How to Burn Video to DVD?

How to Burn Video to DVD?
How to Burn Video to DVD?
How to Burn Video to DVD
Using Any Video Converter Ultimate?
What is Any Video Converter Ultimate?
Any Video Converter Ultimate is an integrated yet user-friendly DVD burning tool used to convert
any videos including home DV videos and online downloaded videos to MPEG-2 and burn to DVD
disc directly. The software with rich features and well-designed interface allows you to burn
videos to CD/DVD/Blu-ray and play on most DVD players. When the program finishes video
conversion process, you will be prompted to choose DVD menu, where you can customize the
CD/DVD/Blu-ray name, background music, background image, etc.
A. Source:
1. You can install Any Video Converter Ultimate from AVC website by using your web
browser to go to AVC website ( ) and clicking on the
Any Video Converter Ultimate Download button.
B. Install:
1. Follow the simple on-screen instruction to install Any Video Converter Ultimate.
2. For your convenience, you can check Create Desktop Icon during the installing
process so that an icon will be placed on your desktop.
Start to Burn Video to DVD
How to Burn Video to DVD?
Step 1: Add video to the program. Click Add Video Files button to import the source video into
the program from your hard disc.
Step 2:
Choose Burning to DVD output profile.
Once you have added the source video into the program, please go to the panel on the right.
Click and unfold the Output Profile list, select Burning to DVD.
Then choose DVD video NTSC Movie or DVD video PAL Movie according to your TV system.
How to Burn Video to DVD?
Step 3:
Click Convert Now! button to start encoding video.
Step 4:
Choose DVD Menu.
You will be prompted to choose DVD menu when the program finishes video conversion process.
--In DVD Menu Tile, you can name your DVD. Just type the name into the box directly.
--In Background Music, you can add background music from your local computer for your DVD
menu. The music duration can be customized as you wish.
--In Background Image, you can change your DVD menu's background image by clicking Browse
Image File to select your desired image from your computer.
--In Menu Navigator, you can choose the playback mode for your DVD.
Once you have finished all the settings, please click Next>> to follow the next step.
How to Burn Video to DVD?
Step 5:
Insert DVD and start burning video to DVD.
You can see DVD Configuration window as follows.
Tip: The program supports burning video to CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-RAM, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD+R Dual Layer,
DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD-R Dual Layer, random access writes, Blu-ray media, Blu-ray Rewritable media.
Insert a DVD media to the DVD burner. In the DVD Configuration window, select Recorder from
the drop-down list, enter your desired Disc Label, and click Burn button. Then the program will
begin to burn video to DVD disc.
Note: If the inserted disc is not empty, you will be prompted to erase the disc. Click Yes, all data on the disc will
be overwritten!
How to Burn Video to DVD?
You can see the progress of burning video to disc:
When the video to DVD burning progress is completed, a DVD Burning Engine window would
pop up to congratulate you that your disc has been successfully burned. Click OK button, the
drive automatically ejects the disc.
Now the DVD disc is perfectly created, just enjoy it on your home DVD player.
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