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Dualit 88910 blender Instruction manual | Manualzz
Hand Blender
Instruction Manual & Guarantee
Blitz, whisk, chop and puree!
With your multi-tasking kitchen assistant, you can now tackle cookery
challenges with ease. Experiment with saucy salsa, smooth soups and summery
smoothies, safe in the knowledge that they will be ready in a matter of
moments. From quick weekday dinners for two, to baby food and gourmet
dinner parties. Dualit’s trusty Hand Blender is up to every kitchen challenge.
The Hand Blender is just one part of the Dualit Food Preparation family.
A comprehensive collection of hard-wearing, thoughtfully designed kitchen
gadgets that make light work of every culinary task.
Safety precautions 04
Know your Hand Blender 06
Using your Hand Blender 08
Attaching and removing accessories 08
Using the Wand 09
Using Chopper Bowl and Gearbox 10
Using Balloon Whisk with Gearbox 12
Maximum Loading Chart 14
Useful Tips 16
Cleaning & Maintenance 18
Storing your Hand Blender 20
Troubleshooting 21
Cooking Tips 22
Recipes 24
Guarantee 35
Unpack the box with care, keeping all the packaging materials until you are satisfied everything
is present and in working order. Once satisfied remove any tags from the hand blender and
recycle the packaging appropriately. You may wish to keep the box to store your hand blender.
All illustrations are for representation only; your model may vary from illustrations shown.
• Do not place hand blender near edge of work
• Do not let cord hang over edge of table or
• Keep hands and utensils out of containers while
blending to reduce the risk of severe injury to
persons or damage to the blender. A scraper
should be used but must be used only when the
hand blender is not running and blades safely
Always follow these safety precautions when using
your hand blender for your own safety and to
avoid damaging the appliance.
• Blades are sharp. Handle carefully. Avoid
• To protect against risk of electrical shock, do
contact with moving parts as serious injury could
not submerge the main body, cord or plug,
in water or any other liquids. Do not allow
liquid into the join where the main body and
attachments meet.
• Be careful if hot liquid is poured into the food
processor or blender as it can be ejected out of
the appliance due to a sudden steaming.
• This applliance shall not be used by children.
Keep the appliance and its cord out of reach
• Always operate chopper bowl with lid securely
in place. The bowl may leak if the lid is damaged,
of children.
• Children shall not play with the appliance.
incorrectly fitted or over-filled.
• Do not disconnect accessories from the main
• Appliances can be used by persons
body before the motor has stopped.
with reduced physical, sensory or mental
capabilities or lack of experience and
knowledge if they have been given
supervision or instruction concerning use of
the appliance in a safe way and understand
the hazards involved.
• Keep fingers, clothing, utensils and hair away
from moving parts.
• Never reach into the chopper bowl with your
fingers or an object (e.g. a spatula) while the
hand blender is running.
• Do not use outdoors, in moving vehicles,
• This is an attended appliance. Do not leave appliance unattended
during use. Unplug appliance when
boats or caravans.
• This appliance is intended for domestic use
only. If the appliance is used improperly, for
• The use of attachments not recommended or
professional, semi-professional purposes or if
it is not used according to these instructions,
the guarantee becomes invalid and Dualit
refuses any liability for damage caused.
sold by the manufacturer may cause fire, electric
shock or injury.
• If the chopper blade, wand blades or whisk is
• Never tamper with the safety systems.
They are included for your personal safety.
• To avoid serious injury, should the unit
start accidentally, unplug from outlet when:
not in use, moving the appliance, before
attaching or removing parts, before cleaning
or storage.
jammed, switch off and unplug the hand blender
before removing the blockage.
• The noise level of this appliance is Lc>70dB.
• For safest use it is recommended to remove pan
from the stove and allow liquids to cool to room
temperature before blending. Never blend
following inadvertent resetting of the thermal
cut out, this appliance must not be supplied
through an external switching device such
as a timer or connected to a circuit which is
regularly turned off by the utility.
hot oil or fat.
• Do not add boiling liquids or foods to the
chopper bowl. Always cool liquids or food
• Do not insert frozen items into jug or
• We recommend that the appliance is
chopper bowl taken directly from a hot
plugged into a socket that has no other
appliance connected to it. Failure to do this
may cause an overload, trip a circuit breaker
or blow a fuse. Preferably the socket outlet
should be protected by a Residual Current
device (RCD).
• Do not immerse or wash jug or chopper
bowl in boiling or very hot water.
• When blending heavy loads pulse for
30 seconds and allow cooling until room
temperature between each pulse. Please
note that no recipe contained within the
manual is considered a heavy load.
• The maximum rating is based on the
attachment that draws the greatest load.
Other attachments may draw less power.
• Be careful if hot liquid is utilised with the
Hand Blender or its accessories as it can be
• Do not operate the chopper bowl while
• Never carry or pull the appliance by the
ejected out of the container due
to a sudden steaming.
• Make sure the electrical outlet is rated at
• Do not throw away the
the same A.C. voltage as that stated on the
bottom of the main body. Do not use if the
voltages are different.
appliance with the normal
household waste at the end of
its life, but hand it in at an official collection
point for recycling. By doing this, you help to
preserve the environment.
• If the power cord is damaged it must, for
safety reasons, be replaced by Dualit or an
authorised Dualit repairer.
• Do not operate the hand blender with a
damaged cord or plug.
• Do not operate the hand blender after
appliance malfunctions.
• Do not operate the hand blender if it is
dropped and shows signs of damage. Return
appliance to the nearest Authorized Service
Centre for examination, repair or electrical
• Read this instruction book thoroughly.
• Clean all parts in contact with food
before using for the first time. Wash with
lukewarm water and detergent, then rinse
and dry.
or mechanical adjustment when there is any
indication of damage.
• Treat the blades with respect – they are
• This product is fitted with a resettable
very sharp!
thermal cut-out and surge protection, if the
motor stops, the unit is not broken, stop,
unplug, allow to cool and then restart.
• When you turn the hand blender on for
the first time, a “new” smell may be given
off, this will dissipate after a few uses.
• CAUTION: In order to avoid hazard
know your
hand blender
balloon whisk feed Feed tube chopper lid chopper blade
(dishwasher safe)
tube cover (dishwasher safe) (dishwasher safe)
speed control
power button
main body
(not dishwasher safe)
(dishwasher safe)
(dishwasher safe)
(not dishwasher safe)
chopper bowl
(dishwasher safe)
bowl shaft
The following sections will explain use of your hand blender. Please read this section carefully.
The wand is a powerful tool for liquidising or mixing ingredients.
For max loadings see chart on page 14.
using THE WAND
Do not blend for more than 1 minute in any 4 minute period, if you accidentally do, unplug
and leave the hand blender to fully cool to room temperature before re-using.
For max loadings see chart on page 14.
Do not attach or remove accessories with the main body plugged in to the supply.
1 locate
2 attach
2 ingredients
3 insert wand
1 attach wand
3 remove
Ensure the hand blender is
unplugged. Attach the wand
to the main body. Ensure the
wand is securely attached
into the main body.
Caution: avoid contact
with the blades.
4 turn on
Place your ingredients into a
tall container, pan or mixing
jug to avoid splashing.
5 turn off
Dip the wand deep into the
pan or jug ensuring the depth
of the mixture does not
exceed the ’Max’ marks on
the wand shaft. NOTE: Keep
wand foot submerged to
avoid splashing.
6 clean parts
See pg 19
To attach the Wand or
Gearbox - Hold the Main
Body firmly with one hand,
align the indent with the
unlock symbol.
Push and twist the accessory
clockwise with your other
hand, until the indents on
the sides of the parts are
To remove the accessory,
unplug and reverse the
Plug in the hand blender.
Set the speed to
minimum (-), press the
power button to start
When blending is complete,
release the power button
then unplug.
Remove the wand from
the main body. Remove
the wand from the jug or
pan before pouring. Clean
parts immediately after
use (see pg19 for cleaning
With its sharp blades and 600ml capacity, the chopper bowl accessory is compact and handy
for dry ingredients. For max loadings see chart on page 14.
1 insert blades
2 ingredients
3 close lid
For best results short and regular 1 second pulses are recommended.
7 feed tube
8 feed tube cover
9 turn off
Ensure the hand blender is
unplugged. Insert the blade in
the chopper bowl; locate it
over the chopper bowl shaft.
Caution: blades are sharp!
4 attach
Distribute ingredients evenly
in the bowl. Pre-cut larger
pieces of food into evensized cubes (approximately
2cm). Do not fill above the
MAX. Note: Never put
food in before blade.
5 turn on
Place the lid on the bowl
and rotate clockwise to lock.
Ensure lid is correctly
locked in place with the
feed tube and spout
6 pulse
Ensure the hand blender is
unplugged. Remove the feed
tube cover and drop ingredients
down the feed tube into the
bowl. Never reach into the
feed tube with your fingers
or utensils (e.g. a spatula).
10 remove
Replace the feed tube cover.
Plug in the appliance and
continue operating the hand
11 remove lid
When chopping is complete,
release the power button
then unplug. Ensure the
motor and blades have
stopped then lift the main
body and gearbox vertically
off the chopper bowl lid.
12 clean parts
See pg 19
Attach the gearbox to the
centre of the lid. Align the
four protruding dimples.
Plug in the hand blender. Set
the speed to minimum (-),
press the power button to
start chopping.
Pulse for a maximum of 25
seconds for meats or tough
ingredients, 30 seconds for
liquids and soft ingredients.
Note: Use repeated short
pulses (no more than 1
second) for best results.
Remove the gearbox from
the main body by twisting
Rotate the lid anti-clockwise.
If scraping out a mixture take
out the blades first. Never
touch the cutting edges of the
Caution: blades are sharp!
Clean parts immediately
after use (see pg19 for
cleaning instructions).
using THE balloon whisk
The balloon whisk is the perfect tool for incorporating air into light ingredients to create
featherweight results. For max loadings see chart on page 14. Note: to prevent splashing use
Mixing Jug supplied.
3 low speed
mixing tips
For best chopping results add ingredients gradually via the feed tube. This appliance is not
suitable for frozen mangos, un-melted chocolate, coffee beans, seeds, uncooked-rice etc.
Generally, there is not one set speed for an entire recipe. You will need to change the speed
of the mixer depending on what stage of the recipe you are working on. This is communicated
in the recipe section.
1. When processing liquids, such as soups with the wand, always ensure the foot is
submerged in the liquid to prevent splashing. Do not process uncooked vegetables.
2. When chopping small quantities of ingredients use a low speed and a pulsing action.
3. Do not process ice in the chopping bowl.
4. For best results pulse repeatedly, holding the button for no longer than 1 second.
Ensure the hand blender
is unplugged. Attach the
gearbox to the main body.
Ensure the gearbox is
securely attached into the
main body.
4 turn on
Hold the main body with
one hand and the whisk
stem with the other hand
and insert the whisk with a
slight twist and push action
until they click in to place.
Plug in the hand blender.
Dip the whisk well into the
mixture. Set the speed to
minimum (-).
Extra or replacement accessories can be purchased directly from Dualit. A second
chopper bowl or mixing jug can be useful extras in busy kitchens. A Dualit apron can also
make a perfect gift. Knife Blade – contact customer services for availability details. Note: Its max
capacity is 70g of 2.5cm3 cubed beef on turbo speed for 3 seconds (not supplied in pack).
6 clean PARTS
See pg 19
Press the power button to
start whisking.
When whisking is complete,
release the power button
then unplug from the mains.
Detach whisk by firmly holding
main body or gearbox & pulling
the whisk downwards. Remove
gearbox from the main body.
Clean parts immediately after
use (see pg19 for cleaning
Maximum loading chart
Use the chart below as a guide to determine the maximum amount of
ingredients to be mixed at one time.
recipe / ingredient
maximum quantity
Approx. Processing
time /Seconds
Wand* with Mixing Jug
Do not exceed max mark
on the wand
Fruit yoghurt
500g Yoghurt + 150g of Fruit
Cooked Carrot
Soup or baby food
Do not exceed max mark
on the wand
2 egg yolks+ 300ml sunflower oil
added gradually via feed tube
300ml olive oil + 100ml vinegar
add Dijon mustard as desired
3 large slices of bread (150g, add
gradually via feed tube)
Egg Whites
Cake Mix
3 egg cake mix (150g flour, 150g
sugar, using softened butter)
Chopper Bowl*
and Knife blade
Tomato, Onion
Lean Meat (Pork, Chicken, Beef or Fish; cut into
2cm cubes)
with suitable mixing bowl
(not supplied)
Operation and rest times:
* Do not blend or process for more than 1 minute in any 4 minute period, if you accidentally
do, unplug and leave the hand blender to fully cool to room temperature before re-using.
**Rest appliance for 1 minute per every minute of whisking.
• Roughly chop ingredients before blending for best results.
•Hold the chopper bowl or mixing jug steady during use, use a high sided bowl for whizzing
even small amounts to prevent splattering.
•The variable speed control can vary the speed of the motor from 7000-16000rpm. For best
results start blending on the lowest setting and gradually increase the blending speed.
•For best results work through the ingredients with a gentle up and down movement of the
main body.
•To store a mixture in the jug, cover and refrigerate as required.
The mixing jug is ideal for whipping up a quick smoothie or making frothy coffee. Blending is
fast, easy and clean. Use the wand for mixtures that include solids such as fruits, ice cream etc.
•Make homemade smoothie in minutes. Even fruit which is just past its best can be used. Most
soft fruits are suitable. Stir into cereal for a nutritious breakfast. To serve as a drink, pour the
mixture into a glass and add milk, yogurt and/or fruit juice.
•No need to go out for a frothy coffee. Bring some semi-skimmed milk to the boil in a pan
and whizz to a froth using the turbo button. Pour into a cup of hot coffee and stir in gently,
also good with instant coffee.
•For homemade hot chocolate, heat a cupful of milk until just boiling. Remove from heat and
drop in a couple of blocks of chocolate. Wait for it to soften and then whizz with the Dualit
hand blender using the power button, then change to the turbo setting to froth.
•Chop onions and garlic by putting into the chopper and whizzing, no smelly fingers!
•Grate cheeses in moments, ready for adding to sauces or sprinkling over baked dishes. Chop
into 1.5cm cubes, place in chopper bowl and whizz.
•Produce fresh breadcrumbs with ease. Slightly stale white bread makes the fluffiest crumbs.
Remove the crusts and cut into cubes. Half fill the chopper bowl and whizz until fine. Make in
batches and store in the freezer.
•Nourishing, healthy soups can be quickly made in the chopper using cooked leftovers. Root
vegetables, tomatoes, pumpkin, squashes and courgettes are all suitable. Use flavourings such
as curry powder, ginger, cumin, or sprigs of thyme, and a dash of soy sauce to add piquancy.
• To obtain the greatest volume when beating egg whites, be sure the bowl and beater are
completely clean and dry before use. The smallest amount of grease or water can prevent
the whites from aerating.
• The term “soft peaks” means that the egg white barely supports itself. When the head of the
mixer is lifted, the egg white mixture will curl and may fall from the beater.
•Ingredients are whisked to incorporate air. By tipping a bowl at a safe angle, even more air
can get into the mixture, resulting in light mixtures and increased volume.
•Whisked egg whites provide the base for soufflés, mousses and all types of meringues.
•The mixing bowl must be spotless as a speck of grease will stop egg white from holding air.
Rub the bowl with a cut lemon if you have any doubts.
•Start slowly and only use a faster speed when the mixture starts to turn white.
cleaning and
2 cleaning icons
3 pre-wash
main body
Wipe exterior surface with a
damp cloth.
Dry thoroughly with a cloth.
Wipe exterior surface with a
damp cloth.
Dry thoroughly with a cloth.
Place on the top rack of the
dishwasher, on a sub 40 degree
wash cycle. Keep well away from
the heating elements
Or wash the wand under
running water.
Drain the wand by resting it
upside down (blades pointing
up) and dry carefully with a
cloth. This allows water to drain
from inside the wand.
Place on the top rack of the
Dry thoroughly with a cloth.
dishwasher, on a sub 40 degree
wash cycle. Keep well away from
the heating elements.
Or wash the wand under
running water.
chopper blade
Place on the top rack of the
Dry thoroughly with a cloth.
dishwasher, on a sub 40 degree
wash cycle. Keep well away from
the heating elements.
Or wash the wand under
running water.
chopper bowl,
LID & feed tube
Place on the top rack of the
Dry thoroughly with a cloth.
dishwasher, on a sub 40 degree
wash cycle. Keep well away from
the heating elements.
Or wash the wand under
running water.
Place on the top rack of the
Dry thoroughly with a cloth.
dishwasher, on a sub 40 degree
wash cycle. Keep well away from
the heating elements.
Or wash the wand under
running water.
It is important to clean the HAND BLENDER and
all parts in contact with food after each use.
1 unplug
always switch off
and unplug before
any cleaning. never
use abrasive cleaners
on any of the parts.
4 do not
Do not submerge, or
partially submerge the main
body or gearbox in any
Look for these symbols on
the parts and follow the
1. Not dishwasher safe
2. Dishwasher safe
3. Do not immerse parts
To remove food particles
from wand, chopping bowl
and balloon whisk fill a jug (or
half fill chopping bowl) with
warm soapy water and whizz
using the turbo button.
5 sharp blades
6 use damp cloth
Caution: avoid contact
with the blades. Use a
cleaning brush and soap suds
when washing the blades.
Do not use harsh or abrasive
cleaning agents, solvents or
steel wool. Use a damp cloth.
1 unplug
2 clean & dry
storing your
hand blender
3 storE
The hand blender does not turn on
1. The unit may not be properly
1. Check the plug is in the socket and the switch
connected to the power supply.
in turned on.
2. The unit’s thermal fuse may have
activated, temporariily disabling it.
2. This product is fitted with a resettable
thermal cut-out and surge protection, if the
hand blender does not turn on or the motor
stops, the unit is not broken, stop, unplug, allow
to cool and then restart.
The blender body gets hot
1. The unit may have been used for an
extended period of time.
Ensure the unit is thoroughly
cleaned before storing.
Bacteria can build up quickly
if not cleaned and food is
left on the unit.
Place the hand blender in
its box in a cool, dry place
and away from the reach of
1. Allow the unit to fully cool. Your hand
blender is designed for intermittent use, the
motor is very powerful, see operation and rest
times below max loadings in this instruction
2. The unit may have been processing a
2. Some heat will be generated during normal
heavy load.
use, particularly on very hot days, never leave to
rest in direct sunlight.
3. The unit may have been left near a heat 3. Store in a cool, dark place.
The mixture is not blending
1. You may have exceeded maximum
1. Refer to max loadings chart (pg 14) and
blend ingredients in smaller batches.
2. Ingredient chunks may be too large.
2. The food chunks are too large, try chopping
into smaller chunks and try again.
3.1 You are using the wrong speed selection,
set to a slower speed, pulse and gradually
increase mixer speed.
3.2. The blade may be damaged, contact Dualit
for further advice and spares information.
3. The speed of chopping may not be
appropriate for the ingredients.
I get splashes when I blend
1. The unit has very powerful blades and
attachments which rotate very fast.
1.1 Dip the wand into the mixture before
turning the power on.
1.2 Try using a deeper bowl or jug, even when
blending small mixtures.
1.3 Set the speed wheel to a slower setting and
then increase speed as you blend.
1.4 Do not go over the MAX mark on the sides
of the wand while blending.
daily uses for your hand blender
The importance of good
quality and fresh ingredients
will make a huge difference
to any recipe. Remember,
the fresher the better and
quality over quantity.
• For the best results, try to
use good quality oils and
condiments. Sour, bitter or
rancid oil can spoil a recipe,
whereas a drizzle of good
quality, cold-pressed olive
oil can lift a dish.
• Sea salts, such as Maldon
other sea salt crystals, are
more expensive than table
salt, but are unsullied by
processing and additives,
and well worth the extra
expense. They taste better
and are a pleasure to handle.
• Pepper is always best freshly
milled and Parmesan cheese
should be freshly grated.
daily uses for your hand blender
Get in the habit of using your
hand blender and bring a bit
of fun into the preparation of
quick meals, snacks and
semi-skimmed milk to the
boil in a pan and whizz to a
froth using the turbo
button. Pour into a cup
of hot coffee and stir in
gently without breaking the
bubbles - also good with
instant coffee.
• Fruit smoothies are
fashionable, healthy and a
great pick-me-up for the
“morning after”. Break a
banana into the tall jug and
add a handful of one or
two fruits, e.g. strawberries,
blueberries, pear or apple,
with a teaspoon of honey
and/or wheatgerm. Blitz
with the blender to a
rough pulp. With the
blender running, gradually
pour in some milk to the
consistency you like and
the smoothie is ready to
•For hot chocolate, break
up 40g (1½ oz) good dark
chocolate, at least 60%
cocoa solids. Heat 250ml
(9fl oz) a cupful of milk,
until just boiling. Remove
from heat and drop in the
chocolate. Wait a minute
for it to soften and then
whizz on a slow speed.
Then change to the turbo
setting to froth. Serve
•No need to go out for a
frothy coffee. Bring some
•The Dualit hand blender is
so useful for blending 22
soups – thick cream soups
of winter vegetables for a
nourishing lunch for one or
two, cold summer soups,
or posh soups for smart
dinners. There are four
soup recipes in this
booklet, but simply cooking
some chopped onion in a
little butter or oil and
adding almost any
vegetables (including
leftovers and salad greens),
or a tin of beans (rinsed),
some stock, herbs or curry
powder, a spoon of crème
frâiche and/or a dash of
wine can make a delicious
soup. Don’t be afraid
to experiment. Whizz it
together with the hand
blender and serve.
•Make dips and
mixes from store cupboard
ingredients, and serve with
chopped raw vegetables
for a healthy light snack or
•Treat your family and
friends to homemade
pesto – so different from
bought sauce, but simple
to make. Tear a large
bunch of fresh basil
(about 50-75g) into a
bowl including the stalks.
Drizzle over 3 tablespoons
olive oil and add a large
crushed garlic clove. Blitz
together using the speed
button until the leaves
break down then pulse to
a pulp using turbo. Add 4
heaped tbsp (about 50g)
grated parmesan cheese
or pinenuts (or both)
and continue pulsing to a
smooth paste. Add a little
salt and pepper and 2-3
tbsp warm water. Transfer
to a jar and keep in the
fridge for up to a week.
•Why buy salad dressings
and marinades when
you can whizz up fresh
The Dualit hand blender is
perfect for making smooth,
shiny vinaigrettes and
dressings. Balsamic,
mustard and soy dressing
is lovely on a salad and
doubles as a marinade for
lamb or chicken. Put 2
teaspoons Dijon mustard
into a medium sized bowl.
Add 2 tbsp soy sauce, 2
tbsp balsamic vinegar and
some sea salt and pepper.
Whizz. then with the
blades still running pour in
a teacup of olive oil, about
200ml (7fl oz), and 1 tbsp
fresh lemon juice. Add
about 6 fresh mint leaves
at the end, if you have
some, and pulse until
coarsely chopped.
• Frozen peas or broad
beans can be crushed to
produce a tasty alternative
to boiled vegetables Cook
the peas or beans
according to pack
instructions. Drain off
most of the water. Add a
good knob of butter and
2-3 leaves fresh mint (for
peas), if liked. Blitz with the
Dualit hand blender on the
slowest speed until crushed
but not smooth. Add salt
and pepper and serve.
Good with salmon,
chicken, lamb or a pork
• Beat eggs quickly and
smoothly with your
blender’s whisk – especially
when you have three or
more to prepare.
• To the rescue – lumpy
sauces can be smoothed
in seconds by whizzing with
the Dualit hand blender on
the turbo setting. A
curdled hollandaise sauce
can be improved with 2
tbsp of cold water and a
quick blitz make pancakes
a regular feature on your
menu, especially if you
have children to cook
for. Use a packet mix, or
quickly make your own.
Put 100g plain flour into
a large bowl with a pinch
of salt, and 1 tbsp caster
sugar if you want sweet
pancakes. Break in an egg
and using the hand blender,
whizz lightly. Then with
the blender on its slowest
setting, incorporate a cup
of milk, 250ml (9fl oz), until
you have a smooth batter.
This can be used
immediately without
standing. For a special
breakfast pancake, use the
Buttermilk pancake recipe
(See Buttermilk breakfast
pancakes in the next
• Dry ingredients: use
flat bottomed bowl with
steep sloping sides, the
hand blender will mix dry
ingredients perfectly.
makes 16
•75g porridge oats
•2 tbsp caster sugar
•2 x 287ml cartons buttermilk •1 tsp ground cinnamon
•100g plain flour
•1 tsp bicarbonate of soda
•60g wholemeal flour
•1 tsp baking powder
•¼ tsp sea salt
•2 eggs
•2 tbsp vegetable oil,
plus extra
•1 large ripe avocado
•2 fat cloves garlic, peeled
and roughly chopped
•1 spring onion, roughly
serves 2 or 3
•Salt and freshly ground
•1 tomato, roughly chopped black pepper
•1 tsp ground cumin
•Juice 1 lime
Whizz up this healthy batter and cook in spoonfuls as blini-size pancakes. They are delicious
served with maple syrup or runny honey. For special breakfasts add fresh soft fruits and dollops
of yogurt or lightly whipped cream (see page 33). Then add the remaining ingredients and
whizz with the Dualit hand blender until just mixed. Do not overbeat.
Fresh homemade guacamole takes next to no time to prepare using the Dualit hand blender
and makes an excellent little dish to serve with drinks. For a bright green colour, make this no
more than 10 minutes ahead of serving. (See recipe for Avocado sauce (page 29) for a tip on
keeping the colour.)
• For cooking, soak the oats in the buttermilk in a medium sized bowl for 15 minutes.
• Then add the remaining ingredients and whizz with the Dualit hand blender until just mixed. Do not overbeat.
• Heat a non-stick frying pan until hot, swirl in a little oil and drop in small ladles of batter, about 2 tablespoonfuls each.
• Three or four pancakes may be cooked together, depending on the size of the pan. Add extra oil as needed.
• Cook on a medium heat until bubbles appear on top (about 2-3 minutes), then flip over and cook for a further 30 seconds.
• Stack under a tea towel to keep warm until all the batter is used.
• Cut the avocado into two, discard the stone and scoop out the flesh with a spoon into a small mixing bowl.
• Add the garlic and onion and pulse a little with the hand blender to mix.
• Add the tomato, cumin and some salt and pepper and continue pulsing until the tomato is roughly crushed. Then add the lime juice and pulse for a few more seconds.
• The texture should be crushed and creamy but not completely smooth.
• Spoon into a pretty bowl and serve with tortilla chips, bread sticks, crisp breads or toast fingers.
•200g Greek yoghurt
•1 x medium banana
•250ml milk
•4 teaspoons of honey
• 200g blueberries or mixed
berries of your choice
•60g oats.
Dualit’s Breakfast Booster Smoothie counts as two of your five a day, and the blast of banana
gives you a dose of potassium, helping you power through busy mornings until lunch.
Strawberries should be hulled and frozen berries should be defrosted before use.
• Place all the ingredients in Dualit’s Hand Blender jug.
• Use Dualit’s Hand Blender wand to mix until combined, taking care not to immerse further
than the ‘MAX’ marking on the wand.
• Pour into a glass and enjoy.
•125g smoked salmon
•1 spring onion
•100g cream cheese or low
fat soft cheese,
softened in a warm place
serves 2
•2 tsp chopped fresh dill (or •A little fresh lime or lemon
parsley if unavailable)
and freshly ground black
•1 tsp horseradish or
Worcestershire sauce, or
few dashes of hot pepper
Small pack of smoked salmon and a few everyday ingredients can be turned into a creamy pâté
for a speedy starter or party dip.
• Roughly snip the salmon and spring onion into pieces with scissors, into a medium sized bowl. Pulse with the Dualit hand blender until roughly chopped.
• Add the cream or soft cheese, dill or parsley, horseradish or sauce, and salt and pepper. Continue pulsing until well mixed but still retaining some texture. Add lime or lemon juice to taste and check for salt and pepper.
• Spoon into a couple of ramekins and chill until firm. Serve with fingers of toasts or plain crackers.
• Alternatively, make a bed of rocket salad on each plate and spoon the pâté into mounds on top.
TUNA PASTE serves 4
•60g marinated pitted black
•Olives, packed in olive oil
•30g tinned tuna fish
in Olive oil, drained
•30g tinned anchovies
in Olive oil, drained
•A pinch dried thyme
•A few fresh almonds,
skinned and crushed
•Extra virgin olive oil to taste
toast or croûtes to serve
•For garnish: a few capers,
This recipe is Spanish and makes a fabulous tapas snack, canapé or spread. The better the
quality of the ingredients, the more delicious it becomes.
• Place the first six ingredients in a large bowl, and blitz with the hand blender, scraping the sides of the bowl down well. Add a little extra virgin olive oil if necessary. Whizz to a thick cream.
• For canapés, cut the toast into small squares and spread the paste onto them. Garnish each with a caper and a sprig of parsley.
• Alternatively, press the mixture into a little china dish, put some capers and chopped parsley on top and serve with the toast.
•500g carrots
•1 onion, chopped
•1-2 tbsps olive oil
•Small bunch of
fresh tarragon
•1.25 litres vegetable or
•2 strips of lemon zest and
chicken stock (can be made the juice of a lemon
with bouillon powder or a •Salt & ground black pepper
•Half fat crème fraîche or
stock cube)
natural yogurt to serve
By keeping this simple, the full natural flavour of the carrots comes to the fore, underlined by a
hint of fresh herbs. This is a great low calorie soup which is quickly blended until smooth with
the Dualit hand blender. Thyme, coriander or basil can be used instead of tarragon.
• Peel, top, tail and chop the carrots and place in a saucepan with the oil. Heat until sizzling, then cover and cook on a gentle heat for 5 minutes. Add two sprigs of tarragon, the stock and salt and pepper to taste.
• Bring to the boil, add the lemon zest and simmer for 15 minutes until the carrots have softened.
• Remove the zest and pour off half the stock into a heat-proof jug.
• Using the Dualit hand blender, whizz the carrots in the pan until smooth and creamy. Return the s
aved stock, and bring back to the boil. Add lemon juice to taste and check for salt and pepper
• To serve: sprinkle with some chopped tarragon and small dollops of crème fraîche/yogurt.
•2 tbsp olive oil
•25g butter
•1 onion, roughly chopped
•2 fat cloves garlic, crushed
•250g chestnut mushrooms,
roughly chopped
•15g dried porcini
mushrooms and ceps
serves 4
•optional leaves from 2 sprigs •Squeeze of fresh lemon juice
fresh thyme or ½ tsp dried •Salt and freshly ground black
•2 tbsp Amontillado sherry
or vermouth, optional
•A little chopped fresh
•700ml vegetable or chicken parsley, optional, to serve
stock, can be made with
bouillon powder or a cube
•300ml milk
Homemade mushroom soup is a treat, and needs few ingredients to make it special. Choose
full flavoured chestnut mushrooms, and for real luxury add some dried ceps or porcini
mushrooms. Soak them in hot water for ten minutes or so to reconstitute before using
• Heat the oil and butter in a medium saucepan until hot then stir in the onions, garlic, mushrooms (including the porcini and ceps, if using) and thyme leaves.
• Cover and cook on a low heat for 5 minutes. Uncover and mix in the sherry or vermouth, if using. Cook for a minute then stir in half the stock and some seasoning.
• Bring to the boil then simmer for 15 minutes. Using the Dualit hand blender, blitz the ingredients in the saucepan until smooth.
• Rub the purée of mushrooms through a sieve using the back of a ladle.
• Return the liquid to the pan. Stir in the remaining stock and milk then reheat to a gentle simmer
• Cook for another 5 minutes. Add the lemon juice and check for salt and pepper.
• Give the soup a little froth by plunging the blender up and down in the pan on the turbo setting, and serve immediately with some chopped parsley sprinkled on top.
•A good handful of parsley
•A large onion
•A large potato
•30g butter
•430ml light stock, made
from a cube or powder
•A bay leaf
•A pinch of mace (optional)
serves 4
•140ml milk (optional)
•Salt and ground
white pepper
These simple and inexpensive ingredients make a great soup. Serve in colourful mugs or bowls.
• Chop the parsley in the Chopper or using a knife. Scrape out and set aside. There is no need to clean the chopper bowl. Cut the onion into chunks, and whizz in the chopper or using your knife.
• Cut the potato into cubes with a knife. Melt the butter in a heavy based saucepan, add the potato and onion, cover with the lid and cook to soften very gently for 7-10 minutes, stirring from time to time to prevent browning.
• Then add the stock, bay leaf and mace, bring to the boil and simmer for 20 minutes, with the lid slightly ajar. It is cooked when you can crush the vegetables easily with the back of a spoon.
• Remove bay leaf and allow to cool slightly and blender till smooth or to required consistency.
•1 tsp extra virgin olive oil
•1 medium onion (peeled
and chopped using Dualit’s
Hand Blender chopper)
•1 medium onion (peeled
and chopped using Dualit’s
Hand Blender chopper)
•80g parsnips (peeled and cubed) •80g thinly sliced savoy cabbage
•80g carrots (peeled and cubed) •1.5 litres vegetable stock
•80g turnips (peeled and cubed) •Sea salt and freshly milled pepper
•80g squash (quartered and
•80g butternut squash
(quartered and deseeded
To garnish:
•A dollop of crème fraiche
•A drizzle of truffle oil
•2 sprigs rosemary and 2 sprigs
thyme (chopped using Dualit’s
Hand Blender chopper – double
this amount if making croutons
and save half for later)
This luxurious soup is a real winter warmer, offering a simple yet gourmet meal. We have used
the vegetables listed below, but you could substitute with leftover winter vegetables or fresh
produce from your vegetable patch. Don’t be afraid to experiment.
• In a large saucepan, heat the olive oil and cook the onion and garlic, stirring gently at regular
intervals. After ten minutes, the mixture should be sweet, soft, fragrant and lightly coloured.
• Add the chopped vegetables, vegetable stock and season with salt and pepper. Bubble and
simmer until all is tender – this takes about 20-30 minutes. Remove the squash quarters from
the mixture, scoop out the contents and place back into the saucepan, discarding the skin.
• Blend on a low speed with Dualit’s Hand Blender. The anti-suction wand gives you full
control in the pan. Blend until smooth and remove the Hand Blender from the saucepan.
The soup is cooked when the vegetables can be crushed against the side of the pan easily
with the back of a spoon.
• Serve immediately in heated bowls. Top with a crème fraiche swirl, a drizzle of truffle oil, and
a sprinkling of rosemary and thyme. Enjoy with homemade croutons.
For the croutons:
•2 sprigs rosemary (chopped •2 sprigs thyme (chopped in
•6 slices of bread, roughly torn
in Dualit’s Hand Blender
Dualit’s Hand Blender chopper) into strips
•4 tablespoons olive oil
• Place a few leaves of rosemary and thyme in Dualit Hand Blender’s chopper bowl and chop
until fine. Add the oil and the torn bread using the feeding tube, and chop until cubed.
• Place the chopped bread on a lined pan under the grill on a medium heat for ten minutes
until lightly browned. Serve with a delicious bowl of hot soup.
serves 2
•A bunch of fresh watercress, •2 tbsp dry white wine,
approximately 100g
•1 large shallot or small
•140ml single cream, or
onion, roughly chopped
•200ml half fat
•25g butter or 2 tbsp olive oil crème fraîche
•A squeeze of fresh lemon
juice, if using single cream
•Salt and freshly ground black
This British classic sauce is packed with a range of important vitamins and minerals. Its fresh and
distinct flavour makes it a perfect partner for steamed or grilled fish, chicken, asparagus spears
or fish cakes.
• Wash the cress, shake dry and chop roughly.
• Gently cook the shallot or onion in the butter or oil for 3 minutes until just softened, add the cress and cook for 2-3 minutes until wilted.
• Pour in the wine, if liked, and cook a few seconds then stir in the cream or crème fraîche
• Season with salt and pepper and simmer for 3-4 more minutes. Using the Dualit hand blender, whizz to a smooth purée.
• Check for seasoning and add lemon juice if using single cream (this will thicken the sauce slightly). Cover and keep warm for up to 10 minutes so it keeps its lovely bright green colour
• 2 large avocado pears
• 3 shakes of
Worcestershire sauce
serves 6 TO 8
• 5 tbsp Greek set yogurt
• 1 tsp lemon juice
• Salt and pepper
The Dualit hand blender brings out the best qualities of the smooth flesh of a ripe avocado. Its
soft, buttery miniature makes it ideal for a quick sauce to accompany a piece of cold salmon.
A trick to retain the green colour of an avocado sauce is to keep it out of contact with the air.
Always serve it as soon as possible, but meanwhile store it in a tall beaker, or similar shaped
container, and cover with cling film touching the surface to exclude as much air as possible.
• Place avocados, Worcestershire sauce and yogurt in a large bowl, and blitz until smooth.
• Add salt and pepper and lemon juice, to taste, and whizz again to incorporate.
• Serve as soon as possible.
serves 6
•½ jar sweet red peppers,
•2 tsp brandy
•100 ml double cream,
or peppadews
•200ml thick
whipped, optional
•2 –3 tsp tomato ketchup
mayonnaise or aïoli
•Lemon juice to taste
•2 tsp Worcestershire sauce •Salt, pepper, paprika, Tabasco
This is easy to make, especially as you can buy sweet peppers and the little spicy peppadews in
glass jars. It makes an excellent dressing for summer cold fish salads, or as a dip. (Serves six to eight).
• Drain and dry the peppers thoroughly.
• Place them in a bowl with the next six ingredients, and blitz until smooth.
• Add lemon juice to taste, and whizz again.
•180g cherry tomatoes
•2 red onions, halved
•1/2 chilli, deseeded
•70g red roasted peppers1 x Capsicum or 1 x Romano
cut into several pieces
•2 garlic cloves
•120g brown sugar
•Juice of 1 whole lemon
•3 tblsp red wine vinegar
•Black pepper and Paprika
to season
This delicious relish is so easy to make, with Dualit’s Hand Blender chopper offering a
speedy solution to a once-lengthy job. Enjoy with a slice of homemade bread or as part of a
ploughman’s lunch.
Roast pepper first if desired for a denser, smoky flavour.
• Place the tomatoes, red onion and peppers into Dualit’s Hand Blender chopper bowl.
Attach the power unit and switch on.
• Use the feeding tube to insert the garlic cloves into the chopper bowl, taking care to keep
fingers and implements out of the feeding tube. Chop to your desired consistency – we like
ours chunky.
• Place the brown sugar, vinegar and lemon juice and feed tube into a small bowl and stir
into a paste.
• Place the chopped ingredients and the paste into a pan, season with black pepper and
paprika and stir until the chopped ingredients are well coated.
• Simmer for 30-40 minutes until the relish takes on a jam like consistency.
• Pour into a sterilised jar and cool before moving to the fridge.
• Serve as and when required. It should keep for up to one month if stored in the fridge.
• Add dried mango pieces to the mixture.
• Use lime instead of lemon juice.
• Try using curry paste or powder.
•1 – 2 large fresh red chillies •2cm cube fresh ginger,
•4 tbsp olive or groundnut oil roughly chopped
•2 large shallots or 1 onion, •1 tsp ground coriander
roughly chopped
•1 tsp ground cumin
•3 fat cloves garlic, chopped
•1 tsp soft brown sugar1 tbsp
Thai fish sauce or soy sauce
•Juice of 1 lime
•4-5 tbsp coarse peanut butter
This is delicious as a dipping sauce for chicken or prawn barbecue satays. It can also be used
as a base for a Thai curry – use a couple of tablespoons per serving and dilute with some hot
• Slit open the chillies and discard the seeds and stalks. Roughly chop the flesh
• Heat the oil in a pan and sauté the chillies with the shallots or onion, garlic and ginger for about five minutes until softened.
• Add spices, sugar, fish sauce or soy and 200ml (7fl oz) water. Bring to the boil and simmer for 3 minutes. Remove from heat.
• Stir in lime juice and grind to a smooth paste with the Dualit hand blender.
• Stir in the peanut butter and heat until smooth and then dilute with 100ml (3½ fl oz) more water.
• When cool, scoop into a lidded jar. The sauce can be stored in the fridge for up to ten days.
spicy dishes
DUCK LEGS serves 2
• 2 Gressingham duck legs
• 1 tsp Chinese five spice
• 1 tsp sea salt crystals
• 1 large sweet potato,
about 400g
• A good knob of butter
• 1 tbsp chopped fresh coriander or parsley
• Freshly ground black pepper
Healthy sweet potato (perfect for low GI diets) makes a deliciously satisfying mash. Its slight
sweetness makes it an excellent accompaniment to roasted spicy duck legs. Make the mash
while the duck is cooking.
• Preheat oven to 180C/350F/M4.
• Prick the duck legs well so the fat can escape during cooking.
• Mix together the spice and salt and rub half into the duck skin.
• Roast in a shallow dish for 30 minutes, pouring off the excess fat halfway through.
• Meanwhile, peel the potato, cut into chunks and boil for 10-12 minutes until just tender.
Drain and return to the pan with the remaining spiced salt and butter.
• With the Dualit hand blender, whizz to a smooth purée. Season with pepper and stir in the
chopped herbs.
• Serve the cooked legs on a bed of the mash with some pan juices drizzled over the top.
•large fresh green chilli
•1 cube fresh root ginger,
approximately 3cm
•2 fat cloves garlic, peeled
and roughly chopped
•A small bunch (40g) of fresh
coriander, with stalks
•3 tbsp vegetable oil
•2 tbsps coconut cream,
optional, but nice
•2 tsp ground coriander
•1 tsp ground cumin
•1 tsp ground fenugreek, if
serves 4
•1 tbsp fresh lemon juice
•Salt and freshly ground black
Use your Dualit hand blender to make a fresh and aromatic curry paste (enough for a curry for
four) which can be stirred into a stir-fry of chicken, salmon or prawns for a delicious quick meal.
• Slit open the chilli, remove the seeds and stalk then roughly chop and place in a medium
sized bowl.
• Roughly chop the ginger (no need to peel) and add into the bowl along with the garlic and half the oil.
• Snip in the coriander stalks but reserve the leaf sprigs.
• Pulse with the Dualit hand blender to a chunky purée then add the remaining oil, coconut cream, if using, ground spices, lemon juice and some salt and pepper.
• Whizz until smooth then add the coriander sprigs and pulse for a few seconds to incorporate
• Scoop the mixture into a lidded jar and keep in the fridge until required.
The paste makes enough for 3-4 chicken breasts or salmon steaks, or 400g of
peeled prawns.
• To make the curry, stir fry the chicken breasts (chopped), the salmon (cubed), or the prawns in a little hot oil for 2-3 minutes (the chicken will take longer than the fish – about 6-8 minutes, depending on the size of the pieces) then mix in the curry paste.
• Stir well, cook for 2-3 more minutes and add a small cup of water to thin a little.
• Simmer for a couple more minutes and serve straight away with steaming basmati rice.
•2 ripe passion fruits
•1 ripe pomegranate
•4 juicy oranges
•Cream or natural yogurt,
•1 - 2 tsp flower honey
•2 sheets leaf gelatine or 1½ to serve, optional
tsp powdered gelatine
Passion fruits and pomegranates add an exotic flavour when combined with other juices but
the seeds can get in the way. This can be solved by pulping them with the Dualit hand blender
and then straining the juice.
For best flavours choose well ripened fruits and blood oranges (when in season) which give a
glorious colour to the jellies.
• Halve the passion fruits and pomegranates. Scoop the passion seeds into a medium bowl.
• Break the pomegranate halves into sections, peel off the membranes and add the seeds to
the bowl.
• Blitz the seeds to a juicy pulp with the hand blender, and then rub through a sieve into a pan.
• Top and tail one of the oranges and slice off the skin and pith, then chop the fruit into small
chunks, removing any pips.
• Divide these between two large wine glasses. Squeeze the juice from the other oranges and
add to the pomegranate and passion fruit juice.
• You should have around 250ml (9fl oz) juice. If not, top up with some water. Add the honey
• Soak the leaf gelatine in cold water to cover until floppy then tip out the water.
• If using powdered gelatine, mix with 2 tablespoons cold water and leave to soak.
• Heat the juice until on the point of boiling, remove and slide in the soaked gelatine, stirring
until dissolved.
• Cool then pour over the chopped fruits and leave to set in the fridge.
• Serve with cream or yogurt spooned on top.
whipping cream
•285 ml chilled
double cream
The hand blender whips double cream perfectly.
Why not try whipping cream, this is a lighter version of double cream, it whips beautifully
without being quite so rich.
• Use a deep bowl with steep sides.
• Blitz, with the hand blender, in the centre of the cream, until thickish.
• Then with a fork, stir in the liquid cream from round the sides, until all is thick.
• This takes about a minute.
•250ml milk
•250ml double cream
•1 vanilla pod or
1 tsp vanilla extract
•6 egg yolks (or 1 egg
and 2 yolks)
•75-90g caster sugar
Real homemade custard is so wonderfully comforting. Give it a neat twist by whisking it to
cappuccino froth and turn a homely pudding into a luxury dessert.
• Pour the milk and cream into a non-stick saucepan. Slit the vanilla pod in half (if using) and
scrape out the sticky seeds with the tip of a sharp knife. Add to the pan, with the split pod
• If using vanilla extract, simply pour in.
• Heat the creamy milk until on the point of boiling, cool for 10 minutes and then remove the pods
• Meanwhile, place the yolks and sugar in a heat-proof bowl and using the Dualit hand blender
whizz until thick and creamy.
• Return the milk to the heat and bring back to the point of boiling.
• Using a wooden spoon, gradually beat the milk into the sugary egg yolks then return to the pan
• Turn the heat to low and stir the custard for a few minutes until it begins to thicken slightly
and coats the back of the spoon like thin cream.
• Don’t let it overheat because it will curdle. Pour through a sieve back into the bowl, cover
and cool 10 – 20 minutes.
• When ready to serve, whizz with the hand blender until you get a nice frothy mixture.
• Serve immediately.
ICE CREAM DRIZZLE (serves four)
•150g blueberries or mixed
•150g fresh raspberries
•4-6 strawberries, chopped
•1 tbsp flower honey
•Squeeze fresh lemon juice
•1 tbsp whisky or crème de
cassis (optional)
•Ice cream and ratafia biscuits,
to serve
Turn shop bought ice cream into a luxurious dessert with this fruity sauce.
Variations in fruits and alcohol can completely transform the recipe, experiment with the
contents of your fruit basket.
• Put all the fruits into a saucepan with 2-3 tablespoons water and heat until the juice starts to run.
• Stir in the honey and simmer 2-3 minutes until just softened and the berries break down.
• Remove from the heat and whizz with the Dualit hand blender until smooth.
• Rub the pulp through a sieve into a jug.
• Mix in the lemon juice and whisky or Cassis, if liked.
• Cool and chill until required.
• To serve: put scoops of luxury ice cream into 4 sundae dishes. Good flavours to choose
from are vanilla, mango, coconut, caramel, strawberry or raspberry.
• Drizzle with the sauce then crush over some ratafia biscuits.
This appliance is of excellent quality and construction. However, if any defects in materials or
workmanship do appear during the relevant guarantee period, we will, at our discretion, either
repair or replace the defective parts, free of charge, subject to the terms and conditions of our
Guarantee shown below.
• Send the product, postage or carriage paid,
to the dealer from whom it was purchased
or to Dualit direct.
• Ensure that the product is clean and
packed carefully (preferably in its original
• Enclose details of your name, address and
telephone number and when and where
the product was purchased, together with
proof of purchase (e.g. a till receipt).
• Give exact details of the nature of the
This Guarantee does not cover any other
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limitation, any liability for incidental, indirect
or consequential damage, nor does it cover
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or for the costs of repair carried out by any
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Dualit. If replacement parts are fitted to the
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Alternatively, email Dualit at [email protected]
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appliance with the normal
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end of its life, but hand it
in to an official collection
point for recycling. By doing
this you help preserve the
This Guarantee covers both parts and labour.
Carriage is not included.
Your Guarantee period is as follows:
• 1 year This Guarantee provides benefits which
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products sold and located in mainland Great
Britain. It does not cover liability in respect of
or replacement of plugs, cables or fuses and
also does not cover defects due to:
• Failure to use or maintain product in
accordance with Dualit’s instructions.
• The product being connected to an
unsuitable electricity supply.
• Accidental damage to or abuse or misuse
of the product.
• product modification, except by Dualit or approved agent.
• Dismantling of or interference with the
• Theft or attempted theft of the product.
Before returning any product under this
Guarantee, please check that:
• You have followed the product instructions
• Your mains electricity supply is functional.
• The defect is not due to a blown fuse.
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