Bosch | THD2063GB | Instruction manual | Bosch THD2021GB User manual

Filtrino instructions for use
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Congratulations on purchasing this
Bosch appliance.
You have acquired a high-quality
product that will bring you a lot of
Check your new appliance for any
transport damage.
Dispose of the packaging (and of any
old appliance being replaced) in an
environmentally responsible manner.
Table of Contents
Safety notes.............................................. 13
Overview................................................... 14
Operating controls..................................... 14
Display elements....................................... 14
Using the appliance................................... 15
Height adjustment..................................... 15
Fill quantity................................................16
Child lock...................................................16
­ AXTRA water filter system......... 16
Descaling.................................................. 18
Maintenance and daily cleaning................ 19
Simple troubleshooting............................. 19
Technical data...........................................20
Safety notes
Please read the operating instructions
carefully and keep them for future reference. Please pass on these manuals to
the new owner if you sell the appliance.
This appliance is designed for domestic
use or for use in non-commercial,
household-like environments. Householdlike environments include staff areas in
shops, offices, agricultural and other small
businesses or for use by guests at bedand-breakfast establishments, small hotels
and similar residential facilities.
¡¡Danger of electric shock!
–– Connect and operate the appliance only
according to the type plate specifications.
–– Use only if power cord and appliance
show no signs of damage.
–– Use indoors at room temperature only
and not above 2000 m sea level.
–– Use the appliance only in frost-free
–– This appliance is not intended for use by
persons (including children) with reduced
physical, sensory or mental capabilities,
or lack of experience and knowledge,
unless they have been given supervision
or instruction concerning use of the
appliance by a person responsible for
their safety.
–– Keep children away from the appliance.
–– Children should be supervised to ensure
that they do not play with the appliance.
–– In the event of malfunction, unplug the
appliance immediately.
–– Repairs to the appliance, such as replacing a damaged power cord, may only be
carried out by our customer service in
order to avoid risks.
–– Never immerse the appliance or power
cord in water.
–– Empty water tank daily and fill only with
cool, fresh, non-carbonated water. Do
not use chemically softened water.
¡¡Risk of scalding
–– Keep in mind that with settings between
70 °C and Q the water will be very hot.
–– When drawing water, steam may escape
or hot water may splutter from the water
¡¡Risk of suffocation
–– Do not allow children to play with
­packaging material.
THD20.. 06/2012
1 on/off switch
2 Water outlet
3 start/stop button
4 temp. set button
5 Display elements
a L Ambient water
bWater at 70 °C
c Water at 80 °C
d Water at 90 °C
e Q Boiling water
f P Child lock
g O Add water / tank missing
h N Descale
i M Replace filter
6 Removable water tank
a Tank lid
7 Filter cartridge
8 Filter holder
9 Cable storage compartment
10 Height adjustment
11 Cup stand
a Drip tray
bCup shelf
temp. set button
Press the temp. set button to cycle through
and select one of the temperature settings.
The selected temperature lights up.
Display elements
On this setting, ambient water will
be supplied.
With the 70 °C, 80 °C and 90 °C
settings, the water will be heated to
the selected temperature.
70 °C 70 °C – for white tea
80 °C 80 °C – for green tea
90 °C 90 °C – for instant beverages such
as hot chocolate or coffee
Note: The temperatures at the
water outlet can vary by approximately ± 5 %.
At this setting, the water will be
boiled. This setting is suitable, for
Q example, for black tea or instant
on/off switch
You use the on/off switch to turn the appliance on or completely off. When you switch
it on, all nine display items light up briefly.
The selected temperature (for example,
L) lights up as long as the appliance is
switched on.
When the M icon lights up, the
­ AXTRA filter cartridge
should be replaced. You can
continue to heat water. For information about replacing the water
filter cartridge, see the section
titled “­BRITA M
­ AXTRA water filter
After changing the filter, hold down
the start/stop button for at least
2 seconds, M will cease to light.
Note: To save energy, it is recommended
to turn the appliance off after each use.
The O icon lights up when the
water tank needs to be refilled or is
missing. Remove the water tank, fill
it with fresh, cold water and return it
to its correct position.
The N icon lights up when the
appliance needs to be descaled.
Always follow the instructions in the
“Descale” section when you descale
the appliance.
Operating controls
start/stop button
Press the start/stop button to draw water.
To cut off the water supply early, press the
button again.
Note: The temperature setting flashes
while the machine provides water.
Robert Bosch Hausgeräte GmbH
The P icon lights up when the child
lock is activated. At this point the
water heater is deactivated, but you
can still draw ambient water. To
learn more about this setting, read
the section titled “Child lock”.
M and N flash at the same time
if there has been no hot water
drawn for some time. For hygienic
­reasons, set the temperature to
90°C or Q and draw hot water (1 x).
Extinguish M and N ; the temperature last set lights up.
Using the appliance
With this appliance, you can filter water and
dispense it at room temperature or heated
to specific temperatures.
If you have questions regarding the filter
cartridge, contact the ­BRITA Consumer
Service at 0844 742 4800 (toll-free).
Note: The appliance is checked before
delivery, which means there may be some
isolated drops of water found. These drops
of water are harmless, simply remove with
a cloth.
Setting up the appliance
Before you use the appliance for the first
time, do the following:
►►Remove film.
►►Unroll or push in the right amount of
cable from the cable compartment and
plug the cable into a power outlet.
►►Remove the water tank and clean it
thoroughly under running water.
►►Insert the filter cartridge as described in
the section titled “­BRITA M
­ AXTRA water
filter system”.
►►Fill the water tank up to the max mark
with fresh, cold water. Use only noncarbonated drinking water.
►►Replace the water tank and push it firmly
downward into place.
►►Set the on/off switch to on. All display
items will light up briefly, and then the
90°C icon stays lit.
►►Place a glass or cup holding at least
150 ml on the cup stand under the water
►►Press the start/stop button to dispense
one portion of water to rinse the
Note: Before using the appliance for the
first time or after a long period of non-use,
do not drink the first two glasses of water.
The machine is now ready to use.
Dispensing water
►►Set the cup stand to the appropriate
height for the cup or glass.
►►Place the cup or glass under the water
►►Press the temp. set button to select the
desired temperature.
►►Press the start/stop button. The
water will dispense from the outlet. The
selected temperature flashes while the
water is dispensed.
Height adjustment
The adjustable cup stand lets you adjust
the distance between your cup or glass and
the water outlet. The lowest setting is suitable for taller glasses and cups. For smaller
cups or soup cups you can insert the cup
stand into one of the upper openings.
Important: Don´t use the appliance without
the cup stand.
THD20.. 06/2012
Fill quantity
The appliance ships with a preset fill
quantity of 250 ml. You can change this
To adjust the fill quantity, proceed as
►►Hold down the temp. set button for at
least 5 seconds.
►►The indicator for the currently set fill
quantity flashes.
►►Press the temp. set button to select the
desired fill quantity:
= approx. 120 ml
70 °C = approx. 150 ml
80 °C = approx. 200 ml
90 °C = approx. 250 ml
= approx. 300 ml
►►Press the start/stop button – the setting
is now stored.
Important: To keep the dispensed water
from overflowing, make sure that you place
a sufficiently large glass or cup under the
water outlet.
Note: To change this setting at any time,
repeat the above procedure.
Child lock
For safety reasons, this appliance is
equipped with a child lock. To activate it,
proceed as follows:
►►Press and hold the temp. set and start/
stop buttons simultaneously for at least
5 seconds. The L and P icons light up .
Info: When the child lock is activated, only
ambient water is available. When you press
the temp. set button, the L flashes; all
other settings are blocked.
To deactivate the child lock, proceed as
►►Press and hold the temp. set and start/
stop buttons simultaneously for at least
5 seconds. The P icon goes out.
Robert Bosch Hausgeräte GmbH
­ RITA ­MAXTRA water
filter system
In models equipped with a water filter
system, only ­BRITA ­MAXTRA water
filter cartridges may be used.
­ AXTRA cartridges can be
purchased from retailers or directly from
Bosch Customer Service. (See the back
pages of these instructions for contact
The appliance can be used with or without
a filter cartridge.
Keep in mind that you will enjoy the bene­
fits of ­BRITA filtration only if a ­MAXTRA
filter cartridge is installed in the appliance.
Tea and coffee also have more aroma
when prepared with fresh, ­BRITA-filtered
To use the machine without a filter, simply
remove the filter holder and the filter
cartridge and adjust the machine settings
Important: The Filter Yes/No setting
controls the filter replacement indicator.
Changing the filter setting
►►Turn the appliance off with the on/off
►►Press and hold the temp. set button.
►►Turn the appliance back on with the on/
off switch – the M icon flashes.
►►Press the start/stop button to select the
Filter Yes/No setting:
Yes = M lights up
No = M does not light up
►►Release the temp. set button – the setting is now stored, and the most recently
selected temperature lights up.
Note: To change this setting at any time,
repeat the above procedure.
After setting the filter to “yes”, the symbol
M will light up after a certain time during
operation. The ­BRITA M
­ AXTRA filter
cartridge is exhausted and needs to be
To install a new filter cartridge, proceed as
Preparing and installing the B
­ AXTRA filter cartridge
►►Remove the filter cartridge’s protective
►►Immerse the filter cartridge in cold tap
water and shake it lightly (for about five
seconds) to remove any air bubbles.
►►Take the filter holder out of the water tank
and firmly insert the cartridge into the
holder until you hear a click.
►►Hold the filter holder under the water tap
and fill it with fresh, cold water; let the
water run through the ­BRITA M
filter cartridge.
►►Repeat this procedure two or three times.
►►Place the filter holder with the filter
cartridge back into its position in the
empty water tank and fill the tank with
cold tap water.
►►Hold down start/stop button for at least
2 seconds to delete M.
Note: To replace the cartridge, simply
pull on the strap attached to the top of the
cartridge. When installing a new cartridge,
follow the above steps for preparing and
inserting a cartridge.
­ AXTRA water filter
cartridges can be disposed of with
the regular household garbage. If you
have more questions, contact ­BRITA
Consumer Service at 0844 742 4800
Important information
–– Always store spare filter cartridges
sealed in the original packaging in a cool
and dry place.
–– ­BRITA water filters are designed for use
only with municipally treated tap water
(note: this water is constantly controlled and according to legal regulations
safe to drink) or with water from private
supplies which has been tested as safe
to drink. If an instruction is received from
the authorities that mains water must be
boiled, the ­BRITA filtered water must also
be boiled. When the instruction to boil
water is no longer in force, the appliance
and filter funnel must be cleaned and
a new cartridge inserted to ensure any
residual contaminants are removed.
–– Please filter cold tap water only.
–– Clean the appliance and filter funnel
–– For certain groups of people (e.g. those
with impaired immunity and for babies), it
is generally recommended that tap water
should be boiled; this also applies to
­BRITA filtered water.
–– For hygiene reasons, the ­MAXTRA
cartridge contents are subject to special
treatment with silver. A very small
amount of silver may be transferred to
the water. This transference would be
within the World Health Organisation
(WHO) guidelines.
–– During the filtering process, there may be
a slight increase in potassium content.
However, one litre of ­BRITA filtered water
contains less potassium than e.g. an
apple. If you have kidney disease and/
or follow a potassium restricted diet, we
recommend that you consult your doctor
before using a ­BRITA water filter.
–– Should your ­BRITA appliance not be in
use for a prolonged period (e.g. holiday),
­BRITA recommends that you take out the
cartridge, discard any water left inside
the ­BRITA water filter and loosely insert
the ­MAXTRA cartridge again. Before using the ­BRITA water filter again take out
the cartridge, clean the appliance and
funnel thoroughly and repeat the steps
of the instructions for use in chapter:
“Preparing and installing the ­BRITA
­MAXTRA filter cartridge”.
–– ­BRITA filtered water is dedicated for
human consumption. It is a perishable
food and as such please consume within
1 to 2 days.
THD20.. 06/2012
–– Like each natural product, the consistency of the ­BRITA MicroporeFilter is
subject to natural variances. This can
lead to a slight abrasion of small carbon
particles into your filtered water, noticeable as black bits. These particles have
no negative health effects. If ingested,
they will not harm the human body. In
case you observe carbon particles,
­BRITA recommends to flush the cartridge
several times or until the black bits
–– ­BRITA cannot accept responsibility or
liability if you do not respect our recommendations for the use and exchange of
the ­BRITA filter cartridge.
Your appliance has an automatic descaling
programme. When the N icon lights up,
run the descaling programme as soon as
possible. If the descaling programme is not
run as instructed, the appliance may be
Tip: With very hard, calciferous water,
please descale the appliance more often
than the N symbol is displayed. Even
filtered water contains low amounts of
calcium carbonate.
►►Turn the appliance off with the on/off
►►Press and hold the start/stop button.
►►Turn the appliance back on with the on/
off switch.
►►Release the start/stop button as soon
as the N symbol lights up.
Now proceed as described under “Running
the descaling programme”.
Suitable descaling agents are available
from Bosch Customer Service (Article
No. 310967) or from specialty retailers.
–– Never interrupt the descaling programme.
–– Never drink any of the liquids used in
Robert Bosch Hausgeräte GmbH
–– Never use vinegar or vinegar-based
–– Always remove the filter holder and the
filter cartridge before starting the descaling programme.
Running the descaling programme
►►Remove the water tank, pour out any
remaining water, and reinsert it.
►►Prepare the descaling solution accord-
ing to the manufacturer’s instructions
and pour it into the water tank up to the
calc mark. A descaling agent approved
especially for this machine is available
from Bosch Customer Service (Article
No. 310967) or from specialty retailers.
►►Place a container holding at least 500 ml
under the water outlet. The container
must fit the cup stand exactly and must
remain in place. Set the cup stand to the
lowest position.
►►Press and hold the start/stop button for
at least 10 seconds to start the descaling
►►The descaling programme will now
run automatically. The N icon flashes
while the programme is running. (The
programme runs for approx. 10 ­minutes).
The descaling solution is pumped
through the appliance in multiple phases
and then runs into the container until
the water tank is almost empty. A small
amount of solution is always left in the
►►When the most recently selected
temperature icon lights up, the descaling
program has finished.
►►Rinse the water tank thoroughly and fill
up to the max mark with fresh water.
►►Now select and draw warm water three
times to rinse out the appliance. Do not
drink this water!
Important: Do not interrupt the descaling
process under any circumstances. If the
programme is interrupted because of, for
example, too little water or a power failure,
it must be restarted.
The appliance is now fully operational
again, and you can re-insert the filter
holder with the ­BRITA ­MAXTRA filter
Maintenance and daily
¡¡Risk of electric shock
Switch off and unplug the appliance before
Never immerse the appliance in water.
Do not use a steam cleaner.
►►Wipe the housing with a damp soft cloth.
►►Rinse out the water tank with water only.
Do not place it in the dishwasher.
►►The lid of the water tank and all parts
of the cup shelf can be washed in the
►►Clean water tank daily and refill with
fresh water.
Dispose of packaging in an environmentally-friendly manner. This appliance is
labelled in accordance with the European
Directive 2002/96/EG relating to waste
electrical and electronic equipment
– WEEE. The directive provides the
framework for the EU-wide take-back and
disposal of end-of-life appliances. Please
ask your specialist retailer about current
disposal facilities.
The guarantee conditions for this appliance
are as defined by our representative in the
country in which it is sold. Details regarding
these conditions can be obtained from
the dealer from whom the appliance was
purchased. The bill of sale or receipt must
be produced when making any claim under
the terms of this guarantee.
Right of modification reserved.
Simple troubleshooting
The appliance is not working
and none of the control lights
are illuminated.
The machine is running but it is
not producing any water.
It is not possible to set the
The water splutters when
Possible cause
The appliance may have no
power supply.
Check the appliance to see if it is
connected to the power supply.
The water tank is not fitted
The water tank was removed
during the brewing stage or
there is air in the system.
The float in the water tank is
The child-proof lock is activated.
Please check that the water tank is
correctly fitted.
Draw the water once again.
The cup stand is set too low.
Reduce the distance between the
water outlet and the cup by raising
the cup stand.
Descale the appliance as described in the chapter “Descaling”.
Build-up of limescale in the
water outlet.
Clean the water tank and release
the float.
Deactivate the child-proof lock.
THD20.. 06/2012
The temperature of the water
drawn is too low.
Water is collecting in the water
The O symbol is lighting even
though there is a sufficient
amount of water in the water
N lights up after only a few
drawing cycles.
Possible cause
The temperature set displays the Select a higher temperature.
water temperature directly at the
water outlet.
The glass or cup is too cold.
Rinse out the glass or cup with hot
water before filling it or draw water
first to heat it up.
There is a build-up of limescale Descale the appliance as
in the appliance.
described in the instructions.
With extremely calciferous water,
descale the appliance more often
than the symbol is displayed.
Condensation water may result It is normal for condensation to
due to physical properties.
appear, simply wipe it away.
The float in the water tank is
Clean the water tank and release
the float.
Possible operating error.
N lights up even though a filter
has been used.
Even filtered water contains low
amounts of calcium carbonate.
N lights up even though the
appliance has just been
The descaling programme was
interrupted because of, for
example, too little water or a
power failure.
The filter is set to “yes” (see
chapter “­BRITA ­MAXTRA
water filter system”) but there
is no filter in place. Build-up of
limescale in the appliance.
The used water is particularly
calciferous. Build-up of
limescale in the appliance.
Loud “cooking and pumping”
noises are heard during the
drawing process.
Descale the appliance as
described in the chapter
Descale the appliance as
described in the chapter
Carry out the descaling programme
again as described in the chapter
Descale the appliance as
described in the chapter
Finally, programme the correct
The appliance must be descaled
more often than the N symbol lights
up. Follow the instructions outlined
in the chapter “Descaling”.
N, M and O are all flashing at
The appliance has a fault.
Disconnect the appliance from
the same time, it is not possible
the power supply and contact
to draw any water.
Customer Service.
If you are unable to rectify the problem, please contact Customer Service.
Technical data
Power connection (voltage/frequency)
Heater wattage
Maximum static pump pressure
Maximum water tank capacity (without filter)
220-240 V / 50 Hz
1600 W
3.3 bar
2 litres
Length of power cable
Dimensions (H x W x D)
Weight, empty
80 cm
290 x 223 x 267 mm
2.3 kg
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Fax: 0520 3011
IT Italia, Italy
BSH Elettrodomestici S.p.A.
Via. M. Nizzoli 1
20147 Milano (MI)
Numero verde 800 829120
KZ Kazakhstan, Қазақстан
IP ''Batkayev Ildus A.''
B. Momysh-uly Str.7
Chymkent 160018
Tel./Fax: 0252 31 00 06
LB Lebanon, ��������������
Teheni, Hana & Co.
Boulevard Dora 4043 Beyrouth
P.O. Box 90449
Jdeideh 1202 2040
Tel.: 01 255 211
LT Lietuva, Lithuania
Senuku prekybos centras UAB
Jonavos g. 62
44192 Kaunas
Tel.: 0372 12146
Fax: 0372 12165
LU Luxembourg
BSH électroménagers S.A.
13-15 Zl Breedeweues
1259 Senningerberg
Tel.: 26349 300
Fax: 26349 315
LV Latvija, Latvia
General Serviss Limited
Bullu street 70c
1067 Riga
Tel.: 07 42 41 37
Elkor Serviss
Brivibas gatve 201
1039 Riga
Tel.: 067 0705 20; -36
Fax: 067 0705 24
MD Moldova
S.R.L. "Rialto-Studio"
ул. Щусева 98
2012 Кишинев
тел./факс: 022 23 81 80
ME Crna Gora, Montenegro
Elektronika komerc
Ul. 27 Mart br.2
81000 Podgorica
Tel./Fax: 020 662 444
Mobil: 069 324 812
MK Macedonia, Македонија
Jane Sandanski 69 lok.3
1000 Skopje
Tel.: 02 2454 600
Mobil: 070 697 463
MT Malta
Oxford House Ltd.
Notabile Road
Mriehel BKR 14
Tel.: 021 442 334
Fax: 021 488 656
MV Raajjeyge Jumhooriyyaa,
Lintel Investments
Ma. Maadheli, Majeedhee Magu
Tel.: 0331 0742
NL Nederland, Netherlands
BSH Huishoudapparaten B.V.
Taurusavenue 36
2132 LS Hoofddorp
Tel.: 088 424 4010
Fax: 088 424 4845
Tel.: 088 424 4010
Fax: 088 424 4801
NO Norge, Norway
BSH Husholdningsapparater A/S
Grensesvingen 9
0661 Oslo
Tel.: 22 66 06 00
Fax: 22 66 05 50
NZ New Zealand
BSH Home Appliances Ltd.
Unit F 2, 4 Orbit Drive
Mairangi BAY
Auckland 0632
Tel.: 09 477 0492
Fax: 09 477 2647
PL Polska, Poland
BSH Sprzęt Gospodarstwa
Domowego sp. z o.o.
Al. Jerozolimskie 183
02-222 Warszawa
Centrala Serwisu
Tel.: 0801 191 534
Fax: 022 57 27 709
PT Portugal
BSHP Electrodomésticos Lda.
Rua Alto do Montijo, nº 15
2790-012 Carnaxide
Tel.: 707 500 545
Fax: 21 4250 701
RO România, Romania
BSH Electrocasnice srl.
Sos. Bucuresti-Ploiesti,
nr. 19-21, sect.1
13682 Bucuresti
Tel.: 021 203 9748
Fax: 021 203 9733
RU Russia, Россия
OOO "БСХ Бытовая техника"
Сервис от производителя
Малая Калужская 19/1
119071 Москва
тел.: 495 737 2961
SA Saudi Arabia, ‫اﻟﻤﻤﻠﻜﺔ اﻟﻌﺮﺑﻴﺔ اﻟﺴﻌﻮدﻳﺔ‬
BSH Home Appliances Saudi
Arabia L.L.C.
Bin Hamran Commercial Centr. 6th
Floor 603B
Jeddah 21481
Tel.: 800 124 1247
SI Slovenija, Slovenia
BSH Hišni aparati d.o.o.
Litostrojska 48
1000 Ljubljana
Tel.: 01 583 08 87
Fax: 01 583 08 89
SK Slovensko, Slovakia
Technoservis Bratislava
Trhová 38
84108 Bratislava – Doubravka
Tel.: 02 6446 3643
Fax: 02 6446 3643
TR Türkiye, Turkey
BSH Ev Aletleri Sanayi
ve Ticaret A.S.
Fatih Sultan Mehmet Mahallesi
Balkan Caddesi No: 51
34770 Ümraniye, Istanbul
Tel.: 0 216 444 6333
Fax: 0 216 528 9188
TW Taiwan, 台湾
Achelis Taiwan Co. Ltd.
4th floor, No. 112 Sec 1
Chung Hsiao E Road
Taipei ROC 100
Tel.: 02 2321 6222
UA Ukraine, Україна
ТОВ "БСХ Побутова Техніка"
тел.: 044 4902095
XK Kosovo
Rruga Mag Prishtine-Ferizaj
70000 Ferizaj
Tel.: 038 502 448
Tel.: 00377 44 172 309
SE Sverige, Sweden
BSH Hushållsapparater AB
Landsvägen 32
169 29 Solna
Tel.: 0771 11 22 77
XS Srbija, Serbia
BSH Kućni aparati d.o.o.
Milutina Milankovića 11ª
11070 Novi Beograd
Tel.: 011 205 23 97
Fax: 011 205 23 89
SG Singapore, 新加坡
BSH Home Appliances Pte. Ltd.
37 Jalan Pemimpin
Union Industrial Building
Block A, #01-03
577177 Singapore
Tel.: 6751 5000
Fax: 6751 5005
ZA South Africa
BSH Home Appliances (Pty) Ltd.
15th Road Randjespark
Private Bag X36, Randjespark
1685 Midrand – Johannesburg
Tel.: 086 002 6724
Fax: 086 617 1780
Robert Bosch Hausgeräte GmbH
Carl-Wery-Str. 34
81739 München
9000773389 – 06/12
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