Freecom FS-50 DVD+/-RW 8x Double Layer Datasheet

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Freecom FS-50 DVD+/-RW 8x Double Layer Datasheet | Manualzz

FS-50 DVD+/-RW 8x Double Layer Drive

Fast, ultra slim & 100% bus powered FS-50 DVD+/-RW

Double Layer drive including integrated battery pack

FS-50 DVD+/-RW Double Layer Drive

Super small external DVD+/-RW drive, barely larger than a DVD and it fits easily in your pocket!

Upgrade your notebook or desktop PC with this small designed and silent FS-50.

Whether it is for professional use or home use you can always save, share and exchange your data files, watch movies or even burn your favourite movies on CDs and DVDs, no matter where you are!

Due to the patented TWIN USB 2.0 cable there is no need to use an additional AC adapter.

USB compliant, works simultaneously with any other USB device.

Can also be operated on PCs with just 1 USB port when using an AC adapter or integrated rechargeable battery.

Installs in seconds without opening your notebook or desktop PC.

Connects and disconnects without restarting!

Compatible with Windows ’98/ME/2000 and XP.

Supports CD-Text, multi read capable.

All Freecom devices meet the highest industry standards.

Unlimited free helpdesk support.

2 years manufacturers warranty.

Freecom bus powered Series

Use your DVD+/-RW Double Layer drive wherever you are, without needing an AC adapter, which makes them easier to use and less of a headache to travel. The Freecom bus powered solution is 100% USB compliant. This is important because the drive works simultaneously with any other USB powered device connected. The extremely fast and beautiful designed DVD+/-RW Double Layer drive installs in seconds, fits comfortably in smaller spaces and is hot swappable. The

FS-50 drive is installed in seconds without opening your notebook or desktop PC.

Keep it simple!



FS-50 DVD+/-RW 8x Double Layer Drive

Product Specifications

DVD+R Double Layer: 2,4x, DVD+R: 8x, DVD+RW: 4x, DVD-R: 8x, DVD-RW: 4x, DVD-ROM: 8x

CD-R: 24x, CD-RW: 16x, CD-ROM: 24x

Tray type

Media standards

Electrical eject, emergency eject

Read format: DVD: DVD-ROM (DVD-5, DVD-9, DVD-10, DVD-18), DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-R (Ver. 1.0, Ver. 2.1),

DVD-RW (Ver. 1.0, Ver. 2.1)


CD-RW, mini CD / 8 cm CD.

Write format: DVD+R: DVD+R, Sequential write

DVD+RW: Sequential write, random write


DVD-R: Disc at once, incremental write

DVD-RW: DVD-RW, Disc at once, incremental write, restricted overwrite

CD-R/RW: Disc at once, Track at once, Session at once, Packet write, CD-DA, CD-MIDI, CD-

ROM, CD-ROM XA, CD-I, MIXED MODE CD, CD-I Bridge (Photo CD, Video CD), Multi session

CD (Photo-CD, CD-Extra, Portfolio), mini CD / 8 cm CD. Limited DVD-players and DVD-ROM drives may not be able to read DVD-RW, DVD-R or DVD-RAM discs. Drive is certified as

MultiRead device.




Safety Standards

USB-2 (480Mbit/s), USB-1 (12Mbit/s)

Access time: DVD 100ms / CD 95ms

60.000POH or more

UL standard, CS A standard, TÜV standard, CE standard

Physical specifications

Height 1.7cm x Width 14.4cm x Length – Weight incl. battery 600 grams

Environmental specifications

Operating + 5 to + 50

Storage –20 to 60

Gradient 20 C / hour (max.)

Humidity Operating 8 – 80% (non condensing)

Package includes: • Freecom FS-50

Rechargeable Battery (integrated)

• TWIN USB-2 cable

Universal AC Adapter (for use in EU, UK, US and Japan)

• Manual and application software CD

Freecom CD-R & DVD+R media

• Manual in 8 languages (D, UK, F, I, E, NL, T, P)

Quick Install Guide

• 2 Years manufacturers warranty

System requirements Pentium 3 or Celeron 700MHz or higher, 128MB RAM (256MB recommended), 400 MB free hard disk space (5GB recommended)

Power requirements

Bus powered (No AC adapter needed). Advanced power electronics integrated, high efficiency, 4th generation bus power electronics balances power requirement precisely between 2 USB ports while staying below 500mA limit per port. Integrated rechargeable battery is used to damp down peak power requirements. USB bus power compliant. International patent pending.

* May require minor adjustments to the configuration of your operating system, additional hard disk space, and/or updates to hardware component drivers. Results may vary based on your equipment.

Freecom FS-50 Double Layer

Art. No.



Cable Type




TWIN USB 2.0 cable

ref. MM/FG/08-10-2004


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