High Definition TV with 1080p Resolution

High Definition TV with 1080p Resolution
High Definition TV with 1080p Resolution
64” – PN64D8000
59” – PN59D8000
51” – PN51D8000
The evolution of TV
Advanced SMART TV features such as Smart Hub, Search All, and Your Video will take your viewing experience
out of the home and online for an entirely new experience. Search for your favorite movie or actor with the
advanced Search All feature. Check out the latest Apps at the Samsung App store. Do it all wirelessly with
Series 8 8000 Series built-in Wi-Fi. Clear Image Panel makes viewing perfect from every angle while you
experience the next breathtaking level in the evolution of 3D with the new Series 8 Plasma TV.
• Full HD 1080p Resolution
• Narrow Bezel Design +1”
• Clear Image Panel
• Real Black Filter
• Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio
• Local Contrast Enhancer
• 600Hz Subfield Motion
• Smart Hub
- Samsung Apps
- Search All
- Your Video
- Web Browser
- Skype™
• 3D HyperReal™ Engine
• Full HD 3D TV (glasses sold separately)
• Cinema Smooth™
• Built-in Wi-Fi
• 1 Foot Connection
• AllShare™ DLNA Certified™
• ConnectShare™ Movie
• BD Wise™
• Game Mode
• Eco Sensor
• Energy Star® 4.0
• 3D Sound
• SRS TheaterSound®
• Direct Down-firing Speakers
• 15W per Channel (59”+) 10W (51”)
• 4 HDMI™ with Anynet+ Ver. 1.4
• 2 USB Ports
• Ethernet Input
• 2 Component Video Inputs
• 1 Composite Video Input
• QWERTY Remote
• Swivel Stand
High Definition TV with 1080p Resolution
Full HD 1080P
Experience the natural beauty of reality with Samsung’s Full
HD Plasma TVs. With twice the resolution of standard HDTVs,
images defy reality and enhance your home entertainment
experience. The rich, realistic texture of Full HD images
invites you to enjoy a viewing experience unlike anything
you’ve seen before.
Thin Bezel Design
With Samsung’s Plasma+1” Design, you’ll benefit from an
extra inch in screen size because of the thinner bezel.
A thick bezel can be distracting and affect your viewing
experience. The Plasma+1” Design brings back the joy of
watching television and provides you with a larger screen so
your home entertainment experience is the best it can be.
Clear Image Panel
Clear Image Panel is a film filter in lieu of conventional glass.
Eliminating the production of dual images, it produces a
clear, consistent image from every angle.
Real Black Filter
For greater image contrast, the Real Black Filter
suppresses the amount of external light reflected
on screen. The result is improved image contrast
when viewing in bright conditions. With minimal
reflection, images are clean, crisp and
Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio
Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio delivers the most
vibrant range of colours and brightness – from
pure blacks to pristine whites. That means you see
colours as they are meant to be seen in real life.
600Hz Subfield Motion
By using the latest in subfield motion technology, this new
Plasma TV is able to flash a single image up to 600 times/
second. Expect smoother images and unprecedented picture
quality—no matter how fast images are moving.
Smart TV
At Samsung, our job is to deliver the ultimate “SMART”
experience to our customers. With our new line up of SMART
TV’s we’re now taking that to a whole new level. Our SMART
TVs deliver a completely different TV viewing experience,
seamlessly integrating a broad array of Internet content,
broadcast programming, personal content, and virtually
unlimited applications—all viewable on one TV screen.
Through our user-friendly user interface, Smart Hub, look
for your favorite video and content with Your Video or
browse for TV-related content with Search All. We’ve also
optimized our web capabilities through our Web Browser
feature. Moreover, our world’s first TV app store contains
hundreds of apps that can be used to make your home
entertainment experience more satisfying.
Smart Hub
Smart Hub is a portal to all your Smart TV’S features. Start
with an array of convenient Apps and services that are
continually being added. Search All of those Apps and
services for the content you want all while watching live TV.
Your Video Recommend examines your viewing habits and
begins to recommend similar content you might enjoy.
(Content available via ‘Smart Hub’ may vary among product categories,
models, and territories. See Samsung.com for more details.)
Samsung Apps
Unleash the true potential of your Samsung Smart TV by
accessing the world’s first TV App store with the widest
variety of Samsung Apps for TV available today. They provide
you with a quick and easy way to access your favourite
content through your Samsung Smart TV. So download the TV
Apps that make your Smart TV even smarter by letting you
watch your favourite movies, turning your TV into a digital
photo album or a casino blackjack table, or even staying in
touch with loved ones through live video chatting.
Search All
Enjoy the ease of searching for information or content
through the convenient Search All feature on Smart Hub.
You can perform your search in one of two ways. The first
method is through the Smart Hub user interface. The Smart
Hub UI provides you with the easy-to-use tools to find
exactly what you’re looking for, the other way is to search
while watching TV.
Your Video
Gain access to your movie guide with Samsung’s Your Video
feature. Your Video allows you to watch and preview movie
clips and TV programs from your TV through a customized
recommendation service for video and content. What’s more,
you’ll even receive key information like a brief synopsis and
user ratings to help you make an informed choice.
SRS TheaterSound®
An all-in-one audio suite that automatically detects and
consistently levels abrupt volume fluctuations that normally
occur when TV programming switches to commercial
break or while changing channels. It also delivers up to 5.1
surround sound from multichannel content using built-in TV
speakers while enhancing sound depth and dimension.
Direct Down-firing Speakers
Provides better design and deeper sound creation filling
your room with deeper and clearer sound levels.
1 Year Parts and Labour Warranty.
90 days parts and labour for commercial use, with
in-home service, backed by Samsung toll-free support.
Net dimensions & weight (WXHXD)
SIZE IMPERIAL (inches / lbs)
58.6 x 35 x 1.5 / 77.2
*(Please note: Feature availability varies based on country.)
Web Browser
Benefit from the convenience of surfing the Internet on a
PC, but through your Samsung Smart TV. The Web Browser
feature has been optimized for your TV so that you can enjoy
a true Internet-surfing experience but on the big screen. So
now you can watch TV or surf the web without ever having to
turn on your PC.
Skype™ HD Video
Skype™ is a free internet video calling service that allows
users to communicate with each other. Historically each
user would need a PC and specific software as well as a web
cam, now just create an account and communicate with
friends and family worldwide directly through your TV. A
Samsung Skype camera is required and sold separately.
3D HyperReal™ ™ Engine
The driving force behind the amazing colour and realistic
images of Samsung’s new Plasma TVs is the innovative 3D
HyperReal™ Engine. By optimizing performance and image
enhancement, the Samsung 3D HyperReal™ Engine provides
the most vibrant and crystal-clear Full HD images in 2D and 3D.
Full HD 3D TV
Active 3D viewing is the only way to experience Full 1080p
HD 3D content. With the latest 3D imaging technology, you
will be completely immersed in a new world of TV viewing
reality. Less ghosting produces images that are razor-sharp
and fluid, no matter how fast they’re moving. Watch any
content in 3D with our built-in 3D converter.
Cinema Smooth™
With Cinema Smooth, movies are reproduced with
greater clarity and crispness. Advanced 24px4
processing improves fast moving images and
displays them as they would naturally appear.
The result is a cinematic experience that’s
second to none.
58.6 x 38.6 x 13.8 / 84.4
1488.4 x 889 x 38.1 / 35
1488.4 x 980.4 x 350.5 / 38.2
64.1 x 40.3 x 17.3 / 106.3 1628.1 x 1023.6 x 439.4 / 48.2
54.3 x 32.6 x 1.5 / 67.5
54.3 x 36.1 x 13.8 / 74.7
58.7 x 37.8 x 16.9 / 95.2
1490.9 x 960.1 x 429.2 / 43.1
47.1 x 28.3 x 1.5 / 49.4
47.1 x 31.6 x 12.2 / 54.7
51.2 x 32.8 x 13 / 69.4
PN64D8000FFXZA PN59D8000FFXZA PN51D8000FFXZA 1196.3 x 718.8 x 38.1 / 22.4
1196.3 x 802.6 x 309.8 / 24.8
Order code
1379.2 x 828 x 38.1 / 30.6
1379.2 x 916.9 x 350.5 / 33.8
1300.4 x 833.1 x 330.2 / 31.4
QWERTY Remote Control
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