2GB Walkman® MP3 Player
2GB Built-in Memory1
USB Direct Connect4
Quick Charge feature: 3 minutes charge time for 90 minutes play
FM Tuner with Record Function and 30 Station Presets
3-Line Color LCD Display
Voice Recording Function
Multiple Audio Codec Support - WMA and MP32
Compatible with Secure Windows Media® Audio2
Mega Bass button
Power illumination
2GB Walkman® MP3 Player
Tuner Frequency Range: 87.5 to 108.0 MHz
Tuner: FM Tuner - Yes
2GB Built-in Memory1 Store up to 475 songs5 on your
Walkman® MP3 Player and never be without your music again.
Convenience Features
USB Direct Connect4 Connect your Walkman® player directly
to your PC and easily transfer your music and charge your
device without the need for additional cables.
Multiple Language Display:
Search Features: Folder/All
Songs/Artist/Album/Playlists/Genre/Release Year
MP3 and WMA Audio Codec Support2 Supports playback of
MP3 and WMA Audio files downloaded from multiple sources
giving you multiple options for downloading music the way you
Compatible with Secure Windows Media® Audio
Compatible with Windows Media PlaysForSure music
services, ensuring playback of digital music you purchase from
a wide variety of sources.
3-Line Color LCD Display Shows track, artist and album
FM Tuner with 30 Station Presets Record your favorite
broadcasts using the built-in FM Tuner with record function.
Preset and listen to your favorite radio stations while on the go.
Voice Recording Function On-board microphone with voice
recorder function lets you record personal notes and memos.
Headphone Type: Earbuds
Display: 3- line LCD
Operating Conditions
Operating Temperature: 41 'F to 95 'F (5 'C to 35 'C)
Battery Charging (Approx.): Built-in Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
USB power (from a computer )/USB-based charging
Approx. 70min(full charge)
Battery Life (Approx.): MP3 128kbps: Approx. 16Hrs/WMA
128kbps: Approx. 14Hrs1
Output Power: 5+5mW (No mention for all destination)
Battery Capacity: Approx. 170mAh
Recharging Time: 3 minute charge/ up to 90 minute play back3
Inputs and Outputs
Up to 16 Hours of Battery Life Gives you all-day enjoyment
from your favorite music.
Headphone Output(s): 1 (Stereo mini jack)
USB Port(s): Hi-speed USB (USB 2.0 compliant):USB A plug
Quick battery charge3 Allows you to get up to 90 minutes of
playback on just a 3 min charge.
System Requirements
5 band equalizer (Heavy, Pop, Jazz, Unique, Custom) Listen to
music enhanced to a style you like.
Mega Bass Button Allows you to get a more powerful bass
sound with the click of the bass button
Power Illuminator
When the Bass button is pushed, the circle around the play
button lights up and flashes to the rhythm of the music.
Operating System: Windows® XP Home Edition?Service Pack ? or
Measurements: 90.7× 25.0× 15.2mm (3 5/8× 1× 5/8inches)
Supplied Accessories
Quick Start Guide
Color: Black
UPC Code: 027242745247
Type of Use: Music/Voice REC/FM
Equalizer: 5Band equalizer?Heavy/Pop/Jazz/Unique/Custom)
Format(s) Supported: MP3, WMA2
1. 2GB=2,147,483,648 bytes. A portion of which is used for data management functions. User available
memory = 1,903,001,600 bytes.
2. Not all WMA and MP3 files may playback due to file variations.
3. During continuous playback using MP3 files at 128kbps, in power save mode "Super" when "LED" is set to
"Off,""Equalizer,""Bass" are not in use. Actual battery life may vary based on usage patterns, environment
and battery condition.
4. Not all products with USB connectors may communicate with each other due to chipset variations.
5. Calculated at 4 minutes per song @ 128kbps in the MP3 format. Other playable audio file format song
numbers and times may differ from MP3 format.
© 2008 Sony Electronics Inc. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited. All rights
reserved. Sony and Walkman are registered trademarks of Sony. Windows and Windows Media are registered
trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the U.S. and/or other countries. Features and specifications are subject
to change without notice. Non-metric weights and measures are approximate.
Sampling Frequency: 48 khz
Antenna System: FM: Headphone Cord Antenna
Frequency Range: 87.5 to 108.0 MHz
Frequency Response: 20 to 20,000 Hz(when playing data file,
single signal measurement)
Please visit the Dealer Network for current information at
Sony Electronics Inc. •16530 Via Esprillo •San Diego, CA 92127 •1.800.222.7669 •www.sony.com
Last Updated: 10/08/2008
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