Exciting Exciting new enhancements of Surface Pro 2 new

Exciting Exciting new enhancements of Surface Pro 2 new
Exciting new enhancements of Surface Pro 2
Blog Post Date: September 30, 2013
Category: Technology made easy
Author: Ulrika Hedlund
Source: http://www.businessproductivity.com/exciting-new-enhancements-of-surface-pro-2
About a year ago, October 25th 2012, Microsoft launched a new range of tablet devices
called Surface. If you’ve missed what this device is all about you can read my blog post,
“What is Microsoft Surface? A tablet I want for business “. Since then, the two devices
Surface RT and Surface Pro have received a lot of mixed reviews. On October 22nd, the next
generation of Surface, called the Surface 2 series, will be available to customers (in 22
markets). In this blog article I’ll tell you about the exciting updates for the Surface Pro 2 (the
more expensive edition on which you can run your traditional Windows applications).
1. Better performance
Many people complained about the short battery life of the initial Surface Pro. Depending
on how heavily you used the device, tests show the battery lasted between 3-5 hours. For
someone who wants to put in a full day’s work without recharging, this doesn’t cut it. The
new Surface Pro 2 tablets are using a new chipset technology from Intel called Haswell.
According to Intel, “Haswell represents the biggest single generational gain in power
efficiency in the history of [Intel’s] x86 PC processors. “ With this new, more power effective
processor, the Surface Pro 2 will have a 75 percent longer battery life (which would imply
an increase to roughly 5.5-9 hours).
In addition to longer battery life, the overall performance of the Surface Pro 2 will increase
by 20 percent and the graphical performance by 50 percent. The front and back cameras
have also been greatly improved. In addition to the higher resolution (3.5 and 5 megapixel
respectively), the cameras leverage a technology that effectively capture light. This means
that you will be clearly visible using the web cam, even though you are in a low-lit room.
2. Newer version of Windows 8
The first generation of Surface Pro came with Windows 8 pre-installed. Windows 8, which
has been designed for touch-screen devices introduces an entirely new user experience. As
with all new software that introduces drastic change, Windows 8 got a lot of mixed
customer feedback. Surface Pro 2 comes with the updated version of Windows 8 called
Windows 8.1. Main improvements include more options to personalize your device, richer
search experience, improved Windows Apps and easier navigation. (To learn more about
Windows 8.1 for PC users read my blog post called, Windows 8.1 – Top enhancements for
traditional PC users).
3. Improved stand for using the Surface in your lap
With the Surface, Microsoft introduced a new, innovative built-in stand
called the “Kickstand.” Using the Kickstand you could easily place your
Surface on a table in front of you, attach a keyboard and use it as a
traditional laptop. Many users though complained that the Kickstand
wasn’t good if you wanted to use the Surface in your lap. With Surface 2,
Microsoft have updated the Kickstand so that it now supports two
angles – one optimized for using the Surface on a table and one larger
degree angle for using the Surface on your lap.
4. Enhanced keyboard offerings
Even though not included in the purchase of a Surface device, the two separately available
keyboards that were released with the first generation Surface devices, Touch Cover and
Type Cover, have received great feedback. The keyboards act as a combined keyboard and
cover for the Surface device and they have now been updated and improved.
The Touch Cover 2 is thinner (only 2.75 mm) and lighter than the original Touch Cover. The
keys have built in backlight which makes typing in dim light much easier, and the keys are
more sensitive, making the overall typing experience better.
The Type Cover 2, has the same design as its predecessor, though it’s more rigid and the keys
are quieter. Just like the Touch Cover 2, the Type Cover 2 comes with built in backlight for
better readability in the dark.
In addition to these two keyboards, Microsoft introduced a new keyboard called the “Power
Cover”. The Power Cover is a Type Cover 2 with a built-in battery to extend the battery life of
your Surface device with about 50 percent.
5. A d ocking station enabling full workstation capacity
If you want to use your Surface Pro as a full-featured workstation you probably want to
connect it to other accessories you might have on your desk – such as a mouse, a headset, a
larger screen and so on. This becomes really easy with the new Surface Pro Docking Station.
You can have all your accessories connected to the Docking Station along with a power
supply and Ehternet network cable (if the wireless isn’t good enough), just plug your Surface
Pro in to the Docking Station and you are all set with everything up and running. The
Docking Station comes with a Mini DisplayPort video output, three USB 2.0 ports and one
USB 3.0 port, an Ethernet port, and 3.5mm audio in and out.
Is now the right time to buy?
Launching a new generation Surface devices with all these improvements in less than a
year is quite impressive. It does however make me wonder what will be introduced in the
next generation of Surface devices if I just sit tight and wait until next year? This is always
the case with technology, the minute you buy something, there is already something newer,
faster and better available in the market. Whether or not it’s right to buy all depends on your
work situation – if you need to be mobile, you need quick access to information, you need to
be able to take handwritten notes, you need to access your work applications on the go,
then paying $1,229 for a Surface Pro 2 (with the Type Cover 2 keyboard for $129.99 and the
Docking Station for $199.99) will give you a lot of value for your money and it will increase
your business productivity for sure!
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