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 we are the Crazy Mics from Mic Island!! Shall I tell you something great? We are travelling around the whole world
because we are the most talented linguists that you can imagine. The earth is really impressive; there are so many different
languages to learn. And we learn quickly. I can immediately repeat everything you say to me. And I can even remember
longer messages and repeat them at any time. I am also super ticklish. If you touch my tummy, I go into a real fit of laughter.
What, you don't believe me? Well then, just talk to me and I promise we will have loads of fun together.
Packing has to be kept since it contains important information. Pass on the instructions for use to third parties. Ensure that
third parties only use the product once they have received the necessary instructions.
Instructions regarding safety and functions
Please read these instructions thoroughly and keep them for future reference. In order to avoid unwanted surprises when
playing, we recommend going through the instructions together with your child and to explain the functions to them.
Remove all packaging before giving to a child.
Inserting and replacing the batteries
The batteries which are contained in the plush toy only serve for demonstration purposes in the shop.
Please replace these batteries with new alkaline batteries before using the toy.
The toy must only be operated with three AA 1.5V batteries.
3x AA
A ( y - [15 | +
— || DC 1,5Vx3=4.5V
SS %
( D
[ -] MI)
e| Ce
= a E
( o
O + Fig.1) O Fig.2) \ Fig.3)
1) Open the zip on the back of the cuddly toy (Fig.1).
2) Open the plastic cover of the battery compartment using a screwdriver (not included) (Fig.2).
3) If necessary, remove old batteries and insert 3 new AA batteries in the slots. Make sure the polarity is correct (Fig.3).
4) Replace the cover of the battery compartment and tighten the screws using the screwdriver.
Safe and responsible handling of batteries
Batteries may only be inserted or taken out by an adult or under supervision of an adult!
Batteries are not to be heated excessively or overexposed to sunrays, fire and whatnot.
For longer periods of use, we do not recommend the use of rechargeable batteries.
If the toy is not used over a longer period of time, slide the switch to the “OFF” position in order to increase the battery life.
We also recommend removing the batteries in order to avoid leaking and damage to the product.
Different types of batteries or new and used batteries are not to be mixed.
Non-rechargeable batteries are not to be recharged.
Rechargeable batteries must be removed from the device before they are charged up.
Rechargeable batteries should be recharged under adult supervision only!
Exhausted batteries are to be removed from the device.
Supply terminals are not to be short-circuited.
Insert the batteries in the designed spaces. Observe the proper polarity.
Electrical devices/batteries must be disposed of separately to normal rubbish.
In the interests of our environment, we would like to request that you hand in empty [
batteries at special disposal points and recycle them.
If a battery is swallowed, seek medical attention immediately.
Washing instructions
Surface can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Keep moisture away from the battery compartment!
In order to activate the functions of your Grazy Mic, the switch in the battery compartment must be set to "ON" (Fig. 4).
After the activation, the Crazy Mic greets you with a cheerful "Hey Hey".
Talk to me, | will copy what you say!
Briefly squeeze my left hand until I greet you with a
"Hey Hey". Afterwards, my nose begins to light up red
and I immediately repeat everything you say to me.
Il remember messages!
If you would like to record a message, squeeze my right
hand (approximately 2 seconds) until a beep is heard.
Now you can record a song, a poem or simply a few nice
words (max. 2 minutes).
Briefly squeeze my right hand again to save the
message (indicated by another beep).
Squeeze it for a third time (briefly) to play the message.
You can listen to the message again and again; just
briefly squeeze my right hand.
Being tickled is sooo funny!
If you tickle my tummy, I laugh wholeheartedly and
my mouth starts to shake. Please tickle me very often so
we can laugh together.
I need my sleep!
If you hold my eyes closed for a longer period (approx. 5
sec.) or squeeze my left hand for an extended time, I
become really tired. I start to snore and I fall asleep (energy-
saving mode). I also become really tired if you do not play
with me for a longer time (energy-saving mode after approx.
2 min.). Snuggle up to me and we will have sweet dreams to-
gether. Wake me up again by briefly squeezing my left hand.
° Crazy MIC does not react as described: Please check the batteries (see Fig. 1 to 3). Are the batteries drained?
Are they inserted correctly? Check for correct polarity. Insert new batteries, if necessary.
+ No function anymore: Please take the batteries out, insert them again and switch Crazy MIC to “ON” again.
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