For Immediate Release 10 March, 2006 Canon Brand New

For Immediate Release 10 March, 2006 Canon Brand New
For Immediate Release
10 March, 2006
Canon Brand New PowerShot S3 IS
Power Zoom and High Resolution
Create Superior Still and Video Results
Canon today proudly announces the launch of the PowerShot S3 IS, tailor-made
for photography savvy that demand for top quality shots and exceptional movies.
The compact PowerShot S3 IS is elegantly cast in a subtle dark metallic finish,
and shaped with essential curves for a firm and comfortable grip – a definite plus
when handling the powerful zoom lens. Equipped with super zoom lens and
Canon’s proprietary DIGIC II imaging processor, PowerShot S3 IS satisfies any
crave for creative expression with the highest image quality.
12x Super Optical Zoom
The PowerShot S3 IS’s 12x optical zoom Ultra-Low Dispersion (UD) lens
reduces chromatic aberrations for high imaging quality and accurate colour
fidelity at high zoom setting. Empowered by its ultra-sonic motor (USM), this
latest model silently delivers fast, precise zoom magnification, from wide-angle to
tele-angle is only 1 second. The 12x optical zoom equivalent to 36-432mm,
captures excellent scenery and architecture shots in wide angle as well as distant
subject at maximum zoom. The PowerShot S3 IS has an electronic viewfinder,
which is useful for composing shot when viewing through the LCD is difficult,
especially under the sun glare. By engaging super macro shooting function,
incredible close-up shots of 0cm distance from the object can also be captured.
Built-in Image Stabilizer
The PowerShot S3 IS is also equipped with Canon’s renowned high performing
Optical Image Stabilizer (OIS) to prevent shake. This super-sensitive Optical
Image Stabilizer instantly helps to cancel out any possible effects of hand shake
on performance while shooting telephoto shots. The OIS is specially developed
with vibration gyro designed to provide up to approximately 3 stops of camera
shake correction in shutter speed equivalent. Users can engage in any of the 3
innovative Image Stabilizer Modes, including “Continuous”, “Shooting Only” and
“Panning”, as part of a choice of pre-set settings for different shooting
Users can also take advantage of the camera’s new settable ISO 800 speed to
take brighter pictures in low light conditions and steady shots of fast moving
subjects. Powered by Canon’s advanced DIGIC II imaging processor, the high
level of noise produced in high speed shooting is minimized. Shots taken by the
PowerShot S3 IS are ultra-sharp and intensely coloured.
High-end DIGIC II Imaging Processor
The PowerShot S3 IS is equipped with Canon’s proprietary DIGIC II imaging
processor for lightning-fast response in auto focus, auto light-metering and data
transfer. The processor empowers the latest model with effective noise reduction
and ultra-refined image quality, reproducing colors with a natural touch and
improved contrast. In addition, the DIGIC II imaging processor also add to the
high-speed auto focus and power saving of PowerShot S3 IS, while focus speed
is also faster than the previous model.
Outstanding Performance
Crafted with professional high performance features, the PowerShot S3 IS
assists the users to shoot like a pro. Composed with 6.0 megapixels, shots
captured on the PowerShot S3 IS are sharper and clearer. Outdoor users will
certainly enjoy the 2” vari-angle LCD that can be turned and twisted in 270º to
accommodate photo-taking and movie recording from awkward angles. Users
are also assisted by the real-time histogram display that monitors the picture
detail before shooting to ensure optimal exposure for the ideal image.
Innovative 16:9 Shooting Mode
Capable of recording pixels in a new widescreen aspect ratio of 16:9,
PowerShot S3 IS is built to capture sweeping paranomic views in its entirety,
which is compatible for playback on 16:9 widescreen and conventional 4:3 TV.
The Brand New “Sports” Mode
Shoot like a pro with PowerShot S3 IS with 22 shooting modes including Auto,
Manual, Aperture, Shutter and the new “Sports” mode, which has improved
AutoFocus performance for better focusing of moving objects and compatibility
with continuous shooting.
Enhanced Video Recording features
The New PowerShot S3 IS is equipped with full-fledged movie shooting function
that records movies at up to 640 x 480 pixels. Select from 5 movie quality
settings, including a fast-frame mode capable of capturing 60 frames per minute.
Particularly useful for videoing events, the PowerShot S3 IS allows continuous
recordings of up to 1GB file size or up to 1 hour, with stereo sound. The photo
and video functions are so seamlessly integrated that user can shoot still images
of 6.0 megapixels while in the video recording mode. Deploying optical zooming
while recording gives users the flexibility to record important details. Dedicated
buttons were added to provide fast and easy access.
The Power to Edit
Editing of images has been made easier by PowerShot S3 IS, which is pre-set
with several colour modes for users to enhance the pictures in the camera
without the use of any computer. Furthermore, users can now choose the new
My Colour in playback to touch up the photos even after shooting.
Supports Various Printing and Connectivity
In addition to the excellent shooting capabilities, the new PowerShot S3 IS
features the innovative Print/Share function that supports various direct-printing
capabilities. Printing multiple images is a simple operation with one-stop Print
menu, which aid in the selection and printing of multiple images. Pictures taken
on the PowerShot S3 IS can be printed by connecting the camera directly to a
Canon SELPHY or PIXMA photo printer, or a PictBridge-compatible printer.
Users can easily print high quality photos without the computer.
Advanced Professional Accessories
The new Canon PowerShot S3 IS will be available from late April 2006. It is also
full-featured with optional Tele-converter, Wide Converter, Close-up Lens and
High-power flash, ensuring a professional photography experience.
Accessories of Canon PowerShot S3 IS and suggested retail prices:
TC-DC58B Tele-converter
WC-DC58A Wide Converter
LAH-DC20 Lens Adapter / Hood Set
500D Close-up Lens
HF-DC1 High Power Flash
NB4-200 Ni-MH 2300mA Rechargeable Battery Pack HK$190
CBK4-200 Battery and Charger Kit
(Including 4 rechargeable batteries)
About Canon Hongkong Company Limited
Canon Hongkong Company Limited (CHK) was established in 1971. CHK is
taking the overall marketing and service responsibilities for all product lines in
Hong Kong. They include photocopiers, bubble-jet and laser printers, fax
machines, film cameras, digital cameras, video camcorders, scanners, projectors,
etc. Canon owned No. 1 market share in digital camera in Japan, the U.S.A and
the EU. Its parent company, Canon Inc. (TSE:7751 / NYSE:CAJ), is the top
patent-holder of technology in imaging industry in the U.S.A. with global
revenues of US$33.3 billion (ended December 31, 2004).
Canon Enquiries Hotline: 2170-2888
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