HP L1576A Datasheet

HP L1576A Datasheet
HP Digital Projector xp8000 series
Deliver professional presentations with the HP Digital Projector
xp8000 series which gives you bright, sharp images with rich colours
and the benefit of wireless connectivity. What’s more, its advanced
features are easy to understand and use.
The ideal solution for businesses, organisations, government and educational institutions that need a high-end projector that is
easily installed and maintained, enabling them to present high quality, worry-free professional presentations flexibly in a wide
variety of environments and lighting conditions.
High brightness, vibrant colours and a choice of lenses enable you to project in almost any space.
HP Digital Projector xp8010
• High brightness of 2600 lumens1 or a powerful 3100 lumens2 ensures vivid images and the flexibility to present in different
lighting conditions.
• Colours have never been brighter thanks to expert colour matching, enhanced colour tables, a patented dual colour wheel,
XGA resolution and a high contrast ratio.
• Adjust the projection distance and fit the image to any size space with the easily angled, short, medium, and long throw lenses.
• Mount it to the ceiling, on a rear wall, or keep it portable.
Present with confidence using advanced features which are easy to understand and use.
• Take the stress out of presenting as the projector’s intuitive interface facilitates set-up and use, and settings are simple.
• Maximise the impact of presentations with the video and audio options which are easy to find, set and run.
• Keep control with the intuitive, laser-equipped remote control which provides access to all the features the projector offers.
• Top-loading means the lamp is easy to reach and replace as needed, no matter where the projector is mounted.
HP Digital Projector xp8020
Flexible networking connectivity lets you manage and run presentations to and from almost anywhere.
• Present wirelessly from a PC or pocket PC, over the network, or directly from a CompactFlash™ memory card3.
• Work with anyone on your LAN using internet-based collaborative tools.
• Protect your equipment from theft with an automatic e-mail alert as soon as the projector is removed from network or power3.
• Data content is protected by an enhanced-security wireless protocol.
• Manage projectors over the network; adjust settings, receive automatic warnings, set passwords, update firmware from anywhere.
HP Digital Projector xp8010
HP Digital Projector xp8020
Theft protection and presentation from storage require future firmware upgrade. Check for availability on www.hp.com or with your local HP reseller.
Technical specifications
Ordering information
HP Digital Projector xp8010: 2600 ANSI lumens (peak), 3600 lumens in greyscale
HP Digital Projector xp8020: 3100 ANSI lumens (peak), 3850 lumens in greyscale
HP Digital Projector xp8010;
AC 3-conductor power cord, 3 m;
VGA cable; wireless remote control
with mouse function and laser
pointer; multi-language user’s guide
(CD-ROM); multi-language quick start
card; 2 batteries; lens cap; cable
shroud, warranty card
Display resolution
Native XGA (1024 x 768)
Resolutions supported through scaling
VGA to UXGA (640 x 480 to 1600 x 1200); HDTV (up to 1080i) and Mac compatible; NTSC, PAL, and SECAM compatible
Dimensions (w x d x h)
Out of package: 400 x 275 x 130 mm without handle, focus ring, feet; 442 x 304 x 139 mm with handle, focus ring, feet
Out of package: HP Digital Projector xp8010: 6.0 kg; HP Digital Projector xp8020: 6.1 kg
Images technology
DLP™ (0.7" 12º DDR); HP patented dual colour wheel technology with 4 segment (RGBW) data and 6 segment (RGBRGB) video
colour wheels
Image contrast
HP Digital Projector xp8010: JBMA 800:1 (full-on/full-off); ANSI 350:1 (checkerboard)
Noise level
Normal operation: 32 dB(A) ±2 dB(A), under 25º C peak: 34 dB(A) peak
24-bits, 16.8 million colours
F/2.0 ~ 2.4, f=28.6 ~ 34.3 mm with 1.2x manual zoom lens
Projection size
Approximately 0.9 to 7.5 m
Throw distance
Approximately 1.5 to 12 m (standard lens)
Horizontal ±17º (34º total), vertical ±40º (80º total)
Advanced electronic keystone correction
250 watt comp P-VIP bulb
– xp8010
User interface
Wireless remote controller with USB mouse function and laser pointer
Lamp broken – red; temperature warning – red; power – blue
User-friendly multilingual On Screen Display (OSD)
Power, Theatre video mode select, Greyscale mode select, Presentation mode select, Menu select, Menu right, Menu left, Menu up,
Menu down, Source select, Autosync
300 watt comp P-VIP bulb
– xp8020
Cable VGA/USB-to-M1-AD –
1.8 m
Cable DVI/USB-to-M1-AD –
1.8 m
Cable SCART-to-M1-AD –
1.8 m
Cable BNC-to-M1-AD – 1.8 m
Advanced Connectivity
Module – xp8010
802.11b CompactFlash –
Channel 1-13
Lens Ultra wide angle
1.67:1 to 2.0:1
Lens Long throw
2.4:1 to 2.88:1
Soft Carry Case –
xp8000 series
Hard Carry Case –
xp8000 series
Ceiling Mount –
xp8000 series
Remote Control, Wireless
(IR) Smart
Cable Extended IR
Receiver – 15 m
Gyration RF Remote Control
Screen, 50" Presenter
USA: EMC – FCC Part 15 Class B, Safety – UL950, RF – FCC part 15 C, Safety – FDA (remote controller); Canada: EMC –
ICES-003 Class B, Safety – CSA 22.2 #60950, RF; UK/Germany/Italy/Switzerland/France/Austria/Sweden/Finland/
Denmark/Norway/Spain/Netherlands/Arab Emirates/Belgium/Greece/South Africa/Portugal/Ireland/Luxembourg/Slovakia:
EMC, German Safety (TV-GS), Safety, CB, RF; Czech Republic: IEC 60950, EN 55022, EN 55024;
Malaysia/Philippines/Thailand/India/Indonesia/Vietnam/Taiwan: EMC/Safety; Taiwan: RF; Japan: EMC -ITE Class B/CISPR22,
Safety - IEC 60825 for remote controller, RF- ARIB STD T-66/STD 33; China: GB9254-1988,GB17625.1-1998, GB4943-1995,
RF; Korea: EMC-CISPR22, Safety, RF; ANZ: EMC-AS/NZS 3548: 1992, Safety, RF; Singapore: IEC 60950/Sing.Deviation, RF;
Mexico: NOM -I-171; Argentina: IEC 60950; Columbia/Chile/Venezuela/Central America/Peru/Ecuador: EMC, Safety, RF;
Hong Kong: EMI
5 watt stereo with acoustic chambers
Computer compatibility
UXGA, SXGA, XGA+, XGA, SVGA, VGA, Mac, Mac LC 13 inch, Mac II 13 inch, Mac 16 inch, Mac 19 inch, Mac G4, iMac DV
Video/audio interfaces
M1-DA/mini phone plug; VGA input (2x)/mini phone plug (2x); VGA output/stereo RCA; S-video input/stereo RCA; composite
video input/stereo RCA; component video input – 3 RCA (YPbPr)/stereo RCA; BNC (RGsB, RGBS, RGBHV, YPbPr)/stereo RCA
Video compatibility
VGA, DVI, S-video, Composite video, Component video, BNC
External I/O Ports
HP Digital Projector xp8010: Standard Connectivity Module: USB (compatible with USB 2.0 specifications) Type B for remote;
LAN (RJ45); Control (RS232)
HP Digital Projector xp8020: Advanced Connectivity Module: 2 x USB (compatible with USB 2.0 specifications) Type B for
keyboard/mouse; LAN (RJ45); Control (RS232); 2 x Type-II CompactFlash slots for wireless (ad-hoc/infrastructure) connectivity or
presenting from storage device
100-120 V, 200-240 V at 50-60 Hz; battery backup for time/date
HP Digital Projector xp8010: 250 watt P-VIP lamp (1.3 mm); 2,000 hours life, 4,000 hours in lamp saver mode
HP Digital Projector xp8020: 300 watt P-VIP lamp (1.3 mm); 2,000 hours life, 4,000 hours in lamp saver mode
Lamp power supply is automatically shut-off when door is open
Operating environment
Operating temperature: 10 to 40° C; operating humidity: 80% RH (max, 10 to 40° C, non-condensing)
Mounting capability
Ceiling, tripod, tabletop
3 year pick-up and return for Europe, Middle East and Africa. 90 day standard bulb warranty. Within the bulb warranty period,
defective bulbs will be replaced via overnight shipment.
HP Digital Projector xp8020
with Advanced Connectivity Module;
AC 3 conductor power cord, 3 m;
VGA cable; wireless remote control
with mouse function and laser pointer;
multi-language user’s guide
(CD-ROM); multi-language quick start
card; 2 batteries; lens cap; cable
shroud, warranty card
Other accessories
For more information, please call your local HP sales office or representative: Austria: 0800 242 242, Algeria: (0)61 56 45 43, Bahrain: 800 728, Belgium: (078) 15 20 30 (0.0496 EUR/min), Bulgaria: (+359) 2960 1940,
Croatia: (+385 1) 60 60 200, Czech Republic: (00 420 2) 261 108 108 (Prague), Denmark: 48 12 10 00, Egypt: 532 5222, Estonia: (+372) 6813 823, Finland: (+358) 0205350 or 0205 350, France: (1) 69 82 6060,
Germany: 0180 532 6222 (12 Cent/min), Greece: (01) 678 96 00, Hungary: (+36) 1 382-1111, Iceland: (354) 570 1000, Ireland: + 353 1 6158200, Israel: (972) 9 8304848, Italy: (02) 92121, Kazakhstan:
+7 (3272) 980 824, Latvia: (371) 800 80 12, Lithuania: 8 800 10000 or 8 5 2103333, Luxembourg: (+352) 263 160 34, Middle East: 00971 4 883 4427, Morocco (African Region): +212 22 40 47 47,
Netherlands: (020) 5476666, Norway: 22 735600, Poland: infolinia: 0-800 122 622, Portugal: (808) 206 001, Romania: (+401) 205 3300, Russia: +7 (095) 797 35 00, Saudi Arabia: 800 124 4646,
Serbia/Montenegro: +381 11 201 99 00, Slovakia: +421-2-50222111, Slovenia: +3861 2307 420, South Africa: 0800 118 883, Spain: (91) 634 88 00, Sweden: (08) 444 2000, Switzerland: 0848 88 44 66,
Tunisia: 71 891 222, Turkey: +90 (216) 579 71 71, UAE: 8004910, UK: 08705 474747, Ukraine: +380 44 490 61 20.
DLP™ technology by
Texas Instruments offers
crystal clear images
with superior quality
©2004 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. The only warranties for HP Products and services
are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products and services. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty.
HP shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein.
Published in EMEA 05/04 5982-6048EEE
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