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TorqueMaster BR-XL
by Holmes
The source for Power
80 amp Brushed Speed Control for RC Trucks and Robots
Thank you for purchasing the most advanced Brushed ESC specifically
designed for the rigors of fine control robotics and crawling! We hope
you enjoy your new product, so please take the time to read through the
instructions to get the most from your TorqueMaster ESC.
1.0 Features
• Castle Creations Castle Link© compatible
• 2s to 6s lipo input
• onboard 6v 5a switchmode BEC
• 46x34x20mm
• 38 grams (with battery wires)
• Brushed only, no 540 motor limit
• 80a continuous
Computer programmable features (1.09 firmware)
-Voltage cutoff
-Drag brake
-Holmes Hold
-Quiet Mode
-Throttle and Brake curves
-Throttle Up and Down Damping
-Punch control
-Brake strength
-Reverse amount
-Arm time
-High power forward only mode
-Reverse with lockout mode
-Instant reverse mode
2.0 Connection
Tools and Parts required:
Wire cutters
Wire strippers
Soldering iron (40W)
Rosin core electrical solder
Battery connector
2.2 Plugging in a motor
With a BRUSHED motor, simply solder 4mm bullet plugs onto the motor wires, then insulate.
After calibration- if the motor runs backwards while the ESC light is green, swap any two motor
wires to reverse the direction of the motor.
2.3 Connecting to the receiver
Connect the receiver lead to the throttle channel on your receiver. Do not connect a battery or
external BEC to the receiver unless the red wire is removed from the ESC’s receiver lead. Be
sure to insert plug with correct polarity.
3.0 Calibration
The ESC uses a combination of sounds and LED flashes to tell you where you are in the
calibraton sequence. The ESC generates sounds through the motor, so when calibrating your
ESC to a transmitter it is best to have a motor plugged in.
3.1 Calibrating the ESC to YOUR transmitter
Note: When running two ESCs, they CANNOT have the battery power wires connected during
calibration or programming. It will cause problems with the second ESC.
1) Remove pinion from motor to prevent accidents
2) Plug in battery
3) Hold full throttle on transmitter before ESC arms
4) ESC will beep and begin flashing red rapidly to indicate storage of full forward throttle
5) Hold full reverse on transmitter until beeping changes
6) ESC will beep rapidly with no lights to indicate storage of full reverse throttle position
7) Position throttle in neutral position, adjust throttle trim until all lights go out
8) After about two seconds, ESC will store neutral position
9) Once calibration is complete, ESC will arm
2.1 Adding a battery connector
TorqueMaster BR-XL user guide
The battery connector must be added to the power side of the controller. The red wire is
positive (+) and black wire is negative(-). The polarity MUST BE CORRECT or the controller
will be damaged. Strip enough insulation off of the battery wires to solder on your battery
connector to the controller leads. After the connector is soldered and insulated check one more
time to make sure the polarity is correct before plugging in a battery.
pg. This document is Copyright © 2010-2012 Holmes Hobbies LLC 2-28-2012
[email protected] John R. Holmes
TorqueMaster BR-XL
by Holmes
The source for Power
80 amp Brushed Speed Control for RC Trucks and Robots
Question 2)
Option 1)
Option 2)
Option 3)
Option 4)
Option 5)
Question 3)
Option 1)
Option 2)
4.0 Using your ESC
Once the battery connector is installed and ESC is connected and calibrated to your radio,
the ESC will arm once the battery is plugged in. There is no on off switch on this ESC, so
the battery must be unplugged after use. Full programming can be done on the computer via
the Castle Link© software and USB programmer. Minimal features are available with stick
Special tuning modes
Holmes Hold (active brake): This feature allows for a much stronger brake at neutral throttle
position. It is controlled by the % of drag brake selected. If this setting is turned too high, it
will cause buzzing and motor creep. When you enable Holmes Hold, try turning down the drag
brake if you experience these problems.
Throttle Damping: This feature allows for a smoother throttle action, with independent
throttle up and down control. When activated, it smooths out throttle inputs. Throttle Up
Damping can slow down throttle increases. This can be useful for preventing broken drivetrain
parts. Throttle Down Damping slows down the release of throttle, which can be useful to
prevent jerky stops with light rigs or worm gear axles.
Entering stick programming mode:
Plug a battery into the ESC and hold full throttle on the transmitter before the ESC arms, or
have a helper hold full throttle before you plug in the battery. After a few seconds you will get
the four rings in a row signaling full throttle calibration. Keep holding full throttle. After a few
more seconds, you will hear another four rings in a row. After the second group of four rings,
relax the throttle to neutral. If you have successfully entered programming mode, the ESC will
beep twice, pause, and repeat
the two beeps.
The programming sequence is always presented in sequential order and always starts with
the first setting (No cutoff voltage) within the first section (Cutoff Voltage). The first beep(s)
signifies which section of the programming you are in and the second beep(s) signifies which
setting is waiting for a “yes” or “no” answer
Stick Programming
Full throttle = “yes”; Full Reverse = “no”
5.0 Troubleshooting
•ESC buzzes or at neutral
-Turn off Holmes Hold, or turn down drag %
•Drag brake or Throttle Damping doesn’t work properly
-Recalibrate ESC to radio
-Ensure that neutral setting on radio is adjusted properly
-Reprogram ESC
•No lights on ESC
-Check that battery is plugged in, and polarized correctly
•No power to motor
-Ensure motor is plugged into ESC properly
-Ensure motor is in good condition and brushes are properly operational
-Ensure Battery is plugged into ESC properly
-Ensure ESC is arming and plugged into RX properly
-Ensure Battery is fully charged
•ESC wont arm (all lights blinking)
-Double check that radio is on, and that ESC is plugged into RX properly
-Try adjusting neutral on your transmitter, or reversing your throttle channel
If you have further troubles, contact us at [email protected] or Warranty@
Question 1) Cutoff Voltage
Option 1) No cutoff voltage
Option 2) Auto-Lipo
TorqueMaster BR-XL user guide
Drag Brake/Hold Brake Strenth
Hold Brake
Hold Brake On
Hold Brake Off
pg. This document is Copyright © 2010-2012 Holmes Hobbies LLC 2-28-2012
[email protected] John R. Holmes


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