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NEW! - Sitech Systems
Catalogue 2014
iPad/tablet listening
centre pg 18
Panasonic Max 700
sound system pg 24
Musical instruments
pg 27
Sony/Panasonic Cameras
pg 14/15
SitechTouch Table
pg 9
TabCam Visualiser
pg 9
NZ Aotearoa Bee-Bot
map pg 20
Plus: NZ Fundraising opportunity - see back page for details
2013 was all about touch, both touchscreen mobile devices for students and teachers, as well
as touchscreens for learning spaces. At the start of the year everyone was talking iPads vs Android
but we also saw the arrival of Win 8 and Surface. Chromebooks were another revelation for
schools and looking forward to 2014, rumours abound of a touchscreen option for the new Acer
C720 Chromebook. Read about Chromebooks on pg 10.
2013 also witnessed the first significant sales of touchscreens for learning spaces. Some schools are still putting in Flat Panel
Displays but with the price of a reasonably sized touchscreen falling to as little as $2K+ there are now more options to
consider. Read more about how to decide what is the right solution for your school on pg 4-6.
These two shifts, the increasing numbers of devices in the classroom
and the improved quality (HD) of the classroom display device have had
knock-on effects. Firstly, schools want to be able to connect multiple
devices simultaneously to the one classroom display to foster
collaboration and the exchange of information. We have seen all our
suppliers shift to meet this need and this is discussed on pg 12. In 2014
we expect the collaborative software, apps and hardware to
incorporate even more features of benefit to education.
Secondly, teachers and students want to take full advantage of their high
definition screens and the visualiser has become a must have item to
showcase student work, experiments and activities. Particularly exciting for
2014 is the Tabcam, a visualiser that will work with iPads, Android or Win 8
tablets, freeing both the visualiser and the teacher from the front of the
class to wonder around showcasing and capturing the different work of
individuals and groups. Read more on pg 9.
We have continued to see the radio station and science
trolleys roll out, almost all of these attracting funding from
charitable trusts. You can read more about two schools who
started their journeys this year on pgs 22 and 23, and if you
haven’t already, make sure you download your funding
application forms from
Lastly we at Sitech Systems NZ continue to work with numerous schools tailoring projector and sound installations to meet
your needs. Just as with other technologies, new gizmos and gadgets come out all the time to improve AV quality. Drive racks
probably had the biggest impact on our installations in 2013, drastically improving the quality of audio. Read more about this
on pg 32. In 2014 we expect wireless data projectors (featured on pg 30) to be the projector of choice for most halls and
learning centres, allowing multiple devices to connect wirelessly and simultaneously.
Pricing excludes GST and freight - Sitech Systems NZ terms and conditions apply. Visit for current pricing,
online quotes and to place an order. Email
See page 35 for product index
Sports, Events and Disaster
Pages 24-25
Display Solutions
Pages 4-7
Flat panel TVs: mobile and fixed. A
solution for every space
Touch Learning Interfaces: touch screens
and interactive surfaces
Cross Curricular
Pages 8-15
Visualisers including the new Tabcam
24-25 Portable sound solutions
Page 26-27
Product to support the arts in your school
Musical Instruments
Installations - sound, projector
and lighting
Pages 28-32
10-11 BYOD and computing: devices and
12-13 BYOD and computing: connectivity and
14-15 Cameras: from point and shoot to making
Literacy & Language and
Pages 16-19
What’s new with data projectors
29-30 Data projectors
Ever thought about leasing your data
Things to consider before installing sound
16-17 Gizmos and gadgets for primary and
Listening Centres for every budget
Voice reinforcement systems: classroom
Science and Robotics
Pages 20-21
New Zealand Resources for your bots!
Science Tools
Science Trolley
Radio Station
Page 23
The Essentials
Pages 33
Batteries, headsets - those little things in
Digital Signage
Page 34
Panasonic’s Educational Notification
System (PENS)
Raise funds for your school
Parakai’s Radio Station journey
QR Codes
We are using QR Codes throughout our catalogue for easy access to videos about our product. To
use QR codes conveniently you must have a smartphone/tablet equipped with a camera and a QR
code reader app. Newer smartphones often have an app pre-installed on them, otherwise visit
your phone’s app store and download a QR code reader. Now scan the QR Code with your app
keeping your hand reasonably steady and it will read the code and launch the video. This video is a
montage taken with the Sony Action Cam featured on page 15.
Pricing excludes GST and freight - Sitech Systems NZ terms and conditions apply. Visit for current pricing,
online quotes and to place an order. Email
Cross Curricula - Display Solutions
Flat Panel Displays
● The economics: New data projectors have come a long way with lamp life expectancy of 4-6000 hours and run time of 3-5
years. However life of a panel is over 10 years. Factor in built in sound and reduced installation costs and the panel will win.
● Quality of image: true HD
● Light: cope better with light classrooms
● Larger screens available: 60” plus screens are far more affordable today
● Mobility/flexibility: build it into a trolley or teaching station and make it work with your modern learning environment.
Things to think about:
● Wall Mounting vs Mobile
● What size?
● Sound
● LCD, LED or Plasma
● Touch or Non-Touch
● How “smart” does it
need to be?
Non-Touch Options
Read an article here or call us today
to discuss the ideal solution for your
learning spaces
Sharp Flat Panel - Wall Mounted 60”, 70” or 80”
Sharp 60” Flat Panel
Experience the improved performance, picture quality and energy savings with Sharp
Aquos LED-lit LCD TVs.
Sharp 70” Flat Panel
Sharp 80” Flat Panel
● Full HD (1920 x 1080) LCD panel with LED backlight and inbuilt HD Digital Tuner
● Fine Motion Advanced 100Hz for reducing motion blur
● USB Multimedia player ( Movie, Music & Photo)
● SRS TruSurround HDTM
● 1080/24P signal input for reproducing film frames just like the theatres
● Advanced OPC (Optical Picture Control) and Super Eco function for reducing
power consumption
● HDMI terminal for easy digital connection with AV equipment
Installation – for planning purposes budget for $585+GST. This includes the price of a VGA / HDMI adaptor as today’s TVs do not
have VGA in. Freight and delivery are not included in pricing.
Panasonic LCD TV Packages 32”, 39” or 50”
Purchase TV only or buy an easy to install *package including wall mount, cabling and a VGA adaptor to enable you to plug in a
Model TH-L32XM6Z (Black) - Panasonic LED Display Panel - TV only $444+GST,
package price $754+GST
32' HD, Edge LED, 2 x HDMI, 1 x USB, Media Player
Model TH-L39B6Z (Black) - Panasonic LED Display Panel - TV only $630+GST, package
price $940+GST
39" Direct LED, FHD, 2 x HDMI, 1 x USB, Media Player
Model TH-L50B6Z (Black) - Panasonic LED Display Panel - TV only $990+GST, package
price $1300+GST
50" Direct LED, IPS, FHD, 2 x HDMI, 1 x USB, Media Player
*Package includes: 1 x 2m VGA cable, 1 x 2m HDMI cable, 1 x 2m audio cable, 1 x .5m HDMI cable, 1 x wall plate and 1 x VGA to HDMI adapter
Pricing excludes GST and freight - Sitech Systems NZ terms and conditions apply. Visit for current pricing,
online quotes and to place an order. Email
Cross Curricula - Display Solutions
Flat Panels - Mobile
Non Lifting Trolley 40” to 50”
55” LCD Lifting Trolley
Move your TVs around easily on this new low cost trolley system.
The LCD Lifting Trolley is suitable for displaying data from your
laptop and is ideal when used in conjunction with the Mobi to
give it interactive capability. Includes DisplayNote (see pg 13).
● easily moved on 100mm rubber castors
• 55" Sony LCD TV height adjustable trolley
● fits most TVs from 40 to 50”
● low height for junior students sitting on the floor (885mm to
centre of screen)
● higher unit for senior students sitting at desks (1460mm to
centre of screen)
• Electric adjustment 1.5m to 2.02m
• Steel frame to protect the TV and enable easy
• Lockable cage for slim form factor PC
• WebCam mount
Tall Model
Low Model
Add a Mobi as
pictured for
See below
Teaching Station 40” to 50”
All the advantages of an interactive whiteboard and none of the disadvantages – supports collaboration and small group work.
Key features of teaching station:
• Lightweight so easily moved by children
• Lockable wheels
• An optional DVD player
• Available with wooden or plastic drawers*
• Built in connections to PC or laptop
• Comes with DisplayNote software see
(page 13)
Teaching Station incl. a 42” TV with lifting whiteboard
Plastic Tote Drawers Model
Wooden Drawers Model
Teaching Station incl. a 42” TV without lifting whiteboard
Plastic Tote Drawers Model
Wooden Drawers Model
Contact us for pricing to retrofit your existing TVs and for
50” versions.
available. See
page 7 for pic
*Please note: only
tote drawer model
available for 50”
version or for
retrofitting your TVs.
Add a mobi for connectivity, interactivity and collaboration
Your screen might be non-touch but you can still
interact with it. Buy a Mobi and control your screen
from anywhere in the room. And get access to multiuser and connect up to 9 devices (other Mobis or
Android, iPads) simultaneously with your screen.
See page 20 for more ideas for connectivity,
interaction and collaboration.
Pricing excludes GST and freight - Sitech Systems NZ terms and conditions apply. Visit for current pricing,
online quotes and to place an order. Email
Cross Curricula - Display Solutions
Touch Learning Interfaces
You’ve already been convinced of the benefits of a flat panel over a data projector. Why pay more to be able to touch the screen?
Value for money: today it is not significantly more expensive to get a touchscreen over a flat panel.
Expectation: society is embracing touch technologies, and so are our students. Adding touch is essentially future proofing
your investment.
Collaboration: most touchscreens are multi-user, meaning two or more groups of students can interact simultaneously,
creating opportunity for discussion, and that other great motivator – competition!
Interaction: touchscreens come with powerful software that support teaching and learning, they are not simply
presentation devices but with professional development can be engaging learning interfaces
Integration: essential for use with ipads and tablets, not only can you plug in your devices to create a huge interactive ipad
or tablet, but they also can come with software or hardware that can connect all of your devices to each other and the
screen* (see page 13).
*Bundled version of Displaynote is a one-connection presenter license but includes a 28 day whole class trial
SitechTouch - 60”, 75” and 85”
SitechTouch Interactive Touch Screens - Large enough for use in the classroom and affordable enough to replace projectors and
interactive whiteboards.
SitechTouch Screen Lifting Trolley
The SitechTouch Lifting Trolley will fully support the SitechTouch
Screen models from 60'' to 85'' . Ideal for smaller groups/juniors
right through to large groups/seniors thanks to its lifting
mechanism. The SitechTouch Lifting trolley is easy to manoeuvre
and can come with optional Panasonic sound bar to ensure quality
sound in any room.
Add a
SitechTouch Screen
$5995.00 $597.3
$10074.00 $1003.72
$22415.00 $2179.18
60” touch screen
75” touch screen
85” touch screen
SitechTouch Trolley
60” touch screen trolley
85” touch screen trolley $3400.00
75” touch screen trolley
Up to 4 users can touch and control whatever application or software* you are displaying on the screen at once. Users can use their
fingers, stylus or even standard whiteboard markers if they wish. Includes DisplayNote (see page 13).
*Software must support multi-user
The SitechTouch just got smarter
SitechTouch A Series
Use the built-in Android to access the web, email, videos
and even digital writing tools (write, draw, print, share
etc) without a computer plugged in!
Contact us for pricing at
Pricing excludes GST and freight - Sitech Systems NZ terms and conditions apply. Visit for current pricing,
online quotes and to place an order. Email
Cross Curricula - Display Solutions
SitechTouch Tilting Table
Take our standard 60” SitechTouch on the lifting trolley, push the “tilt” button and hey presto we have a TouchTable complete with
a strong tubular steel surround for full protection and a solid unbreakable 4mm glass top. The SitechTouch Tilting Table will move up
vertically to a height of approx. 1100mm and tilt to any angle from vertical to horizontal, ideal for Special Educational Needs
students and schools with a real emphasis on creating collaborative modern learning spaces. Read more about the benefits of
touchtables here: Includes DisplayNote (see page 13). Contact us for more details and pricing.
Under development - final product
may differ slightly from image shown.
Interactive Plasma Display - 50” and 65”
Available wall mounted, on a non-lifting trolley or on a Teaching Station (see page 5)
50” touch screen
● Huge 50” commercial grade interactive plasma display
● Built-in speakers
65” touch screen
● Whiteboard functions that work without the need for a computer
to be connected
● Fast smooth precise writing and drawing, taking up to 4 pens
● Tough and yet easily manoeuvrable
● Includes DisplayNote (see page 13)
Use with computer or without – revolutionary built-in whiteboard
mode enables you to use interactive whiteboard software without a
computer attached and save to a pen drive
Picture in picture mode – display two inputs simultaneously, for
example use your whiteboard mode to discuss and make notes on an
image from your visualiser
Wireless connectivity – use a wireless stick or the free Panasonic
Android or iOS app to connect multiple devices simultaneously to
your plasma display
Teaching Station version
Storage/teaching tools – 4 tote trays for all your teaching resources,
pinboard for notices and lifting whiteboard for learning intentions and
instructions for the interactive activity below and also for security to
cover the screen when not in use
Robust metal frame - robust metal framing means that this is truly a
mobile display option, ensuring that the 50” screen is fully supported
as it is moved around. It can easily cope with the demands of today’s
modern learning environments and flexible teaching approaches.
Interactive Lifting Teaching Station
Pricing excludes GST and freight - Sitech Systems NZ terms and conditions apply. Visit for current pricing,
online quotes and to place an order. Email
Cross Curricula: Visualisers
3 Reasons Why You Can’t Teach Without a Visualiser
1) Secondary - Flipping Your Classroom
Watch a
If you want to capture yourself “doing” something, a visualiser is the ideal solution. The beauty of the
visualiser is the ease with which you can capture live teaching, those key bite-sized chunks of learning that
students may want to revisit. Just press a record button and it will create a video with audio of whatever
you or the students are doing. Andrew Riccardi of Waimea College is an advocate of the flipped classroom
and uses a visualiser to capture maths tutorials .
2) Just in Time Teaching
Put anything and everything under the visualiser and examine it on your big screen, capture photos of it,
talk about it and video it – big books, flora and fauna, student work. Read about how visualisers are used
at Palmerston North Boys’ High here
No QR Reader? Visit
3) And like a bottle of wine it just keeps getting better
Update the software and access new features with every update. In 2013 Text to Speech arrived and OCR text recognition enabling
you to capture text and convert it into digital format. Andrew Riccardi from Waimea College shared his latest discovery: using his
visualiser and free software called Gradecam he is quickly and easily marking multiple choice tests and importing the results into
the student management system.
Check out what else you can do with a visualiser here:
Flexible Arm Full HD Visualisers
AverVision F55 - Interactive Visualiser
Hold students’ attention from start to finish with the vivid, full HD1080p streaming images
captured by the F55 visualiser. Zoom in to examine the minute details of any object or make
annotations simply by connecting a mouse. Capture high resolution images or record HD video
with audio to share with students so they can review lessons at home at their own pace. In
addition, the complementary A+ Suite visualiser software gives educators an array of unique
teaching tools to maximize the effectiveness of any lesson.
AverVision F33
Our solution for showcasing large visual aids and
effortlessly showing textbook content in its entirety.
Take advantage of the expansive A3 shooting area.
AverVision U15
The lightweight, compact AVerVision U15 is perfect for schools
seeking a simple, well equipped and user-friendly Visualiser. The U
Series features exceptional portability with a neck and camera
head that folds easily, a built-in carrying handle and the ability to
run off power from the computer, via USB. The lag-free 30fps
frame rate, high-quality CMOS camera sensor and built-in
microphone make it an ideal choice for use in video conversations.
The U15 offers quick and easy connection with IWBs using the
AVerVision Flash Plug-in.
Pricing excludes GST and freight - Sitech Systems NZ terms and conditions apply. Visit for current pricing,
online quotes and to place an order. Email
Cross Curricula: Visualisers
TabCam - wirelessly connect a visualiser to your iPad, Android and Win 8 devices
Stream. Present. Record. Share.
AVer TabCam
TabCam enhances mobile, digital curriculum
As a wireless streaming camera, TabCam captures and broadcasts live, physical
classroom content to your iPad, Android Tablet or PC/MAC Laptop in real-time. It also
keeps your mobile device mobile, able to move anywhere in the room without having
to be near it. The tablet app and software package then takes that real content and
enables students to fully interact and engage with the content in a way that is both
familiar and captivating to them.
Present and create rich, full lessons
Present live video of anything, from anywhere in your room, while annotating,
highlighting and manipulating the content from your tablet or laptop without being
tethered to the camera. Present student or group work from one end of the room while
interacting with the content for another group elsewhere. Add supporting content such
as images or video from other sources to strengthen the lesson, include alternative
solutions, and more.
Don't forget it, record it!
The rich lessons you create with TabCam do not have to be forgotten. TabCam will record
your entire lesson to be available for flipping your classroom, review, absent students,
substitute teachers and more. All of your live video, audio, annotation, highlights, and
supporting content are captured and saved even as you move from element to element.
Blended, Flipped and Interdisciplinary
TabCam not only digitizes content for Blended Learning, but can instantly
share recorded lessons to DropBox, YouTube, Facebook, even your classroom
management site to support Flipped concepts. Furthermore, interdisciplinary
curriculum can be created, recorded and shared between subjects.
Pricing excludes GST and freight - Sitech Systems NZ terms and conditions apply. Visit for current pricing,
online quotes and to place an order. Email
Cross-Curricula - Bring Your Own Browser (BYOB) - Devices
Acer C720 Chromebook 11.6” 2GB 16GB SSD
Chromebook's cloud-based Chrome OS and built-in virus protection refresh on reboot.
No updates to track, no discs to insert, and backups are automatic, too. Unlike other
computers, Chromebooks get better with age.
● 11.6" 1366x768 LED Screen
● Intel Celeron 2955U processor (1.4 GHz, 2 MB L3 cache)
● 2GB DDR3 Ram
● 16GB Solid State Drive
● Intel HD graphics with 128MB dedicated system memory
Acer Iconia W510 10” 64 GB W8 Tablet+Office
With up to 9 hours battery usage it has never been easier for students to integrate their
BYOB device.
● 10.1" Tablet 1366x768 IPS touch panel
Acer Iconia
● Intel Z2760 1.5GHz, 64GB eMMC
● Office Home & Student (Full Version)
● Up to 9hr battery
● 2MP Front & 8MP Rear Crystal Eye webcams
The W510 Keyboard Dock is the perfect accessory to your Acer’s W510 Tablet giving you more
ways to work. Lightweight and easy to take anywhere, it allows you to instantly use your Tablet as
a fully functional PC and you can even twist the display to share your view with others. When
docked to the keyboard, the tablet remains charged for an astonishing 18 hours at a time.
Acer E1-532 15.6” C2955U 4GB 500GB W8
Solid performance, handy multimedia tools and convenient connectivity make daily computing an
easy-going pleasure. This notebook's practical yet stylish design comes with a 15.6" screen, 8X
DVD-RW Writer and built-in stereo speakers.
● Windows 8
● 500GB hard drive
● Intel Celeron Dual-Core Processor 2955u(1.4GHz, 2MB cache) ● Intel HD Graphics
● 4GB DDR3 SDRAM (1x4GB)
● 15.6" HD Widescreen CineCrystal LCD display (1366 x 768)
● High-definition audio
Acer V5-131 11.6” C1017U 2GB 500GB W8
Acer Iconia W3-810 8” 32G W8 Tablet
Great value laptop for your everyday computing tasks.
The Iconia W3 Series puts desktop PC capability in a tablet, so you
can work on the go more conveniently than ever. At 8", it is
compact enough to hold in one hand, yet sports a screen big
enough for comfortable viewing.
● 11.6" 1366x768 LED Screen
● Intel Celeron 1017u 1.6GHz
● 8” 1280 x800 touch panel
● 2GB DDR3 Ram
● 500GB SATA HDD Hard Drive
● Intel Z2760 up to 1.8GHz
● 802.11b/g/NCrystal Eye
● 32GB eMMC Storage
● 2 GB RAM
● Windows 8
● Windows 8
10 Pricing excludes GST and freight - Sitech Systems NZ terms and conditions apply. Visit for current pricing,
online quotes and to place an order. Email
Bring your Own Browser (BYOB) - Accessories
Caliphone Jackbox and Listening Centre
This jackbox - based Listening Centre works with (iOS and
Android-based) smartphones and tablets for up to six students
listening with connected 3068AV headphones.
page 18.
Panasonic SC-NP10 Wireless Speaker
● 2.1ch Speaker System – includes an integrated subwoofer
and surround sound playback
● Wireless Music Streaming – Bluetooth-enabled to stream
music from your mobile device
● Universal Tablet Stand – ideal design for watching videos on
your tablet
Sony Portable Wireless Speaker SRS-BTS50
Watch a
Watch a
A small, portable wireless speaker
with Bluetooth, NFC connection, and
outstanding surround sound.
No QR Reader? Visit
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Panasonic Portable Power Supply QE-QL201 $79.00
Jackson Single Plug USB Wall Charger
The ideal companion for teachers or
students on the go, with a battery capacity
of 5400mAh, it can fully charge most
Smartphones twice and give a tablet
approximately half a charge.
USB Wall Charger is great for
charging BYOB devices and Mobi’s.
● Battery capacity: Li-ion 5400mAh (3.7V)
● 2x USB Charging Outlets
● Power status indicator
● Surge protected
● Twin USB output ports
● Charge type/time: USB approx 14 hrs
AVer TabCam Visualiser
COW - Computer on wheels storage
As a wireless streaming camera, TabCam captures and broadcasts live, physical
classroom content to your iPad, Android Tablet or PC/MAC Laptop in real-time.
It also keeps your mobile
device mobile, able to move
anywhere in the room
without having to be near it.
Read more about TabCam on
page 9.
Contact us for other storage
solutions, including ipads with or
without covers!
Pricing excludes GST and freight - Sitech Systems NZ terms and conditions apply. Visit for current pricing,
online quotes and to place an order. Email
Cross-Curricula - Bring Your Own Browser - Connectivity
Bring Your Own Device / Bring Your Own Browser – Ensuring Collaboration
Many schools are now looking to simultaneously connect multiple devices to a display device and ideally to each other for group
work. As always there are a number of solutions available. Here is the low down but please contact us to discuss the solution that
will work best for you.
Interactive Whiteboards - eInstruction Workspace Connect
If you are looking to connect to an interactive whiteboard there are apps around for most
brands of IWB but only some will connect multiple devices. Workspace Connect is an app
that runs with eInstruction boards and Mobis and can let 9 tablets/iPads work
simultaneously. This image shows an interactive whiteboard divided into nine with each
iPad controlling a section. Access the free Workspace Connect app at your App store.
See pg 5 for more information on eInstruction Mobis.
Any display device - software solution - DisplayNote
A powerful software solution is available which releases you from the whole propriety brand issue. It will work with all presentation
devices, no matter the make of interactive whiteboard, data projector or panel. It is called DisplayNote and allows you to connect
as many devices as you wish. You can share your computer with all the devices in the room, and students can annotate and make
their own notes and save them. Or you can share the content from a student device to the whole room and perhaps one of the
most exciting features, you can put students into small groups and they can work together on the same activity on their tablets.
Watch a video and check out DisplayNote on page 13.
Data Projectors and Panels
If you are connecting to a data projector, again it depends on the brand but some will allow more than one device to connect.
Panasonic has software available called Wireless Manager. Screen images from multiple computers can be projected by using MultiLive mode. The teacher can see a thumbnail of each and select one to look at or can divide the screen into four and stream live from
all the devices, great for comparison.
Alternatively there is an app available for Panasonic wireless data projectors and panels with built-in wireless or with an additional
wireless dongle The advantage of these types of software solutions over the IWB apps is
that you are not restricted to the IWB software but rather can engage with a variety of media.
Any display device - hardware solution - Crestron AirMedia
Alternatively there is a hardware solution that frees you from the brand issue, the Crestron AirMedia. This allows 32 devices to
connect and 4 to display simultaneously. As with all of the above it works over your wireless LAN with a free app for mobile devices.
You can even enable remote viewing and stream your class over the web to other rooms. See below for more information.
Crestron AirMedia
With AirMedia™ anyone can walk into a room and wirelessly
present PowerPoint®, Excel®, Word and PDF documents, as well
as photos, on the room display from their personal iOS® or
Android™ mobile device. MacBook® and PC laptops can be
connected seamlessly as well, making presentations from most
any device fast and easy.
There are no wires to hook up, no
Watch a
complicated settings to configure,
and no AV or control system is
required. Simply connect via the local
Wi-Fi® network and start sharing
content from your portable device.
For more information about
AirMedia contact us at
No QR Reader? Visit
12 Pricing excludes GST and freight - Sitech Systems NZ terms and conditions apply. Visit for current pricing,
online quotes and to place an order. Email
Watch a
Free Phone 0800 100 607
No QR Reader? Visit
Pricing excludes GST and freight - Sitech Systems NZ terms and conditions apply. Visit for current pricing,
online quotes and to place an order. Email
Cross-Curricula- Cameras
Panasonic Digital Camera - DMC-FH10
The super slim and stylish Panasonic DMC-FH10 compact camera is small enough to fit in your pocket with creative controls to
personalize your pictures. Discover high quality pictures from a small, stylish camera and the ability to personalize your everyday
photography. A 5x optical zoom gives you the versatility to shoot near and far making it great for school trips. Expressing yourself
has never been easier than with the in-camera Creative Panoramic Scene mode. The DMC-FH10 shoots amazing HD video along with
stunning photos making this your perfect pocket-able camera.
● 16.1 Megapixels
● 5x Optical Zoom
● HD video capture
Panasonic DMC-FT25GN Slim Tough Camera
Featuring a flat and slim profile, made possible by using folded optics for the 4x optical zoom, 1 lens unit, the Panasonic DMC-FT25
compact rugged camera is built incredibly tough. It lets you save all of your teaching moments in the most suitable format, HD video
or still photos, no matter where the lesson takes you. Enjoy easy, casual shooting on this seriously stylish, yet ultra-rugged
waterproof, dust proof, shock proof and freeze proof camera.
● Waterproof down to 7m
● 4x optical zoom
● 8x intelligent zoom
● 1.5m shockproof
● 4x digital zoom
● -10ºc freeze proof
● 16.1 megapixels
● Dustproof
Panasonic DMC-FZ70 Compact Super Zoom Camera
The DMC-FZ70(FZ72) features stunningly versatile LUMIX DC VARIO 20mm ultra wide-angle lens
with a 60x optical zoom (35mm camera equivalent: 20-1200mm) making it possible to capture
dynamic landscape and wild animals or birds at a distance. The 20mm ultra wide angle lens
captures approx.140% wider angle of view compared with a 24mm angle of view.
● 16.1MP high sensitivity MOS sensor
● Optical image stabilization with activ
● 60X optical zoom
● HD Movie with 14.1MP Still Photos
Sony Cyber-shot DSCW710B Digital Camera
The slim and compact Cyber-shot W710 comes with user-friendly functions for an effortless photography experience. Be amazed
with the new Beauty Effect feature that enables instant retouching of faces for truly beautiful portraits. Photography has never been
this fun and easy!
● Super HAD CCD sensor with
16.1 effective megapixels
● Picture Effect for both still
images and movies
● High-resolution 720p HD
movie shooting
● Intelligent Auto Mode
● Advanced flash technology
● Beauty Effect for portraits
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-QX100 Digital Camera
● Links with your phone via WiFi, shoots fabulous photos - A perfect partner for new Xperia™ Z1
and other Android and iOS smartphones
● NFC for easy one touch connection
● Optical SteadyShot and manual controls
● Shoot from any angle then frame scenes and adjust settings on your phone’s touchscreen
14 Pricing excludes GST and freight - Sitech Systems NZ terms and conditions apply. Visit for current pricing,
online quotes and to place an order. Email
Cross-Curricula- Cameras
Sony Action Cam: Video Camera and Camcorder HDRAS30VPK
Sony's Action Cam records shake-free footage in the toughest conditions. The ultra-compact, lightweight,
Action Cam records stunning Full HD video suitable for recording a wide range of action sports . Ideal for
education. The Action Cam comes with everything you need to get your adventures started - the camera,
waterproof housing, 2 batteries, desktop charger, MicroSD card and Universal mount adaptor! 16MP Exmor
'R' CMOS Sensor.
Watch a
● Exmor R CMOS Sensor – excellent low-light performance
● Full HD 1080 (60p,50p,30p,25p) HD 720 (120p, 60p)
The perfect
action cam
● Steadyshot Image Stabilisation – Shake free footage
● 12MP Still Image Mode
● Built-in NFC (Near Field Communication) & WiFi – OneTouch Remote Control
No QR Reader? Visit
● GPS Geo-tagging with Data Overlay
Sony Memory Stick Camcorder HDRCX220
The HDR-CX220 is light weight, easy to carry and shoots movies in amazing quality. The Memory Stick™of this camcorder comes
complete with a removable flash memory card. Combined with 29.8mm wide angle Carl Zeiss® lens and SteadyShot, it's ready to
capture all your great moments.
● "Exmor R" CMOS Sensor
● 29.8mm Wide-angle Lens
● 32x Extended Zoom
● 2.7" WIDE ClearPhoto LCD
● SteadyShot (Active Mode)
● 8.9MP Still Picture
Sony Handycam FDR-AX1 4K
Sony’s new camera for around the $5K mark is a watershed
product. Aimed at prosumers, this is the first all-in-one solution for
4K content production for under $5000. It's a first step towards
the new higher-definition world. With a brand-new codec, dual
(proprietary) memory card slots, and a pro-style body, the 4K
Handycam certainly isn't going to be confused with a Flip anytime
soon. Package includes the camera, the 32GB XQD memory card,
and Vegas Pro. This is an all-in-one solution for filmmakers starting
from scratch, or those who want to jump into 4K with both feet.
What’s 4K? Ultra high definition with horizontal resolution of 4,000 pixels plus. The top end of regular HDTV
format, 1080p qualifies as 2K resolution
Panasonic AG-AC90 Camcorder
Watch the ad
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Featuring a stylish, easy-to-handle design, the AG-AC90 AVCCAM HD
handheld camcorder captures native 1920 x 1080 resolution images and
records in 1080/50p, 50i, and 25p, as well as in standard definition (576/50i)
in 50Hz. The AC90 includes; a five-axis image stabilizer that dramatically
improves stabilization for hand-held shooting; a 4K2K pixel shifting
technology for a sharper image; and an Intelligent Zoom Auto that provides
seamless digital zooming up to 25X magnification while minimizing decreases
in resolution. The standard zoom length is 12X. An ideal camera for your TV
Pricing excludes GST and freight - Sitech Systems NZ terms and conditions apply. Visit for current pricing,
online quotes and to place an order. Email
Maori Language Keyboard
This Maori Language keyboard is ideal to assist with the use and growth of Te Reo Maori and is very easy to use.
Designed with two ways in which to add macros to
vowels. The first is the macro add key which is
located to the side of the Shift key. This macro key is
used like the Shift Key, to add a macron to a vowel,
simply hold the key down and press the vowel. The
second way is to use the direct access keys located
on the right hand side of the keyboard.
Rechargeable Stopwatch (12 pack)
The rechargeable stopwatch that just keeps going and going!
Save loads of money and time by switching to the World's first
RECHARGEABLE stopwatch. Simply plug into the included docking station eliminating the need to ever change batteries again! Each stopwatch will
last for approx 10 hours with moderate use before recharging and approx
20 days when on standby. The screens have a useful battery life indicator.
Chatter Block
Simply roll the cube on the floor or table to hear the message you have recorded on the side
that finishes uppermost. Chatter-Block is a great resource for reluctant writers, developing
gross motor skills and using different children's faces for turn-taking. It's also ideal for
creating stories, sequencing, sound effects and even as a talking dice.There are six
recordable sides, each with a clear pocket to add your own pictures or words. Simply record
a different message into each side and then activate your recording by either pressing the
play button or rolling the cube. Ideal for use with all children.
Interactive Wall
An A4 addition to the talking photo album
range with A4 slots to insert your own
pictures, cards or worksheets - now with a
front window for personalising. Record up to
a 10 second message for every page in your
album, ideal for creating talking time tables,
stories or for additional learning support.
• Front window for personalising
• 30 recordable buttons
• Record time on each button is 10 seconds
• 15 double sided recordable pages
Large glass 3 minutes sand timer
encased in a hard plastic case able to
withstand the knocks and bumps of a
The interactive wall is the perfect crosscurricular classroom resource. Place cards,
objects or drawings inside the pockets,
then record a 10 second message relating
to the object in the pocket. The recordings
are made by simply pressing the green
button by the pocket and recording into
the black box at the top, a simple switch
moving from record to play, will then
enable you to play back the message by
pressing the green button again.
Talking Photo Album A4
Sand Timer (3 mins)
Perfect for use in
games, accurate
event timing and
Talking Tins
Easy to use, magnetic, bright and fun disk shaped
device that allows teachers and students to record
short voice or musical messages or sound effects,
which can then be played back at any time with the
touch of a button.
10 sec - yellow tin
40 sec- red tin
More gizmos and gadgets available online at>Early Childhood Education
Pricing excludes GST and freight - Sitech Systems NZ terms and conditions apply. Visit for current pricing,
online quotes and to place an order. Email
Easi-Speak Sound Recorder/MP3 Player
Record voices, sounds or music with this
child friendly MP3 Recorder. Attractively
designed as a microphone, children can
speak freely without being attached to a
PC. With up to four hours record time,
Easi-Speak lets you record and playback
remotely, download to a computer, or
play back with a USB compatible radio
and cassette player.
Sound Shuffle
Sound Shuffle is used for creating
stories, sequencing and sound
effects. Simply enter multiple
recordings up to 4 minutes total
time, and these will play back in
random for you to piece together
your original pattern.
- 5mins
Talking Photo
A5 -A5
5 Mins
$115.00 Story Sequencer
• Record a voice message on each page with built in mic
• Re-record each page as many times as you want
• Built in speaker
• Up to 5 min recording per page
• 20 pages that hold 5x7” image
Talking Photo Album A3 - 10sec
Simply insert drawings or
photographs into the plastic
wallets and record up to a 10
second message on every page
to support the image or text.
Create talking stories,
class timetables or
questions and answer
games on this recordable
bar. Simple to use - slot in
up to six images or words
and then record a
corresponding 10 second
message per slot, press to
play. back!
Ideas for Secondary
Gizmos and gadgets for secondary
Sound Recorder/MP3 Player ( for older students) $69.00
High-sensitivity monaural microphones give you highquality sound recording. You enjoy clear, crisp and
natural stereo recording. MP3 compresses the data to
enable long-time recording such as a group work,
presentations and lectures. The USB plug makes it
easy to share and copy data directly from your
Talk Tracker
Simple to use, this great resource can be placed one on
each corner within a group of children in order to
record their conversations. With no other way to
assess children's speech development other than
physically being with the child, this tool is a great
classroom resource, to free up the teacher and also
capture children talking more naturally.
Easi-Speak Pro
The Easi-Speak Pro will appeal to children aged 9
upwards. Easi-Speak includes an LCD screen with
a fully integrated menu system, showing the
track number playing, battery life, memory
status and recording format, and dual
headphone sockets .
Easi-Speak Microphones - Record the target language,
students listen to it as many times as needed and then
re-record that same passage or phrase. Flip the
classroom! They can even take it home for practice.
Story Sequencer - Questions can be written on the
cards inside the compartments and students can record
their answers to the questions. Or insert images and
have them act out scenarios.
Special Needs:
A5 Talking Albums - Record and take photos of things
that may be needed as a shopping list. This allows the
students to easily identify the objects needed or if the
students are vision impaired the SD card in the photo
album can provide directions on where to find the item
Use as a daily diary or an information centre for those
students with special needs that may have multiple
carers. All relevant information can be stored on these.
Story Sequencer: For those students who struggle to
retain instructions, record 6 instructions at a time –
insert pictures if needed.
More gizmos and gadgets available online at>Junior/SEN Resources
Pricing excludes GST and freight - Sitech Systems NZ terms and conditions apply. Visit for current pricing,
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Listening Station solutions for every budget
Video Demo
For full article visit
1) Do It Yourself with an MP3 Player / iPod Touch / Tablet /Phone
If you have access to an MP3 player, a headphone splitter and mini headphones you can essentially
construct a listening station. Or you can use our new Caliphone Jackbox and Listening centre.
DIY - stereo/mono headphone junction box and headsets
● 6 x Budget Headphones with stereo junction box $68.70
No QR Reader? Visit
● 6 x Califone 2924AVP (mono) headphones with mono junction box $161.00
● 6 x Califone 2924AVPS (stereo) with stereo junction box $231.00
● 6 x Califone CA2 (stereo) with adapters and junction box $122.70
Caliphone Jackbox and Listening Centre
This jackbox - based Listening Centre works with (iOS and Android-based) smartphones and tablets
for up to six students listening with connected 3068AV headphones. It docks all 30-pin iPads,
iPhones, iPods and connects with all other devices through its included Y-cord connection.
2) Using a computer with a USB port - the Infrared Wireless Headset Kit
Plug in a “dongle” and wirelessly transmit audio via infrared to each headset. Students can move away from the computer (and
each other!) to sit in bean bags or lie on the floor so long as the headsets are within line of sight of the “dongle”. The kit requires no
software installation and will transmit the audio of whatever is playing on the computer, be it audio books or You Tube videos.
Wireless IR Headphone Set with Batteries and Charger
This 4-person Infrared Headphone set is designed for use with
classroom based computer programs (Mac and Windows
compatible) and is ideal for reading and language
development.The headphones have adjustable headbands with
ambient noise-reducing earcups to help block out external
distractions and keep students on task.Includes rechargeable
batteries and charger.
3) Differentiated Listening Activities
It is easy for classrooms with numerous tablets / MP3 players to set up differentiated listening activities. But for those who aren’t so
fortunate Easi-Ears is the answer. Easi-Ears enables teachers to drag audio files onto one or more of six wireless headset units using
software on their computer. The headsets are all different colours so that each student can identify their headset and can control
their own audio, repeating, pausing and moving to the next track using the controls on the side of the headset. A remote control
unit enables a teacher to intervene as required, cut in and broadcast announcements and instructions. And best of all for the littlies,
the headset will start to play as soon as you put it on and pause for up to 20 minutes if they are removed. And students can go
anywhere so nature trails and treasure hunts become an option, with students creating their own content. The world literally is your
Easi-Ears - Digital Audio System
Video Demo
The kit includes 6 wireless headphones, easy to use software, a
remote control unit and docking station for recharging. Headphone
battery life is 12 hours and remote control unit lasts 20 hours.
No QR Reader? Visit
18 Pricing excludes GST and freight - Sitech Systems NZ terms and conditions apply. Visit for current pricing,
online quotes and to place an order. Email
Cross-Curricula - Classroom Sound
Use your property grants to ensure ALL your students can hear
“The board of trustees can use the property grant to install classroom sound field systems. These systems distribute the
teacher’s voice throughout the classroom (via speakers) and can benefit a number of students by improving the level of the
teacher’s voice relative to background noise at the student’s location in the classroom.”
Read more about how classroom soundfield systems can impact on learning achievement
The plug-and-play way to advanced intelligibility
REDCAT, a single sound panel audio solution, uses exciter technology to effectively distribute the teacher’s voice
throughout the classroom.
Installation required: none
With literally no cost of installation, REDCAT delivers maximum value for every technology dollar. Use it right out of the box. Just
wear the comfortable, lightweight mic. Turn it on. And let your natural voice be heard. While the REDCAT’s footprint may be
modest, the results are anything but.
Full access to teacher’s
natural voice
Exciter technology takes
advantage of the teacher’s
natural voice and sound
reflection from walls, ceiling
and floor.
Integrates wirelessly
with other media
Infrared wireless
technology makes it easy to
connect REDCAT to other
audio sources (e.g.,
computers, DVD players).
The iRMC Media Connector
Eliminate feedback,
once and for all
Microphone and sound
panel system are so
perfectly tuned they
prevent feedback, no
matter where teachers
Cost-saving, No installation Solution for Audio Integration
The iRMC Media Connector is designed to integrate and
amplify all classroom multimedia audio sources with ease.
Computers, DVD players, MP3 players, etc. can be
connected to the compact device which wirelessly
transmits the signal to a Lightspeed classroom audio
system for crystal clear amplification.
Case Study - Chapman College, Rotorua
Pamela Meyer, mother to a student at Chapman College in Rotorua contacted us
because her son was having difficulty hearing his teacher in a typical noisy NZ
classroom. He is deaf in his right ear and as pedagogy shifts to a more open, engaging
and discursive classroom environment many such children are struggling to keep
pace. She had heard about the Redcat and after visiting St Mary’s School in Rotorua
which also uses Redcats she decided to purchase one for the school for her son’s
classroom. We did a follow up visit and not only was the student overjoyed but his
teacher was also very impressed. He found that it had resulted in a quieter classroom
overall as he was not having to raise his voice to get attention and he wasn’t
expending precious energy projecting his voice. It proved to be a very positive
addition to the school’s senior classroom.
For more information go to
Pricing excludes GST and freight - Sitech Systems NZ terms and conditions apply. Visit for current pricing,
online quotes and to place an order. Email
Bee-Bot - Single
Bee - Bot
Award winning programmable floor robot. The Bee-Bot’s simple
and child friendly layout is a perfect tool for teaching sequencing,
estimation, problem-solving, directional language as well as
programming to children in Early Childhood Centres upwards.
•Supplied with a USB lead the beebot can either be charged from
your computer or a USB mains adapter
•Robust and small design
•Memory of up to 40 steps
•No confusing degrees to program
•Sounds and flashing eyes confirm your
•Fantastic cross-curricular resources
NEW Bee-Bot’s Big NZ /Aotearoa Adventure
Bee-Bot Class Set
Designed by Sitech Systems NZ, let your Bee-Bot explore New
Zealand or Aotearoa (Te Reo version available). Download
flashcards, activities and teacher notes from our site.
This Class Set pack comes with 6 rechargeable Bee-Bot's and 1
docking station.
Starter Pack
● Your choice of NZ or Aotearoa Map
● 2 Bee-Bot’s
● Activities/teachers notes/flash cards
Bee-Bot App
Watch a video
Free - Bee-Bot App
No QR Reader? Visit
No QR Reader? Visit> early
Childhood Education>BeeBot
Version 1.6 includes 3 free brand new levels using Bee-Bot on
the farm to collect eggs!
Bee-Bot’s Old Favourites
Create your own mats and overlay with the clear square
mat. Add numbers and letters to introduce co-ordinates to
the Treasure Hunt Mat. Figure out time as students race
around the Race Track Mat. Tell stories on the Busy Street
Mat. Learn and practice new words on the Alphabet Mat
and start counting on your Snake’s and Ladders Mat.
Bee-Bot Old Favourites Starter Kit
6x Bee-Bot’s
Transparent Mat
Treasure Island Mat
Alphabet Mat
● Busy Street Mat
● Race Track Mat
● Snake and Ladders Mat
Tami Creative
Individual mat pricing available on website
If you want to learn more about robots, then Tami-Creative is an ideal choice. Suitable for Primary and above, Tami-Creative allows
you to build your own, more complicated robots, limited only by your imagination. If you are looking to improve your logic skills
then creating a robot using a robot control algorithm couldn’t be simpler or more fun.
Tami Creative product features:
Main components:
• Easy to assemble
• Various frames for complicated robot building
• PC based robot control program
• Safe and Eco-friendly Materials
• Programmable robot controller
• Infrared sensors, touch sensors and LED modules
• Rivets and plastic frames
• Download capability from a PC
Create these robots - Racing Robot, Bike Robot, Hippopotamus Robot, Service Robot, Drawing Robot, Elevator Robot, Grab Robot,
Sports Car!
More robots on our website at > Robotics
Pricing excludes GST and freight - Sitech Systems NZ terms and conditions apply. Visit for current pricing,
online quotes and to place an order. Email
Science Tools
Digital Blue Microscope
Explore the microscopic world up to 200x magnification with the QX7
Digital Computer Microscope. Powerful software allows you to view,
measure, capture, edit and animate samples, then create slide‐shows
and videos. The microscope is removable from the sturdy base
allowing for free form examination of any object.
The QX7 has an improved base, camera, optics
and more! Ideal for education, home and
laboratory Use!
● 1280x1024 (SXGA) image resolution
● 10x, 60x and 200x magnification
● Super bright white LED light source
LogIT Black Box Datalogger
LogIT Black Box is a real time USB datalogger which is easy
to use, low cost and powerful with 3 sensor inputs for
measuring and recording from a range of over 50 sensors.
Unique live oscilloscope feature also lets you see and
capture fast events such as Sound Waves on your
computer screen!
● No buttons - all controlled by
● No batteries - USB powered
from computer
● Live scope display for sound
waves etc
● Powered by USB port
● 3 standard LogIT sensor inputs
Easi-Scope Wireless Microscope
Easi-Scope USB
The ordinary becomes extraordinary with
this wireless Easi-Scope digital magnifier.
Magnifying up to 43x, its easy to explore
small things on a big scale. With its easy to
hold design and wireless range of 10m,
children can use this resource inside and
out. A fully independent device that is recharged via USB.
Vein Viewer
This simple plug and play
device attaches to your
computer via USB and
includes its own LED lighting.
Add some 'WOW' into your next science
lesson with the brand new Vein Viewer!!
It can cleverly tell the difference between
your arteries and your veins.
Haemoglobin carries oxygen molecules
around the body and using this with near
infra-red light the Vein Viewer projects
an image of the veins straight onto the
Weather Station
La Crosse 915MHz Professional Weather
Station for Indoor/Outdoor Temp/Hydro
/Wind and Rain.
Deluxe Solar Kit
Students can do a series of do-it-yourself experiments to
acquire the basic knowledge of solar energy with this kit.
They will learn how to make
an electrical circuit; make a
solar circuit; how to increase
voltage and current; and how
to use solar power to produce
energy for a radio; calculator;
battery charger; a cassette
player and more!
Watch a video
Get busy exploring with this super new set of 4 rechargable
metal detectors in 4 bright colours.
These innovative detectors
are simple to use; sweep
them over objects and areas
and hear the beep as they
detect the metal.
No QR Reader? Visit
For more Weather Stations go to>Science and
Robotics > weather stations
● Locate metal objects
with ease
● Use indoors and out take on investigative
outdoor walks
Pricing excludes GST and freight - Sitech Systems NZ terms and conditions apply. Visit for current pricing,
online quotes and to place an order. Email
Science Trolley
Our Two Top Products
Everything you need to apply for grants to support your school for these products and more!
● List of community grants available in each region/curriculum area
● Downloadable templates – just add your details and send them off
Science Trolley
Sitech System’s Science
• Build excitement and passion for science
• Let children discover the world around them
• Bring science into the 21st century
"We need to improve the way we teach science to our young
children to help them succeed in an economy increasingly based on
knowledge and innovation," ERO chief review officer Dr Graham
Less than a third of schools have effective science programmes for Year 5
to 8 students, according to the Education Review Office. Sitech Systems
NZ wants to help: we have designed a trolley to provide all the equipment,
funding application templates to help you win funding and a training
programme to support teachers.
Sitech Systems' Science Trolley is a treasure chest of science resources and lesson ideas. Suitable for
primary and intermediate students this portable workstation can be easily manoeuvred around rooms and
contains all students and teachers will need to host numerous science investigations across the curriculum.
Video Demo
Ohope Beach
Anthony Hall, Principal of Ohope Beach School downloaded and completed
the funding application form and sent it off to the Lion’s Foundation. The
school was successful and received their science trolley at the start of term
3, 2013 and we at Sitech witnessed one of the most successful integrations
of the science trolley into teaching practice that we have ever seen. There
were strong foundations with the school expecting its Enviroschool’s gold
award in early 2014 but they also had a strategy to get it up and running
straight away, embedding it into a sand dune reclamation project.
Here’s their top tips:
All staff attended the free intro session provided by Sitech Systems NZ
This was supplemented by the Ministry of Education’s PLD facilitator
They devoted three staff meetings to using the trolley
They divided their year groups into a mix of Yr1-8 and introduced the trolley to the
They had an inquiry planned for the whole term that would mean that the trolley was
immediately used for context-based research, not isolated experiments
They made laminated cards with simple step by step instructions on using the visualiser
and microscope and attached these to the trolley
The office lady is responsible for re-ordering resources and they keep a book attached to
the trolley for teachers to make a note when something runs out
Classes currently use it as they need it but they are discussing a booking system
No QR Reader? Visit
Download the full case study here:
Tony talks about how the science trolley has added a whole new dimension to their research capabilities and staff love the
convenience of having all the resources in one place. The school is already planning on acquiring another one for when they go twostorey. And the students? We met Indie 7, Thomas 8, Emi 7 and Sophie K 7 who all described how to use the equipment and the
research that they had undertaken, using all the correct terminology. Experts already!
Secondary schools looking at mobile solutions for Modern Learning Environments?
Sitech Systems can work with you to develop a science trolley with the resources you need. Contact us at or Free Phone 0800 100 607
Pricing excludes GST and freight - Sitech Systems NZ terms and conditions apply. Visit for current pricing,
online quotes and to place an order. Email
Cross Curricula: Radio Station
for Attracting Grants!
Radio Station Package
Parakai Pulse 107.4FM
Although our radio station package has attracted many grants, Parakai School’s
radio station has by far the best story. Prefects at Kristin School in Albany run a
fund raising community project each year. Not only do they raise the money but
they also get hands on in making the dream come true.
The waiting room/planning area
This year Parakai School were the lucky project
selected. The Kristin School students held a
quiz night in May and raised $17K from a silent
auction. Way more than you need for our
radio station package but it meant that they
could do it in style! They renovated two spare
offices, turning one into the studio and the
other into a planning and guest waiting area.
The students organised all the trades people,
did all the hard work that they could and by
August they were ready for a handing over
ceremony and an official opening.
The radio station went live at the school’s gala day in September. The school did
their own preparation too. A student committee was formed from Year 6 and 7
students and they visited Mangere East School to get some ideas on running the
station. They soon identified that although great at organising, there might be
better DJ’s in the school body so on the week of Sitech’s follow up visit they were
conducting interviews. They have put together a programme that includes music,
news bulletins, community notices, sharing student work, guest speakers and
sports commentary.
Kristin School students painting the studio
Student Committee: Blake Dobbin, Jamie Allen, Taine
Mansell-Flay, Michael Williams, Madison Adolph and
Liam Renwick
Future plans: Principal Sean Valvoi was originally inspired by the Te Reo radio programme running at Te Akau Ki Papamoa School
and will integrate a similar language programme across the Parakai Pulse airwaves. Also in the pipeline are community broadcasts in
the evening.
This school has also taken advantage of some of our new
features for the radio station including the outdoor
speakers. These were an integral part of the gala day,
allowing the principal to commentate via a wireless mic
through the radio station broadcasting over the airwaves
and direct into the school grounds. With over a hundred
radio stations operating across the country we continue
to be astounded by the learning potential they offer. And
in the words of the Parakai Student Committee it is
“Pretty straightforward, just talk into the mic and play a
Thinking about setting up and
running a Radio Station? Get all
the info you need at
including case studies, articles
and equipment.
Outdoor speaker
Radio Station Accessories
Outdoor Speakers
Streaming Kit - Barix 100
Telephone Coupler
Interested in setting up a TV studio? Go to www/>TV Studio
Pricing excludes GST and freight - Sitech Systems NZ terms and conditions apply. Visit for current pricing,
online quotes and to place an order. Email
Wireless Microphone Upgrades
Are you aware that your existing Wireless Microphone System may need replacing? Or that your Wireless Portable PA may
need to be upgraded?
The government is selling off the frequency spectrum which your Wireless Microphone and Portable PA system may be currently
operating on and it will be illegal to use them from the 1st January 2015. If your current system is operating between 694–
820MHz, it will need to be replaced. If you own a Mipro system, then you can identify the operating frequency band by the
sticker displayed on your wireless microphone receiver. If your system operates on the 7D band, or you have a different system
operating between 694-820MHz, then your wireless mic system will need replacing. In the case of Mipro Portable PA systems,
some can up upgraded simply by replacing the receiver module and mic transmitter.
Contact us to discuss your product options at
Mipro MA707 PA System
The MA707 was designed with versatility in mind; compact, lightweight, generous power output,
and available in a range of configurations – CD player or wireless microphones. Battery or mains
powered (can run for up to 8 hours on the internal batteries). This unit is ideal for schools, sports
clubs, swimming clubs, conferences; in fact any indoor/outdoor venue where a portable sound
system is required. I. May be optioned with CDM2P CD, MP3 & USB module c/w remote control.
• 70 Watts RMS
• Quick and easy to set up and operate
• Two corded microphone inputs
• Built in wheels and extendable handle
• Line input
• Includes cord mic
Mipro Ultra Portable PA System MA101
Ultra Portable, Ultra Lightweight and Easy to Use. Don’t be misled by the compact size of this
highly efficient portable PA. Lightweight and powerful, the MA101 can be carried via the in-built
handle, using the shoulder strap or mounted on a stand. Excellent for Kindergartens, Primary
Schools etc. Applications include:
• Playground duty
• Classrooms
• Security and safety marshals
• Indoor/Outdoor gatherings/meetings
Toa Hand Held Megaphone with siren ER-1215S
This handheld megaphone features built-in unidirectional dynamic microphone with press-to-talk
switch, 23 watt output, alarm siren and approx. 14 hours battery life.
● Power Output: 15W Rated / 23W Max.
● 6 C batteries (14 hrs) (Batteries included)
● Range: 315m (speech) / 500m (siren)
● Anti-bacterial treatment for all models
(mouthpiece/microphone and handle)
● High durability ABS or ASA resin construction
● Compact and lightweight
Max 700 Mini System
The new Panasonic SC-MAX700 is more maxi system than mini system, and it's also much more than just music. This 'Giant Max'
system has a highly efficient Full Digital Triple-Amp that drives boldly styled super-dynamic, 4-Way Giant Speakers for truly faithful
sound reproduction. You also get precise musical control with the new MAXDJ Effect - six effects that produce DJ-like club effects.
This monster sized mini system has an incredible retro design with prism colour illumination. Ideal for school discos.
Pricing excludes GST and freight - Sitech Systems NZ terms and conditions apply. Visit for current pricing,
online quotes and to place an order. Email
15T Mobile Sound System
Sitech Sports PA System (Battery Powered)
•Powerful 250w RMS Toa 9 channel mixer amplifier
•Overall bass and treble controls
•High performance XRS12 Pro Music Speaker, with 12” woofer
and piezo horn gives excellent clear sound distribution over a
wide area.
•Easily able to be moved over rough ground and up & down
•The amplifier has 4 mic inputs plus 2 mic/line inputs and 3
line only inputs. They can all be used at the one time.
•The 4 mic plus 2 mic/line inputs have both XLR and 6.3mm
jack connectivity. 2 line inputs are dual RCA and 1 is XLR &
6.3mm Jack.
•Dual speaker outlets
Totally self-contained, mounted on a Sitech designed and built
trolley . The PA Trolley can be easily broken down into components
to transport on the back seat or in the boot of an average sized car
• Toa 60 Watt RMS 2 channel amplifier
powered by a 12 volt SLA battery Intelligent
battery charger fitted to the trolley
• System includes a MiPro 100 channel
wireless handheld microphone and a CB style
corded microphone
• Supplied with either two or four Toa 15
Watt horn speakers fitted to telescoping
tripod stands. Speakers and stands can be
housed on the trolley
Improve outdoor performance of
the Sitech 15T sound system using
the wide range horn speaker kit
Horn Speaker Kit
Consists of two wide range horn speakers
mounted on a stand and supplied with a 9m
cable. Up to two kits can be connected to the
15T system or the Sitech Sports PA System.
2 Speakers
4 Speakers
Sitech Sports PA System (Mains Powered)
Introducing Sitech's newest addition to
the Sports PA family. As above the
system can be purchased as a 2 or 4
speaker trolley and can have a
maximum of 8 speakers (Speaker addon kit required). This unit can be
upgraded to run from 2x 12V
automotive batteries (Horn Speaker Kit
2 Speaker
4 Speakers
Disaster Management in Schools
The Ministry of Education provides a disaster management template. Key to the plan is the need to communicate with staff and
students. Since the Christchurch earthquakes and other recent disasters we have frequently been asked to provide solutions
that support teaching and learning but also disaster management. For schools wishing to communicate with students in the
event of an evacuation they are a number of options dependent on number of students / size of evacuation point.
Mipro Ultra Portable PA
Sports PA System:
With 2 speakers
With 4 speakers
Mipro MA707 PA System
# of students
Size of evacuation point
Up to 100
20m x 60m
Up to 50-100
30m x 30m
Up to 500
1 rugby field
Up to 1000
2 rugby fields
Up to 300
30m x 50m
Better quality sound than
Use the battery powered
option. Also comes with radio
mic so no concerns re
wireless mic being charged.
Better quality sound than
* These are approximations only, contours and noise levels around the school can impact
Other Useful aids for Disaster Management:
School PA Systems - contact us for more information.
Digital Signage Solutions - see page 34.
Pricing excludes GST and freight - Sitech Systems NZ terms and conditions apply. Visit for current pricing,
online quotes and to place an order. Email
Drama/Music Rooms
Samson Resolv Studio Monitors
Samson’s Resolv SE 5 2-Way Active Studio Reference Monitors offers
a redesign from the classic Resolv A-Series monitor, with more
accurate sound reproduction and a stylish new look. Resolv SE5
utilizes the latest innovations in speaker engineering, which can be
used with multiple monitors to provide superb stereo imaging for
recording, post-production and other multimedia applications.
Available in 5, 6 and 8” woven carbon fibre woofers.
SE5 5” woofer
SE5 6” woofer
SE5 8” woofer
Tascam Recorders
A quality 24 track portastudio with 8 mic
or line inputs +48 volt phantom power
and 24 stereo or 48 track mono. The DP24
even with large high number of tracks is
one of the easiest multi track recorders in
the market to use. The DP24 has built-in
CD-R/RW drive for project mastering and
The DR-40 portable recorder
captures up to four tracks from
built-in, high-quality condenser
microphones, XLR mic or line
inputs. The internal mics are
adjustable from XY to AB position,
helping you to tailor your recording
to the sound of the room.
Samson Microphones
Tascam US-322 Audio Interface
A USB 2.0 audio interface
and DSP mixer . A high
quality HDDA mic pre-amp
with on board DSP mixing.
Up to 96 kHz recording via
2x XLR inputs.
Samson’s MTR101A Studio Mic Kit brings
exceptional performance and high-end quality to
a variety of live and studio situations. Ideal for
recording vocals, close micing instruments, use as
a room microphone and more.
Studio Condenser Microphone C03U
The C03U studio condenser microphone delivers
pristine audio quality with enhanced capabilities,
most notably multiple pickup patterns. The C03U
is USB compatible with any Mac or PC, as well as
most DAW software programs, including
GarageBand. The C03U comes with Cakewalk's
Sonar LE digital audio workstation software.
Samson BT4 Microphone Stand
Samson’s BT4 telescopic boom stand combines
lightweight durability with an attractive and
functional design. This collapsible tripod mic
stand has a sturdy die-cast and steel
construction that offers superior resiliency with
great flexibility of positioning.
Samson Concert 88 Wireless Microphone System
The Samson Concert 88 is suitable for where a maximum of 4
systems are to be used in the school. Featuring a true diversity
design, the CR88 minimizes signal dropouts during performance.
The concert 88 System comes with your choice of Handheld
/Lapel or headset microphone.
Headset Mic
Lapel Mic
Handheld Mic
Bespeco Music Stand
Professional music stand with metal pierced
board. Adjustable both in height and angle
adjustment. Can hold a remarkable weight.
Colour Black.
26 Pricing excludes GST and freight - Sitech Systems NZ terms and conditions apply. Visit for current pricing,
online quotes and to place an order. Email
Ukuleles in the classroom
Open up a student’s world to music literacy – Buy a ukulele, in fact, buy 10 or even better, a classroom set! Ukuleles are cheap,
portable, lend themselves to any style of music and above all are FUN to play. Children can pick up a ukulele and play a song right
from the first day by using one finger chords. They are also always ready to play, there is no cleaning or sterilising any part of the
instrument and now that tuners are so cheap, have a student tune them before your session, so you are ready to sit down and
teach, play and have fun with students and ukuleles.
10 Reasons to Choose Ukuleles in the Classroom
Monterey MU715 Soprano Ukuleles
1. Inexpensive
Key Features:
2. Portable
● Ideal Beginners Ukulele
3. Has a mellow sound
● Natural matte finish
4. Solo instrument
● Non-slip machine heads
5. Easy to learn and play
● Nylon strings
6. Ideal tool for ear training
● Agathis top, neck, back & sides
7. Helpful for learning harmony and theory
Buy 10 Ukuleles
and get a free
Ukelele stand
or Ukulele
● 12 month warranty
8. Can play music from all over the world
● Suitable for both right and left handers
9. Can sing and play at the same time
● Available in black,blue,mahogany,
pink,red and white
10. FUN, FUN, FUN!
Monterey Ukuleles with Pickup
Monterey MU-211SB
Monterey MU-225M
Monterey MU-225M concert size ukulele
(540L x 850D x 180W/mm); Mahogany top back & sides, Rosewood fretboard,
non slip machine heads and matt finish.
Monterey MU-211SB deluxe soprano
ukulele - flame top Mahogany back &
sides, non slip machine heads,
Rosewood fretboard & bridge sunburst
satin finish.
Classical Guitars
Monterey 136Pak ¾ size guitar packs
Monterey MC-136NPAK classical
guitar pack - 3/4 size. Spruce top,
Basswood back sides & neck. Includes
gig bag tutorial CD cleaning cloth &
pitch pipe natural gloss finish.
Available in black, blue, natural and
Dreadnought Cutaway
Acoustic Guitar
Monterey MW100CEM
cutaway electric guitar.
Available in natural.
Monterey 139Pak full size guitar packs
Spruce Top, Rosewood fretboard & bridge
with Basswood Back & Sides. Includes bag,
polish cloth, pitch pipe, and CD. 6
Individual Machine Heads. Available in
blue and natural.
Samson CT20 Clip on tuner
Samson’s CT20 ClipOn Tuner makes
accurately tuning
guitars, basses,
stringed, woodwind
or brass instruments
Bespeco Universal Guitar
Professional guitar stands,
designed to meet all users needs.
Pricing excludes GST and freight - Sitech Systems NZ terms and conditions apply. Visit for current pricing,
online quotes and to place an order. Email
Data Projector Installations
Data projectors
Data projectors still have their place and we continue to see exciting uses for them as the technology develops.
Ultra-Short throw data projectors: a case study at Auckland Museum
“Moana – My Ocean” Exhibit
Auckland Museum Exhibition Developer Victoria Travers explained, “Our goal was to ensure that visitors understand that the ocean
is essential to human life and that they appreciate and understand the ocean’s biodiversity. This presented us with a few logistical
challenges when deciding how to display the many components in the Moana – My Ocean exhibit, in particular The Boil Up
installation which involved 270-degree projection.”
The Boil Up is one installation for the Moana – My Ocean project where visitors are immersed in a Hauraki Gulf Boil Up. The
experience was developed using artificial intelligence, and is a realtime living system which allows visitor to explore the behavioural
patterns at play during a Hauraki Gulf Boil-Up.
Travers explained, “The experience is contained
in a circular theatre and is made up of a 270degree screen. With this in mind we knew we
would need four projectors to achieve our goal
and to make the experience truly immersive.
Finding projectors that were extremely shortthrow and that provide a great image when
used in a multi-channel environment was a real
challenge that thankfully was eventually met by
Sony’s VPL-SW535 (ultra-short throw)
The short-throw was required due to the nature
of the space but also to ensure that visitors
didn’t interrupt the projection or cast shadows.
In addition the Moana – My Ocean team were
concerned about the short throw angle and how
reflected light from the screen may cause hotspotting and light scattering in the blend
Travers concluded, “We had some real issues to overcome and it was a major problem finding a solution from many of the
companies offering short throw projectors, despite looking at a number of models. When all were evaluated properly the Sony VPLSW535 ultra short throw projectors offered the best solution and great value for money too. I’m also delighted to say that once
installed, the Sony VPL-SW535 projectors truly did an excellent job.”
In addition to the ultra-short throw projectors the Moana – My Ocean exhibit also makes use of multiple Sony VPL-FX35 large venue
installation projectors due to their ease of installation flexibility and hassle-free maintenance, VPL-FH36 projectors that provide
ultra-high quality images with WUXGA resolution and full HD compatibility and a variety of high-end Sony Bravia display panels.
Contact us to learn more about how Sony data projectors can meet the needs of your learning spaces.
Pricing excludes GST and freight - Sitech Systems NZ terms and conditions apply. Visit for current pricing,
online quotes and to place an order. Email
Data Projectors - Sony
Sony VPLDX120 2600 Lumens XGA projector
Easy to carry, set-up and power down, this projector is ideal for small to medium-sized rooms.
With eco conscious features that ensure low total cost of ownership - the projector provides 7000 hours of
lamp life, three brightness mode auto lamp dimming, auto picture dimming and an ECO Gauge that makes
the VPL-DX120 one of the most eco-friendly projectors on the market today.
● VPL-DX120 2600 lumens
● Instant on/off
● XGA resolution
● Long life filter
● 7000 hr lamp life in eco mode
● HDMI input
Interactive Data Projectors – Ultra-short throw
Sony VPLSW536CM Interactive Projector WXGA 3000 lumens
with Dual-input pens
Make your presentations interactive with the VPL-SW500 series of ultra short
throw projectors. Designed to add flexibility to classrooms, the VPL-S500 Series
projectors achieve large-screen projection from very short distances thanks to an
ultra-powerful short throw lens. This solves typical problems such as the
presenter being distracted by, or blocking, the projected light.The VPL-S500
Series projectors are economically designed for optimum energy efficiency,
• 3000 lumens 3LCD Projector
• Native WXGA (1280 x 800) Resolution
• Ultra Short Throw Projection (0.27-0.29:1)
• Up to 6000h expected lamp life
• Versatile inputs including HDMI
• Includes wall mounts
Classroom Projectors
Sony VPLDX140 3200 Lumens XGA Portable Projector
The VPL-DX140 offers 3200lm of brightness, XGA resolution, 1.3 times optical lens Zoom,
2500:1 contrast ratio, RGB, HDMI digital input , Video capability and all in a chassis
weighing less than 2.5kg. Easy to carry or ceiling mount, they are ideal for small to mediumsized rooms.
Sony VPLEW246 Portable Projector WXGA 3100 Lumens
Full featured, WXGA, energy-efficient projector designed for the budget conscious
educator. Suits bright classrooms.
• Installation Flexibility
• Bright Era Panel
• Better TCO & ECO friendly
• Native WXGA (1,280x 800) resolution
• "Blend-in" Design
• Brightness 3100 lumens
Hall Projectors
Sony VPLCW255 3LCD BrightEra WXGA Widescreen Projector
The VPL-CW255 delivers installation flexibility, eco-friendly features, and a low total cost
ownership in a stylish design that blends into any décor. Designed for environments ranging
from middle- and large-sized classrooms to conference rooms and beyond.
• Bright Era Panel
• Native WXGA (1,280 x 800) resolution
• Brightness 4,500 lumens
• Better TCO & ECO friendly
• Installation Flexibility
• "Blend-in" Design
Pricing excludes GST and freight - Sitech Systems NZ terms and conditions apply. Visit for current pricing,
online quotes and to place an order. Email
Data Projectors - Panasonic
Classroom Projectors
NEW Panasonic PT -LX270 XGA 2700 Lumens Portable Data Projector
Sitech Systems
Lightweight, compact and portable. This projector has a great range of functions and
environmental settings that makes it convenient for use in all kinds of situations, from
business to education.
• 2700 Lumens and 4000:1 contrast - bright clear images
• Maximum 10,000 hour lamp replacement in auto mode
• Compact light weight body - only 2.3kg
• Quiet design keep noise levels down to 29 dB
Panasonic PT-TW240EA 2700 Lumens Short Throw Data Projector
The PT-TW240EA can project a full 80-inch diagonal image from a distance of only 86cm.
Teachers can project onto a white surface or screen and no shadow comes up on the screen.
This means they can use large images even in relatively small rooms. Offering a wide XGA
1280 x 800 (16:10) resolution, the PT-W240EA makes it possible to project HD images. This
projector is equally comfortable with displaying HD images from cable/satellite or DVD
sources as it is delivering a PC-based presentation in the class room. And it is easy to connect
your DVD player to the projector via HDMI terminal.
PT-TW240EA with wall mount $1234.00
Interactive Projector
Panasonic PT-TW331REA 3100 Lumens WXGA Interactive
Short Throw Data Projector
A short throw data projector that uses infrared technology to pick up the pen on the wall,
screen or regular whiteboard!
• Minimal installation
• Built in interactive annotation software - PC and Mac
• Long life lamp and filter for interactive environments up to 4000hrs*
• Sitech Systems NZ in-country technical support
Includes Easiteach Next Generation : brings classrooms to life
Hall Projector - Wireless
Panasonic PT-VX505NEA 5000 Lumens XGA Projector
5000 Lumens, quick and easy wireless connection, 1.6x zoom lens allows
flexible installation and a variety of functions for easy set up. Either use the
Panasonic Wireless Manager software to connect 16 devices simultaneously,
have four screens visible at one time.
Or: use the free Panasonic Apps to share documents,
web pages, use your device as a document camera
and send live images of worksheets, books,
experiments and other media to the big screen. Now
features annotation abilities*. Watch the video.
*See individual App stores for exact
capabilities of each OS.
Panasonic PT-VW345NZ 3700 Lumens WXGA projector also available for bright classrooms or small halls.
Go to>Projectors and Screens> Data projectors>Panasonic Projectors
Watch a
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Projector screens – pull down and electric. Visit>Projectors and Screens>Screens or contact us for more info.
30 Pricing excludes GST and freight - Sitech Systems NZ terms and conditions apply. Visit for current pricing,
online quotes and to place an order. Email
Equico - Funding Technology
Call 0800 378 426
Always Quote Equico
At Equico we specialise in enabling Schools to implement their ICT & AV
plans. As a trusted supplier we provide easy and flexible lease options with
a focus on customer service. As a trusted supplier to the School
Community since 2001 we are recognised for our independence and
The leasing methodology is currently widely used by hundreds of New Zealand
Schools. Every state and integrated School has an MoE approved Master Rental
Agreement in place with Equico. If you are considering leasing;
Always quote Equico.
What is leasing?
The chosen equipment total dollar value is calculated and spread evenly
across an agreed number of payments.
Rent to Return:
Most commonly chosen by Schools (also known as Operating lease or
Master Rental Agreement). Usually the equipment is returned and replaced
at the end of the lease.
Credit Sale
Occasionally chosen by Schools (also known as a Rent to Own or Finance
lease). Ownership of the equipment is retained by the School at the end of
the lease.
How to quote with Equico - it’s Easy
Step one:
Ask Sitech Systems NZ for an equipment quote.
Step Two:
Email Equico with the Sitech quote to or ask your
Sitech rep for an Equcio lease quote.
Step Three:
We will send an Equcio lease quote promptly to your inbox
Note: we can quote as often as you like
Ask Equcio
For help during the quoting and ordering process, speak to an Equico Account Manager or phone
0800 378 426.
Pricing excludes GST and freight - Sitech Systems NZ terms and conditions apply. Visit for current pricing,
online quotes and to place an order. Email
School Halls - Sound Installations
Installations - Hall Sound Systems
We highly recommend a consultation with one of our sound installation specialists. However prior to the meeting it can help to
work through this list of considerations below.
What is the sound system going to be used for?
The requirements for speech reinforcement such as daily assemblies and light vocals are different to those for production and loud
music (disco) and instruments. Your speakers need to have high frequency drivers to give the speaker clarity and to enable easily
heard voice reproduction. Heavy bass is not a requirement for good speech reproduction. When schools think about it 90% of what
they do is speech reinforcement.
Consider the physicality
● What is the size and shape and characteristics of the hall?
● What is the ceiling height?
● Are the walls straight or do pillars and beams protrude from them?
● Is there a mezzanine floor that protrudes into the hall space?
● Which area is recognised as the “front of the stage”?
● Does the stage have a proscenium arch?
● Is the hall a hard surface building (concrete blocks, hard floors, non-acoustic tiles)?
● Can you get under the floor for cabling?
All of these factors have implications for your sound system.
Location of speakers
We select the best type of speaker based on your above answers. Ideally they should be in the centre of hall in a cluster. Speakers
should not be to the rear of the audience or opposing, so if a cluster is not possible we usually put a couple in front of the stage
pointing out and a couple halfway down pointing in the same direction. You are more likely to need four if there are low ceilings.
Location of the control system
Is there an area available for all the control components that is easily accessible to the hall? Staff and students often want the
controls for the sound system in the stage area but then they cannot hear what the audience is hearing. Controls should always be
somewhere near the middle. If this is not practical, look for a room or cupboard at the back of the hall, or put a hole in the wall or a
lockable cabinet in the rear of the hall.
Microphones – how many and what type?
What type of microphones do you require, wireless or cabled? If you are unsure, we generally recommend two handheld radio mics
and two fixed handhelds. Mic stands (only $60 approx each) stop people speaking right into the mic and drastically improve the
audio quality. The speaker then needs to be 150mm away from mic and we set the settings to suit this. Do you want to use specialist
mics such as hanging mics or shotgun mics? This will enable you to pick up a number of students so is ideal for choirs and
productions. Two of them will often do a whole stage.
How many inputs do you require on the mixer?
These are just some of the questions that need to be answered before a suitable system can be installed. And be careful! There
are many installed sound systems in NZ schools that do not work properly because they are too complicated, we aim to keep it as
simple as we can.
New technologies
Drive racks are the latest addition to our sound installations and we keep in on top of all of these and take advantage of them for
you. These make systems easier to use and reduce feedback. They make it easy to do things like hide a mic in a prop during a
production and not risk feedback.
Drive Rack PA Plus Powered Speaker Optimizer
The DriveRack PA PLus Powered Speaker Optimizer has everything you need to get the most out of your stereo powered speaker
system. It even includes stereo or mono subwoofer support. With the included dbx M2 measurement mic, Auto-EQ corrects for
audible deficiencies in the room environment. Our patented Advanced Feedback Suppression (AFS™) kills nasty feedback, allowing
problem-free operation at higher sound levels, while the Subharmonic Synthesizer™ extends bass response for enhanced bottom
32 Pricing excludes GST and freight - Sitech Systems NZ terms and conditions apply. Visit for current pricing,
online quotes and to place an order. Email
The Essentials
eneloop Batteries
eneloop is the perfect, long-life, pre-charged,
energy and money saving, recyclable
rechargeable battery . These can be charged and
discharged up to 1800 times, will retain 90% of
their charge for up to 12 months and 70% of
their charge for up to 5 years.
eneloop blister pack options
eneloop School Battery Pack
School Pack
AAA 2 Pack
AAA 4 Pack
AA 2 Pack
AA 2 Pack
Having trouble finding the correct-sized battery? Fed up of never having charged batteries ready to
go? Are you concerned about short battery life? Do you want an environmentally friendly battery?
All these issues can be solved using the eneloop School Pack consisting of:
● 4 x AA eneloop batteries
1800 times!
● 2 x AAA eneloop batteries
● 2 x C size eneloop adaptor – converts AA’s to C size
● 2 x D size eneloop adaptor – converts AA’s to D size
● NCMQR02 charger – 2 hr charger, charges 4 AA’s, world voltage, protection timer (270 minutes)
● 1 x AC cord
eneloop standard overnight charger
Charge Pack
● Recharge up to 1500 times
Charge time:
● Voltage - 220-240V
AAA - 8hours, AA - 10 hours
● Standard charger + 4 x AA eneloop rechargeable batteries
For more battery options go to>Batteries
● Charges 2 or 4 AAA / AA Batteries.
Sitech Budget Headphones
● Low Cost
● 3.5mm plug with 6.3mm adapter
● Strong metal headband
● Lightweight, compact and adjust for
● Perfect for computer labs and
individual computer learning stations
● Removable, cleanable padded
leatherette ear cushions
● 3.5mm stereo jack plug
W/out adapter $9.00
With adapter
Stereo sound on a flexible,
adjustable headband with
durable ABS ear cups.
Available with or without
snap on adapter.
● Stereo only
Califone Multi media Stereo Headphone 3060AV
Califone Stereo Headphone
Beige - Classroom basic - CA2
Califone Mono/Stereo Headphones
This durable headphone is the
educator’s standard for listening
centres, ELL and ELD and other
language learning activities. Its 6’
coiled cord and 1/4” plug make it a
versatile classroom headphone!
2924AVPS - Stereo
2924AVP - Mono
Pricing excludes GST and freight - Sitech Systems NZ terms and conditions apply. Visit for current pricing,
online quotes and to place an order. Email
PENS Digital Signage Solution
Panasonic Electronic Noticeboard for schools
With teachers and students juggling busy academic and extra-curricular activities, the last thing you
need is for someone to miss an important message. Rather than sending paper notes with students,
or waiting until the next assembly or staff meeting, PADS Electronic Noticeboard for Schools (PENS)
lets admin and teaching staff send important and urgent messages with a few clicks of the mouse.
By linking the admin office, classrooms and noticeboards around the school, the PENS system is a
cost-effective way to cut out the time and frustration of sharing urgent or important messages.
In the office
From a very familiar interface, notices can be sent to teachers’ computers or directly to display screens around the school. You can
be very specific about where messages are displayed – send it to particular people or screens, departments or blocks of classrooms,
so you’re not cluttering everyone up with irrelevant information.
In the classroom
Using our simple Desktop Viewer, teachers will be able to see when new notices have been added by other staff members. A small,
unobtrusive pop-up will appear in the bottom of their computer screen without interrupting their class in the way a messenger
would. At an appropriate time, the teacher can review the messages, and easily share them with the class by displaying it on the
room’s projector or screen.
PENS doesn’t just let you choose where each notice is sent or displayed. With
the simple scheduling system you can also choose when the notices are
displayed and for how long – display tuck shop specials just before lunch,
remind students about tomorrow’s mufti-day just before the students leave, or
keep displaying a uniform rule every morning for a week. Just plan the days or
the week’s notices, then forget about them. Using a simple electronic form,
teachers will also be able to simply and easily send out their own messages to
specific blocks, departments, classrooms or screens around school.
Whether it’s cancelling
swimming practice, reminding
students about auditions for
the school production or
congratulating the winning
softball team, PENS is an easy,
fast and timely way to
Frequently PENS can simply pull the data from your existing management systems
or RSS feeds.
Disaster Management
In the event of an emergency, PENS can be an invaluable communications tool.
Notices can be set to take over teachers’ computers and the display screens around
the school to direct students in a drill or real fire, or gather the entire school
together for an emergency assembly, quickly and simply.
Build a system
View a Video
Demo of PENS
One off payment for the Software
PADS Manager (Software to run the PADS system)
Add per display
PADS Viewer (1 per playback PC)
$310.00 - $840.00
This is a viewer licence for a screen that will be displaying messages all day. A PC is also required.
Add per classroom PC
PADS Desktop Viewer licence (1 per desktop viewer)
Licence to have the notices and Emergency alerts displayed on laptop or desktop in the classrooms
No QR Reader? Visit
Pricing excludes GST and freight - Sitech Systems NZ terms and conditions apply. Visit for current pricing,
online quotes and to place an order. Email
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Plasmas - interactive
AVerVision visualisers
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Portable power supplies
Portable wireless speakers
Bring your own
10, 11, 12, 13
Power supplies
Radio station
BYOB devices/accessories/software
10, 11, 12, 13
Recorders (sound)
BYOD devices/accessories/software
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Redcat soundfield system
14, 15
Chatter block
Sand timer
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Classroom soundfield systems
Science trolley
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SEN products
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Digital Blue microscope
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Early childhood products
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Easi-scope microscope
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eInstruction Mobis
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Streaming kit
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Trolleys - TV
Max 700 Mini system
TV studios
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MP3 recorder/player
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Music stand
Wireless speakers
Outdoor speakers
Workspace Connect
PA systems
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Panasonic/Sitech Systems NZ Fundraising Opportunity
The Panasonic Battery Fundraising Programme can help your school raise hundreds of dollars easily.
How does it work?
Panasonic are giving your school the chance to raise money quickly and easily by selling batteries for fundraising.
Batteries are a great way to raise money as every home needs them and they last for years!
The battery fundraising programme is easy:
1) Simply order your batteries from Sitech Systems NZ. Choose from:
● AAA 4 pack LR03T/4B
● AA 4 pack LR6T/4B
● 9V 2 pack 6LR61T/2B
2) Batteries are provided in collection boxes, each box contains 12 packs.
3) If each student sells a box of batteries (makes 12 sales) then they will earn between $27 and $36 for your school!
How much are they?
Suggested sell
$ made by school
price for schools
Savings for
parents and
Battery Pack
Price excl GST
Price inc GST
AAA x 4
$4.99+GST each
$8.99 incl GST
$8 incl GST
AA x 4
$4.99+GST each
$8.99 incl GST
$8 incl GST
$7.76+GST each
$13.99 Incl GST
$12 Incl GST
Getting started!
Simply fill out the order form online at
We’ll send your battery packs out to you ready for your school to start fundraising right away!
Any batteries you don’t sell you can simply return to us at the end of the fundraising period – it’s as easy as that!!!
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