Igenix IG9030 space heater Troubleshooting guide

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Igenix IG9030 space heater Troubleshooting guide | Manualzz


Model Number: IG9030


Thank you for purchasing this product.

Please read these instructions carefully before use

Having trouble with your heater? …

Try our troubleshooting guide on page 4.

If that does not solve the issue contact us …

This product is guaranteed for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase against mechanical and electrical defects.

The warranty does not cover consumable parts that require replacement under normal use or accessories. This includes filters, belts, and accessory attachments.


If a fault develops within 6 months of purchase it should be returned to the place of purchase for exchange.


If the fault develops after 6 months and within 24 months of purchase please contact our customer service department 01473 271 272 or write to us at the address detailed below.

Please quote the model number which begins IG, the ‘Batch Number’ beginning ‘5’ and give details of the exact fault.

We will then decide whether to repair or replace the item. You will be required to return a copy of your proof of purchase. Please retain your original.

If an item is replaced under guarantee within 2 years, the guarantee for the replacement item will be calculated from the purchase date of the original.

Before calling the Customer Service number please ensure you have checked the Troubleshooting guide


Postal Address:

Customer Service Department

Pik-a-Pak Electrical Distributors

Tel: 01473 271 272 Fax: 01473 270 733

Email: [email protected] Website: www.igenix.co.uk

38 Bluestem Road,

Ransomes Europark,

Ipswich, IP3 9RR

When writing or emailing us to report a fault please ensure you attach a copy of your proof of purchase.

Please retain your original


Updates to hardware components are made regularly. Therefore some of the instructions, specifications and pictures in this documentation may differ slightly from your particular situation. All items described in this guide are for illustration purposes only and may not apply to your particular situation. No legal right or entitlements may be obtained from the description made in this manual .

Disposal of Old Electrical Appliances

The European Directive 2002/96/EC on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), requires that old household electrical appliances must not be disposed of in normal unsorted municipal waste. Old appliances must be collected separately in order to optimise the recovery and recycling of the materials they contain and reduce the impact on human health and the environment. The crossed out “wheeled bin” symbol on the product reminds you of your obligation, that when you dispose of the appliance it must be separately collected. Consumers should contact their local authority or retailer for information concerning the correct disposal of their old appliance.



Important: This appliance is not intended for use by persons including children with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliances by a person responsible for their safety.

1. Read all instructions before using the fan heater.

2. Only connect the fan heater to a single-phase socket with a mains voltage as specified on the rating plate.

3. This appliance meets the electromagnetic compatibility requirements specified in EN 55104/95 with regard to interference with radio and TV sets.

4. Do not use outdoors. This product is for household use only.

5. Do not leave the heater unattended whilst is use. Ensure that the switch is in OFF (0) position and the thermostat is in the minimum position. Always unplug the appliance when not in use.

6. Keep combustible material such as furniture, cushions, bedding, paper, clothes, curtains etc. at least 1 meter away from the fan heater.

7. Do not hang anything on or in front of the fan heater.

8. Always unplug the heater when not in use. Do not pull the cord to unplug the heater.

9. Keep the air inlet and outlet free from objects: at least 1 meter in front and 50cm behind the heater.

10. Do not place the heater underneath a fixed power socket.

11. Do not let animals or children touch or play with the fan heater. Pay attention! The air outlet gets hot during operation (more than 80 ℃ , or 175 F) and will burn if touched.

12. Do not cover. If covered, there is the risk of overheating or even fire.

13. Do not use this fan heater in the immediate surroundings of a bath, a shower or a swimming pool.

14. Do not use the fan heater in the rooms with explosive gas or while using inflammable solvents, varnish or glue.

15. If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by a qualified electrician in order to avoid a hazard.

16. Keep the fan heater clean. Do not allow any objects to enter any ventilation or exhaust opening as this may cause electric shock, fire or damage to the heater.

17. Always unplug the heater when not in use. Do not pull the cord to unplug the heater.

18. Store in a cool dry place when not in use.

18. The appliance is not intended for use by young children or infirm persons without supervision.

19. Young children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.

20. Never modify the heater in anyway. Unauthorised modifications will void your warranty.


21. Do not use this heater in rooms less than 4m

22. Never use the heater if the cord or any part of the appliance shows signs of damage.

23. Do not operate this heater with a damaged plug or cord or after any form of malfunction.

24. This heater is a Class II product and does not require to be earthed.



Power consumption (Max):

Fitted Fuse:

220-240V, 50Hz

1800 Watts

13 amp

IG9030 – 1.8kW Ceramic Fan Heater at a Glance

Selector Dial


Indicator Light

Operating Instructions

First Use

It is normal when the heater is turned on for the first time, or when it has not been used for a long period of time, the heater may emit some smell and fumes. This will disappear when the heater has been on a short while.


Using your Fan Heater

Turn the thermostat dial (right) in a clockwise direction until it reaches the maximum setting.

To use the fan only (no heat), turn the selector switch (left) to the setting.

To use the heater on the lower heat setting, turn the selector switch (left) to setting

To use the heater on the high heat setting, turn the switch (left) to setting

To switch off the heater, turn the switch (left) to the 0 setting.

Using the Thermostat

When the room has reached the required temperature turn the left thermostat dial slowly in an anti-clockwise direction until the heater switches off and a small “click” will be heard from the thermostat. The heater will now keep this temperature and will switch on and off to maintain the temperature in the area the fan heater is located.

Cleaning and Care

Before cleaning the heater, ensure it is disconnected from the power supply and has cooled down completely.

Do not use abrasives or harsh cleaning solutions.

Do not immerse the heater in any liquid. To clean the exterior, use a slightly damp lint free cloth.

Clean the air inlet / outlet grilles frequently.

Safety Cutout

The heater is fitted with a safety device which will switch off the heater in case of accidental overheating (e.g. obstruction of air intake and outlet grilles, motor turning slowly or not at all). To reset, disconnect the plug from the power for a few minutes, remove the cause of the overheating then plug the appliance in again. If it still cannot be reset, ask a qualified technician to check and/or repair.


Do not use the appliance in the vicinity of showers, bath tubs, wash basins, swimming pools, etc.

Always use the heater in an upright position.

Do not use the heater to dry your laundry. Never obstruct the intake and outlet grilles (danger of overheating).

The heater must be positioned at least 1 meter from furniture or other objects.

Do not place the heater up against walls, furniture, curtains, etc.


Problem Possible Cause

The heater does not work.

The heater is not blowing out hot air.

1. Not properly plugged into the mains wall socket.

2. No electricity in the mains wall socket.

3. On/Off switch not turned on.

4. Safety cut-out activated.

5. Thermostat is set too low.

1. Fan only is selected.


1. Plug in firmly

Check fuse or breaker.

2. Push on/off switch to on.

3. Unplug the heater from the mains, remove cause of overheating and allow to cool for a few minutes.

4. Turn up the thermostat until the heater starts to work.

1. Turn the selector switch to setting I or II

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