Swivel Base - INTEC Video Systems

Swivel Base - INTEC Video Systems
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Swivel Base
Quick Installation Guide
Included with CVSBM - Car Vision Swivel Base Kit:
(1) Black Metal Swivel Base
(1) Locking Ring
(1) Machine Bolt
(1) Flat Washer
(1) Nylon Lock Nut
(1) Installation Guide
Not included:
•Display Mounting Bracket - this comes with the CVD Series Car Vision Displays.
•Swivel Base Mounting Screws (4) – ¼” diameter of appropriate type and length for the base material the swivel
base is attached to.
Installation Instructions:
1. Determine a mounting location for the monitor. It can be overhead or on the dash.
2. Position the metal swivel mount base at the mounting location. Secure it to the vehicle using adequate and appropriate
swivel base screws. (Be sure you have installed the machine bolt through the swivel base prior to bolting it down).
3. Place the locking ring into the swivel mount.
4. Install the monitor mounting bracket by lining up its center hole with the threaded stud and its 2 center slots
ots with 2 of the knobs on the locking ring. Secure the bracket to the
swivel base assembly with the washer and Nylon Lock Nut. Make sure the nut is secure. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN. The recommended torque specification is 8 to 10 inch-pounds.
5. The Car Vision display can now be mounted to the display mounting bracket.
Note: In overhead mounting, make sure the swivel base screws have a secure foundation. Dash mounted displays should be located so as not to obstruct the drivers view through
the front windshield.
Over tightening of the Nylon Lock Nut will make it difficult to rotate the display and may apply undo stress on the “T” Nut mounting point
causing the display to become damaged and possibly fall off the bracket. The recommended torque specification is between 8 and 10
For additional information on Intec products please visit www.intecvideo.com. You may also call us toll free at 800-468-3254 (West) or 800-522-5989 (East). Rev D 02/2014
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