Innovative Customer Satisfaction Service

Innovative Customer Satisfaction Service
Products & Services
Top Ranking of the Service Quality
Index in the Home Appliances and
Computer Product Category
Seon-Yeong Kim, Staff
Overseas Business Support Group,
CS Environment Center
Highlight in 2008
Very High:
•Ranked first for seven consecutive years
Material issues regarding “Customer Satisfaction Service”
since 2002 in the Service Quality Index
survey by the Korea Standards Association
•Established and applied a global customer
standard response system starting with
pilot programs at seven overseas plants
Issues Identified
Stakeholder Impact
Samsung Electronics’ Response
Customer service and
Promoting domestic and international service
innovation activities
Handling customer dissatisfaction
including those in Brazil
Customer information protection
Constructing customer standard response
system by nation
Applying customer information security
✽ C - Customers, E - Employees, I - Investors / Shareholders, L - Local Communities, G - Government, P - Partners, N - NGO, NPO
Customer Service &
Domestic Service Competitiveness Innovation
Under the management philosophy of “Customer Satisfaction,” Samsung Electronics revamped systems and
processes to be more customer-oriented and reflect customer opinions in policy-decision making. In 2008, we
expedited customer touch point innovation initiatives to create excellent customer satisfaction, while solidifying
customer service platforms at Digital Plazas (Samsung Electronics’ distribution agent chain) and Samsung
Electronics Service Centers.
In June 2008, the sales managers of Samsung Electronics’ sales agents nationwide convened to share best
practices on the company’s three strategies of “Customer Satisfaction,” “Employee Satisfaction” and
“Management Satisfaction” and refreshed their determination to strengthen customer satisfaction during this
Customer Service Innovation Rally. Through the “Customer Care Campaign,” we encouraged employees to
develop manners for extending individual greetings and remembering customers by name. Other customer
service initiatives include “The Best Chain of Stores That a Customer Can Experience” and “Improving
Customer Loyalty” under the notion that a first-time customer becomes a loyal customer for life.
At the same time, the “Quick Delivery 119 Team” program ensures the best customer service in the delivery of
purchased products. Samsung Electronics also produced and distributed a “Quality Logistics Service
Whitepaper” to its point-of-contact employees which integrates service differentiators into their work
disciplines. The “Very Satisfied 100% Campaign” also helps maximize Samsung Electronics’ customer
satisfaction service.
In 2008, Samsung Electronics further spurred its customer service innovation and enhanced competitiveness in
after sales service. We expanded our service centers to 160 outlets and increased our mobile phone repair
engineers by 20% to improve repair services in proportion to the increasing number of mobile phone users.
The interiors of the service centers were renovated into three zones including a “Talk Zone” where customers
can consult with technicians, a “Play Zone” where they can enjoy entertainment services while waiting in line
and a “Love Zone,” where the actual repair services are conducted. We also readjusted the service charge
rates and expanded the warranty from two months to 12 months and implemented an After-sales Services
quality guarantee service. As a result of the consistent customer service innovation, Samsung Electronics’
home appliances and computer product after sales service has ranked first for seven consecutive years since
2002 in the KS-SQI. Samsung Electronics’ mobile phone After-sales Services has also ranked first for five
consecutive years in the same survey.
Interview with Stakeholders
As a consumer of Samsung Electronics products,
I am satisfied with the excellent quality and
differentiated service.
Jong-Seok Ahn, consumer
I am a user of Samsung Electronics products and satisfied with their
disabled users’ conveniences in handling digital devices. In addition, I
excellent quality and differentiated service. I also take pride as a Korean in
that Samsung Electronics has established itself as a global leader in
overseas markets. However, I see room for improvement in Samsung
believe Samsung Electronics can better live up to its reputation as Korea’s
representative icon if it can further expand its product warranties and
reduce repair service charges, and care for marginalized neighbors and the
Electronics’ operation of its communications channels for in-depth
information on its products and in its policy for improving the elderly and
socially underprivileged.
Overseas Service Competitiveness Innovation
The annual global service customer satisfaction survey results indicated that customers place the highest
importance on fast and accurate repair service. Therefore, Samsung Electronics has focused 2008 overseas
service activities on speeding up the service processes. For a fast repair service, we have established service
centers in 3,100 cities with populations over 100,000. For progress monitoring, we completed a progress
control system covering the customer experience from the time of reception to completion of repair service
and improved speed in addressing customer needs, while eliminating unresolved cases.
In order to enhance service component supply system, Samsung Electronics developed new demand forecast
methodology through industrial-academia cooperation. Applied from 2009, the new method is projected to
bring about innovation in component supply. For accurate repair service, we have encouraged service
engineers to enhance their techniques and skills. In addition to about 5,000 offline / off-the-job courses, online
courses and video education courses, we have also produced and provided guidebooks on preventing
recurring repairs to all our service centers. As a result, the ratio of repair skill certificate holders has improved
from 83% to 92%. Assigning 3,000 consultants at the 37 overseas contact centers, Samsung Electronics
provides accurate explanations on its products and their usage. Customers can also check and refer to the
FAQ on Samsung Electronics’ website and “How to Guide” pages for product support. In recognition of these
service innovation activities, the company was awarded an excellent call center prize in Indonesia, Thailand and
Handling Customer
In 2008, Samsung Electronics received 55 million customer inquires (20 million in Korea and 35 million abroad)
regarding product purchases, repair service, usage inquiries and user complaints, which were swiftly
responded to by the contact centers in their respective areas and Internet websites.
In Korea, we revamped the customer protection system, articulating the standards on consumer protection
and strengthening our customer response infrastructure. In 2008, we acquired Customer Complaint
Management System (CCMS) certification by the Fair Trade Commission, enabling faster handling of customer
On the global front, Samsung Electronics revamped its original country-based system following its acquisition
of Korean CCMS certification, to establish a global customer standardized response system for testing at seven
Major Subsidiaries. In addition, Voice Of Customer (VOC) offices are operated in the respective nations and a
VOC Management System (VMS) was developed for faster and more accurate addressing of customer needs
based on the voices of our customers.
Customer Information
Samsung Electronics provides customized information to
customers at its website and promptly
responds to all customer inquiries. It applies air-tight security
system controls in order to protect the confidential information of
customers who are registered on website and those who received
product repair service.
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