Good for Enterprise - Android QuickStart

Good for Enterprise - Android QuickStart
Good™ for Enterprise
Good for Enterprise - Android QuickStart
Welcome to Good for Enterprise, the behind-the-firewall, wireless corporate email and data
access system from Good Technology. With Good, your Android handheld works in conjunction
with your email server and Good for Enterprise Server software on your corporate network.
When you start up Good Messaging, your Android handheld connects wirelessly with your
corporate network using the high-speed wireless network service supported by your Android
handheld, and Good Messaging Service synchronizes your Android handheld with your email,
calendar, and contacts, just as those applications synchronize your desktop computer and laptop
with your email server. In this way, your company and Android handheld folders present the
same information to you.
Setting Up Good Messaging
Once your account is activated by your IT administrator, you will receive a welcome message
from Good that gets you started setting up Good for Enterprise. You won’t need to return your
Android handheld to the administrator for setup or connect it to a computer.
To set up your Android handheld with Good Messaging:
Your IT administrator will send you a message with your email address, a PIN (and
expiration date, if applicable), and a URL address.
Make sure your Android handheld is fully charged and your wireless connection is active.
See the documentation that came with your Android handheld for details.
Use the Android handheld browser to navigate to the URL address provided in the email
sent by your IT administrator. You will be redirected to the Good for Enterprise application in
Android Market.
Click the link to initiate the download and automatic installation of the Good application.
When installation is complete, launch the application.
Enter your login information. This includes email address and PIN. Select Next.
A series of download, install, and connection screens appears. The status indicators at the top
of the screen change to track setup progress.
If your administrator has enabled a policy requiring a password on Good Messaging, you’ll
be prompted to set it now.
When services are connected, Good Messaging automatically synchronizes your handheld with
information in your enterprise email account. This includes email messages, contacts, calendar
appointments, and so on.
Congratulations! You are ready to use Good Messaging applications on your handheld.
Starting up Good displays your email Inbox.
Tap here to
display list of
Tap to compose
a new message.
Email status
Tap an icon to
display calendar,
contacts, or
Email status
New, unread message
Opened message (no icon)
Replied-to message
Event request
Forwarded message
High importance
Both message status and basic folder contents are synchronized. For example:
• Messages marked read on your Android handheld are marked read on the email server and
in your Inbox.
• New messages sent to your email server Inbox are also automatically sent to your Android
• Messages you delete from the Inbox on your Android handheld are also deleted from your
company Inbox.
Tap an email to display its contents.
Previous and next
numbers are
tap to place a
Reply, Reply All,
or Forward
Menu of
Move to different folder
Discard message
You can enter an email address directly or select a previous recipient or contact from the list.. The
To: field is limited to 32 recipients. For more on contacts, refer to “Contacts” on page 4.
You can delete, reply to, or forward a message; you can mark it unread or flag it for followup;
you can move it to a different folder. To do so, use the icons at the bottom of the opened message,
or press and hold on the message in the email list and use the menu options that are displayed.
The menu displayed when you press and hold a message in the list:
Menu choices include Delete,
Mark as Read, Mark as Unread,
Move, Flag for Follow-up, Flag
Complete, Clear Flag.
When Good Messaging is installed on your handheld, your company contacts are synchronized
with the handheld’s contacts store. (Your administrator can specify which elements of data in a
contact are kept synchronized.) Thereafter, the contacts displayed within Good on the handheld
will be kept up-to-date with your company contacts. In addition, any changes made to your
company contacts will be reflected in your contacts store (but not vice versa). Contacts can be
used to make phone calls with your phone and send email and text messages. Good Messaging
must be running for Contacts to be available to other applications.
To view contacts from within Good Messaging, tap the Contacts icon in the Tab bar. A list of all of
your contacts appears.
Tap to create a
new contact.
Tap a
contact to
view its
Tap to scroll letterby-letter in a long
list. This appears
when you scroll
Tap to call
Tap to send a
text message
Tap to send an
Tap to open
Google maps
When searching a long list, use rapid brush movements with your fingertip to accelerate
scrolling in either direction. Touch the screen to stop the scrolling. If you scroll rapidly down a
long list of contacts, a tab appears at the side of the screen. Tap and drag to navigate through the
list letter-by-letter. You can find contacts based on the first few characters of a first name or last
name. This feature is useful for working with long lists of contacts. You can search your personal
contacts or the GAL.To find a contact, display the contacts list and tap the Search field at the top
of the page.
To edit or delete a contact, press and hold on it in the contacts list. A menu is displayed.If you
choose to edit the contact , an edit screen is displayed. You can also reach this screen from the
contact’s detailed view, as with the delete operation, by pressing the menu button and then
tapping Edit.
Good Messaging’s Calendar keeps your handheld synchronized with your company calendar. You
can use your phone to monitor your company meetings and appointments. When your handheld is
set up, all of your calendar events from the past week and all future events are added. With this
application you can view existing events by day or month and add appointments
You can start the Calendar application in Day or Month View. A list of the day’s events is
displayed in Day View. In Month View, days with events are shaded. The month’s events are
displayed in a scrollable list at the bottom of the screen (an “agenda” view).
Day View
Add an event
Tap an item to expand
Month View
Add new event.
Week number
(when turned on
in Preferences)
Scrollable list
of events
Use the screen displayed to add an appointment to your calendar. As with email messages, as
you enter characters in a field, a list of matching previous recipients and contacts appears. At the
bottom of the list, when displayed, a message indicates that your corporate directory is being
searched for further names. After you’ve specified the meeting participants, their schedules are
checked to see if they are available. You can also set a reminder time and specify your availability
for other meetings during this meeting (Show As).
To delete a meeting, tap to open it and click the Delete button at the bottom of the screen. To edit
a meeting that you’ve created, tap the meeting, tap the Edit button, and make the required
changes on the editing screen displayed. For recurring events you created in your company
account, you can edit a specific occurrence or the subject, location, notes, or attendees for the
series of events. You cannot use the phone to change the dates, times, or other rules for a series.
When you have finished changing the event, tap Save. The changes are sent to any attendees you
invited. Attendees deleted from an event are not notified.
The notification bar alerts you to the arrival of new email and reminds you of upcoming events,
when reminders have been set. When you open Good Messaging, the new-mail icon is cleared
from the notifications bar. Pull down the bar and tap the icon to display a list of the new
messages. Tap a message to open it. (If there is only one new message, tapping the icon will open
it automatically.) Pulling down the bar and tapping the event reminder opens the Reminders
window, with snooze and dismiss options at its bottom.
New mail has
Good Messaging
is offline. Tap icon
and provide
password to start.
Choose which email folders to sync. Set your Out of Office details. Edit signature settings for
sending email. Show email preview in email list. Change font size for email messages.
Change settings for Calendar display. Sync with handheld.
Change your connection status to work offline or send/receive email now. Lock the Good for
Enterprise application A password will be required before access. Exit and shut down Good for
Enterprise. Change password and other lock settings, as IT policy allows. Change notification
settings for new emails and calendar reminders. Good for Enterprise version number, handheld
information, end-user license agreement, send comments, send handheld logs.
Good Technology, Inc.
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