D-Link | DKVM-4K | Datasheet | D-Link Pro Connect Switch Box Chassis 4sl

Fast Access to Your PCs
Through One Console
Control Four PS/2
Computers Using a
Single Keyboard,
Mouse, and Monitor
Supports Up to 2048
X 1536 Resolution
Includes 6’ Standard
KVM Cables
Convenient Select
Button and Hot-Keys
Plug and Play
The D-Link DKVM-4K is a 4-port PS/2 based
KVM switch for controlling up to 4 computers
using a single monitor, keyboard, and mouse.
The DKVM-4K minimizes clutter on your
desktop with its sleek, compact design. Ready
to work right out of the box, the DKVM-4K
requires no drivers, extra power supplies, or
accessories and is compatible with all
Windows® Operating Systems.
The DKVM-4K is convenient and simple to
use with features such as: at a glance LED
indicators for computer status, hot keys and
push buttons for switching between computers,
included 6’ standard cables, and an autoscan
mode for automatically detecting computers
connected to the switch. You get added
flexibility with the DKVM-4K’s hot plug
capability—add or disconnect computers simply
by unplugging the cables without having to
power down your computers! Versatile, portable,
and convenient, the D-Link DKVM-4K can be
easily integrated into your existing desktop
environment at home or in the office.
Computer Control
Up to 4
Four (4) Port Status LEDs
• Length = 7 in
• Width = 4 in
• Height = 1.2 in
• Weight = 0.6 lb
Console Connectors
• Keyboard:
6-pin Mini-DIN Female PS/2
• Mouse:
6-pin Mini-DIN Female PS/2
• Monitor:
15-pin HDDB Female VGA,
SVGA, XGA, MultiSync
Operating Temp
32°F to 122°F (0°C to 50°C)
Monitor Resolution Support:
Up to 2048 X 1536
Storage Humidity
0% to 80% Non-Condensing
KVM Cable Length
Two 6Ft. Cables Included
Switching Control
• Hot Keys
• Port Select Push Button
Switching Notification
Audio Beep
Minimum Requirements
or Multisync Monitor
One PS/2 Keyboard
One PS/2 Mouse
Scanning Interval
10 seconds
1 Year
Bus Powered-No External
Power adapter required
Storage Temp
-4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60°C)
Using a single monitor, keyboard, and mouse,
switch quickly between your attached computers
and perform multiple tasks with the simple push
of a button.
Operating Humidity
0% to 80% Non-Condensing
Fast Access to Your PCs
Through One Console
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