HP C6628AE ink cartridge
hp no.19 black inkjet print cartridge
The HP No.19 Black Inkjet Print Cartridge (c6628ae) has been specifically developed to work with
HP Deskjets 350c and 350cbi, both of which are mobile printers designed for use with laptops PCs.
This is an important – and rapidly growing – market, and the No.19 ink cartridge has been developed
to meet the particular needs of business travellers who will frequently be using their printers in different
environments around the world and at high altitude on aircraft.
professional quality output whatever the environment
Changing temperatures and the different air pressures at altitude place particular demands on an ink
cartridge. The No.19 black ink cartridge features a specially engineered ink containment system (the ‘spring
bag assembly’) to cope with these varying conditions while still delivering professional quality printing, even
on the plain paper that will be most readily to hand when users are on the move.
high performance… and easy identification
The No.19 cartridge enables business travellers to use their mobile printers wherever they are, but this level
of versatility has not been at the expense of quality. The advanced pigment ink ensures crisp black text every
time, even on everyday paper, and the HP RealLife Imaging System produces outputs that are always clear
and always sharp. A 30 ml ink capacity delivers an average of 485 pages at 5% density.
In order to help users identify this cartridge quickly and easily, the cartridge cap on the HP No.19 has been
specially colour-coded chocolate brown.
designed to work with hp deskjet 350c and
350cbi printers
provides a complete, reliable printing solution
for users of mobile printers (i.e. regular business
spring bag assembly
specially engineered ink containment system
ensures reliable use at high altitude (i.e. on
aeroplanes) and at varying temperatures
hp advanced pigment ink
delivers professional results on any paper –
even everyday office paper
single drop-in/snap-out cartridge
clean, fast and easy with a single drop-in/snap-out
black inkjet print cartridge
hp print quality and reliability
genuine hp technology delivers results that are
always clear and always sharp
hp reallife imaging system
designed to work with hp printers and papers and
films for consistently great results
colour-coded cartridge cap
chocolate brown cartridge cap makes the no.19
cartridge easy and quick to identify
hp no.19 black inkjet print cartridge
frequently asked questions
what is the key benefit of the
no.19 cartridge?
The HP No.19 black inkjet print
cartridge has been designed for
use in HP Deskjet 350C and
350CBi printers, products that
are primarily used by mobile
business people with
professional-quality printing
needs. This new inkjet print
cartridge has been designed to
perform at changing altitudes
and temperatures to meet the
demands of these users.
how does the no.19
cartridge work?
A new spring bag assembly
provides more robust ink storage
to help prevent ink leakage
and ensure complete reliability
at different altitudes and
temperatures. This is critical to
business travellers who will often
need to work during flights and
in different parts of the world.
how many pages will the
hp no.19 cartridge print?
The actual number of pages
depends on the ink coverage,
but users can expect to be able
to print approximately 485
pages at 5% density.
will other black cartridges work
with these printers?
No, the HP No.19 black inkjet
print cartridge is the only black
inkjet print cartridge designed to
work in the HP Deskjet 350C
and 350CBi printers.
can tri-colour inkjet print
cartridges be used in
hp deskjets 350c and 350cbi?
Yes. Both these printers will
accept either black or tri-colour
cartridges so the No.19 black
cartridge may be replaced with
the HP No.49 tri-colour inkjet
print cartridge for colour output.
When not in use, the print
cartridge should be stored in
the humidor that comes with
the printer.
product specifications
hp selection no.
hp black inkjet print cartridge
ink volume
485 pages at approx. 5% density
print quality
600 x 600 dpi
no. of nozzles
dimensions (l x w x d)
35.6 x 116.8 x 139.7 mm
88.5 g
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Printed in the Netherlands 07/01
5980-8089 EN
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