Sportstec Gamebreaker User Manual

Sportstec Gamebreaker User Manual
Sportstec Gamebreaker User
Movie Player Controls
The Movie Player Control has an upper and lower level. The upper level contains the
main player controls and the lower level contains a slider which represents the
duration of the movie with the total duration on the right and the elapsed time on the
The video blow demonstrates how to use some functions in the Player Controls.
Show or Hide the Drawing Toolbar
Clicking this button will either Show or Hide the Drawing Toolbar in the Movie Zone.
Play any Movie
There are two ways to play a movie:
1. Click the Play button on the Movie Player Control
2. Press the Space bar on the keyboard
Pause any Movie
Sportstec Gamebreaker
There are two ways to pause a movie:
1. Click the Pause button on the Movie Player Control
2. Press the Space bar on the keyboard
View the Movie Frame by Frame
There are two ways to view a movie frame by frame:
1. Press the LEFT or RIGHT ARROW keys to view the movie player control.
2. Click on the step forward.back button on the movie player control.
There are three ways to go to a specific part of the movie:
1. Drag the playhead in the Timeline to the required point in the movie.
2. Use the Fast Forward or Fast Rewind Buttons on the movie player control.
3. Press and hold the COMMAND key then press the RIGHT or LEFT ARROW keys to
move the playhead though the movie.
Play a Movie in Slow or fast Motion
The tool bar has a speed slider on the left hand side. This control provides a playback
speed from 0.1 times normal speed (1.0 times) to 8.0 times normal speed. Click and
drag the sliding indicator to the speed you require. Drag to the left to slow the movie
and to the right to quicken the movie. All movies will then be played at the speed set.
Resize the Movie Window
1. Select the movie window
2. Drag the side or base line to the desired position
Presenting Movies In Full Screen
Sportstec Gamebreaker
Any Main movie or Instance movie can be presented in full screen. There are two ways
to present a movie in full screen:
To play the movie in full screen presentation mode, select the movie window, and press
the COMMAND+F keys on the keyboard.
On the Movie Player Control, click on the full screen button at the left. This will present
the movie full screen.
To stop presenting a movie in full screen and return to the Movie Zone
1. Press COMMAND + F key on the keyboard.
2. On the Movie Player Control, click on the Full Screen button
3. Press the ESC key
Adjust the Movie Volume
At the right side of the player control bar, click on the Volume button. Drag the
control button to the desired volume. Use the Function keys on the keyboard to
increase or decrease volume.
Loop Instance Playback
Looping an instance repeats it continuously
1. On the player control bar, select the loop button
2. Play the movie
Movie Playback Keyboard Control
Sportstec Gamebreaker
Once a movie is created or linked to a timeline, you can use many key combinations to
play it at different speeds.
SPACE BAR plays and pauses the movie
RIGHT ARROW moves the movie forwards frame by frame. Hold it down for continuous
slowmotion movement forward.
LEFT ARROW moves the movie backwards by frame. Hold it down for a smooth rewind
Sportstec Gamebreaker
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