Philips LFH488/00, 488, LFH0488/00B Datasheet

Philips LFH488/00, 488, LFH0488/00B Datasheet
Philips Pocket Memo
Dictation recorder
Mini cassette
Simply working smarter
with Philips dictation solutions
Mobility and flexibility are critical in today's fast-moving business environments. The
Philips Pocket Memo dictation recorder gives you the freedom to work when and
where you need to.
Superior audio quality
• Sensitivity switch for conference or close-range recording
• Automatic gain control for adjustment to optimum recording level
Enhance your productivity
• End-of-letter index tone for indicating the start of each document and number of recordings
• Professional editing via slide-switch operation
• Turbo wind for fast access to any part of the tape
• Visual indication with LED for showing record status and low battery
Designed for professionals
• Audible end-of-tape and low battery warning tones for safe recording
• Voice-activation function for hands-free recording
• Transport lock for avoiding unintentional operation
• Internal recharge of batteries for environment friendly use
Philips Pocket Memo dictation recorder
Mini cassette
•Headphones: 2.5 mm
•Microphone: 2.5 mm
•Product dimensions (W × D × H): 128 mm × 64
mm × 25 mm/5.0" × 2.5" × 1.0"
•Weight: 120 g/4.2 oz. (without batteries)
•Acoustic frequency response: 400–5,000 Hz
•Output power: >220 mW
Package contents
•Pocket Memo dictation recorder
•30 minute mini cassette LFH0005
•2 × AA batteries
•Luxury pouch
•Wrist strap
•Telephone pickup microphone LFH9162
•Meeting microphone LFH9172
•Clip-on microphone LFH9173
•Rechargeable batteries LFH0153
•Power supply LFH0142
Sensitivity switch
Innovative sensitivity switch for close-range and
conference recording with optimal sound quality.
Automatic gain control
The automatic gain control lets you adjust to the
optimum recording level at any time.
End-of-letter tone
The end-of-letter index tone indicates the start of
each document and number of recordings.
Professional editing
Easy and quick file editing via convenient slideswitch operation. It offers a fast response and is
designed for single-handed operation.
Fast access
The turbo wind function allows very fast and simple
access to any part of your tape.
LED indication
The status LED always shows if your battery is
running low and the record status.
Warning tones
The warning tones for end-of-tape and low battery
status ensure that no dictation is cut off.
Voice-activated recording is a convenience feature
for hands-free recording. When enabled, recording
will start automatically when you start speaking.
Recording stops automatically after you stop
speaking and restarts automatically when you start
speaking again.
Transport lock
With the transport lock activated, your dictation
recorder is protected from unintentional operation.
Internal recharge
Help protect the environment and save your money
by simply recharging the batteries of your device
instead of buying new batteries (optional Philips
rechargeable batteries LFH0153 required).
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