[CooperCases] Keyboard troubleshooting

[CooperCases] Keyboard troubleshooting
Before first use charge the keyboard for 3-4 hours before trying to connect and pair
it with the device.
When using the Infinite Executive Keyboard, the following issues may be easily solved
by using these steps:
Scenario 1: “Oh, I cannot pair the keyboard with my Tablet/iPad/iPhone/Phone!”
Solution A: Check if the battery is low. When the battery is low, the “Blue” LED light
will keep flashing. Please charge the Keyboard immediately and try again.
Solution B: Check if the case is powered “on” AND press the “ ” button (if the
Bluetooth icon is on the “C” key, you’ll need to press Fn+C at the same time.)
Solution C: Don’t use Bluetooth keyboard when charging
If the user charges the keyboard via 5V adapter, this can cause a voltage over load
and will not allow simultaneous charging and use of the keyboard.
Solution D: Ensure the password for pairing is Correct
Scenario 2: “I connected Bluetooth keyboard with my device, but it still doesn’t work”
Solution A: Bluetooth keyboard supports memo, texting, email, iMessage, Keynote,
Pages, Numbers and tons of apps, and even some media keys (“see the top blue
buttons” FN+keys to activate)
But please don’t type at the Home page, as it cannot activate any apps if you don’t
press any combine keys
Solution B: Battery is fully charged? Before using the keyboard, please make sure it’s
fully charged.
Solution C: Ensure you have been connected with right device and right keyboard.
There are many Bluetooth keyboards; maybe you accidentally connected to another
in range.
Scenario 3: “OH, the keycap has fallen off, it is defective!”
Solution A: Hold on! Our keycap can carry 3 Newton force (that’s the force you use to
open one can of soda) and it’s easy to reassemble. Just put the keycap to the right
position and press until you hear it click.
Scenario 4: “Keyboard didn't type the keys: M, I, O, 8 and 0, etc.”
Solution A: When the battery is low, some keys may be slow to react. Please charge
the case completely and try again.
Solution B: If it still doesn’t work after fully charged, then please notify us.
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