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Product specification sheet
Focal now infuses its know-how and unique signature sound into an evolutive system: soundbar and subwoofer. A key innovation is the five patented
high-bandwidth and ultra-thin speakers, which result in a very shallow depth of 65mm and a remarkable coherence across the audio spectrum,
regardless of listening position. When combined with the Dimension Sub, the system incorporates 450 watts of power in six channels for a true 5.1
experience. The ultra-flat sub also acts as a support for the screen and employs an anti-vibration device. The soundbar can also be used alone,
mounted to the wall.
Wall mount provided
Ultra-rigid aluminium chassis
Ultra-flat soundbar: 65 mm
Bass-reflex port
Tactile user interface
Proximity sensing interface
Dimension Sub
Suitable for all flat screens
Recommanded 50" (127cm) and over
Zero Vibration design:
two elliptical woofers in
push-push configuration
Dimension mounted to
the wall
Dimension on furniture
associated with Dimension
Also compatible with Sub Air
wireless subwoofer
Compatible with Focal’s
aptX® receiver for wireless
audio transmission of
Bluetooth® sources
Key points
ì Natural and high-definition sound over a wide sweet spot
ìHigh dialogues intelligibility
ìDynamic and coherent reproduction of the whole frequency spectrum thanks to 5 identical speaker drivers
ì Optimal integration:
- wall-mounted: almost as flat as the screen
- between a TV furniture and flat screen: associated with Dimension Sub, which becomes a support for the screen
ì Sound with no constraints: automatic power-on, controlled with the same remote control as the flat screen
ì 2xHDMI™ integrated
5-channel sound bar
Speaker drivers
5 ultra-flat speaker-drivers made of paper cones - 315/16" (10cm)
Integrated amplification
6-channel 450 Watts
Frequency response (+/- 6 dB)
Soundbar alone
50 Hz - 25 kHz
2 x HDMI™ (OUT/IN)
Digital Optical Toslink
Analogue 3.5 mm Jack
Subwoofer outputs
Dimension Sub Out: Powered output dedicated to Dimension Sub
Sub Line Out: Low-Level output compatible with all amplified subwoofers
HDMI ARC™ (Audio Return Channel)
HDMI CEC™ (Consumer Electronics Control)
Auto Power on HDMI™ inputs
Adjustable bass
Adjustable Sound and Picture synchronisation
Night mode
Optimum acoustic integration through settings on the rear panel:
- Soundbar positioning
- Room acoustics
- Sweet spot
Soundbar on furniture
(Width x Depth x Height)
451/4x41/2x41/2" (115.5 x11.5x11.5cm)
Wall mounted Soundbar
(Width x Depth x Height)
451/4x29/16x515/16" (115.5 x6.5 x14.7cm)
12lbs (5,5kg)
Dimension Sub
Bass-reflex Subwoofer
Speaker drivers
2 elliptical woofers 8" x 3" (20cm x 8cm)
Frequency response (+/-6 dB)
30Hz - 110Hz
Zero Vibration design
Support for screen of 50" and over
(Width x Depth x Height)
451/4x1213/16x41/2" (115.5 x32.5x11.5cm)
Subwoofer + Soudbar
(Width x Depth x Height)
451/4x161/8x41/2" (115.5 x41x11.5cm)
31lbs (14kg)
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