HP E7809A Datasheet

HP E7809A Datasheet
E7809A - HP Power Cord with CEE7/7 Plug, 240V
Technical Data
Product Number
Connect a modular PDU
to a power source
The E7809A power cord is used to
connect the Power Distribution
Unit (PDU) and the power source
The CEE7/7 plug is the standard in
Germany, Austria, Norway,
Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands,
Belgium and France; it is also used
in Portugal and Spain and some
countries outside Western Europe.
240 Volt
16 Amp
Length: 4.5 m (177.2 in)
Plug ends: C19 to CEE7/7
Meets European requirements
Related Products
E7808A - HP power cord with
IEC309 plug, 240V
Plug the C19 end of the power
cord into the PDU and the CEE7/7
end into the wall.
What you get in the box
1 Power cord
Harmonized HD-21 cord
CEE7/7 plug
C19 connector
One year replacement
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