Swordfish 40247
VariPlug Dual USB
Universal Travel
• Easy to carry Worldwide Adapter with an
elegant and luxury outlook
• Get connected in over 150 countries worldwide
• Universal Socket
• 2100mA USB Output - Dual USB for charging two USB devices simultaneously e.g.
Smartphones, Tablets, Cameras, GPS etc.
• 6A Fuse to protect from over-loading, over current and short circuit.
• Voltage: AC110-250V-Max 6A
• Socket Output: AC 110-250V-Max 6A (It will not convert AC to AC Voltage)
• Weight: 124.9g
• USB output: 5V/2100mA shared
• Do not store the unit in direct sunlight, at a high temperature, in high humidity or dust.
• Use it in a dry environment only.
• Do not use with wet hands.
• This equipment is not intended for use by children. Keep children and pets at a safe
• Always turn off the power before removing it from a socket.
• There are no user-serviceable parts inside. Do not take apart by yourself to avoid
any harm.
• Turn off the power supply in case of any fault.
Operating Instructions:
• To use the Euro plug press the control button and the plug will pop out. Push it gently until it
is upright and clicks into position. To retract the euro-plug, simply fold it down until it clicks
into place.
• To use the UK plug press-and-slide the control button to “UK”. Press the earth pin gently to bring
it to upright position. To retract the plug just press-and-slide the control button to “Euro” and
press the earth pin back into place.
• To use the USA/AUS plug press-and-slide the control button to “USA/AUS”. To convert from USA
to AUS plug and vice versa, hold the individual pins and rotate them accordingly. To retract the
plug just press-and-slide the control button to “Euro”.
Universal plug
& China
2 leg flat plug for USA,
South America, Japan
and China
2 flat blade plug for
AUS and New Zealand
3 leg square plug for UK,
Hong Kong and Singapore
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2 round plug for EU
Middle East and India
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