VAIO XL1 Digital Living System

VAIO XL1 Digital Living System
CD/DVD Library
CD Burning
Record TV
Web Access via TV
Create a sanctuary for all of your
Ever wanted to backup your CD
Enjoy high quality TV viewing
Switch from CD to DVD to TV to
digital content. The 200-disc
collection? The XL1 system
with your XL1 system. Record
the Web, all with one finger… all
media changer stores and
makes it easy with the ability to
your favorite shows directly to
without getting up from the sofa.
organizes your CD and DVD
copy up to 200 CDs
the hard drive for on-demand
The XL1 system makes it simple
collections for fast, easy access
viewing and then burn to DVD so
and convenient to browse
by remote. With the XL1 system,
you can watch while on the road.
multiple media before you find
you have a place for everything.
It's TV on your terms
the one that suits the moment.
Store and manage digital content in
one location.
Retrieve media with easy, onscreen navigation.
Watch, record and burn your
favorite TV programs by remote.
Access the Web from your sofa, for
the easiest way to connect.
CD/DVD Library by Remote
TV Recording and Archiving
Never lose them again. Every audio CD and movie
Don't schedule your life around TV. Record your
DVD is stored, organized and navigated through
favorite TV shows with the system's powerful
the on-screen menu with one remote . The
software, then watch or burn to DVD when you're
system's ability to access meta data, genre
ready. Using a specialized version of Windows®
information, track listings and cover art add to your
MCE, the XL1 system can record television for on-
navigation experience and make it easier to find
demand playback or burn it to disc for TV on your
what you're looking for. Just keep track of the
Listen, Copy, Burn
Fits into Life
Find, save, play, enjoy… anytime. The XL1 system
The flush, understated design of the XL1 system
combines intelligent content storage and
uses innovative technologies to keep cool and
management options with the functionality of a
quiet. It easily integrates into your living room,
high-tech PC. You get the most options with your
becoming the central hub for all your multimedia
media, such as the ability to sequentially rip and
needs and your digital lifestyle.
burn up to 200 CDs, for a premium A/V
entertainment experience
Wireless keyboard (with batteries)
Remote control (with batteries)
WLAN antenna
Power cords
HDMI™ cable
Optical S/PDIF cable
HDMI to DVI-D Adapter
Infrared blaster
i.LINK® cable (6pin-S400)
mini DVD adapter
Entertainment guide
Safety and Legal guides
Operating System Designed for Multimedia Enhancement
The XL1 Digital Living System™ leverages the proven strength of Microsoft® Windows® XP Media
Center Edition 2005 (MCE) to drive operations and navigation. Use the wireless keyboard or remote
control to easily navigate and access digital content on the hard drive or your library of 200 audio CDs or
movie DVDs. The XL1 system makes it easy to maximize your multimedia experience for simple stressfree use.
If you need assistance setting up your
Sony VAIO PC or have a hardware
failure, please call 1-888-476-6972 in
the US.
Onsite repair service may be offered
under Sony's limited warranty based on
availability and subject to terms of
PC Performance
High-Definition Ready
The VAIO® VGX-XL1 Digital Living System™
The VGX-XL1 system comes with an HDMI™
employs the latest PC technologies for running
(High Definition Multimedia Interface) connector,
multiple demanding applications simultaneously.
allowing you to view your audio, video or data
With an Intel® Pentium® D dual-core processor,
content on your TV. It also offers the added benefit
ample DDR2 memory, PCI-E graphics, and room
of being able to capture and edit your 1080i HD
for up to three SATA hard drives (RAID ready), the
Camcorder content, expanding your options to
VAIO XL1 system is well-equipped to power
create and manage content as you like it.
through your most demanding tasks.
Home Network Ready
Gold-plated Connectors
The Digital Living System is fully
The emerging standard in digital
For optimal signal quality when
equipped to integrate into your
connectivity, HDMI™ (High
connecting to non-digital
home network. You can set it up
Definition Multimedia Interface)
devices, the VGX-XL1 system
as an access point to wirelessly
delivers video and audio via a
comes with gold plated analog
network your home or connect it
single cable. The connection
into your existing one, either
provides an optimal digital
wired or wireless (802.11 b/g) .
It also comes with an external
antenna to improve reception
and provide you with a
consistent, dependable wireless
connection to your TV.
Support information is also available at
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