Card Reader Instructions – updated 7/1/2015

Card Reader Instructions – updated 7/1/2015
Card Reader Instructions – updated 7/1/2015
The following pages contain instructions on using the Mini600 card readers
If you have any questions about using the card readers or installing the software,
please contact WKU IT Helpdesk at 270-745-7000.
Using the Card Reader ............................................................................... Page 2
Installing Mini600 Software ......................................................................... Page 3
Connecting the Card Reader to Your Computer ........................................ Page 4
Using the Mini600 Software ....................................................................... Page 5
Generating Reports ................................................................................... Page 9
Using the Card Reader
To turn on the card reader, hold the far left button
for a few seconds. Once on, the screen will
display the time and date. If the date is not
correct, see page 6 for instructions on setting the
To swipe a card, hold the card with the black
magnetic strip down and facing the front of the
reader and slide through. Sliding too slow or too
fast will result in a “Decode Error”. When the
card has been successfully read, the ID number
will appear on the screen. You can immediately
swipe the next card, or press the left button to
clear the screen.
To turn the card reader off, hold the far left button for a few seconds.
Page 2
Installing Mini600 software
Insert the CD that came with the card reader into your computer. Do not connect the
card reader to your computer before the installation is complete.
Click on “Install Mini600 V1.3R1” and
then “Next” to install the software to
download data from the card reader.
Follow the prompts to install. You do not
need to restart your computer when
asked because you will do that after the
next install.
Click on “Install/Uninstall USB232
Driver” and then “Next” to install the
driver for the card reader. This will allow
your computer to recognize the card
reader when it is connected to a USB
port. Once this installation is
complete, restart your computer.
[Optional] Click on “View Mini600
Manual(PDF)” and then “Next” to view
the manufacturer’s instruction manual.
Page 3
Connecting the Card Reader to Your Computer
Connect the card reader to your computer using the USB cable provided. If the reader
is not already on, it should turn on automatically. If it does not turn on, try plugging it
into another USB port. Before using the Mini600 software, you will need to determine
the COM port number you are using by doing the following:
1. Right-click on “My Computer” and select “Properties”
2. In the window that pops up, click on the “Hardware” tab and then the “Device
Manager” button.
3. In the Device Manager window, click on the plus sign next to “Ports (COM &
4. Record the COM number in parenthesis next to “Prolific USB-to-Serial Comm
If this port is not listed, try plugging it into another USB Port. You might also try
unplugging the device, restarting your computer and then plugging it in again.
Page 4
Using the Mini600 Software
With the card reader plugged in, you can now start the Mini600 software.
Go to Start>Programs>Mini600>Mini600
When the software is loaded, you will see this window.
Page 5
In the bottom left corner, select the COM number you recorded in the previous
step. You will be prompted for a Login ID. All card readers have a Login ID of
0000. Enter this number and click on OK.
To set the date and time of your card reader, click on the “Date/Time” button. On
the window that pops up, click on “Sync.” to set the time according to your
computer’s time. Then click on “Cancel” to close the window.
Page 6
To upload the data from the reader, click on the “Upload” button. Change the
Track Filter to “Track 2” to view just the ID numbers and the date they were swiped.
Page 7
To save the data to a .txt file, click on the “Save” Button. You will be prompted to
name the file and choose where to save it. By default, the text file will be saved in
C:\Program Files\Mini600, so you will probably want to change the folder it is saved
in so it is easier to find.
Page 8
Once you have saved the data to a .txt file, you should remove the data from the
card reader. Click on the “Database” button and then select the “Physical Erase
Database” option and hit OK.
Generating Reports
To generate a report from the .txt file you just saved, you will need to add your activity
and upload your file at the following website:
This site allows you to enter details about your event, have it added to the SEAT, and
get an attendance report containing student names. Access is given to current faculty
and staff only, so you will be asked to log in with your email username and password.
The first step is to choose a category that best describes your activity. The categories
listed are all part of the SEAT. After clicking the button next to your chosen category,
scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “Next.”
Page 9
The next step is to enter information about your activity such as the name, location,
dates, etc. The activity name, start date and end date fields are required. After
entering your information, click on “Next.”
Then, you will upload the .txt file you downloaded from your card reader.
Click on “Browse” to find the .txt file you have saved to your computer. Then click on
“Upload File.”
NOTE: If you have multiple files for one activity, copy and paste the data from each file
into one .txt file before uploading.
NOTE: If your .txt file contains card swipes from multiple activities, you will need to
add each activity separately. Copy and paste the data from each activity (you can use
the date and time to determine the event) into separate .txt files and follow the steps
above to add each activity.
Page 10
Once the file is uploaded and processed, you will see a message containing the total
number of records that were added. You may also be notified of duplicate records or
invalid IDs.
Now you are ready to generate attendance reports for this activity. Click on the link to
go to the reports section. Here you will be asked to choose the type of report you wish
to create. A description is provided for each report type. Choose one and then click
on “Next.”
On the next page, click on the “Open Report” button to load your report. The report
will open in a new window in pdf format. The report may take a few minutes to load for
you. If you are having trouble getting the report to open, try opening Adobe Acrobat
reader before clicking on the “Open Report” button.
NOTE: A blank report means there was no data for the report and/course you
Page 11
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