Sony DGDAT72N Datasheet

Sony DGDAT72N Datasheet
Sony Storage Media a
DAT 72 Data Cartridge
Sony's ultra-thin coating technology packs
72GB into one DAT72 cartridge.
(АГ 72
Digital Data Storage
Capacity (Capacité):
Native (Natif)
72 GB Compressed (Compressé)
Dar 72
Digita' Data Storage
DAT 72
Huge capacity per tiny cartridge
performance in DAT72 drives.
The high areal recording density of DAT72 results from > a >
Sony’s outstanding dual-layer coating and helical scan 4 + 1.00 E =
technologies. Each miniscule cartridge brings you huge data ë ‚| 76 = <
storage capacity of up to 36GB native or 72GB compressed. 2 ОЕ ©
: 2 — 0.50 £ a
Ё SDLT220 5 Ss
Certified by Hewlett-Packard "E в o PPS,
CO T | VS160 OY Е a
The Sony DAT72 Cartridge (DGDAT72) passes Hewlett- o 50 100 150 200 250 S
Packard’s strict qualification test requirements for assured Linear recording density [kfci] —
Leading dual-layer ultra-thin coating Lower Layer Upper Layer
[Magnetic Layer]
Sony DAT72 media features a dual-layer coating comprising Upper Layer
an ultra-thin magnetic layer and a nonmagnetic layer. The | ' eS e
ultra-thin magnetic layer raises output and reduces noise ower
ower Layer
even in the high frequency range essential for high-density Base Film A at
recording. The nonmagnetic layer creates a smooth surface Sli e ls Base Film
to support tape travel stability and durability. Sony’s original
coating technology makes possible a magnetic layer of
0.15um or less, one of the thinnest in its class.
10° Drive:DAT72 Media:DGDAT72 Test Mode:36GB(Native)Write/Read both
= mgs == В СЪ
Excellent reliability 10°
The chart shows results for repeated write/read 36GB (native) 8 102
backup testing using the full length of a Sony DAT72 Ш
(DGDAT72) cartridge. Under these severe conditions 109 a Ee ety
simulating actual use, Sony DAT 72 media maintains an
10-4 | | |
extremely stable low error rate to assure outstanding reliability. 9 25 50 /5 100
Number of full shuttles [36GB(Native)]
Cleaning cartridge
Sony’s DGD15CL cleaning cartridge was developed to maximize cleaning
effectiveness while minimizing potential head wear. Already proven in the ue
previous generations of DDS drives, this cleaning cartridge can also be used DCDIECL
with confidence in DAT 72 drives. Cleaning Tape
for 4mm DATA Cartridge
DAT72-DDS Series Drive/Media Compatibility
DGDAT72 Write/Read
DGD150P Write/Read Write/Read —
DGD125P Write/Read Write/Read Write/Read —
DGD120P = Write/Read Write/Read Write/Read —
DG90P = Write/Read*' | Write/Read Write/Read Write/Read
— Write/Read*' | Write/Read Write/Read Write/Read
*1:This depends on the drive's specifications. Sony's DDS-4 drive is read and write compatible.
| Format | DAT72 || Tape Width (mm) | 3.81
| Linear Recording Density(kbpi) | 163 (8kftpmm) | Tape Thickness (um) | 5.3
| Recording Capacity | 36GB (*72GB) | Tape Length (m) | 170
| Coercive force (kA/m) | 195
*Compression ratio 2:1
Dimensions Environmental Requirements
| Cartridge Dimensions (mm) : 73x54x10.5 | Operation Conditions (°F(°C);% RH) : 15-55 (59-131);10-80*
| Weight (g) : 42 (with case) || Storage Conditions (*F(*C);%RH) : 5-32 (41-89.6);20-60*
Transportation Conditions (°F(°C);% RH) : -40~45 (-40~113);5~80*
*Maximum wet bulb temperature : 79°F(26°C) at no condensation.
Digital Data Tape Cartridge
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