PSG Commercial Workstation Datasheet updated

PSG Commercial Workstation Datasheet updated
HP 12c Platinum Financial Calculator
A time-tested performer, the HP 12c has an easy-to-use layout, one-line LCD
display and efficient RPN data entry.
Easily calculate loan payments, interest rates and conversions, standard
deviation, percent, TVM, NPV, IRR, cash flows, bonds and more. Over 120
built in functions.
Customizing Features
Statistical/Mathematical Features
Keystroke programming
Cumulative statistical analysis
Memory capacity: 399 steps
Std. deviation, mean, weighted mean
Time and Date Management
Linear regression
Forecasting, correlation coefficient
Date arithmetic
Total, Σx, Σx2, Σy, Σy2, Σxy
The Time-Tested Performer
Business/Financial Features Statistical/Mathematical Features,
Time and Date Management, and Customizing Features, Attractive
one line x 10-character LCD display, Select business functions at
your fingertips, Great mix of statistic, business and math functions,
+, -, x, %, ÷, 1/x, ±, LN, ex, n!
Ideal for
Real estate, finance, accounting, economics and business
Read display results easily, even at an angle
Business/Financial Features
TVM (loans, savings, and leasing)
Bond price and yield to maturity
Cash flow analysis NPV, IRR
Memory for up to 20 cash flows
SL, DB, SOYD depreciation methods
% change, % of total
Part Number
Processor and Display
1 line x 10 characters; 10 x 7-segment, single line, adjustable contrast
Display Type
System Logic and Keyboard
Entry System Logic
RPN; Algebraic
Advanced functions
+, -, /, *, Neg, 1/X, Ln, 10x, e, Square, Square roots, Power, %, % calculations, Rounding, Fractional and integer part
Memory registers
Power and Battery
Power supply
1 CR2032 battery; Battery life: 2 years (when used 1 hr/day)
Power off memory protection
Compliance and Exam Approval
Best used for
Real Estate; Banking; Finance; Business Studies; Accounting
Dimensions and Weight
116 g , with batteries
7.9 x 1.5 x 12.9 cm
What's Included
What's in the box
Calculator, batteries, user manual, premium protective pouch
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