Read - Suzuki Ad Planner

Read - Suzuki Ad Planner
Convenience – Power Windshield,
Power Retracting Mirrors
Large illuminated, under seat storage
638cc, 4-stroke, liquid-cooled, 2-cylinder, DOHC
Burgman 650 ABS Features
Features a new Eco Drive Indicator to encourage riding
that may reduce environmental impacts. The Eco Drive
Indicator light, located on the instrument panel, will
come on when the vehicle is operated in a fuel-efficient
manner – and may help riders learn techniques to improve
their fuel economy.1
The new exhaust system features a triangular section
muffler and is engineered to keep emissions so low that
the Burgman 650 satisfies the most stringent regulations.
Superlative control
comes from a Suzuki
Continuously Variable
Transmission (SECVT).
The SECVT’s updated
design includes new
clutch plates that
cause 35% less drag.
Refined transmission
setting and reduced
mechanical losses
contribute to boost fuel economy even more; the engine
uses 15% less fuel3 than that of the previous model in
drive mode.
Two fully automatic modes (Drive and Power) and
Manual. Drive mode heightens efficiency at normal road
speeds and gives smooth, linear, almost shock-free
power delivery for easy riding. Power mode gives more
punch when you twist the throttle. And Manual mode lets
you thumb-toggle between six preset gear ratios for a
unique feeling of control.
A lever-operated brake lock
lever gives the rider extra peace
of mind. The lever has a stylish
new design that makes it easier
to reach and operate.
An antilock braking system
(ABS)2 helps to maximize the
rider’s control by preventing the
wheels from locking during hard
brake application.
The ABS unit weighs 55% less
than that of the previous model.
Matte Gray
The underseat compartment can hold two full-face
helmets and has a light for nighttime convenience.4
638cc, 4-stroke, liquid-cooled, 2-cylinder, DOHC
The windscreen is shaped to give great wind protection
and a clear view of the road. It’s electrically adjustable
to suit the rider’s height. For convenience in tight parking
spaces, the rearview mirrors can be retracted electrically
at the touch of a button.
Fuel System
Suzuki fuel injection
Electronic ignition (transistorized)
Final Drive
Gear drive
12-month limited warranty.
Suspension Front
Telescopic, coil spring, oil damped
Suspension Rear
Swingarm type, coil spring, oil damped
Brakes Front
Disc brake, twin
Brakes Rear
Tires Front
120/70R15M/C 56H, tubeless
Tires Rear
160/60R14M/C 65H, tubeless
Overall Length
2265 mm (89.2 in)
Overall Width
810 mm (31.9 in)
1585 mm (62.4 in)
Ground Clearance
125 mm (4.9 in)
Seat Height
755 mm (29.7 in)
Curb Weight
278 mm (613 lbs) for California, 275 mm (606 lbs)
Fuel Tank Capacity
15.0 L (4.0 US gallons)
The Eco Drive Indicator does not
automatically improve fuel economy
but may help riders refine their riding
efficiency and improve fuel consumption.
Fuel consumption may vary depending on
traffic conditions, such as the frequency
of starts from stop, distance driven, rate
of acceleration (throttle use), chosen
speed, and maintenance.
The ABS is a supplemental device
for brake operation, not a device for
shortening stopping distance. Always
remember to reduce speed sufficiently
before approaching curves.
Measured in the Worldwide Motorcycle
Test Cycle (WMTC).
Helmets of certain shapes may not fit in
the underseat compartment.
At Suzuki, we want every ride to be safe and enjoyable. So always wear a helmet, eye protection and protective clothing. Never ride under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. Study your owner’s manual and always inspect your Suzuki before riding. Take an MSF skills
course, for the street course nearest you call 1-800-446-9227. Limited Warranty: The 2014 Burgman 650 ABS limited warranty covers a period of 12 months. See your dealer for details. Ask your participating dealer about Genuine Suzuki Accessories and the Suzuki Retail
Finance Plan and the Suzuki Extended Protection Plan. With the Suzuki Retail Finance Plan it’s easy to afford and equip the machine that’s perfect for you. VISIT SUZUKICYCLES.COM FOR MORE INFORMATION. Suzuki Motor of America, Inc. makes every effort to present the
most current specifications and product features when printing this literature. Because of our policy of continual improvement, changes may be made in equipment, availability, specifications and features without notice or obligation. Suzuki Motor of America, Inc., 3251 East
Imperial Highway, P.O. Box 1100, Brea, CA 92822-1100, Suzuki, the “S” logo, and Suzuki model names are Suzuki trademarks or ®. ©Suzuki Motor of America, Inc. 2013.
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