D-Link Omni-directional Outdoor Antenna

D-Link Omni-directional Outdoor Antenna
D-Link ANT24-0800
Indoor/Outdoor Omni-Directional Antenna
Remove one default antenna
from the wireless device and
start to assemble!
== 1) Main body
(2) Antenna base
© U - type screw
(4) M8 screw
(5) Mounting clamps
(6) 1/4 SW
(7) UNF1/4 nut
(9) M8 SW
M8 nut Overlook
© —
Horizontal coverage Vertical coverage
Frequency band 2400-2500MHz
Mast diameter = 20 ~ 60 mm Antenna gain 8.0 dBi
VSWR 2.0 max
Polarization Linear vertical
HPBW / H-plane 360°
N HPBW / E-plane 15°
Impedence 50 Ohms
Dimensions LxWxH 219x630 mm
Weight 360g without joint
incorrect placement | N
ry Package Contents:
- ANT24-0800 Antenna
- Extension Cable ( 50cm )
A CAUTION: - Mounting Kit
Please always place the antenna vertically to the - Surge Protector
horizontal surface, not recommend to mount the - Water-proof tape
antenna perpendicular to the wall. - Quick Installation Guide
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