Key Features
This ISDN terminal adapter is ideally suited to give
your PC access to the world of the Integrated
Services Digital Network. It is easy to install, easy to
configure, and fully compatible with ISDN networks.
The Windows 98 or 2000 operating system will
automatically install and configure this terminal
adapter for you.
With this terminal adapter, you can have an ISDN
telephone, answering machine, do file transfer,
videotex, G3/G4 Fax functions, and get Internet
access. This will bring you more versatility and
efficiency in the ISDN era.
1 ISDN port
1 USB port (for configuration setup)
Fully plug-and-play compatible
Hot attach and detach without rebooting the PC
Bus-powered, no AC power adapter required
Provides telephony functions with a headset (optional)
Supports CAPI drivers
Supports Multilink PPP (PPP-MP) for 128Kbps (two B
Channels) Internet access and data transfer
Supports X.75, T.70NL, ISO8208 and HDLC
Supports bit-transparent driver on B channel for answering
machine, G3 Fax and soft-modem functions
Supports both V.110 and V.120 rate adaptation
Supports COM port simulation for modem-based application
Supports Apple iBook/iMac/Power PC with MacOS 8.6 or
Supports 14.4Kbps G3 fax and modem and COM port
simulation on Mac and Windows
Hot Plug and Play for Microsoft Windows 98, 2000, ME
Technical Information
- ISDN: Basic Rate Access (2B+D), CTR-3 (TBR-3) compliant
- ISDN Network & Switch Compatibility: E-DSS1 (EuroISDN)
- B-channel Protocols: PPP/MP (Multi-link PPP), Eurofile
Transfer, X.75 T.70NL, X.75 transparent, HDLC
transparent, V.120, V.110, Bit transparent
- Application Program Interfaces: CAPI 2.0
O.S. Support
- Microsoft Windows 98, 2000, ME, XP
- MacOS 8.6 or later
Ordering Information
ISDN Terminal Adapter
1 RJ-45 ISDN BRI port (S/T Interface)
1 USB port
* S/T interface requires an external NT-1 device
Broadband Connection
ISDN Terminal Adapter
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