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Conceptronic Calculator with NumKeypad
Specification sheet
Conceptronic USB Calculator with Numeric Keypad and
2 ports hub
Expand a notebook with a numeric keypad, calculator and
2 ports hub
This multifunctional notebook peripheral allows you to carry a calculator,
numeric, keypad and 2 ports USB in just one device. It is an easy and fast
solution to input numbers on your notebook with a fully functional 19-key layout
and an ultra slim, lightweight design.
General specifications:
• USB interface (USB 1.1 and 2.0
• Calculator can be used standalone
• Normal and detachable USB cable
• 2x USB 1.1 ports
• Automatically powered by USB port
or by battery
• Battery: 1 year warranty
• Weight: 100g
Minimum system requirements:
Computer with an available
USB port
Included accessories:
Multi language manual
Detachable USB cable
Battery (for standalone mode)
3 year (1 year on battery)
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