How to connect to SSL VPN (Remote Access)

How to connect to SSL VPN (Remote Access)
How to connect to SSL VPN (Remote Access)
Laptop users are able to remotely access most services on the SE network over a hotel or home
broadband connection using a SSL VPN (Secure Sockets Layer Virtual Private Network)
You can currently access SSL VPN by browsing to the web address in Internet Explorer.
You will then get the Logon screen, here you need to enter your Windows Username and your
Windows Password, then click Sign In.
If your user account has not yet been migrated to the APA Domain you may be unable to log on.
Once logged on there will be a yellow strip across the top of the browser window, Click on it to allow the
installation of the software
The application window may pop up, click
Install to install the software.
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Version Date: 16 Sept 2011
The Following window will appear, click Always.
The Application is now being installed.
The connection is now set up and you will see the padlock icon in your system tray which means you
have successfully downloaded the latest version and established a connection to SSL VPN.
You can now open a new Internet browser, open Lotus Notes, or SAP as you are now connected to the
Schneider Network.
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Version Date: 16 Sept 2011
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