KASMRTRMTA Smart TV Remote Control User Manual

KASMRTRMTA Smart TV Remote Control User Manual
Smart TV Remote Control
Quick Start Guide
Product Layout
Set Up
1. Open the battery covers at the sides of the keyboard, then remove the
USB receiver.
2. Insert 2 x AAA batteries
3. Plug the remote receiver into an available USB port on your TV.
4. You can now use the remote with your TV.
The air mouse function will be OFF by default.
Press “ ” to activate the air mouse function.
Swing your wrist to form easy and smooth motions to move the pointer.
To select an item, take the cursor to the icon and press the left key “ ”.
To use the keyboard, simply go to the field you need to type in, press the
left key and then start typing.
Pairing the USB Dongle
If you feel that the TV is not receiving the air mouse or keyboard inputs, it is
possible that the USB dongle is not paired with the remote properly.
Please follow these steps to re-pair them again.
1. Unplug the USB dongle from the TV.
2. Remove the batteries from the remote and press any key.
3. Reinsert the batteries into the remote.
4. Press
together within 30 seconds until the Fn LED light comes on.
5. Reinsert the USB dongle into your TV.
6. The Fn LED light will flash 5 times, meaning the pairing is successful.
7. If the LED does not flash within 10 seconds, it means the pairing has failed.
8. Please repeat the above steps again.
9. If the issue persists, contact the Kogan.com customer support team.
Recalibrating the Air Mouse
If the cursor begins to drift, please follow these instructions to recalibrate it:
1. Put the remote on a flat surface.
2. Press and hold '
' on the keyboard together until the Fn LED light
comes on.
3. The Fn LED light should turn off again after 5 seconds.
4. Calibration is now complete!
Turning Air Mouse Mode Off
1. If you do not use any of the Air Mouse keys or functions for 30 seconds,
the unit will go into sleep mode.
2. If you want to turn it off quicker than this, you will need to press the
left/right keys above the cursor key.
3. To active the air mouse, please press the cursor key again.
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