Philips BHC010/70 Specification

Philips BHC010/70 Specification
Philips EssentialCare
Easy care for your hair
The New Philips essential care hair dryer is cute, compact and powerful. 1200W power
enables you to dry hair gently and quickly. Flexible caring settings are designed to meet
different drying needs and offer extra care.
Beautifully styled hair
• 1200W gentle drying for beautiful results
• Concentrator focuses the airflow for a polished, shiny look
Less hair damage
• ThermoProtect temperature setting
• Cool air setting for extra gentle drying
Easy to use
• Foldable handle for easy portability
• 3 flexible pre-selected drying settings for different needs
• Compact design for easy handling and carrying
• Fast air setting for efficient but gentle drying
1200W Compact
suitable for especially fine, dry and damaged hair.
And it is a perfect setting for the hot summer season!
3 pre-selected drying settings
Technical specifications
• Wattage: 1200 W
• Cord length: 1.5 m
• Voltage: 220 V
• Foldable handle
• Storage hook
• Attachments: Nozzle
• Color: Lavender purple
• Graphic: Lilac rain
This 1200W hairdryer creates the optimum level of
airflow and gentle drying power for beautiful results
every day.
This compact hair dryer offers you 3 pre-selected
heat & speed setting for cool, caring or quick drying.
Foldable handle
The ThermoProtect setting provides the optimal
drying temperature while giving additional
protection. The ThermoProtect optimal airflow and
heat combination allows you to quickly dry your hair
without overheating, maintaining your hair's natural
moisture level, for shiny healthy looking hair.
This hairdryer benefits from a foldable handle. The
result is a small, compact hair dryer that will easily
pack into the smallest spaces and you can take
virtually anywhere.
Cool air setting
Compact size
Compact and ergonomic, this hairdryer benefits
from a clever modern design. This results in a dryer
that is light and easy to handle.
Fast air setting
Fast air setting (II) offers higher temperature and
more powerful air flow. Although the size is
compact, the power of 1200w enables you to dry
your hair in an efficient & gentle way.
Concentrator focuses the airflow for a polished,
shiny look
A cool air setting allows you to dry hair at relatively
low temperature to minimize damage, which is
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