Mobile App Quick Guide

Mobile App Quick Guide
Let your smartphone simplify your
expense management tasks!
Snap photos of your receipts and upload them instantly
The app enters the expense date and city for you
Create and submit expense reports
Approve others’ expense reports from your phone
Compatible with iPhone and Android
Install the Mobile App
Important. Before you install and log in to the mobile app, you must first log in
and set your password on the ExpensAble website at
Refer to the other training materials or contact your administrator for instructions.
1. As stated above, first set your password on the ExpensAble website.
2. Then, in your phone’s App Store, search for “ExpensAble Corporate.”
3. Install the app. Allow ExpensAble to use your current location.
4. Enter your login information.
Accessing the Menu
All of the available functions in the app can be accessed through the menu.
1. Tap the Menu symbol to access the full menu.
2. The menu will slide out on the left side of the screen.
Configure the Settings
Most users will want to keep the default app settings. However, if you want
to change any settings, follow these steps.
1. Tap the Menu link in the top bar.
2. Tap Settings.
Login Info. Used to update your password, if you ever
change it on the website.
Store receipt images. Enable this to keep copies of your
receipt photos in your phone’s pictures gallery.
Always include self. Enable this so you don’t ever
need to add yourself to expenses involving guests.
To Capture Corporate Card Receipts
When you pay for an item using your credit card, you can take a photo of the receipt. There is
no need to enter any other details in the app. You may want to write the names of guests or
other details you will need to remember on the receipt to help you complete the entry later.
1. Tap the New Receipt icon in the menu.
2. Tap the large camera icon in the middle of the screen.
3. Take a photo or select one from the phone’s gallery.
4. Click Use Photo.
5. Tap Send. The photo is automatically uploaded to the E-Bin on the ExpensAble
website, where you can attach it to the associated expense from the credit card feed.
To Enter Reimbursable Expenses
You can capture a photo and details of “out-of-pocket” (cash) expenses
for reimbursement to you.
1. Click New Expense in the menu.
2. Take a photo of the receipt by clicking on the camera icon.
3. Enter the details of the transaction.
 If you capture the information at the time of purchase, the date and city
will be entered for you.
 To add a new merchant, type the name in the Search field, tap the Add line, further
edit the merchant’s name, and tap Done. It is saved in your app for future use.
 To add a guest, begin typing the name in the Guests field. If there are no matches in the
list, finish typing the name and add a semicolon ( ; ). Alternatively, you may tap the + icon
to search through your phone’s address book. Be sure to include yourself in the Guests
list for each expense; this should happen automatically if you kept your default settings.
4. When all of the details for this expense are entered, tap Send. It is sent to the
ExpensAble website, where you can add any additional details and submit
the expense report.
Creating an Expense Report
1. Tap the Expense Reports icon in the menu.
2. Tap the plus sign in the top right corner to start a new report or choose an existing report
from the list of Draft Reports by tapping the arrow on that report.
3. If a new report, complete the expense report details (report header) information.
4. Tap Expenses to add expense items.
5. Choose from New Expense, E-Bin, Credit Card or Unsent transactions.
6. To add credit card transactions, choose to view either Corporate Card or Personal Card
transactions by tapping the list name on the bottom of the screen. Personal Card transactions
must be previously imported in the online application to be available on the mobile app.
7. Check off the transactions you want to add to the report by tapping the check box next to
the expense and tap Done. Transactions must have a valid expense type before they can
be added to a report.
8. To add E-Bin transactions, check off the transactions you want to add to the report by
tapping the check box next to the expense and tap Done.
9. To add receipts, view details of or edit expense items, tap the arrow on the item.
10. To add receipts to an expense item tap the camera icon and choose From Device to
take a new image or use one from your camera roll or choose E-Bin to use an image
previously sent via email or from the app.
11. When the expense report is complete, tap Submit to submit the report.
12. Policy enforcement will take place upon submitting the report. If you must or would like
to make changes to comply with a policy, go back into the report and make the needed
Approving Expense Reports
If you are a designated approver, you can approve others’ expense reports
in the mobile app.
1. Tap the Approval icon in the menu bar.
2. Select the expense report from the list.
3. Review the receipt photos and any other details.
4. Tap Approve or Reject. The employee receives a notification.
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