HP 9250C DIGITAL SENDER User manual

HP 9250C DIGITAL SENDER User manual
HP 9250C Digital Sender – Scan/Email
How do I
1 Load documents
Steps to perform
You can scan a document by using either the glass or
the ADF. The glass and ADF can accommodate Letter-,
Executive-, A4-, and A5-size originals. Smaller originals,
receipts, irregular and worn documents, stapled
documents, previously folded documents, and
photographs should be scanned by using the glass.
Place the document face-down on the scanner glass or
face-up in the ADF.
2 Send to email
a. From the Home screen, touch E-mail.
b. If prompted, type your user name and password.
c. Complete the From:, To:, and Subject: fields.
Scroll down and complete the CC:, BCC:, and
Message fields if appropriate. Your user name or
other default information might appear in the
From: field. If so, you might not be able to
change it.
d. Press Start to begin sending.
3 Scan to a folder
a. From the Home screen, touch Network Folder.
b. In the Quick Access Folders list, select the
folder in which you want to save the document.
c. Touch the File Name field to open the keyboard
pop-up screen, and then type the file name.
d. Touch Send to Network Folder.
4 Scan to a workflow destination
a. From the Home screen, touch Workflow.
b. Select the destination to which you want to scan.
c. In the Text Field field, type the data that you want
to accompany the file, and then touch Send
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