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Recommended Tools

Modelling / Craft knife

Side cutters Plastic cement/glue

Hex drivers 1.5mm, 2mm

Cross head screwdriver (small)

Tips for Assembly

It is recommended that that body parts are painted with acrylic paint.

Test fit parts before applying glue and use glue sparingly.

CA Glue may cause clear parts to whiten.

Note: Steps marked with an asterisk (*) require glue. ii rc4wd.com

D90 Body

RC4WD Limited Warranty

All RC4WD products are warranted to be free of defects in materials and workmanship when new. Our limited warranty does not cover damages due to normal wear and tear, user error of assembly or installation, user modifications, user's failure to perform routine maintenance, addition of aftermarket parts or option parts. This warranty lasts as long as the original purchaser owns the product. In the event of a defect under this warranty,

RC4WD will, at our discretion, replace the product, provided our inspection indicates that an original defect exists. RC4WD reserves the right to replace any product which is no longer available with a product of comparable value and function. If RC4WD determines the repair is not covered under warranty guidelines, we will contact you to discuss your options. If you have any questions, please contact us via email at [email protected]. iii rc4wd.com

D90 Body



1 rc4wd.com

D90 Body

3 *

4 *

2 rc4wd.com

D90 Body

5 *

6 *

3 rc4wd.com

D90 Body

7 *

8 *

4 rc4wd.com

D90 Body

9 *

BHCS M2.5X6mm

5 rc4wd.com

D90 Body

10 *


6 rc4wd.com

D90 Body


SHCS M2.5X6mm

7 rc4wd.com

D90 Body

12 *

13 *

8 rc4wd.com

D90 Body

14 *

15 *

Red lens

Orange lens

9 rc4wd.com

D90 Body

Optional Interior



SHCS M2.5X6mm

10 rc4wd.com

D90 Body



11 rc4wd.com

D90 Body



SHCS M2.5X6mm

12 rc4wd.com

D90 Body


SHCS M2.5X6mm

13 rc4wd.com

D90 Body

Spare Parts

Z-B0034 D90 Body Misc Spare Parts

Z-B0035 D90 Body Decal Sheet

Z-S0687 Door handles

Mailing Address:


2016 Senter Road

San Jose

CA 95112


Web: rc4wd.com

Email: [email protected]

14 rc4wd.com

D90 Body


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Questions and Answers

What tools are recommended for assembly?
Modeling/Craft knife, Side cutters, Plastic cement/glue, Hex drivers 1.5mm, 2mm, Cross head screwdriver (small)
Is there a specific type of paint recommended for the body parts?
Acrylic paint is recommended for painting the body parts.
What should be done before applying glue?
Test fit parts before applying glue.
Is CA Glue suitable for clear parts?
No, CA Glue may cause clear parts to whiten.
What is the warranty duration?
The warranty lasts as long as the original purchaser owns the product.
What does the warranty cover?
Defects in materials and workmanship when new.
What spare parts are available?
D90 Body Misc Spare Parts (Z-B0034), D90 Body Decal Sheet (Z-B0035), Door handles (Z-S0687).

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