Promate Spire
Dual Pairing “Shake n Shuffle”
Bluetooth®/NFC Speaker
User Guide
Tune into your groovy side with Spire, a multi-point paring wireless speaker with a beat
indicator that packs a massive audio punch. Unlike forward-facing speakers that only
send sound in one direction, Spire produces an omnidirectional sound output that fills
your surroundings in every direction evenly. Enhance this wonderful sound experience
and never miss a beat with our specialized beat indicator LED’s built into Spire that let
you see and feel the beat. It features a highly sensitive touch key control which allows
you to navigate through your music playlist with ease or just shake the speaker to skip to
the next song. Spire also has an on board auxiliary port as well as a Micro-SD card reader.
Dual connectivity options via Bluetooth® v3.0, and NFC which lets you connect your
device by simply tapping your NFC compatible smartphone on Spire. The dual pairing
option lets you connect two devices to Spire simultaneously. Turn your speaker into a
speaker phone with the built-in concealed microphone and one touch answer button for
dialog clarity in your voice communications. Music and Conversations made better with
Packaging Contents:
• Spire Bluetooth® Speaker
• USB charging cable
• User Guide
• Warranty Card
• Bluetooth® Version: 3.0+EDR
• Bluetooth® Profile: HFP, HSP, A2DP
• Input Power: 3.7V/500mA
• Output Power: 3W
• Impedance: 4 Ohms
• Speaker Frequency: 60Hz~20000Hz
• Signal-to-noise ratio: 73dB
• Charging time: 5 hours
• Maximum playing hours: 5-6 hours
• Battery Capacity: 800 mAh
• Operating Distance: 10 meters
• Pair two Bluetooth® devices at the same time
• NFC for quick pairing
• Shake to skip to previous or next song
• Tilt over to mute audio
• Built-in beat indicator LED’s
• Sensitive Touch key control
• Auxiliary port and Micro-SD card reader Playback support
• Hands-free support
• 4-5 Hour playback
Please read all safety instructions and warnings thoroughly before using this product.
Improper use of this product may result in damage to this or attached products. To
keep the perfect performances of the product, never use it in the following conditions:
1. Moist or underwater conditions.
2. Conditions near the heater or high-temperature environment.
3. Conditions with direct sunshine.
4. Conditions with apt falling.
5. Never dismantle the product without due permission, otherwise it may nullify the
warranty clauses.
Appearance & Interface Description:
1. Mode Button
2. Toggle Backward Button
3. Toggle Forward Button
4. NFC Sensing area
5. Multifunction Button
6. Power Switch / Lock Switch
7. Auxiliary Port
8. Micro-SD/TF card reader
9. USB Charging Port
10. Volume control sensing area
Operation Instructions:
1. Charging Spire
• Plug the USB Charging cable into the Base portion of Spire.
• Plug the other end of the USB cable into a wall power socket or computer USB
• The red indicator on Spire will begin blinking.
• When the battery is fully charged, the red indicator will turn off and the blue
indicator will turn on. It takes approximately 5 hours to fully charge Spire.
Note: Before using Spire for the first time charge it fully. The red light indicator will
flash when the battery is low. At this time, please charge Spire.
2. Power on/off Spire
• Press and hold the Power Switch to turn on Spire.
• Press and hold the Power Switch again to turn off Spire.
3. Locking/Unlocking the Touch Control
• Press the locking button once to turn off all touch controls, blinking LED Lights
and Shake to shuffle features.
4. Pairing Spire (Using Bluetooth®)
You are required to pair Spire with your mobile phone once before using it.
• Press the mode button once to go into pairing mode.
• Activate Bluetooth® on your mobile phone.
• Set your phone to discover ‘Spire’.
• If your phone asks for a passkey or PIN code, confirm with ‘0000’ (4 zeroes).
When the phone and Spire are paired and connected, you will hear a prompt
Note: If Spire is not in pairing mode, your mobile phone won’t find it. Please set
Spire into Bluetooth® pairing mode before searching for Spire. If no pairing is
possible for a period of time (approximately 2 minutes), Spire will automatically turn
5. Pairing Spire (Using NFC)
You are required to pair Spire with your mobile phone once before using it.
• Switch on Spire and tap your NFC enabled smartphone on Spire.
• Your smartphone will then ask you whether you want to pair this Bluetooth®
• Select “Yes” and Spire will then be connected to your smartphone.
6. Pairing Spire with a second Bluetooth® device(Multipoint Pairing) :
• Follow the above instructions to pair the Spire with the first device.
• Press the mode button once to go into pairing mode.
• Activate Bluetooth® on your mobile phone.
• Set your phone to discover ‘Spire’ and follow the instructions.
• If your phone asks for a passkey or PIN code, confirm with ‘0000’ (4 zeroes).
7. Playing Music Using TF Card
• Insert TF card into the slots as provided.
• Press the mode button till you hear a prompt tone
• Spire will detect the mp3 files automatically.
• Use the “Toggle Forward Button” or “Toggle Backward Button” to control music
8. Controlling Music Playback
• Press the Multifunction button to Play or Pause you Music Track.
• Press the “Toggle Forward Button” to skip to the next track.
• Press the “Toggle Backward Button” to skip to the previous track.
• Alternatively you can skip to the next track by shaking the speaker from left to
• To mute the track turn the speaker upside down.
9. Make and receive calls
Once Spire is successfully paired and connected with your mobile phone, you can
use it to make and receive calls. Spire can be used with voice dialing if your phone
supports the feature. Please consult your phone’s manual for more information.
• Using the phone keys to make a call: Dial a number on the phone as you normally
do. Once the call has been set up, the sound will be transmitted to Spire
• Answering/Ending/Rejecting calls: When Spire is switched on and there is an
incoming call:
• Press the Multi-function button once to answer the call.
• Press the Multi-function button once to end the call.
• Long press the Multi-function button for 2 seconds to reject the call
• Put the call on hold. Press and hold the multi-function button for 2 seconds to put
the current call on hold and accept the call waiting. (The blue LED light flashes
with a prompt tone) Press the multi-function button twice again to resume to the
first call.
10. Adjust the volume
• Rotate your finger in a clockwise direction over the volume sensing area to
increase the volume of the speaker.
• Rotate your finger in an anti-clockwise direction over the volume sensing area to
decrease the volume of the speaker.
• Alternatively you may increase/decrease the volume by increasing/decreasing the
volume on your smartphone.
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