Sony SDX4-200C
 SONY pp un
Proven Technology: AME & New AME Il
In the AIT format Sony has applied advanced technologies refined and proven over many years. Since the
format’s debut in 1996, AIT has employed AME (Adanced Metal Evaporated) tape, and received high acclaim
from data storage professionals for the outstanding reliability of its technology.
AME II, the successor of AME, was developed for AIT-4. AME Il enables AIT-4 media’s extraordinary areal
recording density as well as its high durability. AME Il uses a new method for applying the magnetic layer to the
tape, an enforced coating layer, and a newly developed lubricant for stable operation.
High capacity, small form factor
Thanks to Sony’s technological expertise, AIT achieves extraordinary —
data densities in a small 8mm cartridge. It's a space-saving solution
that’s much more compact than other formats of equivalent capacity.
For example, the 200GB (native capacity) SDX4-200C cartridge is
only 37% the size of a single-reel cartridge of equivalent capacity.
AIT-4 raises capacity to 200GB/520GB
Building on AIT’s established technology, Sony raises data density even further in AIT-4 to achieve compressed
capacity of 520GB. AIT-4 media's smooth surface improves electromagnetic conversion characteristics, while
a newly developed lubricant reduces friction. An enhanced protective coating minimizes wear on heads and the
tape itself.
Write-Once Read-Many (WORM) format available
The proven reliability of AIT is also available in a write-once format. WORM (write-once read-many) allows data
to be written and added but not overwritten or erased. This protects valuable data against accidental erasure and
prevents alteration of archived data files.
R-MIC (Remote Memory In Cassette) = =
Sony SDX4-200C, SDX4-200W, SDX3-100C, SDX3-100W and SDX2-50W products A =F cm
feature non-contact R-MIC (Remote Memory In Cassette) chip technology. This internal
memory can simplify media management and accelerate access in library environments, 111 || |
compared to conventional bar-code methods.
Path he AIT futur As
ath to the uture Getting À
Sony has already achieved areal data density of 11.5Gbpsi in the and Banc 400%
laboratory. For the AIT format, this translates into 2TB capacity per
media package. The AIT format’s migration path is built on this kind of
ongoing innovation.
aña -
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1995 2000 2005
Digital Data Tape Cartridge
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AIT (Advanced Intelligent Tape) Data Cartridge
Fourth generation AIT technology packs
520GB (compressed) into a tiny cartridge.
Advanced Advanced Advanced Advanced
Intelligent Intelligent Intelligent Intelligent WORM
Tape Tape Tape Tape y A
— | | 300 BT
NY | Native (Natif)
JIN Y SDX4- 200C | 52 OGB Compressed [Compressed]
| Ad Intelkgent
| SDX4-200C
A ve ¡INIA 64K | AIT-4
— Tape
NINO 64k
AIT Data Cartridge
Tremendous capacity, tiny form factor, great reliability
One space-saving AIT-4 cartridge holds up to 200GB native, 520GB compressed, and offers a fast data transfer
rate of 24MB/s (native). Sony’s drive technology and AME tape technology come together in the AIT format to
deliver a remarkable combination of high reliability and high recording density.
AIT family offers versatile solutions
Scalable AIT format: = a Fe:
ee ^—_ - ро = me >
e Compressed capacities from 65GB to 520GB (25GB to 200GB native) are = = &@
* Write-once read-many solution available 3 E Wu "ЗЕЕ
Sony offers a full line of AIT products, widely used by government mom € Gi
agencies, the financial industry and others worldwide. Since Sony i == SS
introduced the format in 1996, AIT has gained a reputation for high а —
reliability and high capacity in a space-saving form factor.
Digital Data Tape Cartridge
AIT Lineup
AIT Data Cartridge Native : 200GB A A tags peeing AEE WORM sony
AL sico
Intelligent 5
Compressed : 520GB TEE Format AlT-4 Taps ©
Data Transfer Rate (Native) : 24MB/s [Magneto Type | AMET 20068 mena
| Ad = qm
| Recording Density | 203kbpi | Native : 200GB Compressed : 520GB E = о
SONY Twn [sgn | Data Transter Rats (Naive) 2413
sus, ia | Recording Capacity | 200GB (*520GB) |
20008 Mths INA Residual Magnetic | 500 mT |
52 hme Flux Density Based on the AIT-4/-3/-2 WORM Format J aan Anm SONY.
a - Coercive Force | 140kA/m format, this WORM (write- J isin WORM mm
e is | Tape Width | 8mm | — 00 er
a ПИ бак once read-many) system pedis
Tape Thickness | 4.8um ; ттт
allows data to be written or Native : 100GB Compressed : 260GB SDX3-100W iii sen
| Tape Length | 246m | added, but not overwritten |
*Compression ratio 2:1 Data Transfer Rate (Native) : 12MB/s
or erased.
*May not be supported by some drives.
. a» WORM Format sien
. Intelligent де e ОМИ ez
Data Transfer Rate (Native) : 12MB/s | Magnetic Type | AME Ale
Native : 50GB Compressed : 130GB SDX2-50C mses
Recording Densit 155kbpi
eco Der - Data Transfer Rate (Native) : 6MB/ au
SONY. ETT 5.5um e) : MB/s
Sortie | Recording Capacity | 100GB (*260GB) |
Re ni E | 550mT | AlT-4 Exclusive cleaning cartridge for AIT-3/-2/-1 я
Ade y | Coercive Force | 110kA/m | Cleaning Cartridge A|T-4 drives. Automatically senses Cleaning Cartridge чей
So wii... В” Tape Width | 8mm | head conditions to provide an Aw
SDX3-100C ne són SOX4-GL optimized cleaning cycle = ro
AIT-3 | Tape Thickness | 5.3um | p g cycle. RA cri
| Tape Length | 230m | . .
«Compression ratio 2:1 SONY Cleaning cartridge designed exclusively for the
" AIT-3/-2/-1 SDX4-CL SDX1-CL
. =
AIT Data Cartridge Advanced SDX2-50C SDX2-36C ответит format. AIT-4 AIT-3/-2/-1
Intelligent SONY. SDX4-CL Magnetic Type | | | |
T Cleaning Cartridge Cleaning Cartridge
ape a | Format | AIT-2 | AIT-4 Cleaning Cartridge
= Ba mn Г = AM | Tape Width | 8mm |
A= agnetic туре . . ‚ , :
Native : 50GB Compressed : 130GB mame. ee [Recording Densiy| 167kbpi AIT drives have a self-cleaning mechanism, so frequent use of cleaning | Tape Thickness | 6.1um | 7.5um |
Data Transfer Rate (Native) : 6MB/s | Track Width | 11.0um cartridges is not necessary. Use when the drive’s cleaning lamp turns on. ‚Tape Length | 30m | 7.5m |
| Recording Capacity | 50GB (*130GB) | 36GB (*93GB) | | |
AIT Data Cartridge Fosicual Vagretc БОГ Dimensions Environmental Requirements
SOX? 366 SONY. с OE 110kA/m | External Dimensions (mm) : 95x62.5x15.0 | | Operation Conditions (*F(*C);%RH) : 41-113 (5-45);20-80* |
o: PD oercive Force Le
= 936В смены puna | Storage Conditions (°F(°C);%RH) : 41~89.6 (5-32);20-60*
A2e= [Tape width | 8mm | Weight (g) o a ose SDX4-CL.SDX1-CL] : ERE
va - . TPE is : WI ALL, 7 Transportation Conditions (°F(°C);%RH) : -40~113 (-40~45);5~80*
Native : 36GB Compressed : 93GB SDX2-36C gas Su | pue > ZUM 70m | *Maximum wet bulb temperature : 79°F(26°C) at no condensation.
Data Transfer Rate (Native) : 6MB/s AIT-2 |TapeLengih | 230m | 170m | Drive/Media Compatibility
“Compression ratio 2:1 | Model AIT-1 Drive AIT-2 Drive AIT-3 Drive AIT-4 Drive
Recording Capacity SDX-300 Series | SDX-400 Series | SDX-500 Series | SDX-700 Series | SDX-900 Series
AIT Data Cartridge fog
X1-35C ssDX1-25C i : SDX1-25C Read/Write Read/Write Read/Write Read/Write Read
AN icon SONY. AIT-1 Media 25GB(Native), 65GB(Compressed) 3MB/s 4MB/s 4MB/s 8MB/s 12MB/s
Ш Tape sep" | Format | AIT-1 | ~ SDX1-35C Read/Write Read/Write Read/Write Read/Write Read
O TN compra pues т e AME 35GB(Native), 91 GB(Compressed) 3MB/s 4MB/s 4MB/s 8MB/s 12MB/s
| A= agnetic Type _ | AIT-2 Media — SDX2-36C Reject Reject Read/Write Read/Write Read
Native : 35GB Compressed - 91GB e Aer gay | Recording Density | 116kbpi | 36GB(Native), 93GB(Compressed) 6MB/s 12MB/s 18MB/s
. SDX2-50C ‘ Read/Write Read/Write Read
Data Transfer Rate (Native) : 4MB/s* AlIT-1 Track Width | 11.0um | 50GB(Native), 130GB(Compressed) Reject Reject 6MB/s 12 МВ/5 18 МВ/5
| Recording Capacity | 35GB (*91GB) | 25GB (*65GB) | AIT-3 Media TOS EUER Game) Reject Reject Reject Read/liite Reac/ rite
AIT Data Cartridge Residual Magrielic | 500mT | SDX4-200C Read/Writ
SONY. — AIT-4 Media 200GB(Native), 520GB(Compressed) Reject Reject eje Les SAMB/s °
A C | F :
- FEB я Coercive Force | 105kA/m AIT WORM — SDX2-50W Reject Reject Read/Write*! Read/Write*! Read/Write*'
VS os [Tape Width | smm | Media 50GB(Native), 130GB(Compressed) 6MB/s 12MB/s 18MB/s
se : SDX3-100W Read/Write*! Read/Write*!
Native : 25GB Compressed : 65GB SDXI-25C mem | Tape Thickness | — 5.31m | 7.0um | 100GB(Native), 260GB(Compressed) Reject Reject Reject 12MB/s 18MB/s
. ‚ * T Lenath SDX4-200W : ; ; Read/Write*!
Data Transfer Rate (Native) : 4MB/s | ape Leng | 230m | 170m | 200GB(Native), 520GB(Compressed) Reject Reject Reject Reject 24MB/s
. . . *Compression ratio 2:1
*With SDX-400 series drive. P *Transfer rate may vary depending on factors such as type of data and drum rotational speed. *1 May not be supported by some drives.
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