Swordfish 40906 pencil sharpener

Swordfish 40906 pencil sharpener
Please read the following instructions
before operating your sharpener.
Trio Electric
Pencil Sharpener
l To be used under adult supervision only.
Product Code
Blade Code
Compatible Pencil
1 Place the sharpener on a flat surface close to an easily
accessible socket outlet. Plug the sharpener into the
wall socket using the power cable provided.
2 Slide the pencil size cover to select the correct pencil
S - for standard 8mm pencils (slide to the left)
M - for larger 9-10mm pencils (slide to the middle)
L - for large 10.5mm pencils (slide to the right)
3 Insert the pencil centrally, holding it firmly but
pressing only lightly.
4 The sharpener will automatically sharpen and stop
when the pencil is sharp.
5 Remove the pencil.
6 Empty the shavings tray if necessary by holding it
over a waste bin and sliding it out horizontally from
the main sharpener unit.
Safety Switch
Regular cleaning will ensure that your sharpener operates efficiently.
l This sharpener is fitted with a safety switch ensuring that it cannot
be operated unless the shavings tray is fully in place.
l Use a small brush (e.g. paintbrush or toothbrush) to clean the
cutting blade. Never use metal objects as this may damage the
cutting blade.
l The shavings tray can be removed and cleaned with water only.
Never clean the main sharpener unit with water or use solvents such
as alcohol or thinner.
Coloured Pencils
l Sharpening coloured pencils causes wax to build up on the
sharpener blade.
l We recommend alternating between coloured and graphite pencils
as graphite will help to clean the blade.
l If excessive build up occurs then clean the blade as per the
instructions above.
Thermal cut-out system
l This sharpener is suitable for intermittent use and should not be
used continuously for more than 12 minutes.
Long continual use will cause the thermal cut-out system to activate.
This is a safety feature and the sharpener will require a cool down
period of approx. 20-30 minutes before it is ready for use.
Replacement Blades
l As with all sharpeners, frequent use will eventually blunt the
sharpener blade. For replacement blades, please contact your
supplier quoting product code 40023.
For troubleshooting and product support, please visit www.swordfishsupport.com
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