vm230 Built-In Microwave Oven
with Grill
Manual for Installation, Use and Maintenance
Customer Care Department • The
Group Ltd. • Harby Road • Langar • Nottinghamshire • NG13 9HY
T : 01949 862 012 F : 01949 862 003 E : W :
This appliance must only be used for the purpose for which it is
intended, i.e. domestic cooking. Any other use could be dangerous
and may lead to premature failure of the appliance.
The CDA Group Ltd cannot be held responsible for injuries or losses
caused by incorrect use or installation of this product. Please note
that CDA reserve the right to invalidate the guarantee supplied with
this product following incorrect installation or misuse of the appliance.
Under no circumstances should any external covers be removed for
servicing or maintenance except by suitably qualified personnel.
This appliance is not designed to be used by people (including
children) with reduced physical, sensorial or mental capacity, or
who lack experience or knowledge about it, unless they have had
supervision or instructions on how to use the appliance by someone
who is responsible for their safety.
Appliance information:
Please enter the details on the appliance rating plate below for
reference, to assist CDA Customer Care in the event of a fault with
your appliance and to register your appliance for guarantee purposes.
Appliance Model
Serial Number
CE Declarations of Conformity:
This oven has been designed, constructed and marketed in
compliance with safety requirements of EEC Directive 2006/95/EEC
(Low voltage) and requirements of EMC Directive 2004/108/EEC.
This appliance has been manufactured to the strictest standards and
complies with all applicable legislation, including Electrical safety (LVD)
and Electromagnetic interference compatibility (EMC). Parts intended
to come into contact with food conform to EEC/89/109.4.
At the end of its working life, the product must not be disposed
of as urban waste. It must be taken to a special local authority
differentiated waste collection centre or to a dealer providing this
Disposing of a household appliance separately avoids possible
negative consequences for the environment and health deriving from
inappropriate disposal and enables the constituent materials to be
recovered to obtain significant savings in energy and resources. As a
reminder of the need to dispose of household appliances separately,
the product is marked with a crossed-out wheeled dustbin.
• Read the user instructions carefully before using the oven for the
first time.
• Follow the instructions for first use of the oven.
• Clean the oven regularly.
• Remove spills as soon as they occur.
• Always use oven gloves when removing trays from the oven.
• Do not allow children near the oven when in use.
• Children must not play with the appliance.
• Cleaning and user maintenance shall not be made by children
unless they are older than 8 and supervised.
• Keep the appliance and its cable out of reach of children less than 8
years old.
• Do not allow fat or oils to build up on the grill rack or oven base.
• Do not place any cooking utensils or plates directly on the oven
• Always grill with the appliance door closed.
• During use the appliance becomes hot. Care should be taken to
avoid touching heating elements inside the oven.
• Do not grill food containing fat without using the grill rack.
• Do not cover the grill rack or the oven walls with aluminium foil.
• Do not perform maintenance or cleaning of the oven without first
switching off the electricity supply. If the oven has recently been
used, allow to cool.
• Do not use abrasive cleaners or powders that will scratch the
surface of the appliance.
• Do not attempt to repair the internal workings of your oven.
• Install or locate this oven only in accordance with the installation
instructions provided.
• Accessible surfaces are liable to get hot during use.
• Keep the electrical cable away from heated surfaces, and do not
cover any vents on the oven.
Important - Microwave Cooking
• Do not attempt to operate this microwave oven with the door
open or ajar. It is important not to alter or tamper with the safety
• Do not place anything between the oven front face and the door, or
allow soil or cleaning residues to accumulate on sealing surfaces.
• WARNING: If the door, door seal or interlocks are damaged, the
oven must not be used until it is repaired by a suitably qualified
• Liquids and other foods must not be heated in sealed containers
since they are liable to explode.
• WARNING: It is hazardous for anyone other than a competent
person to carry out any service or repair operation that involves
the removal of a cover which gives protection against exposure
to microwave energy.
• Only use utensils suitable for use in microwave ovens.
• Do not use metal pans or dishes with metal handles.
• Do not use anything with metal trim.
• Do not use melamine dishes as they contain a material which
will absorb microwave energy. This may cause the dishes to
crack or char and will slow down the cooking speed.
o not cook in a container with a restricted opening, such
as a carbonated drinks bottle or salad oil bottle, as they may
explode if heated in a microwave oven.
• Do not use conventional meat or sugar thermometers.
• Remove wire twist-ties from bags before placing bags in the
• The oven should be cleaned regularly and any food deposits should
be removed.
• If smoke is emitted, switch off or unplug the appliance and keep the
door closed in order to stifle any flames.
• Do not use the oven cavity for storage purposes. Do not store
items, such as bread, cookies, books etc. inside the oven.
• Eggs in the shell and whole hard-boiled eggs should not be heated
in microwave ovens since they may explode, even after microwave
heating has ended.
• Do not cook any food surrounded by a membrane, such as egg
yolks, potatoes, chicken livers, etc. without first piercing it several
times with a fork.
• If the supply cable is damaged, it must be replaced by the
manufacturer, its approved service agent or similarly qualified
persons in order to avoid a hazard.
• Do not store or use this appliance outdoors.
• Do not use this oven near water, in a wet basement or near a
swimming pool.
• Do not let the power cable hang over the edge of a table or
• Failure to maintain the oven in a clean condition could lead to
deterioration of the surfaces that could adversely affect the life of
the appliance and possibly result in a hazardous situation.
• Microwave heating of beverages can result in delayed eruptive
boiling, therefore care must be taken when handling the container.
• This appliance is not intended to be operated by means of an
external timer or separate remote-control system.
• Always have the glass tray, roller arms, coupling and roller track in
place when operating the microwave oven.
• Do not use the oven for any reason other than food preparation,
such as for drying clothes, paper, or any other non-food items, or for
sterilizing purposes.
• Do not operate the microwave or combination cooking functions
when empty. This could damage the oven.
• Do not insert any object into the openings on the outer case.
• Do not at any time remove parts from the oven such as the feet,
coupling, screws, etc.
• Do not cook food directly on the glass turntable. Place food in/on
proper cooking utensils before placing in the oven.
• Do not attempt to deep-fry foods in the oven.
• Please remember that a microwave oven only heats the liquid in a
container rather than the container itself. Therefore, even though
the lid of a container is not hot to the touch when removed from
the oven, the food/liquid inside will be releasing the same amount
of steam and/or spitting when the lid is removed as in conventional
• Always test the temperature of cooked food yourself especially if
you are heating or cooking food/liquid for babies. It is advisable
never to consume food/liquid straight from the oven but allow it to
stand for a few minutes and stir food/liquid to distribute heat evenly.
• Food containing a mixture of fat and water, e.g. stock, should stand
for 30-60 seconds in the oven after it has been turned off. This is
to allow the mixture to settle and to minimise the risk of eruptive
boiling when a spoon is placed in the food/liquid or a stock cube is
• When preparing/cooking food/liquid remember that there are
certain foods, e.g. Christmas puddings, jam and mincemeat, which
heat up very quickly.
• When heating or cooking foods with a high fat or sugar content do
not use plastic containers.
• Cooking utensils may become hot because of heat transferred from
the food. This is especially true if plastic wrap has been covering
the top and handles of the utensils. Oven gloves may be needed to
handle the utensils.
• To reduce the risk of fire in the oven cavity:
• Do not overcook food.
atch the microwave oven carefully if paper, plastic, or
other combustible materials are used inside the oven during
Fitting Out Your Appliance
A: Control Panel
B: Turntable Shaft
C: Ring Assembly D: Turntable
E: Window
F: Door
G:Door Latch
H: Grill Rack
• Never place the glass turntable upside down. The movement of the
glass turntable should never be restricted.
• Both the glass turntable and the ring assembly must always be used
during cooking.
• Food and containers of food must always be placed on the glass
turntable for cooking.
• When grilling, the round grill rack should be placed on top of the
glass turntable.
First Use of the Oven
First use
•Before using the oven/grill for the first time we recommend that
you clean it with soapy water, rinse carefully and then heat on the
grill programme at maximum temperature for 15 minutes. A slightly
unpleasant smell may be produced, caused by grease remaining on
the grill element from the production process.
Please note:
•This appliance has been fitted with a cooling fan to achieve
maximum efficiency and to maintain low surface temperatures. The
cooling fan will switch on automatically when the oven switches
on. It is normal for the cooling fan to continue to run after use,
depending on the duration, temperature and type of cooking
programme used.
• The oven light remains on for every cooking function.
When the microwave oven is first connected to the power supply
the display will show “0:00” and it will sound one beep.
Oven Controls and Use
Setting the Clock
•Press the “Clock/Timer” button once: The hours figure will flash.
•Turn the “Timer/Weight/Auto Menu” knob in either direction to set
the hours (between 0 - 23), note the appliance works in the 24hour
clock format.
•Press the “Clock/Timer” button again: The minutes figure will flash.
•Turn the “Timer/Weight/Auto Menu” knob in either direction to set
the minutes (between 0 - 59).
•Press the “Clock/Timer” button again to finish setting the time: The
“:” will flash and the time will light up.
Microwave Cooking
•Press the “Microwave” button once: The Display will show “P100”.
•Turn the “Timer/Weight/Auto Menu” knob in either direction to
set the power level (Alternatively, you may prefer to press the
“Microwave” button repeatedly until the required power level is
shown). This can be set at 100%, 80%, 50%, 30% or 10% of full
power; the display shows “P100”, “P80”, “P50”, “P30” or “P10”.
•Press the “Start/+30 Sec/Confirm” button to confirm the power level.
•Turn the “Timer/Weight/Auto Menu” knob in either direction to set
the cooking time. This can be set between “00:05” and “95:00”
•Press the “Start/+30 Sec/Confirm” button again to start cooking.
Grill / Combi Cooking
•Press the “Grill / Combi” button once: The Display will show “G”.
•Turn the “Timer/Weight/Auto Menu” knob in either direction to set
the cooking function (Alternatively, you may prefer to press the
“Grill / Combi” button repeatedly until the required cooking function
is shown). The functions are shown as “G”, “C-1” and “C-2” on the
display:Display Shows
Cooking Function
Grill only
55% microwave plus 45% grill
36% microwave plus 64% grill
•Press the “Start/+30 Sec/Confirm” button to confirm the cooking
•Turn the “Timer/Weight/Auto Menu” knob in either direction to set
the cooking time. This can be set between “00:05” and “95:00”
•Press the “Start/+30 Sec/Confirm” button again to start cooking.
•When using the grill only function, half way through the cooking time
the oven will beep twice and stop. This is a good time to turn the
food over so it grills on both sides. After turning the food over and
closing the door press the “Start/+30 Sec/Confirm” button again to
continue cooking.
Quick Start Microwave Cooking
There are two different quick start microwave cooking options that
can be used when the oven is in standby mode:•Press the “Start/+30 Sec/Confirm” button once and the oven will
cook on 100% microwave power for 30 seconds: This cooking time
can be increased in 30 second increments by repeatedly pressing
the “Start/+30 Sec/Confirm” button.
•Turn the “Timer/Weight/Auto Menu” knob anticlockwise to set a
cooking time, then press the “Start/+30 Sec/Confirm” button once
and the oven will cook on 100% microwave power for the set time.
Note: In microwave, grill, combi or defrost programmes, pressing
the “Start/+30 Sec/Confirm” button once will increase the cooking
time by 30 seconds.
Defrost by Weight
•Press the “Defrost (g)” button once The Display will show “dEF1”.
•Turn the “Timer/Weight/Auto Menu” knob to select the weight of
food, between 100g - 2000g.
•Press the “Start/+30 Sec/Confirm” button to start defrosting.
Defrost by Time
•Press the “Timed Defrost” button once The Display will show
•Turn the “Timer/Weight/Auto Menu” knob in either direction to set
the cooking time. This can be set between “00:05” and “95:00”
•Press the “Start/+30 Sec/Confirm” button to start defrosting: The
power level is set at 30% and is not adjustable for this function.
Auto Menu
•Turn the “Timer/Weight/Auto Menu” knob clockwise to select a
cooking menu: The menu number from “A-1” to “A-10” will show in
the display.
•Press the “Start/+30 Sec/Confirm” button to confirm the menu.
•Turn the “Timer/Weight/Auto Menu” knob to select the cooking
weight from the available options in the table opposite.
•Press the “Start/+30 Sec/Confirm” button to start cooking.
Minute Minder
•Press the “Clock/Timer” button twice: The display will show “00:00”.
•Turn the “Timer/Weight/Auto Menu” knob in either direction to set
the time required.
•Press the “Start/+30 Sec/Confirm” button to confirm the setting: The
clock indicator will be illuminated and count down the remaining
•When the set time is reached, the beeper will sound 5 times then
the display will revert back to showing the current time.
Programme Status
•During microwave, grill or combination cooking, the current power
level can be displayed by pressing the “Microwave” button once.
The power level will be displayed for 3 seconds.
•During cooking programmes, the current time can be displayed by
pressing the “Clock/Timer” button once. The time will be displayed
for 3 seconds.
Auto Menu Details
Menu Number
Food Type
Display Shows
1 (approx. 120ml)
2 (approx. 240ml)
3 (approx. 360ml)
50g (plus 450ml cold water)
100g (plus 800ml cold water)
Key Lock:
When the oven is in standby mode the keys can be locked to reduce
the risk of accidentally switching the oven on.
•Press the “Stop / Clear” button for 3 seconds, there will be a long
beep as the key lock is engaged.
• If the time is set, the display will show the locked symbol.
• If the time is not set, the display will show “
•To unlock the keys, press the “Stop / Clear” button for another 3
seconds, there will be a long beep as the key lock is released.
Care and Maintenance
There are no user serviceable parts in this appliance. It is
dangerous for anyone other than a qualified person to perform
maintenance or repair that requires the removal of any cover as
these provide protection against exposure to microwave power
and extremely high voltages.
The oven exterior
As the oven has a stainless steel surface, you should use a
nonabrasive cleaner. Any abrasive cleaner (including Cif) will scratch
the surface and could erase the control panel markings. Stainless
steel can be effectively cleaned by simply using a dilute solution of
water and mild detergent and drying to a shine with a clean cloth.
Proprietary stainless steel cleaners are available. We recommend the
CDA E-Cloth available from the CDA Sales Team for cleaning stainless
steel surfaces as this has been designed to prolong the finish of your
Inside of Oven
The oven should always be cleaned after use when it has cooled
The cavity should be cleaned using a mild detergent solution and
warm water.
• Steam cleaners must not be used when cleaning this appliance.
• Once care and maintenance is complete, ensure that all parts are
correctly replaced before using the oven.
When correctly installed, your product meets all safety
requirements laid down for this type of product. However, special
care should be taken around the rear or the underneath of the
appliance as these areas are not designed or intended to be
touched and may contain sharp or rough edges that could cause
If your appliance is not working:
1. Check that it is switched on. 2. Check that the mains supply has not been switched off.
3. Check that the fuse in the spur has not blown.
In the event of a fault with the appliance, please advise CDA Customer
Care of any fault code shown on the display
Contact CDA Customer Care
A : Customer Care Department, The CDA Group Ltd, Harby Road,
Langar, Nottinghamshire, NG13 9HY
T : 01949 862 012 F : 01949 862 003
E : W :
You observe that
Possible Causes
What should you do?
Microwave oven interfering with
This is a normal feature of
microwave energy.
Relocate TV or aerial to improve
Oven light dim.
In low power microwave cooking
the light may dim a little.
This is normal.
Steam condensing on door / hot
air expelled from outlets.
Normal heat generated from the
cooking process.
This is normal.
Power cable not fully plugged in.
Unplug, wait 10 seconds then
plug in again.
Blown fuse in the plug.
Check fuse in the plug, if fault
persists unplug the machine and
contact CDA Customer Care.
Faulty power supply to the
Check the socket by plugging
in an other appliance, if fault
persists unplug the machine and
contact CDA Customer Care.
Microwave oven does not heat.
Door not closed properly.
Open and close the door then
try again, if fault persists unplug
the machine and contact CDA
Customer Care.
Glass turntable noisy when
Dirt on rollers or base of oven.
Clean roller track in oven base.
Check rollers are clean and turn
The oven cannot be started
•The appliance should be installed in a tall unit (open at the rear) with
the appropriate dimensions for recessed installation. (Fig. 2).
•Blocking the intake and/or outlet openings can damage the oven.
•Place the oven as far away from radios and TV’s as possible.
Operation of the microwave oven may cause interference to your
radio or TV reception.
Fig. 2
•Use the supplied template to mark out the 2 holes for the rear fixing
bracket on the centre line of the tall cabinet.
Screw A
Centre line
Fig. 3
•Remove the template and fix the bracket with the 2 screws supplied.
Screw A
Fig. 4
•Slide the appliance into the cabinet so the fixing bracket engages in
the slot in the appliance back panel.
•Take care not to trap the power cable.
Fig. 5
• O
pen the appliance door and fix the appliance in position using the
supplied screw in the installation hole.
Fig. 6
Electrical Information
Warning! This appliance must be earthed.
Green and Yellow to Earth
13 Amp
Brown to Liv e
13 Amp fuse
Cord Clamp
Fig. 7
Blue to Neutra l
The mains lead of this appliance has been fitted with a BS 1363A 13
Amp fused plug. To change a fuse in this type of plug, follow the
steps below:
1. Remove the fuse cover and fuse.
2. Fit replacement 13A fuse, ASTA approved to BS 1362 type, into the
fuse cover.
3. Replace fuse cover.
Important: Do not use the appliance without the fuse cover in
How to connect an alternative plug
If the fitted plug is not suitable for your socket outlet, then it should
be cut off and disposed of safely to avoid possible shock hazard. A
suitable alternative plug of at least 13 Amp rating to BS 1363 should be
As the colours of the wires in the mains lead of this appliance may not
correspond with the coloured markings identifying the terminals in
your plug, proceed as follows:• The wire which is coloured GREEN and YELLOW must be connected
to the terminal which is marked with letter (E) or by the Earth symbol
or coloured GREEN and YELLOW.
• The wire which is coloured BLUE must be connected to the terminal
which is marked with the letter (N) or coloured BLACK.
• The wire which is coloured BROWN must be connected to the
terminal which is marked with the letter (L) or coloured RED.
If in doubt regarding the electrical connection of this appliance,
consult a qualified electrician. Do not shorten the supply cable, the
appliance may require removing for servicing.
N.B. Ensure that the plug socket is situated in an easily accessible
place after installation.
E & O E. All instructions, dimensions and illustrations are provided for guidance only. CDA reserve the
right to change specifications without prior notice.
Please contact our Customer Care Department for Service on the details below
Customer Care Department • The
Group Ltd. • Harby Road • Langar • Nottinghamshire • NG13 9HY
T : 01949 862 012 F : 01949 862 003 E : W :
© CDA 2014
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