British brand‟s first network music player unleashes the true

British brand‟s first network music player unleashes the true
May 2010
For immediate release
British brand‟s first network music player
unleashes the true potential of computer music…
NP30 24-Bit Network Music Player
£TBC RRP - Available Autumn 2010
As the market shifts from CD to downloaded
music and streaming music services, the
UK‟s leading hi-fi manufacturer Cambridge
Audio is preparing to launch an exciting
series of products to satisfy the „digital music
generation‟ who demand more from their music.
The first of these, Cambridge Audio‟s new NP30 network music player, is designed to unleash the
potential of digital music stored on computers and home networks, allowing premium quality 24-bit
playback anywhere in the home through any hi-fi or home entertainment system. In addition the NP30
offers fast and easy access to a wide range of streaming music services and over 15,000 Internet
radio stations.
Housed in a compact, low resonance all-metal chassis, the NP30 is intuitive to use with its clear four
line LCD display and remote control.
Cambridge Audio will simultaneously launch UuVol – a
new online music service. UuVol simplifies set-up and use
of the NP30 and future Cambridge Audio network music
players by providing a unified online service allowing users
to customise their system to their own personal
But of course no Cambridge Audio launch would be complete without inclusion of the brand‟s
legendary value. The NP30 network music player, together with its supporting UuVol music service
offer today‟s discerning consumer an easy, versatile and affordable way to unleash the full potential of
their digital music, whether stored on their computer or streamed over the internet:
Simple no-hassle playback from any UPnP equipped laptop, notebook, PC, Mac or NAS hard
“Better than CD” 24-bit/96kHz playback allowing the streaming of studio quality 24-bit WAV,
PCM and FLAC downloads for an incredibly detailed musical experience
UuVol online music service with intuitive set up wizard enables:
Fast and easy selection from over 15,000 internet radio stations
Direct access to streaming music services and podcasts
Set-up favourites and manage subscriptions
Wireless and Ethernet network connectivity on board
Key features and benefits of NP30 network music player and UuVol:
Enhanced network music playback
Amongst the versatile features of this network music player, Cambridge Audio believes that most
customers will first and foremost benefit from the NP30‟s ability to play back digitally stored music in
amazing quality.
The adoption of home networks has grown exponentially in recent years and more and more people
are now looking to experience their burgeoning digital music collections in higher quality. The NP30
effectively unites media choice and hi-fi quality by allowing users to enjoy music and podcasts stored
on any UPnP equipped netbook / laptop / PC, Mac or NAS hard drive through their home
entertainment system.
The NP30 supports a huge array of audio formats including MP3, AAC, WAV, PCM, and FLAC. Users
can also benefit from and “Better than CD” 24-bit/96kHz playback quality thanks to its ability to
support uncompressed WAV, PCM and FLAC CODECs.
Of course audio performance is at the heart of everything Cambridge Audio believes in and bit-perfect
signal path and jitter suppression guarantee outstanding sound quality.
Simple sharing of a centrally stored music collections is a breeze; either wirelessly or by Ethernet.
And just as importantly, the NP30‟s compact form factor (just 27cm wide!) makes it perfect for any
room in the home. The NP30 has been designed with all family members in mind and its lightning
quick, logical operation control and the thoughtful Network Connection Wizard which can be
controlled from UuVol, guarantees the easiest possible set-up and daily operation.
Internet radio
In the past, navigating the world of Internet radio has been at times frustrating and sometimes
impossible. UuVol and the NP30 vastly simplify the process with a 15,000 tried-and-tested roster of
stations from around the planet which are searchable by title, genre and region. Before inclusion on
UuVol, all stations are thoroughly tested for reliability and quality.
Favourite stations, preferences etc. can be managed via UuVol and from here, users can also
suggest new stations which are then added to the UuVol music service.
Streaming services support...
Music streaming services have grown at a staggering pace and one of the NP30‟s key strengths lies
with its ability to provide direct connection to a range of third party streaming services. With
subscription and set-up management accessible from UuVol, everyday access to subscribed services
is a breeze via the NP30‟s ergonomic front panel or remote.
From launch, the NP30 will allow access a wide range of free and subscription based services
(depending on their location).
(Note to editors: The name UuVol is a ‘twist’ on a translation of the word nebulous. Since the scope of
Cambridge Audio’s network music players offer many differing benefits and support a plethora of
services, it was felt that this was an apt association.)
Background information
Cambridge Audio has been at the forefront of British hi-fi since 1968 and has been the UK‟s best-selling hi-fi brand for many
Since its inception, Cambridge Audio has brought some of the most innovative and technologically advanced products to
music lovers the world over and the company‟s expertise has been distilled into a range of products that all adhere to three
core principles – stunning performance, ease of use and incredible value. Many of Cambridge Audio‟s engineers are
musicians themselves and strive to ensure recordings sound as good as those toiled over for hours in the studio.
Everything Cambridge Audio produces is designed at its London-based dedicated research and development facility
employing some of the industry‟s most talented designers and engineers. The company distributes its products to over 50
countries worldwide through a network of highly regarded specialist retailers.
Cambridge Audio has a well-honed ability of extracting the very best possible performance from carefully selected
components, while all models are developed using state-of-the-art test and measurement equipment. This commitment to
engineering excellence, combined with cutting edge manufacturing facilities, means every Cambridge Audio product offers
explosive performance and incredible value. Prior to launch, all designs undergo rigorous evaluation involving meticulous
listening and fine tuning.
Throughout its history Cambridge Audio has continued to innovate and reassert its class-leading position. This was
dramatically displayed in 2003 with the introduction of the critically acclaimed Azur range, which has picked up a raft of
recommendations from all the leading hi-fi and home cinema titles from Australia to Ukraine. The Azur range reached its
peak with the 840 Series including the EISA award-winning 840A Class XD integrated amplifier. This and the rest of the
range made up of the 840C upsampling CD player, 840 pre and 840W Class XD power amplifiers have all won prestigious
CES Innovations Awards. More recently, Cambridge Audio continues to win awards with DacMagic receiving Product of the
Year from Hi-Fi Choice as well as a CES Innovations Award in 2009.
Exclusive press extranet
This press release, full specifications and hi-res images can be found on our press extranet:
Username: NP30
Password: UuVol (note case sensitivity)
Press contact details - UK
Simon Hewitt
Director of Marketing
Audio Partnership PLC
Gallery Court
Hankey Place
London SE1 4BB
Telephone +44 (0) 20 7551 5418
Mobile +44 (0) 7974 227574
e-mail [email protected]
Cambridge Audio is a brand of Audio Partnership Plc
Registered Office: Gallery Court, Hankey Place, London SE1 4BB,
United Kingdom.
Registered in England No. 2953313
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