Hostess CR00RA

Hostess CR00RA
Rechargeable Cork Remover
Model: CR00RA
Please read these instructions thoroughly before using the product.
1. This Cork Remover is intended for household use only.
2. This Cork Remover is intended to extract the corks from standard wine bottles.
3. Do not operate the Cork Remover with a damaged AC/DC Adapter or Charging
Base. If the AC/DC Adapter is damaged it must be replaced by the manufacturer
or a suitably qualified person.
4. Do not place the appliance near an open flame, cooking or heating appliance or
hot surface.
5. This appliance is not intended for use in wet or damp conditions.
6. Ensure that the power cord is positioned so that it will not get damaged or cause a
trip hazard.
7. Use only the AC/DC Adapter and Charging Base supplied with the appliance.
8. Do not immerse the appliance in water or any other liquid.
9. For indoor use only. Do not expose the Cork Remover or Charging Base to rain or
other extreme conditions.
10. Never force the Cork Remover onto a bottle or attempt to speed up the
mechanism. The Cork Remover will work best when it is operated at its intended
11. Do not touch or adjust the Cork remover’s mechanism or the corkscrew spiral.
Only hold the Cork Remover by its plastic housing.
12. This appliance contains a re-chargeable battery. Do not dispose of the product on
a fire as this may cause an explosion.
13. This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with
reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and
knowledge unless the have been given supervision or instruction concerning use
of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety. Children should be
supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.
14. To avoid electric shock do not open the casing. There are no user serviceable
parts inside. CAUTION: The corkscrew is sharp. Keep body parts (e.g. fingers)
and utensils away from the operating end of the Cork Remover.
1. Charging the Cork Remover Unit
It is recommended that the Cork Remover is charged for at least 8 hours before using it
for the first time. Please follow the instructions for charging the unit below:
• Connect the DC Power Plug into the DC Power Socket at the back of the
Charging Base.
• Place the Cork Remover Unit into the Charging Base. Ensure that the arrows on
the Unit and Base align with each other so that the electrical connections are made
• Insert the AC/DC Adapter into a mains socket and switch on the supply.
• The Charging Indicator will illuminate blue, indicating that the battery is
charging. It will take 6-8 hours to fully charge the battery.
• The Charging Indicator will remain lit whilst ever there is power to the Charging
Base and the Cork remover is in position.
• Switch off the supply and remove the AC/DC Adapter from the mains socket.
Remove the DC Power Plug from the Charging Base.
The Cork Remover can be used to open up to 40 bottles when fully recharged.
2. Opening a Wine Bottle
Before extracting the cork, please remove any
seal from the bottle using the Foil Cutter
provided (See Fig. 2)
Figure 2
Place the Cork Remover on top of the wine bottle
making sure that it remains as upright as possible
at all times. If you hold the Cork Remover at an
angle to the bottle it will not remove the cork
properly. (See Fig. 3)
Figure 3
Hold the Cork Remover and bottle firmly. Press and hold the Pull
Button. The
corkscrew spiral will turn in a clockwise direction and enter the cork, then
gradually remove it from the bottle. When the Cork Remover mechanism stops,
the cork will be visible through the transparent window and the blue indicator will
go off.
Lift the Cork Remover away from the bottle. To remove the cork simply press
and hold the release
Button and the spiral will turn in an anticlockwise
direction and release the cork. (See Fig. 4)
Figure 4
Return the Cork Remover to the Charging Base when not in use, so as to
protect the mechanism.
The Cork Remover is designed for use with traditional corks, but it may be
used with synthetic corks as well. Synthetic corks are smaller and do not
expand like normal cork so sometimes they may stick on the spiral. If this
happens, hold the cork firmly with a small pair of pliers. Press the Release
Button as normal and allow the cork to be slowly released.
Wipe the Cork Remover Unit and Charging Base with a soft, dry cloth. Do not immerse
any part of your Cork Remover in water.
To maintain the life of the battery, it is recommended that the unit is run until the battery
is flat and then fully re-charged.
This symbol on the product indicates that it must not be discarded as general
household waste. Instead it should be handed over to the applicable collection point for
the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment. Disposal must be carried out in
accordance with local environmental regulations for waste disposal.
If you encounter any problems with your Hostess Cork Remover, please contact the
appropriate Service Department. If the Cork Remover was bought in the UK, please
Hostess Customer Service Department,
Crosslee plc,
Halifax, West Yorkshire,
United Kingdom HX3 8DE
Telephone: 01422 203963
If the Cork Remover was bought outside the UK, please contact your retailer.
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