MR816 CSX / MR816 X
MR816 CSX / MR816 X
Advanced Integration DSP Studio
Next-generation integrated FireWire Interface for Cubase
New Product Guide
MR816 CSX – New Product Guide
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MR816 CSX / MR816 X
Product Name
MR816 CSX/ MR816 X
Advanced Integration DSP Studio
Next-generation integrated FireWire Interface for Cubase
Product summary short
“The MR816 CSX and the MR816 X are a new generation of truly integrated
systems and solutions for musicians and producers. Together with the
CC121 Advanced Integration Controller, MR 816 CSX and MR 816 X are the
first products of a new generation of products that are so much more than
just “new hardware”. Melding with Cubase to form a new level of integrative
all-round solution not achievable with any other FireWire I/O product with
any other DAW application, MR 816 CSX and MR 816 X are the latest
generation of integrative I/O devices.”
Product Summary
Functioning far beyond the envelope of traditional audio devices, MR 816
CSX fuses a fully-featured FireWire interface and inbuilt DSP FX power with
next-generation integrative technologies into one breathtakingly powerful
production environment.
This Advanced Integration DSP Studio is the hardware centerpiece a
latency-free recording and monitoring environment that fully exploits the
flexibility and power of Steinberg’s renowned Cubase Music Production
The system utilizes True Integrated Monitoring™ to offer fully professional
monitoring with VST3 DSP effects of exceptional quality. The MR 816 CSX’s
formidable DSP power can also be harnessed during the mixing stage, with
the onboard Sweet Spot Morphing Channel Strip and REV-X plug-ins adding
first-class tools to the sonic armory of any musician and producer.
The unique level of integration also allows effortless control over the
hardware, including full access to all functions from within Cubase. Dynamic
mirroring of hardware and software functionality allows an exceptionally fluid
workflow supporting features such as instant, on-the-fly rerouting of audio
inputs to Cubase channels. The unprecedented depth of integration goes
right to the core of Cubase functionality: When connected to the MR 816
CSX, Cubase generates additional panels for control of functionality from
within the Cubase mixer as well as additional customized editor windows.
Easy setup and true plug and play guarantee a lightning-fast setup
experience, with automatic I/O setup creating all necessary routing
automatically within Cubase, with no need for laborious manual I/O
Developed by Steinberg and Yamaha and precision-manufactured by
Yamaha to the most exacting standards, MR 816 CSX features new
technology that melds an outstanding DSP-powered FireWire interface with
16 channels of analog and digital I/O directly into Cubase. MR 816 CSX
offers advanced production technology and audio quality far beyond its price
class, only previously available in proprietary hardware recording systems
costing several times more.
Unique Selling Points
MR816 CSX– New Product Guide
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One seamless system with Cubase (and Nuendo ) – no tighter integration anywhere
World’s first FireWire I/O completely controllable by major native DAW application!
Complete control of DSP power from within the Cubase mixer.
No additional mixing application required.
Quick Connect: On the fly I/O rerouting and creation of input busses on Cubase
True Integrated Monitoring™: monitor your signals with no latency and DSP-powered FX directly
from Cubase.
Sweet Spot Morphing Channel Strip with Compressor and EQ blends your signals to fit right into
the mix*
* only on the MR816CSX
A FireWire I/O interface running high-quality DSP plug-ins directly accessible from Cubase as a
VSTi plug-in
MR816 CSX/X – Top 10 Features
True Integrated Monitoring™ with full faderless mixing: no latency, DSP-powered FX* and
dynamic 1:1 hardware/software mirroring with Cubase
Complete Cubase user interface integration throughout: direct access from Cubase with no
additional software mixing application or external windows required
eight discrete Class A analog ‘D-Pre’ mic preamps with combination XLR and TRS analog inputs
with advanced new inverted Darlington circuits, hardware gain knob and phantom power per
Quick Connect: next-generation of plug and play as well as instant routing of inputs to Cubase
channels from the hardware with the push of a button
DSP Power for Cubase: VST3 onboard DSP-powered FX with eight Sweet Spot Morphing
Channel Strip with compressor*, EQ* and REV-X reverb: also available within Cubase during
* only on the MR816CSX
Instant setup: Cubase automatically detects the MR hardware and comes with ready made
templates as well as and automatic project I/O configuration
Full, flexible connectivity: eight Analog, one ADAT® I/O, one S/PDIF Coaxial I/O and WordClock
Extendable system with daisy-chaining of up to 3 units providing up to 24 analog inputs and
Includes Cubase AI4: hassle-free recording and creating music right out of the box thanks to the
fully featured starter version of the world’s most popular music production software platform!
10. Supports Apple OS X 10.4 / 10.5 and Windows XP and Vista : includes ASIO and CoreAudio
drivers as well as additional external software mixer and plug-in editors for using with 3rd party
audio software
MR816 CSX– New Product Guide
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Target Customers
Cubase owners
MR816 CSX/MR816 X is, simply put, the ideal hardware for any Cubase owner who needs to record vocals, instruments,
keyboards, percussion or any other audio source. The Advanced Integration between MR816 CSX/MR816 X and Cubase offers
a unique and powerful production solution that fully mirrors Cubase functionality, adds DSP power for mixing, allows on-the-fly
rerouting of input signals via Quick Connect, full integration into the Cubase user interface and much more. Because MR is by
the same manufacturer as their software of choice, Cubase customers have an additional motivation to buy hardware from the
same trusted brand the customer has already bought his software from. And the price value of MR816 CSX/MR816 X for the
Cubase customer is far higher in relation to competing hardware units because of all the additional functionality available
exclusively to this customer!
Any musician or producer already using Cubase and looking to add a recording interface need look no further. MR816
CSX/MR816 X is ideal for recording bands in rehearsal rooms or live gigs with a laptop, or building up a dedicated project studio
or recording space. Full integration into the Cubase user interface means that operating the MR816 CSX/MR816 X requires
very little of no learning – all functions and features are right there in the places any Cubase owner expects to find them. The
intelligent plug and play handling means that Cubase automatically detects any attached MR816 CSX/MR816 X hardware,
while the included templates will have any Cubase owner up and running on new projects with pre-assigned I/O in next to no
time. The unique Quick Connect features also allow rerouting inputs on-the-fly and even automatic creation of input busses
should none exist in the project for the selected audio track. And because the DSP FX run as VST3 plug-ins, these excellent
plug-ins are available during mixing in Cubase, often replacing the need to purchase an additional DSP card. Steinberg is
pleased to present the ideal hardware for musicians and producers for their recording and mixing tasks: MR816 CSX/MR816 X.
Excellent sound, great stacking options and a smooth, fast workflow are among the top priorities for studios using MR and
Cubase as recording and production solution for their business. Connections required for studios like WordClock, S/PDIF and
ADAT are onboard, with the hardware inserts offering an ideal way of integrating boutique hardware units in the software realm.
Features like Quick Connect allow on-the-fly rerouting even in complex projects by simply pushing a button on the MR front
panel, a boon when recording sessions have to be reorganized quickly. MR816 CSX also adds EQ and Compression tools in
the form of the Sweet Spot Morphing Channel Strips to any sonic armoury, while REV-X adds an additional reverb FX plug-in to
Cubase. Eight channel outputs offer full support for surround productions up to 7.1, ideally complemented by Steinberg’s fully
multi-channel architecture and the Control Room features in both Cubase and Nuendo.
Post production
Many post production facilities require an audio interface for recording tasks like foley or ADR, as well as in edit, premix or
sound design suites as a high-quality, reliable playback device that integrates fully with the production software. MR is an ideal
extension for Nuendo in these environments, offering the same Advanced Integration features, DSP FX as VST3 plug-ins when
mixing, Quick Connect, no-latency recording as when used with Cubase.
Non-Cubase owners
Own a DAW apart from Cubase?
Excellent sound characteristics, first-class build quality, no-latency monitoring mixes with DSP: anyone looking to change or
upgrade their audio interface has plenty of reasons to take a closer look at MR816 CSX/MR816 X. As well as drivers for ASIO
and CoreAudio for full compatibility with any DAW application using either of these driver standards, the installation package
includes the MR Editor, a custom application that handles all aspects of DSP, routing, monitor mixing in one easy-to-navigate
interface. Additionally, MR816 CSX/MR816 X offers direct access to DSP parameters from the front panel of the hardware. This
includes remote control of the DSP functions and level settings of the master output and the two independent headphone
outputs with the two multi-functional rotary button-action knobs. This gives very fast access to the most important parameters
on the unit itself, without even having to open the MR Editor software.
Musicians currently with no recording software
MR186 CSX/MR816 X includes Cubase AI4, a special streamlined version of the Cubase Music Production System for a full
recording solution right out of the box for anyone with a PC or MAC. Integrated with MR816 CSX/MR816 X, Cubase AI4 offers
Advanced Integration, DSP-powered no-latency monitoring and all the advantages of the outstanding audio characteristics and
manufacturing quality of MR816 CSX/MR816 X. Because Cubase is the world’s most popular production solution, projects
begun in Cubase AI4 project can be taken to a larger studio and seamlessly imported there for the next production stage. And
should requirements for mixing and production change to extend beyond the streamlined feature set of Cubase AI4, upgrades
to more comprehensive Cubase version are available to expand the functional depth of the entire production solution.
MR816 CSX– New Product Guide
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