Model Number

Model Number
Battery Chargers
PSP Charger
Model #
Model #:
Charges Which
batteries for PSP
and S-Series
# of
Length of Charge
Up to 2.5 hours
Power Supply
Charger Bay Lights
Green indicates
sufficient power is
flowing to the
Green indicates battery
is fully charged or no
battery is on the
No Lights
No power is
going to the
Red indicates battery is
being charged.
Blinking Red indicates
an error.
Auria PowerCel
Model #:
• Auria
PowerCel Slim
• Auria
PowerCel Plus
• BTE PowerCel
• BTE PowerCel
Up to 4-5 hours
Green indicates
sufficient power is
flowing to the
Amber/Orange light
indicates PowerCel is
properly inserted and
Red light indicates an
error condition
*A dim orange light
may appear when the
battery is in “top-off”
mode or when there is
no battery connected
(indicating the bay is
on and waiting for a
No power is
going to the
Battery Charger Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Can I leave my PowerCels in the charger overnight?
Yes, leaving your PowerCels in the charger overnight will not damage them.
(Note: the Auria PowerCel Charger has a “timer” which is ~ 6 hours. Therefore, if a PowerCel remains in the
charger for longer than 6 hours, the charger will turn off the power to that charger bay.)
I have noticed that sometimes the orange light on my Auria PowerCel Charger does not illuminate as
brightly when I place my batteries in the charger. Does this indicate a problem?
No, the low orange glow is normal and indicates that your charger is in what we refer to as a “top off” mode.
This means that it is likely your batteries were fully charged prior to connecting to your charger and the charger
is simply “topping them off”.
Can I unplug the charger while my batteries are still connected?
Yes, safeguards are put in place to ensure that this will not affect the usability of the batteries. Conversely,
reconnecting the charger to power with any batteries still connected will start a new charge cycle on all
batteries. If a battery is near or at a full charge, the charger will go into “top off” mode.
Can I double-charge my batteries?
Double-charging your batteries is not necessary and is therefore not recommended. Double-charging your
batteries will not provide significant increases in daily operating time and can potentially impact the longevity of
their use.
Do I need to fully deplete my batteries before charging?
No, this is not necessary. You can still charge your batteries even if they are only partially depleted.
How do I use the charger in my car?
Using the charger in your car is simple and easy. First, insert the PowerCel Charger Car Adapter into your
car’s cigarette lighter. Then connect the cable from the car adapter to your charger (where you would typically
attach the power supply).
How long should my batteries last? OR How many charge cycles can I expect from my batteries?
Your PowerCel batteries are designed to last for approximately 500 charge cycles. Body processor batteries
last for approximately 400 charge cycles.
(Note: These are average values and that individual operating times can vary significantly from user to user.)
I have 2 PowerCels that I am going to “save” for future use. Is this ok?
We encourage you to use and rotate all of your PowerCels as the capacity of the PowerCels will decrease with
both age and usage. If you still decide not to use a PowerCel(s), it is a good idea to recharge them at least
once every 3 months to maximize their longevity.
What is the best way to care for my PowerCels and Charger?
Both your PowerCels and charger contacts should be kept free from dirt and dust. You can wipe down your
equipment with a lint free cloth. Additionally, you should clean the contacts at least once a month using a dry
cotton swab. Dirty contacts can result in a malfunction.
Tips for improving battery life with PowerCels:
9 Ensure that the user is using and properly rotating all batteries
9 When not in use, store batteries in a cool, dry place
9 Clean both the processor and battery contacts with a dry cloth and/or cotton swab to remove any
excessive debris and/or moisture
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