50 Visualiser
Visualisers enable teachers to easily make the most of their display tools. The teacher or student can put
anything under the visualiser and immediately interact with it, label it, capture it, record it (both audio and
video), be it literature, objects or live activities such as experiments or arts and crafts. Really brings your
display devices to life (and your learning spaces).
F30 Visualiser
The AVerVision F30 FlexArm document camera is a cost-effective solution that does not sacrifice quality. With
the F30 you can record live action at the touch of a button, turning an impromptu discussion or student
presentation into an exemplary lesson you’ll be using for years. Plus, with an excellent 30fps frame rate, you
can rest assured that live images and recorded videos will always playback crystal clear and blur-free.
W30 Visualiser
$1095.00 U15 Visualiser
The ONLY Wireless Document Camera with
30 frames per second! Free yourself from
wires, expand your learning environment and
put the excitement of learning into the hands
of your students.
The lightweight, compact AVerVision U15 is perfect
for schools seeking a simple, well equipped and
user-friendly Visualiser. The U15 is powered by USB
from a computer.
Golden Sands School
Golden Sands School have one F50 visualiser shared between two teachers in their open learning spaces. They are used extensively
and regarded as their most successful ICT investment because they completely fit in with the school’s philosophy of emphasising the
process of learning rather than the outcome.
In a typical maths lesson Associate Principal Emma Hoggard describes how she uses the visualiser to display their “Figure It Out”
learning book and the AVerPen to record any anecdotal notes and to capture the students thinking. The addition of the AVerPen has
turned the visualiser from admittedly a very powerful display tool into a vehicle for increasing engagement. Students like to see their
thinking being recorded and to have a go and get involved. Once the new learning has been covered the images are captured and
printed off for students to refer to during their independent work. Emma says “It captures the then and now of learning and goes
into student books to celebrate their learning and for them to share with the class.”
One Touch Recording
The other powerful feature for Golden Sands School and their emphasis on the process is the on board recording function. It is easy
to use so students regularly record their discussions or learning to share with the class and to upload onto the managed learning
environment. “It is wonderful that children can show the video clip to parents on the actual day of learning,” enthuses Emma.
You can watch videos of Emma and her class talking about and using the visualiser and AVerPen here:
Access resources and see the visualiser in action at Golden Sands School, Papamoa at
Pricing excludes GST and freight - Sitech Systems NZ terms and conditions apply. Visit for current pricing,
online quotes and to place an order. Email [email protected]
Cross Curricula: TV and Radio Stations
TV Studio School Packages
Do you want to produce short videos, do you want live broadcasts around the school or do you want to stream it through the
internet? We have packages for all your needs. The starter package is detailed below.
Starter Package
Assuming the least you would like to do is stream the live or recorded video around your school then the following list of equipment
may be a starting point. Please note the following –
1. Within this equipment list are many options, for example whether you have an analogue vision mixer or a digital unit. Each
decision has an impact on other elements of your package. For instance if you were to purchase the digital Panasonic mixer you
would need the HDMI to video converter to connect to the video combo streamer but you would not need the audio mixer or
the video monitor system as this is all built into the Panasonic vision mixer! Make sense? That’s why we are here to help :)
2. Lighting can be a huge area of concern. We have listed incandescent lighting with stands to get started. However a much more
expensive but satisfactory option would be an LED system because they produce no heat. Again we are here to help with these
3. Why a special green screen and not just paper? The green screen material is a special velour type material designed to reduce
shadow and reflection.
Studio Lighting: This is just a starting point...
All cameras should have separate microphone inputs and one
camera should be of studio quality. We believe these are the
most economical and practical choice:
3x Quarza 800 watt lamps w/ clamp & joint
1x Panasonic AG-AC90 Camcorder
1x Sony HDR-PJ760V Handycam*
Also included is bulb, barndoors, lighting stands and blue filter
Green Screen Material
1x 3m x 3m green ‘velour’ material sewn to fit into
stand and 1x floor piece of green screen 1.5m x 3m
Monitor Speakers
*This camera has both a hot-shoe for
Bluetooth microphone and a separate
mic input.
1x Pair Samson Resolv A5 Studio Monitor Speakers
Cordless Microphones
Vision Mixers
Most current vision mixers only output a low resolution
composite video signal. Although this is adequate for
streaming it leaves much to be desired for editing or making
movies as the picture degrades so quickly. We therefore
recommend these models:
Panasonic AG-HMX100E Digital Mixer
Edirol V4 Vision Mixer with S-Video or
Composite Video Out Only
2x Mipro 100 Channel Wireless Handheld or Lapel
Microphone Systems
Video Streaming – from composite source
1x AverCaster Combo Streaming Server
1x HDMI to video converter (only required if the
Panasonic mixer is used)
Miscellaneous Equipment
There is a small audio mixer built in to the HMX100E but no
audio with the Edirol V4 so an audio mixer would be
necessary if this mixer were to be used.
1x Tascam M164FX audio mixer
Tripod: Tripods need to be strong, of good quality and very
stable with a firm “pan”.
2x Manfrotto 127VS Tripod Dolly
3x Benro A257 Tripods w/ Manfrotto 128LP
fluid heads
2x Small lapel mics to act as boom mics with
extensions (ECMC115)
Various Connecting Cables
Video Monitors
If using the Edirol vision mixer you would need to use a separate
monitor for each camera input and one for the final output. This
could be set up through a splitter so that each input was seen from
one TV.
1x 2 channel colour splitter*
1x Panasonic 32” LCD Monitor
*This item is not required if the Panasonic mixer is used
More products available at
Radio Station
Have you ever thought of setting up a radio transmitting station for your school? All you need is a transmitter, an aerial, an audio
mixer, some microphones and a computer to run background music from a play list. Read case studies, get helpful info and find out
what you need to set up your own radio station at
Pricing excludes GST and freight - Sitech Systems NZ terms and conditions apply. Visit for current pricing,
online quotes and to place an order. Email [email protected]
Cross Curricula : Touch Table
Sitech Systems Interactive Touch Table
Tap into the future with Sitech Systems NZ’s first fully interactive, 42" HD 1080p Touch Table with (optional) built in Mini PC running
Windows 7. The Touch Table is the ultimate solution for small group collaboration. Easy screen orientation makes shared group
experiences a breeze from either side of the Touch Table.
• Surface Durability (Mohs' hardness rating of 7)
• Expected life of over 60,000,000 single point touches
• 42" diagonal wide-aspect LCD Active Matrix display
• 1920 x 1080p full HD4 native resolution
• With Microsoft Surface and RM Easiteach Next Generation
Case Study: Te Puke Intermediate
Te Puke Intermediate School has refurbished a syndicate to meet the needs of a
modern learning environment. The spaces are flexible and empowering and
resources are shared amongst teachers and students.
They wanted the technology to foster these aims and opted for an interactive data projector, two 55” panels and an interactive
whiteboard divided amongst its four learning spaces as well as an interactive touch table in the central communal area. In addition
each teacher has a Mobi (a mobile interactive whiteboard) and in the communal area, there are three more Mobis, enabling
students to simultaneously work on any of the display devices. A visualiser is also available for that just in time teaching moment.
Finally voting clickers completed the picture with any group able to quickly establish prior knowledge, check comprehension and
anonymously gauge opinion on any issue.
This school made its decisions based on a deep understanding of what underpins teaching
and learning for them. Whilst other schools are focusing on improving computer access
through BYOD, they felt that for them collaboration was key and they were not convinced
that 1:1 computing was as important to achieving this as providing tools that would allow
students to interact with information and activities together. Four or more students can
work with any of the display devices offered in these spaces but the touch table was felt to
be crucial.The table is running OmniTapps, Easiteach Next Generation (an interactive
whiteboard software that is multitouch) and the standard Microsoft Surface package. It
lends itself to any task that drills down to organising objects, text, numbers and pictures.
The touch table is used extensively for literacy with students able to physically interact,
break down and rebuild the text. It also permits two groups of students to interact with the
same website, adding a competitive as well as collaborative edge to web-based activities.
And flipped onto its side the students love to use it for presenting their work to others.
Much of this can be done on the interactive whiteboard or data projector but the table adds a more collaborative dimension.
Research has shown that students are more focused, more teacher independent, are more equally involved and engage at a higher
level of thinking at a touch table than at other mediums.
Yvette Brown the senior teacher in the syndicate believes, “the Interactive Touch table has increased student’s participation and
engagement levels in whole class and group work situations which was our aim. From a teacher’s perspective lesson preparation
and delivery is exciting and always rewarding. Being able to have the interactive table in our syndicate enables us to meet the
learning needs of a 21st century learner.”
Generation Software
Easiteach Next Generation
Single user licence
Easiteach Next Generation is a complete whole-class teaching
and learning application which puts the teacher in control for
creating and delivering engaging lessons and resources.
Easiteach Next Generation runs on Multitouch screens.
Small school licence up to 150
Med school Licence 151 - 349
Large school licence 350+
OmniTapps Professional – specially designed for touch surfaces in an educational setting, this software
allows you and your students to create interactive activities that fully utilise the benefits of multi-touch.
For a free 28 day trial of OmniTapps go to
Pricing excludes GST and freight - Sitech Systems NZ terms and conditions apply. Visit for current pricing,
online quotes and to place an order. Email [email protected]
Cross Curricula: Interactive Solutions
Sitech Systems Touchscreens
available as
a mobile
Up to 10 users can touch and control whatever application or software*
you are displaying on the screen at once. Users can use their fingers,
stylus or even standard whiteboard markers if they wish.
Why have a touchscreen instead of a data projector? Read more at
See inside cover for the low down or download flyer here:
Student Response Systems
24 Class Pack
32 Class Pack
CPS Spark
CPS Spark is the latest radio-frequency student response system. CPS Spark offers a simple interface that
makes it easy and intuitive to use. Plus, it is backed by eInstruction’s new FLOW software, which means
educators receive instant, actionable student performance data.
• Question answer types: Multi choice, numbers, letters, true/false,yes/no
• Auto-join
• Easier RF channel adjustment • LCD screen to view responses
• Self paced mode
• Smoother tactile feel
24 Class Pack
CPS Pulse
32 Class Pack
Need more question types? Pulse supports: Multiple Choice, Yes/No, True/False, Multiple Answer, Numeric
and 140 Character Text Entry
New eInstruction Flow
VP pad 20
VP pad 40
Flow is designed to offer educators at all levels, from primary through higher education, a straight-forward, easy assessment
experience whether formative, summative or diagnostic. It has been created to facilitate the continuous evaluation of students’
progress, monitoring of attendance and level of learning.
eInstruction Flow is open software, able to be used with clickers from eInstruction or ‘virtual pads’ (vPad) on smartphones or
tablets running either Android or iOS operating systems, and even on Windows PCs, Linux or Mac X OS. Flow is compatible with a
wide range of computer programmes such as eInstruction’s Workspace, Microsoft's PowerPoint, OpenOffice and more.
Flow In Practice
Te Puke Intermediate were the first primary school to give it a whirl and love the
Official Launch at Interface Expo 2013 –
software and clickers. They are using them with the Weekly Quiz – two students just add
all delegates will get a chance to use
the Flow functionality into the PowerPoint and they are ready to roll. Yvette Brown the
Flow either on clickers or on their
teacher explained how levels of interest and engagement had rocketed as students could
phones/tablets – see you there!
see the answers coming in, discuss their initial response with others and then re-vote.
A free 30 days 40 vPad trial version is available to download from our teachers resources page at > flow software
Pricing excludes GST and freight - Sitech Systems NZ terms and conditions apply. Visit for current pricing,
online quotes and to place an order. Email [email protected]
Cross Curricula: Interactive Solutions
Mobi View
Turn any display device
into an interactive
eInstruction Touch Board
Dinky Trolley
Interactive Data Projector
Sony 40’’ LCD TV
Mobi ViewTM
55’’ LCD Lifting Teaching Station
Page 15
Teaching Station with plastic tote drawers
Breathe Technology / Sitech Systems NZ Article: “Mobile Interactive Technology” – explains everything you need
to know when deciding between an interactive whiteboard and an alternative mobile technology. Read it at
Pricing excludes GST and freight - Sitech Systems NZ terms and conditions apply. Visit for current pricing,
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Cross Curricula: Teaching Station
Teaching Station
All the advantages of an interactive whiteboard and none of the disadvantages – supports collaboration and small group work.
Key features of teaching station:
• A large 40” TV screen
• Lightweight so easily moved by children
• Lockable wheels
• An optional DVD player
• Available with wooden or plastic drawers
• Built in connections to PC or laptop
Teaching Station with lifting whiteboard
Plastic Tote Drawers Model
Wooden Drawers Model
Teaching Station without lifting whiteboard
Plastic Tote Drawers Model
Wooden Drawers Model
Plus optional retractable whiteboard
• Enables a traditional whiteboard to be used at the same time as the LCD screen, for example to keep the learning intentions visible
above the activity (as pictured)
• When pulled down over the TV, the retractable whiteboard also provides increased security by hiding the screen entirely
Omanu School, Mount Maunganui
Omanu School have teaching stations in all
of their junior classrooms. Initially each
teacher had one Mobi but they are
gradually increasing the numbers available
to build the amount of students who are
participating and collaborating around the
screen. Hannah successfully uses four
Mobis in her classroom.
I have found that working with the clear, vivid display of the
Teaching Station keeps children engaged and focused on their
learning. Using the Teaching Station and Mobi together allows
the children to be an interactive part of the lesson, which encourages collaboration and participation. – Hannah Mortimore,
E-Manager and classroom teacher
Why opt for a TV screen over a data projector?
Data projectors have been until recently the display technology of choice, mostly with a screen sometimes with an interactive
whiteboard. However we are now witnessing a definite shift towards flat screen panel solutions in classrooms and other learning
Data projectors vs Panels (Flat screen TV’s)
The economics: add up the price of a data projector plus installation and sound. Compare with the panel which should not require
additional sound and installation will be minimal. New data projectors have a lamp life of 4-6000 hours so would be expected to last
between 3-5 years. The life of a panel is over 10 years. The panel will work out only slightly more expensive and yet with a
significantly longer life expectancy and that is only the start…
• Quality of image: true HD
• Light is less of an issue (or not an issue at all in the case of an LED panel). As a guide, plasma is suitable for rooms with dimmer or
controllable lighting, LCD for moderately bright rooms and LED for moderate to brightly lit rooms where natural sunlight occurs.
• Size was always an issue as the larger screens for bigger rooms were prohibitively expensive. No longer is this the case. 60” plus
screens are now reasonably affordable.
• Mobility and flexibility: a panel can potentially lead to a greater return on investment if built into a mobile stand or teaching
station and used in a variety of learning situations. Portable projectors on a low trolley or table result in shadow and the view being
impaired. Moving data projectors around, even portable ones can lead to breakages and theft can sometimes be an issue. Cables
also end up running across the floor requiring taping or are left as a potential hazard.
For more information on things to think about when purchasing panels visit: and contact
your local Sitech Systems representative to chat about your needs.
Pricing excludes GST and freight - Sitech Systems NZ terms and conditions apply. Visit for current pricing,
online quotes and to place an order. Email [email protected]
Cross Curricula: BYOD / Tablets
Tablet Solutions
Acer NC211 Iconia W510 Win 8 Tablet
Excellent Win 8 BYOD / Classroom solution: long battery life and
protective cover.
Acer NC200 Android Iconia A510 Android 4.0
Lightweight and smaller than a magazine, the ICONIA TAB A
Series is very easy to carry. It runs on the tablet-tailored
Buy with keyboard dock for an extra 9 hrs battery life, giving you up to Android™ operating system, and sports a capacitive multitouch display with smart divisions that open up new
18hrs. Includes folio cover.
possibilities for interaction.
• 10.1" Tablet 1366x768 IPS touch panel
• 15 hours of battery life
• Intel Z2760 1.5GHz
• NVIDIA TEGRA 3 quad-core processor/16GB
• 64GB eMMC
• Polaris Office
• No Optical Drive
• Acer Print provides easy wireless printing
• Up to 18hr battery
• HD Voice with noise suppression for precise recording and
• 2MP Front & 8MP Rear Crystal Eye Webcams
super-clear video calls
• Win8
With Keyboard
For more tablet solutions and for promotions throughout the year visit:
Accessories/Storage Solutions
COW- Computer on Wheels
Fondly known as the COW, (computers on wheels) this laptop
storage solution has remained one of Sitech’s most popular trolleys
for schools with easy manoeuvrability and ease of use.
• Model featured houses 16 laptop computers
• Laptops can be charging when in storage
• Safe and secure
• Front and rear lockable doors
• 6m power cord
• Storage for chargers
• 2 x 8 way multiboxes permanently attached
• Top is velcro receptive to accept LAN radio transmitter
• Available for PC and Mac Laptops
Portable Power Supply
This product is the ideal companion for teachers or students on the
go, with a battery capacity of 5400mAh, it can fully charge most
Smartphones twice and give a tablet approximately half a charge.
• Battery capacity: Li-ion 5400mAh (3.7V)
• Twin USB output ports
• Charge type/time: USB approx 14 hours
• Output: DC5V1A
• Weighs: 142g
• Dimensions: 22(h)x70(w)x62(d) mm
• Supplied with USB Cord
Notebook CALF Trolley
Strengthened netting allows storage for up to 26 mini
laptops/notebooks or 13 full sized laptops (depending on
Model Purchased)
• Easily transportable
• Notebooks can be charged when in storage
• 6m power lead
• Lockable
10 Netbooks or 5 Laptops
20 Netbooks or 10 Laptops
26 Netbooks or 13 Laptops
iPad Trolley Solutions
A new generation in computer storage trolleys, this concept
stores devices in removable baskets so that classrooms can
share. Baskets available independently of trolley with power
Contact us for tailor-made ipad storage
solutions including power management.
Safe iPad storage baskets
Power Management Kit
Trolley with baskets for 32
Pricing excludes GST and freight - Sitech Systems NZ terms and conditions apply. Visit for current pricing,
online quotes and to place an order. Email [email protected]
Mipro MA707 PA System
The MA707 was designed with versatility in mind; compact, lightweight, generous power output, and available in
a range of configurations – select any or all of the following options: CD player or wireless microphones. Battery
or mains powered (can run for up to 8 hours on the internal batteries), this unit is ideal for schools, sports clubs,
swimming clubs, conferences, weddings; in fact any indoor/outdoor venue where a portable sound system is
required. MA707PA Portable PA. 70 watt system including inbuilt rechargeable battery supply. Includes cord mic.
May be optioned with CDM2P CD, MP3 & USB module c/w remote control.
• Quick and easy to set up and operate
• 70 Watts RMS
• Built in wheels and extendable handle
• Two corded microphone inputs
• Line input
Mipro Ultra Portable PA System MA101
Ultra Portable, Ultra Lightweight and Easy to Use. Don’t be misled by the compact size of
this highly efficient portable PA. Lightweight and powerful, the MA101 can be carried via
the in-built handle, using the shoulder strap or mounted on a stand. Excellent for
Kindergartens, Primary Schools etc. Applications include:
15T Mobile Sound System
• Playground duty
• Classrooms
• Security and safety marshals
• Indoor/Outdoor gatherings/meetings
Sitech Sports PA System ( Battery Powered)
•Powerful 250w RMS Toa 9 channel mixer amplifier
•Overall bass and treble controls
•High performance XRS12 Pro Music Speaker, with 12” woofer
and piezo horn gives excellent clear sound distribution over a
wide area.
•Easily able to be moved over rough ground and up & down
•The amplifier has 4 mic inputs plus 2 mic/line inputs and 3
line only inputs. They can all be used at the one time.
•The 4 mic plus 2 mic/line inputs have both XLR and 6.3mm
jack connectivity. 2 line inputs are dual RCA and 1 is XLR &
6.3mm Jack.
•Dual speaker outlets
Improve outdoor performance of
the Sitech 15T sound system using
the wide range horn speaker kit
Horn Speaker Kit
Consists of two wide range horn speakers
mounted on a stand and supplied with a 9m
cable. Up to two kits can be connected to the
15T system or the Sitech Sports PA System.
Toa Hand Held Megaphone with siren ER-1215S
This handheld megaphone
features built-in unidirectional
dynamic microphone with pressto-talk switch, 23 watt output,
alarm siren and approx. 14 hours
battery life.
Totally self-contained, mounted on a Sitech designed and built
trolley . The PA Trolley can be easily broken down into components
to transport on the back seat or in the boot of an average sized car
• Toa 60 Watt RMS 2 channel amplifier
powered by a 12 volt SLA battery Intelligent
battery charger fitted to the trolley
• System includes a MiPro 100 channel
wireless handheld microphone and a CB style
corded microphone
• Supplied with either two or four Toa 15
Watt horn speakers fitted to telescoping
tripod stands. Speakers and stands can be
housed on the trolley
2 Speakers
4 Speakers
Sitech Sports PA System (Mains Powered) NEW
Introducing Sitech's newest addition to the
Sports PA family. As above the system can be
purchased as a 2 or 4 speaker trolley and can
have a maximum of 8 speakers (Speaker addon kit required). This unit can be upgraded to
run from 2x 12V automotive batteries (Horn
Speaker Kit required).
2 Speaker
4 Speakers
Gerry Hart, Senior Teacher for Education Outside the Classroom at
Tauranga Intermediate purchased a specially adapted Sports PA System in
2012. The new model can be run off the mains as well as charged and used
remotely. The school has since used it extensively.
“At the 12 hour relay the remote connection provided long lasting power
and great quality sound. It has also been used for a carving display and
presentation at the Marae and will also be used going forward at the
Ngamuwahine Camp in the Lower Kaimais.”
A truly versatile solution for outdoor sound.
Pricing excludes GST and freight - Sitech Systems NZ terms and conditions apply. Visit for current pricing, 19
online quotes and to place an order. Email [email protected]
School Halls
School Hall & Auditorium Installations
Sitech Systems NZ is renowned for quality data projector, lighting and sound installations. We offer the complete package: advice
beforehand, most appropriate technology sourced from our quality suppliers, efficient installation as well as training and technical
support post-sale. With over 20 year’s experience working with schools, we understand your needs and listen carefully to what you
want to achieve.
Below are five examples of recent installations.
No extra workload for the school – a hassle-free project from start to finish: Brown’s Bay School
Browns Bay School sought a proposal for a projector/screen solution for their school hall which has a high level of ambient light. We
visited the site and recommended the installation of a 4500 ANSI lumen WXGA projector. As is the case in many schools the school
hall has many uses so we also recommended a security cage. For ease of use we installed a wired controller to operate both the
projector and screen, fitted with a key switch to prevent unwanted operation of the equipment.
Roger Harnett, Principal “The needs of the school were ascertained and a proposal presented which met these needs. The detail and
preparation that went into providing a solution for this specific environment was thorough and took into account all variables. The
installation process was efficient and was of minimal disruption to the school. It was completed within stated time frames and a
complete clean up was undertaken at the completion of the installation.
In the short time we have had the equipment, it has already been put to good use for both day time events and evening events and
has been very well received by staff and the community. It has been used for a Year 6 graduation, an end of year assembly and for a
fund raising activity and in all instances comments were made in regard to clarity and effectiveness”
Making the most of what you’ve got: Waakaranga Primary School
Many schools have existing equipment that may not meet today’s demands or may seem complex to use. We are committed to
trying to make the most of what a school already has, rather than advocating starting again. Wakaaranga School is a good example
of where some simple fixes could drastically improve quality and ease of use of their sound system. We recommended fitting a
compressor/limiter/feedback eliminator to the existing system to optimise the sound and help eliminate annoying feedback. We
also added a second simple 8 channel mixer to the existing mixer to increase the number of available channels and to simplify the
use of the equipment on a daily basis. We also suggested fitting a lectern microphone to the lectern and tidying things up by fitting
all the equipment to a sound trolley to be stored in the end door area of the hall.
Working with budget limitations
As you can imagine with 20 years in the
education business we are used to
working with clients who have budget
limitations! We frequently put
together proposals for hall installations
that can be added to over time as
more funds become available. In
Wakaaranga’s case we put together a
starter package for lighting that can
grow in years to come. This included
wash lights using 1000w par can and
four LED lights for colour.
Ian Ashurst, Associate Principal, “The school received helpful advice about the lighting system and how it could be set up. We also
received very good advice on how to upgrade our sound system. The installation itself went very smoothly and quickly with few
problems. Everything was checked out thoroughly. The teachers have found both the lighting and sound system easy to set up and
use. The sound system is activated by just one switch. We have used both the lighting and the sound system for our regular assemblies and the prize giving. We found it was great for our production of Peter Pan.”
Pricing excludes GST and freight - Sitech Systems NZ terms and conditions apply. Visit for current pricing,
online quotes and to place an order. Email [email protected]
School Halls
Future proofing your investment: Peterhead School
Martin Genet, Principal describes the installation process from start to finish:
“Right from when our new hall concept idea, design and build started to completion the Sitech Systems NZ team were involved giving
their expert advice and making recommendations around the best and most cost effective equipment for our building, with future
proofing of this equipment always in the forefront of their minds.”
“The installation of all the equipment which included a motorised lighting bar, a lighting system, a data projector, an electric screen,
radio microphones and all the wiring was outstanding – there were no problems and nothing was a hassle - they were a one stop
quality shop.”
The Peterhead system is based around a cluster of speakers mounted centrally and to the front of the hall. A 24 channel mixer
coupled with a multicore cable installed during the construction, ensures future proofing of the installation. Special consideration
was given to simplicity and ease of use, to automatic feedback elimination and the ability to automatically optimize the sound
quality. The projector is a 4500 lumen model projecting onto a 3.6m wide electric screen.
Martin describes how the hall installation has met all their aims:
“Since completion, the Hall has been used for a huge variety of events and functions with the ease of operation, sound clarity and
quality being features.”
Panasonic PT-VX500EA
Australian Monitor
Speakers XRS 10
Australian Monitors
Amps XA1400
Allen & Heath mixer
ZED 24
Sony VPL-CW255 4500
Pricing excludes GST and freight - Sitech Systems NZ terms and conditions apply. Visit for current pricing, 21
online quotes and to place an order. Email [email protected]
Positive Impact On Teaching and Learning: Otahuhu Intermediate
“In 2012, we refurbished and modernised our existing school hall. As part of the modernisation we decided that we wanted to install
a quality sound and lighting systems, as well as a data projector and screen.
I contacted the Sitech team to discuss ‘what the needs of the school were’. Within a couple of days the Sitech team had visited,
provided their professional knowledge related to the best systems available to meet our needs, and a quote with possible options
was provided. Once we had decided on the equipment, the installation was quick and easy.
Since the installation of the new sound and lighting system, we have performed our school production, with all the lead roles using
lapel microphones, and the other performers using the hand-held microphones (with no feedback!!!). The retractable lighting rack
allowed for easy adjustments of the lights, with the lighting system allowing for better lighting management throughout the
production. What a difference a quality sound and lighting system makes!
We have used the sound system, data projector and screen for our weekly assemblies. This has encouraged teachers and students to
be more creative and willing to share class and school activities through having the AV equipment set up permanently in the hall.
Our annual prize-giving was another event where the new sound system made a significant difference. The quality of sound and its
clarity ensured that another professional presentation was delivered.
The professionalism of the Sitech team, made this a painless exercise for me. I would like to thank the Sitech team for providing our
school with a quality sound and lighting system that meets the needs of our school. I would highly recommend the Sitech team for
similar jobs in the future.” Brent Woods - Principal.
Power and Simplicity: Hamilton Girls High School
The sound system is built around a central cluster of powerful powered speakers, with the signal able to come from both ends of
the hall. A lockable rack mount cabinet situated at the rear of the hall, houses all the equipment necessary to operate the speakers.
A powerful powered sub woofer has been used to increase the bass when necessary. A simple rack mount mixer has been used to
keep the daily use of the hall simple however sophisticated electronics is used to automatically optimize the sound and eliminate
unwanted feedback. Radio microphones are used extensively to keep the system simple and the sound is designed to work with the
flick of one switch. A 7000 lumen projector has been mounted high in the ceiling and delivers a stunning 4m wide picture onto
cyclorama type screen.
“After many years of “making do” we finally have a state-ofthe-art hall and auditorium. We are extremely proud of our
new acquisition which seats approx. 800 people and has
been fitted out with some of the latest equipment. Sitech
personnel have worked with us throughout the program to
ensure that we have the correct equipment, that delivers
quality sound and to give us the future proofing we desired.
We are more than happy to recommend them for similar
jobs in the future.” Kathy Paterson - Deputy Principal.
Contact us today for an appraisal of your school hall / auditorium and how it
can be revamped, developed or made easier to use.
Pricing excludes GST and freight - Sitech Systems NZ terms and conditions apply. Visit for current pricing,
on-line quotes and to place an order. Email [email protected]
Drama/Music Rooms
Music Rooms/ Drama Theatres
We also have consultants available to advise on the overhaul of exiting or the development of new music and drama spaces. Here
is only a sample of the equipment that we have available:
Edirol R05 Portable WAVE/MP3
The compact R-05 is easy to use, affordable, and packed with big-ticket features that raise the
bar in its price class. Experience crystal-clear 24/96 capture, enhanced recording and editing
features, and extended battery life (over 16 hours per charge).
•High-quality stereo recording (24-bit / 96kHz) with the built-in stereo mic or external input
•Records directly to SD card with extended battery life (over 30 hours continuous playback, over 16
hours continuous recording)
•Record 16-bit WAV and MP3 files simultaneously
•Strong, attractive metallic exterior
•Onboard editing functions; built-in reverb
•Music-practice features (change tempo without changing pitch, loop playback, etc.)
•Auto record start, auto song split, auto level adjust
•Pre Record function (captures 2 seconds of audio that precedes pressing REC)
•Use as a high-quality portable audio player (plays WAV and MP3 files)
•Includes windscreen and built-in tripod mounting socket
Tascam CD-200i CD Player with
TASCAM's CD-200i is a unique combination of rackmountable CD player
with a dock for Apple's iPod music player. The iPod can be controlled from
the CD-200i's front-panel or wireless remote, including transport control,
album navigation and more.The iPod can be charged from the dock
connector, and video can even be played through an S-video jack on the
rear panel. TASCAM's CD-200i has unbalanced phono outputs and S/PDIF
digital out on coaxial and optical jacks. MP3 and WAV file playback is
supported from CD media. The front-panel Folder navigation buttons
change folders on CDs and albums on the iPod. A wireless remote control
with numerical track select buttons is also included.
Tascam M164F Mixer
The M164FX mixer boasts six Tascam mic inputs with XLR inputs and phantom power for greatsounding tracks. Mic inputs additionally have 3-band EQ with hipass filters for sculpting the mix.
Five stereo line inputs bring the total count to 16 inputs, and several channels add EQ and RIAA
phono preamps for adding flexibility. With versatile routing the M164FX has two output busses
(main and sub) as well as a pair of aux sends for monitors and effects. With a stereo effects
processor featuring 16 programs of reverb, delay, chorus and other great-sounding effects.
Sansom XP308i Portable iPod PA System
The XP308i from Samson is a compact and portable PA system that includes two 2-way
speakers and an 8-channel mixer. Designed with mobility in mind, all of the system
components connect together into a single case for terrific portability. Each of the
speakers features an 8” woofer and a 1” titanium tweeter, housed inside a durable
vented enclosure. The removable 8-channel mixer features a powerful and efficient
300W Class-D amplifier for powerful sound reproduction. It offers 4 mic/line inputs
capable of delivering phantom power, as well as 2 stereo inputs. An integrated iPod dock
lets you easily drop in an iPod for playing back pre-recorded material.
For our full range of classroom audio products go to>Audio/Sound
Pricing excludes GST and freight - Sitech Systems NZ terms and conditions apply. Visit for current pricing, 23
online quotes and to place an order. Email [email protected]
Video and Still Cameras
Sony Action Cam HDR - AS15
Get some real action video for your school – a tiny camera that fits into a waterproof case
(waterproof to 60m depth), has x2 and x4 slow motion, WiFi, interval recording and much more.
A number of fixing attachments come with the camera including a standard tripod fitting. Recording is
onto micro SD card at 1080 or 720p. At 720p a choice of 60FPS or 120FPS is available so that motion
can be slowed to study actions and movement. Still images can be recorded at 1920 x 1080 pixels and
can be set to record at 5, 10, 30, and 60 second intervals.
An optional cover with built – in LCD screen is available so that the action cam can be used like a
standard camcorder. Use this camera for all action shots, for sports activities, for underwater shots,
from any moving vehicle. It is extremely rugged!
Optional cover with built in LCD screen
Check out the large range of accessories for the Action Cam at
Panasonic Full HD Vertical Camera HX-DC2GN -H
Panasonic presents a new camera concept - one camera that does it all: High-resolution 14MP Still
Photos and stunning Full-HD 1920x1080p Video. You decide with a push of a button. Up to now, the
decision for an everyday camera often needed to be a compromise: most cameras on the market
are designed to be very good at either capturing photos or videos. The Panasonic HX-DC1 is able to
capture 14-megapixel still photos and Full-HD movies.
• Bright and stunning full HD video recording • Nine point auto focus
• 14 Megapixel still picture recording
• Manual shooting
• 8 GB SD card
• High speed reverse consecutive shooting
• 3 inch wide screen
• Shoot images/video as close as 1cm
• HDMI and USB 2.0 out
Sony Cyber-Shot Digital Camera Package
DSC-W630: package includes
• Sony Cyber-shot Digital Camera DSC-W630
• Carry Case
• 4 GB SD Card
Multi Buy !!!
Get 5 packages
for only
For more cameras specials throughout the year go to>cameras
Sign up for specials, competitions
and product updates at
Free Phone 0800 100 607
Free Fax 0800 300 607
Pricing excludes GST and freight - Sitech Systems NZ terms and conditions apply. Visit for current pricing,
online quotes and to place an order. Email [email protected]
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